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  • Summary: Taking video game hockey to a new level, Wii MotionPlus brings revolutionary stick control to your Wii Remote with the ability to execute real-time (one-to-one) dekes, puck juggling, shooting and defensive maneuvers.
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  1. NHL 2K11 is incredibly different from it's new competitor. It's much more sim-centric and has all the features that hardcore fans could possibly want. Which makes it somewhat disappointing that the motion controls - the selling point for the console - came off so poorly.
  2. Once you get a hang of the new controls, there's a ton of content here, though most of it is taken directly from the franchise's previous installments.
  3. All in all, NHL 2K11 is a cute ice hockey game, especially for the Nintendo Wii. However, in the next version of the game the controls need some updates.
  4. NHL2K11 gets props for taking advantage of the Wii's bigger bullet points, like Wii Speak and MotionPlus, and for giving the series some focus by being exclusive to one console. However, there are some control issues and laggy online play that truly prevent the game from achieving hockey greatness.
  5. NHL 2K11 is a big letdown compared to last year's great arcade hockey game.
  6. 42
    I realize that they're going for a snow and ice motif, but the color is really just a lifeless, ashy grey. Given how colorless the rest of the experience is though, perhaps it's appropriate.

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