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  1. Each episode presents its own challenges, humour and fun -- and for the Sam & Max fan, it will be worth picking up and playing through. For those not familiar with the Sam & Max franchise, the game is probably of most interest to adventure game and puzzle game fans.
  2. 71
    The slow pace of these games isn't for everyone, but if you're a fan you'll probably get your fix with Sam & Max: Season One.
  3. When the laughter dies and some of the jokes fall flat, however, Sam & Max teeters as its gameplay is unable to support much interest for some stretches. [Sept 2008, p.105]
  4. Nintendo Power
    There are moments of genuine hilarity, but the humor too often feels overwrought or simply falls flat. [Oct 2008, p.89]
  5. Five months later, the port of the first six adventures of Sam & Max comes to Wii. Managed by the Wiimote pointer and without any visual improvement worth mentioning, it is still a good opportunity for those who was not able to play them already, as the port retaini the same comedy value and high quality.
  6. Saying that, if you've enjoyed the characters in the past, there's more than a good chance you'll like these adventures, especially as they get better as you move along, even if the video presentation doesn't make a similar improvement.
  7. A few technical issues get in the way, but the hilarity of this adventure series still shines through.
  8. If you can get over the gameplay issues and quite fancy a slow but considered puzzle adventure full of quirky humour, you'll be hard pressed to find better value Wii game.
  9. A hilarious game that highlights the pros and cons of the point and click genre.
  10. AceGamez
    The content is still pure gold, you just need to persevere through the presentation issues - besides, they do say that true love is loving the flaws as much as everything else.
  11. The first six episodes may not be perfect but they certainly show glimpses of the greatness that could well be on the way as the team get to grips with their new way of producing adventures for the duo.
  12. Point and click-adventures aren't exactly released in abundant numbers these days, but Sam & Mac: Season One is one such release that manages to breathe life into the genre and add a healthy dose of humour into the mix at the same time. The sence of humour, the voice acting and and the script are all fantastic and the only annoying factor is that the puzzles can become a bit illogical at times. This might turn some people away from the experience, but have no doubt that this is a great and fun adventure.
  13. 70
    There may be times when the humour falls flat, but on the whole this proves to be a pleasure right until the end.
  14. Funny jokes and logical riddles can't work up the bad wii port.
  15. Sam & Max: Season One is a game that, from a technological perspective, just won’t do anymore. The game falters, wavers, stutters, and even crashes on occasions. It’s easy to overlook those shortcomings though, because some of the episodes are hands down hilarious, the puzzles are fun, and the game packs a large cast of comical characters. Nostalgia’s just around the corner, because Sam & Max remind once again us of the good old days.
  16. 67
    The game's still fun and unusual, and it's worth checking out if only to enjoy some of the more clever writing in gaming. But don't forget your patience -- you'll need lots.
  17. If you are fan of point and click adventures, there is absolutely no reason why you should not buy this game even with the shoddy programming code.
  18. Sam & Max: Season One is a strikingly niche title very much in love with its PC predecessors from LucasArts and Sierra.
  19. Because of the clever story and interesting characters, it's worth struggling to the end through the more tedious puzzles (or cheating with an online walkthrough). But if you were hoping for a more player-friendly adventure, you might want to skip straight to Sam and Max Season 2.

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  1. guyx
    Mar 16, 2009
    Sam And Max is a very entertaining series that kept me hooked with the insanely bizarre story and the clever puzzles. Highly recommended.
  2. Jan 3, 2011
    Sam & Max is a fairly fun game for anyone to play. No real control issues to note, pretty good graphics for a Wii game. One of the betterSam & Max is a fairly fun game for anyone to play. No real control issues to note, pretty good graphics for a Wii game. One of the better point and clicks out there. Full Review »