• Publisher: Koei
  • Release Date: Mar 25, 2008
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Summary: While on an interplanetary family vacation, the young boy Opoona crash lands on Planet Landroll after his spaceship is involved in a mysterious accident. Separated from his family, Opoona is forced to live alone. On the planet, Opoona must find a job, search for his siblings, and defend himself and the people of Landroll against creatures known as the Dark Rogues. Luckily for Opoona, he is the descendant of a long line of warriors known as the Cosmo Guards. Thus, Opoona’s adventure begins as he struggles to establish a new life and reunite his family. The game’s action-oriented battle system lets players use powerful "Energy Bonbons" against their enemies. Using just the Nunchuk, players can manipulate an Energy Bonbon’s trajectory in a number of different ways. All of Opoona's commands are also controlled by the Nunchuk, to allow a complete "single-hand control" of the game. Opoona is not just about battling; it is a “Lifestyle RPG.” As Opoona, players must adapt to a new environment, meet new people, and contribute to society through work, all while becoming aware of the precious world and people around him. As the game progresses, Opoona will develop relationships and uncover a broader range of activities including new jobs and clues to new adventures. [KOEI]
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Rating: E10+
Official Site: http://www.opoona.com/
Developer: ArtePiazza
Genre(s): Role-Playing, General, General, Japanese-Style
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Mild Fantasy Violence Mild Language Suggestive Themes
Number of Online Players:No Online Multiplayer
Cast Credit
Seiichi Ishii Program Supervisor
Akio Takahashi Map CG Designers
Kentarou Nakagoshi Sound Effects
Masaaki Kaneko Sound Direction
Hitoshi Sakimoto Music Composer And Sound Supervisor
Kenji Mifune Battle And Character CG Designers
Akira Ito TV Movie Designers
Hirotoshi Kuwabara Programmers
Kaoru Koga Programmers
Tomoyuki Uno Programmer In Chief
Tomonori Nishikawa Programmers
Induk Kwon TV Movie Designers
Miki Ito Sound Management
Hisashi Koinuma Producer
Sachiko Yanagihara Script Operators
Kouji Niikura Sound Effects
Manabu Namiki Music Composers And Arrangers
Shintaro Majima Character And World Designer
Sachiko Sugimura Scenario And Game Designer
Naoyuki Hayakawa Character CG Designer In Chief
Tatsuya Takahashi Effect CG Designer In Chief
Fumihito Matsuzaki Town CG Designer In Chief
Nao Sugiyama World CG Designer In Chief
Tetsu Kurosawa Battle Map CG Designer In Chief
Tatsuo Majima Art Designer
Takeshi Sugimura Engineering Director
Kengo Fukawa Development Coordinator
Kengo Fukawa Scenario Writers
Yuichi Suzuki Battle And Character CG Designers
Takumi Horie Battle And Character CG Designers
Simon Robert Battle And Character CG Designers
Takashige Shichijo Battle And Character CG Designers
Sayaka Amano Battle And Character CG Designers
Keigo Matsuhashi Map CG Designers
Keigo Matsuhashi Menu Designer
Kazuhiro Onuma Map CG Designers
Aiko Yamamoto Map CG Designers
Sadataka Inoue Map CG Designers
Yuki Nakamura Map CG Designers
Aiko Tega Map CG Designers
Masako Hamada Map CG Designers
Masahiko Murata Map CG Designers
Ayumu Kojima Map CG Designers
Takeshi Sunami Map CG Designers
Rena Konaka Map CG Designers
Toshihiko Chiba Scenario Writers
Chie Yokota Scenario Writers
Kazunori Orio Scenario Writers
Tetsuya Kawasaki Scenario Writers
Tomohiro Takayama Programmers
Kazuki Mizuno Programmers
Kazuki Mizuno Script Operators
Nozumu Fujita Programmers
Kenichiro Hidaka Programmers
Yasushu Watanabe Script Operators
Yuki Konma Script Operators
Nozomu Fujita Script Operators
Jungeun Kim TV Movie Designers
Jason Jong TV Movie Designers
Mashahura Iwata Music Composers And Arrangers
Mitsuhuro Kaneda Music Composers And Arrangers
Kimihiro Abe Music Composers And Arrangers
Noriyuki Kamikura Music Composers And Arrangers
Narelle Yeo Instrument - Soprano
James Fortune Instrument - Flute And Piccolo
Huw Jones Instrument - Oboe
Hanae Seto Instrument - Clarinet
Matt Dempsey Instrument - Trumpet
Heath Parkinson Instrument - French Horn
Charlotte Roberts Instrument - Cello
Hiroaki Yura Instrument - Violin
Heitaro Manabe Instrument - Oboe
Daisuke Miyazaki Instrument - Acoustic Guitar
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Awards & Rankings

#84 Most Discussed Wii Game of 2008
#4 Most Shared Wii Game of 2008