Description: Two new characters (Lei Fei and Vanessa Lewis) join 11 VF veterans, each with their own unique styles based on real martial arts. New counters and defensive moves allow players to switch up their stances and fighting styles mid-bout. Train a computer-controlled character through sparring and an easy-to-use rewards system, then pit your character against a friend's or challenge the arcade mode. [Sega]


  • PlayStation 2
Initial Release Date: Mar 17, 2002
  • Sega AM2
Publisher: Sega


Toru Ikebuchi
Directed By
Yu Suzuki
Directed By
Shin'ichirô Miki
Cast: Akira Yuki
Mahito Tsujimura
Cast: Shun Di
Minami Takayama
Cast: Pai Chan
Shigeru Chiba
Cast: Lau Chan
Nîna Kumagaya
Cast: Aoi Umenokouji
Takahiro Sakurai
Cast: Lei-Fei
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
Cast: Kage-Maru
Eric Kelso
Cast: Jacky Bryant
Jeff Manning
Cast: Lion Rafale
Dennis Gunn
Cast: Wolf Hawkfield
Colleen Lanki
Cast: Sarah Bryant
Donna Burke
Cast: Vanessa Lewis
Claire O'Connor
Cast: Sarah Bryant
Ryan Drees
Cast: Jeffry McWild
Lenne Hardt
Cast: Menu Announcer
Hisashi Suzuki
Produced By: producer
Shinichi Goto
Sound: sound
Satoru Higashi
Sound: sound
Naoyuki Machida
Sound: sound
Tatsutoshi Narita
Sound: sound
Sachio Ogawa
Sound: sound
Nobuyuki Fujiki
Animation: character designer
Kon Goshi
Animation: character designer
Hiroshi Hiraga
Animation: character designer
Chizuka Tamehira
Animation: character designer
John Diamonon
creative services manager