• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Jun 19, 2007
  • Also On: PC

Universal acclaim - based on 49 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 48 out of 49
  2. Negative: 0 out of 49
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  1. 100
    The reason that the Wii version is the best is because the new control system makes the gameplay more enjoyable. Using both the Wii remote and the nunchuck, players will be able to perform all of the regular moves and attacks from before, only now they can do them in a more sensitive, accurate and pleasing fashion.
  2. 100
    The Wii edition of Resident Evil 4 is simply the best version that can be purchased on any platform. While other ports of the title have had their own share of nuances that made them not quite equal to the quality of the original, on the Wii the game simply works on a level that can easily make a newcomer think that it was always meant for that platform.
  3. What ends up happening is that the first few versions were great, but the Wii version is what the original game wanted to be, a truly exceptional find. A must own Wii title.
  4. 100
    If you have only played the GameCube version, then you’ll be delighted to hear that the Wii edition has all the extras that were only previously available in the PlayStation2 release. These extras, combined with the excellent graphics of the GameCube version and the superior Wii control scheme, makes the latest incarnation of the Resident Evil series definitely worth the purchase.
  5. Nintendo Gamer
    RIP boredom. A Resi package that melds ace visuals, controls and features into a fine Wii game. If you've never played before there's simply no excuse not to. [Aug 2007, p.42]
  6. If you own a Wii, you owe it to yourself to discover or rediscover one of the scariest and flat-out best games ever made.
  7. As improved as the Resident Evil 4 controls were compared to the tank-like schemes of its predecessors, they still aren’t ideal. The final version of the game would have been the perfect time for Capcom to polish the controls with new features that nearly every game now takes for granted – like strafing and being able to shoot your gun while moving. Unfortunately, Leon still isn’t capable of performing these basic moves.
  8. 95
    Marrying an innovative control scheme to the best survival action game ever and presenting at a bargain price is something even the most brain-dead zombie can get behind.
  9. Play Magazine
    The presentation is extraordinary, but the layers of what draws us most firmly to gameplay are so skillfully applied. [July 2007, p.62]
  10. Games Master UK
    Different enough to warrant a replay. If you're new to the game this'll blow your mind. [Aug 2007, p.70]
  11. I had a ton of fun playing through RE4 again, and I’d never go back to the GameCube version now that I’ve used the Wii remote and nunchuk. RE4 was already an exemplary game it was first released, and now it’s even better.
  12. Don't get me wrong, this is a great version of the game that improves upon the original. I just want to impress upon you that you won't have any new experience, beyond the Wii remote.
  13. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    The most intense gaming experience on the Wii...It will consume you. [July 2007, p.80]
  14. You must own it, even if that means racing to the game store to find one of the reclusive Wiis. The president's daughter's been kidnapped - it's up to us.
  15. Resident Evil 4 is just as entertaining today as it was two years ago. It is one of those truly addicting games that one can play over and over again into the wee hours of the morning. The Wii edition is without a doubt the definitive version of this classic.
  16. It has the looks, it has the compelling level design, and it has the scary bits. Check, then: this is Resident Evil 4 all over again, but slightly better.
  17. Anyone who missed this gem the first time around should pick it up, and even grizzled vets should consider reliving the nightmare with the improved controls on Wii.
  18. With its enthralling storyline and addictive gameplay, Resident Evil 4 is one game that should not be missed.
  19. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition is an even better game than the original release. Any graphical wrinkles are outweighed by the smooth new Wii controls, which put other sloppy “Wii-makes” to shame.
  20. This is the definitive version of a modern classic and a must-play, even if you've already experienced the unique thrill of Resident Evil 4 on another platform.
  21. The Wii version of Resident Evil 4 is undoubtedly the best there is. It’s a great value at $29.99 for what you’re getting, considering it’s one of the best games around and that it adds some remarkably refreshing new controls that are far superior to the previous versions.
  22. The definitive version of one of 2005's biggest action games. It's fun, it's fast, and although the Wii's controversial controller is at the center of it, it facilitates instead of hinders the gameplay.
  23. Even if you already enjoyed the game two years ago, it’s well worth a second play through on what will undoubtedly be considered to be the definitive version of the Resident Evil instalment for people who don’t like Resident Evil. Blood, gore, violence, swearing and sensational controls in a mainstream game – everything “they” said the Wii wasn’t about.
  24. A well-designed port of an incredible game, and I fully support more people being able to enjoy such a visceral experience. It's visually and sonically polished, it's scary and intense, it has great replay value, and its flaws are significantly outweighed by its successes.
  25. 90
    If you played the GameCube original, consider the Wii game the ultimate collector's edition – frankly, that's what it is; the culmination of the best from its predecessors with some added Wii improvements. And if you have never played RE4 before, consider the Wii release an absolute must-own experience.
  26. It may be one of the best action/horror games of all time, but the hardcore audience wants more than the best of 2005. Outstanding game, questionable release.
  27. Its graphics don't look nearly as good as they did two years ago, but that shouldn't stop players from plunking down the $29.99 to experience the series' best game.
  28. 90
    Once all is said and done, this is a must-buy for Wii owners who have never played Resident Evil 4 before or simply want to relive Capcom’s magnum opus.
  29. Nintendo Power
    The extras make Wii Edition tantamount to a super-duper director's cut version of a blockbuster movie; you won't find a better version of RE4 anywhere else. [Aug 2007, p.82]
  30. This is, by and far, the definitive version of Resident Evil 4. Even if one ends up disliking the new Wii controls, this is the whole package.
  31. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition is one of the best games available for the Wii. Period.
  32. RE4: Wii Edition is the penultimate release of a fantastic game.
  33. Owners of the Wii that have never played RE4 before should make this game an instant purchase.
  34. RE4 is still a fantastic game and one of the best games of the last generation, but a few extra play modes wouldn't have gone amiss. Still, if you missed out on the horror the first time then this is the perfect way to catch up.
  35. 90
    The best of the best comes to the Wii, and it's a resounding success. A great port, and great motion control.
  36. The ultimate version of, what some perceive to be, the greatest action game ever made.
  37. 90
    Resident Evil 4 on the Wii has taken everything that was great about the Gamecube and PS2 versions and tweaked it just enough to enthrall even vetran players all over again.
  38. While the WiiMote combat can be a little flaky, it still outclasses the clunky, unintuitive controls of the original.
  39. Edge Magazine
    The Wii addition sends players on the same astonishing, grisly funfair ride with a slight new twist. But, though it does little to take the experience to new heights, Resident Evil 4 is still an immense pleasure to return to. [Aug 2007, p.95]
  40. games(TM)
    It re-affirms that, when executed with care, games from the days before Nintendo Wii can benefit from being adapted for the remote. [Aug 2007, p.120]
  41. AceGamez
    In fact, the only reason it's not getting a perfect score is because of the fact that it's now two years old and not quite as groundbreaking as it was when it was first released.
  42. The best version of RE4 yet. It may not be worth the price for longtime RE4 players, but it's a blast for newcomers, or people who didn't play the other versions to death.
  43. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Though they suffer a bit when things get hectic, the Wii-mote-enabled controls generally serve RE4 well: Aiming weapons, swiping your knife, and shaking off face-sucking nasties with real-world moves adds urgency to an already incredibly intense experience. [July 2007, p.82]
  44. It's hard to beat a classic; it’s even harder when that classic is really good. But sometimes a sequel can make a difference and completely redeem some of its forerunners mistakes.
  45. RE4 for the Wii is the definitive edition of the game to own.
  46. 80
    If you've never played this game before, you should first ask yourself, "Why not?" But if you haven't, there are better and cheaper options than this still-good-but-not-as-good-as-the-others version for Wii.
  47. The new Wii controls definitely make it worth plaything through again. At $29 there’s almost no excuse for not picking this one up, especially if you’re looking for the best demonstration of the Wii Remote yet.
  48. 80
    Resident Evil 4 remains one of the best horror games around, and while there’s no new content here, the budget price makes the Wii Edition a scary ride worth taking again.
  49. It's just a shame that one of the best ever action games has become another casualty of the Wii controller. Indeed, for a controller that was supposed to herald a new dawn of inclusive gaming there are a lot of third-party publishers who have yet to get their heads round it.

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  1. Aug 23, 2010
    Alongside a perfect amount of tension all the way through the game, Resident Evil captures the elements of suspense and fear, with only a fewAlongside a perfect amount of tension all the way through the game, Resident Evil captures the elements of suspense and fear, with only a few cheap shocks.Without a ridiculous amount of weapons, and several nasty surprises, we all can witness a game for the ages but now with precise Wii controls. Originally one of the best games ever, Resident Evil 4 can also add on of the best Wii games to its trophy cabinet. Full Review »
  2. Apr 4, 2015
    A shining example of game design, seriously if you any of you reading are young developers just play and learn, the pace is neither boring norA shining example of game design, seriously if you any of you reading are young developers just play and learn, the pace is neither boring nor exhausting takes you from familiar situations to new ones without any difficulty, every time you think you've seen all that the game has to offer it surprises you (and this is true until the very end).
    Now let's talk more precisely about this Wii version, the controls works just fine (I wouldn't say they are better, it all depends on your gaming habits, but the game was originally design for classic controller and you'll not suffer at all by playing it on another system), the graphics didn't improved from the original release and that's a bit of a shame (the HD versions exist by now so if you're looking for better graphics don't pick the Wii version), but the most important thing on Wii is to do the controls right and they succeeded it, so good port.
    Finally the two minors negative points : the story is poorly written ( with all those bad jokes make by Leon) and should have been more stressful and engaging. And looking back at time now that we are in 2015, it is the first step to the end of Resident Evil, for the 5 and 6 they just added more and more action , to take away all the fear (there is some in the 4 but way less than the first ones).
    Ideally I would have mark this game with a 9.5, so I lowered it to 9 as it is not perfect and tens are reserved for games that have no negative points.
    Full Review »
  3. Jan 4, 2011
    Here's my Top 50 games of all time:

    The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past Super Metroid The Legend of Zelda Metroid Prime (Trilogy)
    Here's my Top 50 games of all time:

    The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past
    Super Metroid
    The Legend of Zelda
    Metroid Prime (Trilogy)
    Resident Evil 4
    Tetris DS
    Words with Friends (Scrabble)
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Mike Tysonâ
    Full Review »