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  1. This game is also a hint for beginners as for pros. The items and tracks are actually like those in Mario Kart and the characters out of the Hercules cartoon. A good copy is better than a bad original, right?
  2. Lacking any realistic sense of the story of Heracles, or the experience of chariot racing, this game would at first glance seem to be a disappointment. However, what we have instead is a passable Mario Kart clone that offers some new twists to its racing, some new battle mode levels to play with your friends, and ultimately a full PS2 game in one budget priced download.
  3. 70
    For a fraction of the cost of Mario Kart (HCR sells for 800 Nintendo Points/$8) gamers can have almost as much family racing fun, almost.
  4. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    As a cheap and fun alternative to Mario Kart, Heracles Chariot Racing has it covered. [Oct 2009, p.88]
  5. 65
    A capable, fun little kart racing design that certainly won't compete with Nintendo's Mario Kart series head-to-head, but is definitely worth a look as a budget-priced substitute or supplement to that flagship franchise.
  6. There are definitely other small missteps, such as the lack of control options, but Heracles: Chariot Racing shines because of its mythological setting, with stellar course pieces and style.
  7. A Mario Kart clone that doesn’t impress, but neither disappoints. The multiplayer bit makes it worth the time.
  8. Provides a cheap, easily accessible kart-racing experience, but does nothing else to distinguish itself. As a WiiWare game however, it stands above the crowd in terms of value and content.
  9. Its difficulty ranges from challenging to brutal, and its track designs do not coincide with the behavior of the chariots meant to traverse them.
  10. 50
    Heracles Chariot Racing is a pretty fun substitute for Mario Kart for the price, but it pales in direct comparison to the Nintendo series from which it takes many of its concepts. It's best played in multiplayer, but the necessity to own so much plastic for it to be used to full potential and the lack of online hurt the title.
  11. Heracles: Chariot Racing is a stupid copy of Mario Kart, as lots of them which we are used to since the first one was launched, in 1992.

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