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  1. 100
    A phenomenal addition to the Wii's library and will rival GoldenEye 64 in terms of the exhilarating multiplayer experiences that it offers up. Don't turn your nose up at it just because you don't like soccer or you'll be missing out on one of the best gaming experiences around. Now, bring on Super Smash Bros. Brawl!
  2. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    While we can see some people getting frustrated with the tricky AI later in the game, the emphasis on multiplayer and online action makes this an essential Wii title. [June 2007, p.72]
  3. Nintendo reminds us once again why they are the kings of multiplayer games with the release of Mario Strikers Charged. The non-stop and over-the-top insanity while playing with three friends simply must be experienced.
  4. AceGamez
    Mario Strikers: Charged Football is yet another game that sums up the ethos of the Wii - pure, unadulterated, accessible fun.
  5. Pelit (Finland)
    Wii's first online title and also Wii's best multiplayer game. The action has a very polished feel to it, and there are plenty of different tactics and teams. The graphics and single player modes could have been better. [Aug 2007]
  6. Destined to join games like GoldenEye and Super Mario Kart as an incredibly fun multiplayer experience.
  7. Nintendo Power
    If you're looking for a game that's vaguely soccer-themed and a lot of fun, then strap on your body armor and head for the Mushroom Kingdom. [Sep 2007, p.84]
  8. All of the above adds up to a game that is fun, with enough depth to the action and strategy to keep Mario Strikers Charged in regular rotation, particularly when I need a game to cleanse the palette during and after the 4th Quarter.
  9. The game never allows a dull moment, and it will keep players engaged with its fast-paced antics.
  10. Hardcore Gamer
    The gameplay, as I said above, is fast-paced. It actually feels a lot like old school NBA Jam in execution. [Sept 2007, p.68]
  11. Play Magazine
    There's enough strategy to dig into for the added satisfaction, but underneath it all is a foundation of pure fun. [Oct 2007, p.90]
  12. 83
    If you thought the original Strikers was good, you haven't seen anything yet. And if you've never played these soccer games before, now is the time to start.
  13. As a single player game, it provides quite a bit of arcade action and the power ups make it a challenge and if you love to play online, this will keep you busy for quite some time.
  14. Overall, even though there are some minor AI issues, the enhanced graphics, Wii-remote specific control features and the addition of online multiplayer madness makes this title a worthy addition to any Wii owner's library of games.
  15. As the most original, admittedly surreal, take on the sport for years, Mario Strikers is a gem of a game and manages to flawlessly meet Nintendo's brief of appealing to absolutely everybody.
  16. A challenging single player game will last a while, but take it online for some real longevity.
  17. Fast, furious and most of all fun, Mario Strikers Charged is classic Nintendo territory, a game that appeals to even those who don't like the beautiful game that we affectionately call football.
  18. Ultimately Mario Strikers: Charged is worth buying.
  19. Mario Strikers Charged features enough modes to keep players entertained, as well as a top-notch presentation that really shows off what the Wii can do.
  20. There are also too many Mega Strikes and tackles, but the game still provides a lot of fun.
  21. 80
    Not only does it adapt the gameplay mechanics of a GameCube title to the remote and Nunchuk, but it makes them pretty easy and accessible to use.
  22. And that is where Charged really shines – the multiplayer arena. Take it online, knock some people around and have a blast.
  23. That said, Strikers probably isn't the best sports game on the market, but it sure is a fun, arcade-like frolic through Mario's wild world – Strikers style.
  24. If you are a fan of Nintendo Sports titles of past years, then get to the present time and pick up a copy of this game, it's worth it.
  25. The motion-sensing functionality is stripped to a bare minimum, but what's there is satisfying.
  26. Nintendo Gamer
    Short of game modes, reliant on powerups, sweatily frustrating at times. But it exerts a strange pull that will draw you back in, assuming you haven't smashed your remote. [July 2007, p.40]
  27. 77
    Mario Strikers Charged is a very fun multiplayer game that features some design choices that limit it, such as the primitive online mode. However, when it gets down to the core experience it offers, it’s undeniably fun.
  28. Games Master UK
    Better than the Gamecube version, and certainly the best online game on Wii. [July 2007, p.66]
  29. 75
    Despite featuring only a short single player mode Mario Strikers Charged Football is an incredibly entertaining game and comes highly recommended for Wii owners who are starved for games.
  30. 75
    Charged seems like an amped-up, carnivalized reincarnation of Nintendo's own classic Ice Hockey.
  31. Mario's soccer sequel is a markedly more enjoyable game than its predecessor, especially for those who prefer the multiplayer arena.
  32. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Mario Strikers Charged isn't a soccer game. It's a chaotic war of dispossession, body-checking, and garbage goals. [Sept 2007, p.80]
  33. Nintendo didn’t change much with Mario Strikers Charged, and they really didn’t have to. The transition to the Wii is a comfortable experience, and the online mode, though a bit clumsy, is a welcome addition.
  34. Gameplay is frantic, the presentation has been noticeably improved, and there's enough strategy for players to develop a style, which they can then show off online. All in all, it's a notable score for team Mario.
  35. The gameplay is classic Nintendo multiplayer fun and will put a smile on your face.
  36. An attractive game with a dark bent, and the pitches really bring the game to life.
  37. The problem is – despite everything mentioned above – the game isn’t that fun. While Charged is an improvement over the original, it still piles on so much craziness that it buries itself with simplistic gameplay.
  38. Shallow and frequently frustrating but the fast-paced gameplay makes for a fun multiplayer experience.
  39. If you approach the game with the mentality that Charged Football is going to be football in the Mario universe you'll find a game that is hard to get on with. If you accept that the emphasis is on flashy moves and fun over skill and precision, you'll find a game that has a place in your collection, even if it's only brought out every now and again.
  40. Mario Strikers Charged is far from a perfect game, but it truly is fun when played online. For the casual sports fan who doesn't want to spend hours poring over stats, defensive combinations, matchups, and what's inside the vending machines in their virtual team's arena, this game is very much worth a look.
  41. 70
    A very good game, terrific fun, ideal for the purpose, and just a big winner in multiplayer online or off. It is not going to set the world alight in single player, but we hope that Nintendo can see how favourably it has gone down with the online crowd and plan for the future accordingly.
  42. 70
    The reason why it’s not fun at times isn’t because it doesn’t replicate the sport well--I would go so far as to say that I wish soccer had as much checking and all-out craziness--but rather that the AI becomes so incredibly cheap in the later tournaments and that there really isn’t much to the overall game aside from just beating the crap out of everyone to make way for a shot on goal.
  43. To sum things up, Mario Strikers Charged is a fun, yet brutal anti-soccer game for all ages, but unfortunately the graphics leave something to be desired.
  44. Edge Magazine
    The eventful, minute-long matches and frantic to-and-fro make Mario Strikers a suitable curtain-raiser for online gaming on the Wii, but a balanced and deep extreme sports game this is not. [June 2007, p.87]
  45. For those expecting a triumphant Mario title, you'll have to wait until Mario Party 8 for the next opportunity.
  46. 60
    Mario Strikers Charged still has a ways to go before being considered an arcade-sports champion.
  47. Mario Strikers Charged is enjoyable on a lark, but it’s a tiny baby step just to advance a single feature of the Wii.

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  1. DME
    Oct 23, 2010
    Brilliant! I love it so much I cannot wait to go online. It's challenging, great music, awesome "specials" and sweet, sweet violence.Brilliant! I love it so much I cannot wait to go online. It's challenging, great music, awesome "specials" and sweet, sweet violence. Replay value is very high. Highly recommended. Full Review »
  2. Oct 9, 2017
    I've never been very good at soccer games like FIFA, so I really enjoy this take on the genre. 3 on 3 soccer means that the action is tightI've never been very good at soccer games like FIFA, so I really enjoy this take on the genre. 3 on 3 soccer means that the action is tight and frequent, and that you don't have to spend as much time crafting an opening and instead the action goes back and forth very frequently. I also love the powerups, as well as just how the game handles and feels. Full Review »
  3. May 19, 2017
    Es una buena alternativa a los típicos juegos de fútbol. Bien pensado y bien ejecutado pero le falta bastante contenido. El gameplay es muyEs una buena alternativa a los típicos juegos de fútbol. Bien pensado y bien ejecutado pero le falta bastante contenido. El gameplay es muy divertido y frenético. Le pongo un 81/100 Full Review »