Description: Your turn to fight: Powerpuff Girls™ style! Terror in Townsville, destruction and disaster! Mojo Jojo™ has stolen a pie full of Chemical X from The Powerpuff Girls and given a taste to every villain in town. It's up to you to take control and fight each of the Townsville villains and win back all the Chemical X before it's too late!


  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo 64
Initial Release Date: Nov 8, 2001
  • VIS Entertainment
Publisher: Bam Entertainment


Craig McCracken
Written By: television series "The Powerpuff Girls"
Cathy Cavadini
Cast: Blossom
Tara Strong
Cast: Bubbles
Elizabeth Daily
Cast: Buttercup
Tom Kane
Cast: Professor Utonium,Him
Jim Cummings
Cast: Fuzzy Lumpkins
Tom Kenny
Cast: Narrator,Mayor
Roger Jackson
Cast: Mojo Jojo
Jeff Bennett
Cast: Big Billy,Ace
Jennifer Hale
Cast: Princess Morbucks,Sedusa
Heidi Behrendt
Produced By: producer: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Anne-Christine Gasc
Produced By: producer: Bam! Entertainment
Brett Skogen
Produced By: executive producer: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Peter Tumminello
Art Direction
Linda Moore
special thanks
Collette Sunderman
special thanks