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  1. 90
    Nintendo was wise to enlist CING once more for this second edition of Another Code as the developer has taken the best elements of both its previous DS titles, Two Memories and Hotel Dusk, poured them onto the Wii and mixed in a whole host of clever extras that make this by far the most enjoyable adventure for Nintendo's home console so far.
  2. It's fairly easy but still makes for a pretty, touching story. [July 2009, p.74]
  3. Another Code R is an enjoyable adventure with an atmospheric story.
  4. 80
    While it’s frequently breathtaking in its ingenuity elsewhere – from impressively reductionist point-and-click design to intelligent, inventive puzzling – ultimately, it’s the melancholy atmosphere that lingers when it’s all over.
  5. Like its predecessors, Another Code: R might occasionally wallow in sentimentality, but that’s easy to excuse given how unafraid it is to tackle topics like loss and regret head-on, its distinctly untraditional subject matter making it feel like a breath of fresh air in an industry dominated by physical rather than emotional conflict.
  6. 80
    This is a game very quiet and slow-paced, to be enjoyed with plenty of time and no hurries, savouring its story and characters. If you detest book you should avoid it, but if you love literature and videogame and doesn't matter both things to be merged in a single product, this is your game.
  7. It may not be as epic in length as some blockbuster titles but everything about Another Code: R is uniquely charming and makes it a joy to play from start to finish.
  8. Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories wins for his simplicity and originality in the same technical components as the details stand out not for his greatness but for his refinement.
  9. Pelit (Finland)
    Point'n click adventure that relies heavily on its intriguing storyline, likable main characters and nice puzzle design. Unfortunately it has a big shortcoming. The seemingly never-ending dialogue turns the player into a reader. In other words the game is unbalanced: one spends more time watching than actually playing. It’s a pity, really. [Aug 2009]
  10. Not quite the blistering next step after "Hotel Dusk," but Cing at their worst are still better than most. Gently intriguing stuff. [Aug 2009, p.68]
  11. Another Code: R is an interactive novel at every level. That means that, gameplay-wise, there's not much to see, and mainly it's a text adventure. But, overall, it's a compelling story, with some nice puzzles, and charming characters. Cing delivers a good game, even when it's their worst work yet.
  12. Games Master UK
    Graphic adventure fans will enjoy it, but even they will with for more action. [Aug 2009, p.69]
  13. Another Code R is a game filled with great atmosphere and laid back entertainment. The control scheme is well adapted for the Wii and the same can be said for the presentation. We do have some major gripes with this game though. Dialogue sequences are often far too long and tedious and the puzzles are few and far in between. With some minor alterations this could have been a fantastic game, instead it's only a good one.
  14. Another Code R misses the chance. The story is not brilliant as the ones of Hotel Dusk and of the first chapter, while the riddles and the puzzles aren't that deep.
  15. Another Code R is a pleasing adventure with a good story, but slow pacing, frustrating motion puzzles, and overwrought dialogue spoil it.
  16. Another Code R is a finely-crafted mystery adventure that's recommended for fans of the form with some time and patience on their hands, but anyone else looking for something engaging to read and solve might want to consider alternatives. Including the kind that comes printed on paper.
  17. 60
    The game has some nice puzzles, but the click and view system is a bit simple and it isn't possible toe walk around freely. In addition there are many unnecessary amounts of text that are slowing down the speed of the game. It's a simple game for casual gamers. So don't expect an exciting detective work.
  18. Another Code is an average game that is a textual adventure more than a point and click one, interesting for some rest among rebus and stuff. Some good ideas too but we'll expect something new with the next chapter because Cing can do better than this.
  19. 60
    It's inferior to developer Cing's own Hotel Dusk and occasionally rather dull, but as far as Wii titles of this ilk are concerned, Code: R is your best bet.
  20. Although Another Code R: A Journey into Lost Memories has a great story, the game relies too much on written dialogue. Also, puzzles in the have been simplified and challenge is nowhere to be found.
  21. Another Code R: Más Allá de la Memoria has some interesting puzzles, but they lack surprise and don't offer anything new.
  22. Fans of the original will no doubt persevere and get to experience the worthwhile moments of the second half, but others may find its slow development too boring, its story a little too lost for its own good.
  23. This is not the game that we expected from Cing's Wii debut; Another Code: R is a shallow and tedious adventure that will appeal only to the most patient players.
  24. Beautiful to look at, and with some great puzzles, but the bland writing is even worse than Hotel Dusk.
  25. Despite the cosy graphics and fun problem solving towards the end of the game, A Journey into Lost Memories is a linear game experience with several flaws. Too many and slow dialouges, too easy and with horrible music that works better as a sleeping pill than anything else.
  26. Edge Magazine
    The majority of insights are lost in a flood of banal dialogue and sluggish, shallow puzzles. [Aug 2009, p.107]
  27. games(TM)
    Another Code R commits all the same crimes a bad novel would: the dialogue is uninteresting, the characters unlikeable, the pace slow and the premise so uninspiring that you soon lose the motivation to see what happens next. [Sept 2009, p.122]

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