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  1. 100
    Three of the finest FPS experiences from the GameCube days gets the port they deserves in this stellar recollection of the Metroid Prime series.
  2. Metroid Prime Trilogy is a must-own compilation for fans of the series and newcomers alike. All three of the games are still immensely fun, and the various updates made to the first two games make them even more enjoyable.
  3. If you’ve passed on the Prime series until now, your excuses for doing so have dwindled considerably.
  4. 100
    An absolutely stunning collection of games that no self-respecting gamer should be without; Metroid Prime Trilogy is a landmark achievement in gaming that deserves to be played and enjoyed on the Wii in its ultimate form.
  5. 100
    Truly, every Wii gamer should take a look at this package. Each game is good enough to stand alone for the asking price – packaging all three together was a rare and wonderful move on Nintendo’s part.
  6. Metroid Prime Trilogy is simply a must for all those who feel passionate about video games and own a Wii. Each one, separately, has the necessary quality to justify the given rating, and together there’s no room for argument.
  7. 100
    With three brilliant games that challenge and exhilarate the player, the Metroid Prime Trilogy package is a masterpiece filled with with pristine graphics, an in-depth storyline, and non-stop exploration and action .
  8. There are not many games for the Nintendo Wii with this much overall value packed into one tight package. All three games are amazing even if a couple of them are a few years old. This is a must buy for Wii owners who own any of the games and certainly a must buy for those gamers who have yet to dive into the Metroid Prime universe.
  9. 96
    They are three games of indisputable quality, adding 80 hours of gameplay, in a single disc and with some new features.. This is hands down one of the most interesting packages in the market, and a good example of the good health of some classics of the past generation.
  10. If you own a Wii, then you need to own the Metroid Prime Trilogy.
  11. 95
    If, by some lucky twist of fate, you fall into the category of Wii owners who have never played any of the Prime games before, Nintendo has with Trilogy delivered you a box set of holy proportions. For a bargain price, you will receive 80-plus hours of the best adventuring found on any home consoles in a decade.
  12. This is about as well crafted as videogames get.
  13. The bargain of the century and a great opportunity to visit a brilliant series. [Sept 2009, p.79]
  14. Metroid Prime Trilogy is a must-own compilation for fans of the series and newcomers alike.
  15. When you consider the sheer volume of gameplay and the quality and uniqueness of the experience, Metroid Prime Trilogy is one heck of a value.
  16. Games Master UK
    A must-buy for newcomers to the series and worth another go if you've played them before. [Nov 2009, p.78]
  17. Whether you're looking to fill the Metroid void until Other M arrives, or you're just wondering what all the futuristic female bounty-hunting fuss is about, this content rich offering is not to be missed.
  18. 92
    While Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is the only episode native to the Wii, and significantly more tuned to Wii Remote and Nunchuk interaction as a result, there's no denying the overall pedigree created as a result of tweaking and attaching the original Metroid Prime and its Echoes sequel.
  19. There's a seriously massive amount of gameplay per pound here. [Oct 2009, p.58]
  20. Even if you already have all three parts of the story, you should think about a re-buy. This is one of the best action games for the Wii.
  21. Three outstanding games (two of which are vastly enhanced with dead-on motion controls) available for the price of one. We can’t imagine a better deal on Wii this year.
  22. 90
    The Metroid Prime series was pretty fantastic on its own, and now that all three titles have been brought together with some much-appreciated control improvements, it's one of the best titles (and certainly one of the best values) on the Wii. The new controls really do provide a good excuse for fans to double-dip.
  23. The addition of this control system for the first two titles makes me wish I could go back in time and experience them for the first time all over again. Those who haven’t already are lucky ­indeed.
  24. The only real obstacle in determining whether or not you should get Metroid Prime: Trilogy is if you are currently an owner of both of the GameCube titles and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on the Wii.
  25. If you grew tired of these games years ago, then move along. But if you love Metroid and want to experience the first two adventures with more user friendly controls, happily indulge in this creature blasting, planet hopping trilogy.
  26. Play Magazine
    All three Metroid Prime games in one box, for 50 bucks, pumped through the wide-screen framing of the Wii and controlling with its Remote. You make the call.
  27. As usual the new play controls add little, but this is still a good deal for such classic games.
  28. Metroid Prime Trilogy turns out to be one of the greatest choices of Nintendo Wii. Three games in just one package for less than 50€ that grants more than 100h of gameplay, a stunning graphic engine and, what's more important, a literaturesque way to explain the story of Samus Aran, her beginnings and everything else. A must-have no matter what anyone says.
  29. The three games included on this collection are timeless classics. If you've not played them yet, you really should do it now.
  30. Laid end-to-end, you're looking at maybe as much as 100 hours of top-quality entertainment in Metroid Prime Trilogy. Although it's hardly been spoken of as a high-priority release by Nintendo, this could well be the finest single product it has released for the Wii. For all its quirks, Metroid Prime remains a landmark action series, and as such, owning it ought to be mandatory.
  31. Once again, Nintendo has proven they know how to pay homage to both their hardcore fans and core franchises that make them who they are. This is evident with the recently released Metroid Prime Trilogy which offers three highly regarded titles at the same price point as any other single Wii game making it a tremendous value.
  32. Wii-Owners can't miss the chance to buy three glorious masterpieces in a single hit.
  33. One of the greatest collection ever made.
  34. 90
    Prime is great, Echoes is great, Corruption is great, and in this release gamers have been given a real treat.
  35. The first two entries in the Metroid Prime saga proved to naysayers that bringing the Metroid franchise to life in the third dimension was possible, and in doing so developer Retro Studios created the best action adventures to grace the now defunct Gamecube. The third and final installment in the series threw Wii motion controls into the mix. With Metroid Prime Trilogy we're offered the definite version of the series where all three titles now boast Wii controls, 480p resolution and widescreen support. You won't get more bang for your buck on the Wii than this.
  36. Metroid Prime Trilogy bundles three of the best games ever made. This trilogy belongs in the collection of every Nintendo-fan, so if you haven’t started on it yet, this collection for the Wii is a good place to start. The new controller-options don’t add enough to make people who are already in possession of the original games buy this Trilogy again though.
  37. Metroid Prime: Trilogy contains the kind of games you want to be remade. Three fantastic games in one pack, with the new way of controller them and with some neat extra’s. It’s a deal you don’t want to miss.
  38. 90
    So for your money you’re getting one of the best games of the last generation, a dark and difficult sequel, and that most uncommon of beasts, a “hardcore” Wii game.
  39. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Pick a great, dramatic, imaginative, amusing action game with splendid visual. Now multiply it three times and you get a box with Metroid Prime Trilogy. Wiimote excellence! [Oct 2009]
  40. It's indispensable for collectors and recommended to those who are new to the series. For those who already know Metroid Prime, it's worth to check it out.
  41. 89
    Now that the trilogy has been brought together, there is no more excuse not to try it out. You’ll have to get used to the controls, but considering the technical improvements – shorter loading times – you will soon be on a wondrous Metroid Prime adventure. Make sure to have a clock nearby, because this game will make you lose track of time.
  42. Three excellent games on one disc means you'll be playing Metroid for tens of hours. On the downside, bonus content is non-existent, leaving the package feeling a bit underwhelming for veterans of the series.
  43. Three is the magic number: The incredible world of Metroid returns in a single disk with 16:9 and other interesting extra, but the package is a little thin for collectors.
  44. As far as adventure shooters on the console go, this has it all, but stack it up against similar games on other consoles and you cannot help feeling it's a runner-up rather than a leader. A good game though, and one that we recommend.
  45. 83
    While not every one of Retro's experimental ideas panned out (I'll never quite forgive Corruption for its embarrassing final battle), Trilogy is a welcome reminder that all three episodes are worth experiencing. Or, as the case may be, experiencing again.
  46. If you're a Wii owner, a Metroid fan, or just someone with a passing curiosity in the series, then you should definitely pick this compilation up. Some of the best games that Nintendo has published in the last decade, and they're all together on one disc.
  47. The new control system may ultimately be an upgrade Samus Aran never really needed, but this is still the best – and most logical – Wii reissue from Nintendo to date.
  48. Metroid Prime Trilogy is an offer you can't refuse: a must-buy for the most devoted fans and for anyone who hasn't yet related with one of the most astonishing sagas in the whole gaming universe, but at the same time an avoidable compilation for those who have already played the three masterpieces.

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  1. Soooo
    Jan 28, 2010
    This is easily the greatest gaming compilation of all time. Forget the hype of Halo, or Killzone, this is real gaming. I'm sick and This is easily the greatest gaming compilation of all time. Forget the hype of Halo, or Killzone, this is real gaming. I'm sick and tired of games' fates being decided by incompetent reviewers. This fact this doesn't have a perfect score is criminally disgusting. I wonder what a Halo Trilogy would get? This IS the greatest series of First Person Shooters ever made, the standard has been set and any intelligent gamer is still waiting for it to be broken 8 yrs later. Retro, we salute you! Full Review »
  2. JohnW
    Sep 7, 2009
    One of the best game compilations ever and definetely som e of the best games ever. Hopefully this, the conduit, SMG2, Metroid:Other M and One of the best game compilations ever and definetely som e of the best games ever. Hopefully this, the conduit, SMG2, Metroid:Other M and the next LoZ convince everyone that the wii isn't just for 5 year olds and old people in need of hand-eye co-ordination. Simply great graphics, incredible gameplay and unbelievable sound. Greatest gaming set since Mario All-Stars and the Orange box. Full Review »
  3. Sep 2, 2014
    This package is one of the best deals in gaming history. Three of the absolute finest games ever created, and now the first two with theThis package is one of the best deals in gaming history. Three of the absolute finest games ever created, and now the first two with the highly superior Wii controls.

    If you haven't experienced Prime 1 & 2 before, this is the definitive version to get. It's probably pretty hard to get a copy of the trilogy for a reasonable price now, as it was only available for a limited time, but if you see it, get it! It's definitely worth every penny it costs you, these games are really that amazing.

    I also have to mention the visuals, they are superb in these games. Retro Studios have used an incredibly clever art style, along with the best possible use of the Wii's technical capabilities. The graphics, at least for Prime 3: corruption, have not aged one bit.

    So basically, if you really like action/adventure games and have not yet experienced these three masterpieces, this package is worth almost anything you'll have to pay for it.
    Full Review »