Description: The world lays in tatters, exhausted, bleeding, scarred and burnt, the people desperate. But even after the apocalypse there are men willing to give everything to return to light, to knowledge, to civilization. Whatever the cost, and whatever the means... It is the age of a chosen few, an age of greatness, when the first true kings built vast kingdoms from the ashes of past empires... it is the Age of Charlemagne.


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Dec 10, 2015
  • Creative Assembly
Publisher: Sega


Gaspar Janos
Directed By
Iskender Bingol
Directed By: action director
Chris Gambold
Written By: Lead Writer
Andrew Hall
Written By: writer
Pete Stewart
Written By: writer
Kate Watson
Written By: writer
Manolis Emmanouel
Cast: The Spy
Pano Masti
Cast: Attila
Mike Brunton
Produced By: producer
Ross Manton
Produced By: producer
Mike Simpson
Produced By: producer
Richard Beddow
Sound: audio director
Linda Brenon
Sound: sound designer: trailer
Naomi Dandridge
Sound: sound
Peter Hanson
Sound: sound designer
Sam Hart
Sound: audio qa
Matthew McCamley
Sound: senior sound designer
David Philipp
Sound: sound designer
Steve Whetman
Sound: sound: trailer
Matt Richardson
Visual Effects: visual effects artist
Ronin Traynor
Stunts: Fight Choreographer: Motion Capture,stunts
Chris Wolff
Stunts: stunt performer & fight choreographer: Motion Capture,stunt performer
Will Overgard
community coordinator
Jeff Atmajian
Music Department: conductor,orchestrator
Matt Constantine
Music Department: musician: cello
Julie Elven
Music Department: solo vocalist: cinematic
Olly Livingstone
Music Department: musician: musician - Lute
Tim Perrine
Music Department: music preparation
Bálint Sapszon
Music Department: session supervisor
Guy Schalom
Music Department: musician: percussion
Glenn Sharp
Music Department: musician
Herman Witkam
Music Department: musician: overtone flute, xiao, bansuri, ney, Native American flute