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  1. Despite the horrible name and the similarities to Lumines, Empty Clip has produced what's probably the best available game on the WiiWare.
  2. Groovin' Blocks is one of those games that can be hard to explain, but it is easy to pick up and understand once you play it. It's special among WiiWare games for being such a well-rounded, complete package and for avoiding common gimmicks like misplaced motion control and garish Mii integration.
  3. What is most surprising about this game is how it takes such simple concepts and makes them their own and have them work in a perfect mesh of puzzle and musical rhythm.
  4. Weighing the minimal problems of Groovin' Blocks against the things it does right, I find that the game's benefits far outweigh its issues. Fans of not only rhythm games, but of old-school puzzlers will find plenty to fall in love with here.
  5. 80
    While its nothing new it does provide some enjoyment to those looking for a new puzzle title and have had enough with the other ones on the market.
  6. Games Master UK
    As close as you'll get to "Lumines" on WiiWare, but good in its own right. [Dec 2008, p.85]
  7. Groovin' Blocks is a fun puzzle game that feels both familiar and fresh, thanks to the one gimmick it sports.
  8. 76
    The multiplayer modes are fun, but leaderboards would have enhanced the competitive atmosphere. As a first effort from Empty Clip Studios, Groovin' Blocks is pretty impressive.
  9. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Basic. [Nov 2009, p.99]
  10. It is safe to say that if you are a fan of puzzlers such as Lumines or Columns you will get a kick out of this. For the admission price of 800 Wii points it is pretty good value for money.
  11. It’s a fun puzzler and a reasonable Wii alternative to games like Lumines, but this retail release doesn’t really do anything to justify its purchase over the WiiWare original. Only true die-hard fans of the original or Wii owners with no ability to download should pick this up in disc form.
  12. Nintendo Gamer
    Not particularly flamboyant, but thoroughly entertaining. Forget those block puzzle relics on Virtual Console and give the new blood a go. [Dec 2008, p.74]
  13. At best, Groovin’ Blocks is an average puzzle game.

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