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  1. The NewPlayControl series is back again, this time with Mario Power Tennis, a fair adaptation of the original GameCube's game. Same graphics and gameplay with very few new goodies make this remake a very interesting one for those who have never enjoyed it, or just for those who loves playing virtual tennis. The new control system isn't as precise as we could hoped, but it's still fun and wide-opened for any kind of gamers.
  2. 70
    Those gagging for Tennis action, or something that offers a little more than Wii Sports, should consider Nintendo / Camelot's effort as one of the better sports titles out there.
  3. Mario Power Tennis is a perfect starter for future tennis brands anticipated on Wii. Lots of minigames make this title a good choice if Wii Sports feels a little bit old, and you can't stand the wait for the Wii Motion Plus.
  4. In conclusion, New Play Control - Mario Power Tennis is an interesting game that I unfortunately found a tad boring and no way as near as fun as Wii Sports.
  5. Pelit (Finland)
    Takes a perfectly good game and spoils it with bad wiimote controls. The game is simply too fast for complicated wiimote-antics. Buy the GameCube-version, it's way better and works just fine on Wii. [Apr 2009]
  6. New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis is the exact same game that was previously released on the GameCube so many years ago.
  7. Reading our review, you could think that Mario Power Tennis is a real fiasco. Actually it is, if we consider the way it has been adapted to Wii. But even if there are some imperfections with the use of the Wii controllers, and despite the extreme simplification of the gameplay, Mario Power Tennis is still a good fun especially with friends.
  8. The Wii port, New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis, doesn't fare any better now that the product is several years old. Normally, the graphics take the brunt of the criticism but here, it's the control scheme which, by default, makes the game much easier than it should be.
  9. As much as it pains us to say it, having been big fans of the original GameCube game, the control issues in this Wii port make Mario Power Tennis hard to recommend. Had there been support for a traditional controller this would have been an excellent party game, but as it stands it'll really only be acceptable to gamers who don't know any better - who may well find many of the issues nothing to worry about. For that reason Mario Power Tennis on Wii gets a pass, but we really expected a bit more from Nintendo.
  10. A decent arcade tennis game but not a classic - and this New Play Control! conversion isn't anything more than a more-or-less functional reboot that gives away a little precision, and doesn't add much in return apart from a sore arm the morning after.
  11. It’s essentially Wii Sports Tennis with a fresh coat of Mario-themed paint, which at this point is just not enough to warrant a purchase.
  12. Controlling characters is a snap with the Nunchuk's analog stick, and the graphics and sound are as delightful as ever. Mario Power Tennis is mildly enjoyable (especially with three friends), but it needed more love to ace the competition.
  13. Mario Power Tennis doesn't work quite as well with the Wiimote as we hoped for. So if you already played Mario Power Tennis on the GameCube, there is always that feeling that you lack control. And where is the online game mode? Games like Mario kart and Super Smash Bros. Brawl have it. In the end Mario Power Tennis will do just fine on parties, but misses out on a lot of opportunities.
  14. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    GameCube to Wii console conversion suffers the most from clumsy controls – it’s just frustrating when you don’t know how the hardware will react to your next move... though, the game is cute and funny with many playing modes to choose from.
  15. A rehash of the original title from the GameCube, with the only fundamental change being the controller. It’s fun but there are better tennis games out there, and the novelty of Mario playing tennis was fun back in the day but its relevance now seems somewhat lost.
  16. 58
    For a series that’s all about improving control, New Play Control: Mario Power Tennis takes an ironic turn for the worse.
  17. Mario Tennis has always been a great game. A good pace and variation in shots, some tactic (especially with doubles) and a nice feel of competition. Too bad this “New Play Control!” breaks the game. You’re playing an arcade game with non-arcade controls and that’s not what the game was supposed to be about. It’s inaccurate and frustrating to miss balls and hit them badly while you know this wouldn’t be the case with a GameCube controller in your hands. Mario Power Tennis didn’t need this remake.
  18. 50
    Trying to hit balls through rings or paint a canvas with colored balls by accurately aiming your shot is now frustratingly impossible. And since playing a standard set is crazy enough with the new controls, adding turtle shells and banana peels to the mix makes the matches unmanageable.
  19. 50
    After the ball drops it seems strange that the game’s biggest flaw is a control issue that could have been avoided so easily if they just left the original controls in as an option. Unfortunately this will be remembered as an oddball in an otherwise great Tennis series. Camelot dropped the ball on this one.
  20. Four years have passed since Mario Power Tennis was released for the Nintendo Gamecube, but for this released nothing new is to be found except for the addition of a motion sensing control scheme. Mario Power Tennis was a somewhat mediocre game when it was released and that still holds true to this day.
  21. Ignore the "New Play Control!" stamp: prefer the "Only for GameCube" one from 2004. Felt a bit more enthusiatic for more tennis on your Wii? Go for the original version, or wait for a real Mario Tennis for Wii.

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  1. Mar 17, 2019
    Love it really fun to
  2. Apr 16, 2018
    horas, e mais horas de diversão, não tenho do que me queixa, existe alguns pontos negativos que são ridículos pelo fato deles não teremhoras, e mais horas de diversão, não tenho do que me queixa, existe alguns pontos negativos que são ridículos pelo fato deles não terem concertado ou arrumado, personagens, quadras, movimentação, mas não tira a qualidade do game, me divirto sempre que jogo. Full Review »
  3. Dec 31, 2015
    I like this game in the wii more than in the gamecube,I like the new controls,this game is as great as the gamecube version,I think it hasI like this game in the wii more than in the gamecube,I like the new controls,this game is as great as the gamecube version,I think it has better graphics and it is fun to play it with the wii remote,I give it a 8 out of 10. Full Review »