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  1. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    The ideal way to get into Wii gaming. It's funny, simple and approachable, and gamers and non-gamers alike should get something out of it. [Christmas 2006, p.62]
  2. Just as a Nintendo 64 without "Super Mario 64" was unthinkable, so too is a Wii without Wii Sports. It’s one of the most perfect launch games we’ve seen.
  3. In terms of control and immersion, Wii Sports destroys the competition and provides an excellent foundation for other developers to build upon.
  4. Wii Sports is the perfect pack-in for the Wii since it really shows off the system’s unique capabilities and manages to draw in casual gamers who would otherwise not want to play videogames.
  5. The game does a great job of showing off what the system is about and showcasing the system’s abilities.
  6. 85
    We can't help but enjoy the fact that we're getting a solid sports experience for nothing. It's definitely more fun in groups and won't have a great deal of longevity, but anyone who doesn't find at least some fun in Wii Sports has a heart of coal.
  7. Sure, it lacks goals and can be beaten very quickly. But the ultra-responsive technology and high multiplayer replay value are far greater than any other party or sports game collection.
  8. Nintendo Power
    The single-player game is good for practice and daily tests, but Wii Sports shines as a multiplayer game. [Jan. 2007, p.96]
  9. Nintendo Gamer
    It's bloody good fun and you'll enjoy playing it for ages. [January 2007, p.38]
  10. 80
    It's a game you can play with your friends and family, and it perfectly highlights the direction that Nintendo is taking with the platform. It's not the best-looking game on the system, and it's definitely not the deepest, but it may well be the most fun.
  11. This is a simple game about simple fun, and everyone owes it to themselves to try it out to get a taste for what the Wii may in fact have in store for us all very soon.
  12. A couple of the games are rewarding for the long term, but most can be easily whipped into submission in a matter of hours. The visuals are also severely lacking.
  13. Wii Sports certainly won't be hailed as the most realistic sports sim on the market, but it's the best thing - next to a bottle of tequila - to take to a friend's holiday house party.
  14. The game's meant to be a no-frills, no-pressure entry point into the Wii and its bizarre new way of playing videogames, and it's impressive that it manages to be a lot of fun at the same time.
  15. Games Master UK
    More fun than a box of ferrets and almost genius, but it feels just a bit too slapdash. [Christmas 2006, p.64]
  16. It may not win any awards for the best looking or sounding game but it's great pure fun, and is instantly accessible to pretty much anyone.
  17. Brilliantly embodies the Wii's dramatic premise: that this kind of control can appeal to people who don't play games and people who used to play games as well as people who've been playing them for as long as we have.
  18. AceGamez
    Despite the shortcomings in presentation and pruning in some aspects of the modes and play, what Wii Sports gets right it gets right with flying colors, showing that what may have appeared as a gimmick - the motion-reading controllers - is actually a revolution.
  19. Highly approachable and hugely entertaining for all ages, Wii Sports serves as a great introduction and advertisement for the innovative Wii motion-sensing controller.
  20. It’s simple, addictive, compelling and innovative all rolled into one.
  21. It’s accessible, addictive, and an excellent tech-demo for the Wii-mote, not to mention an obvious choice to whip out when you want to show off your new purchase.
  22. 80
    A massive, massive success as a launch title. Ignore the negativity you may have heard, and embrace this marvellous new bit of kit into your home.
  23. Wii Sports makes for an ideal pack-in with Nintendo's new console, providing some fun, simple gameplay that's accessible to almost anyone.
  24. For a free game that’s included with the system, we couldn’t be happier. We hope that Nintendo expands on the Bowling, Baseball, and Tennis games and tweaks Golf for future releases because they have a real winner on their hands.
  25. With the exception of Boxing, everything in Wii Sports is entertaining, and there's a little more depth than the simplistic presentation might lead you to believe.
  26. Despite these two solo modes, Wii Sports is really all about getting some friends together and playing a few matches of tennis or bowling. The game isn't designed to be a true authentic sports simulation, it's all about the sheer entertainment value, and this is where Wii Sports really shines.
  27. 75
    Your non-gamer friends will be dazzled by the immediately intuitive controls and the imported Miis. But the title sacrifices incredible depth and visuals for an immediately accessible experience.
  28. 75
    The bottom line, really, is that Wii Sports, as a multiplayer game, is downright fun. Whether your thing is tennis, baseball, golf, bowling or boxing, you’re bound to be smiling - at least for a few seconds - while playing Wii Sports.
  29. 75
    If I had to pay for them, I probably wouldn't, but as a freebie included with the system, they're great for showcasing the system's capabilities and give all of the people in your household a chance to game — even those with no previous experience!
  30. Create your Mii and challenge your friends (both gaming and non-gaming) to a game of bowling. I guarantee they’ll be hooked and so will you.
  31. 75
    A very solid first effort for the Wii, and provides just a taste of what is, and what will be, great about the Wii console. Pick it up, play it and have fun. Very nice.
  32. This is one you can feel confident about showing your family and friends who are normally saying things like "pish-tosh" when you bring up video games.
  33. Wii Sports is all about showing what Nintendo's newest console an do in terms of innovation and making gaming accessible to everyone and overall it does a great job of this.
  34. For the hardcore there’s not much here that you’ll be playing for more than an hour other than the training mode which gives you a lot of challenges but ultimately falls flat.
  35. While the game isn’t exactly deep, who cares? It’s free and it’s fun; and that’s all that matters.
  36. Who needs the outside world when you can get some decent exercise in your very living room or bedroom? It may not be anything rigorous, but it'll get your body moving in ways that it normally may not.
  37. netjak
    This glorified tech demo is an excellent game for groups, whether the serious gamers you'd expect from a college dorm or the kids at a family reunion.
  38. Edge Magazine
    Perfect? No. Indispensable? Yes. Wii Sports more than earns its bundled place as an essential component of the hardware. [Christmas 2006, p.76]
  39. Wii Sports is neither bulging in features nor graphically impressive, but when you put everything together, you have a fun package that, although better in places than others, is varied enough to keep you entertained for a good while and brilliant in multiplayer.
  40. In Wii Sports, innovation and gameplay triumph over substance, graphics, and depth, a feat which only Nintendo could accomplish.
  41. Play Magazine
    Still, as a pack-in, it's hard to take pot-shots at a game that so perfectly acclimates users to the new control. [Jan. 2007, p.76]
  42. Gamestyle still has concerns over the longevity of what could be a glorified Wiimote training session; but we were surprised at how much fun is here for the short term at least. It’s shallow, yet immensely playable, and a great introduction to this revolutionary system.
  43. You can’t expect too much from a pack-in game, and Wii Sports is no exception. While it’s true that you will probably have a good time with one or two of the activities presented on this disc, it’s just as likely that you’ll get bored of them after only a few plays and never touch them again.
  44. It gives gamers a small taste of what the WiiMote can do for their gaming experiences and a reason to keep playing the new system, but nothing more. Its appeal and flaws lay with its simplicity.
  45. 65
    As a demo that gives a glimpse into the Wii's gaming future, Wii Sports is reassuring, charming, and good, clean fun.
  46. None of these sports are fully fleshed out, and they simply represent a range of motions to perform with the controller.
  47. The greatest strength of Wii Sports—its unparalleled accessibility—ends up being its greatest weakness. Although the game initially feels like a breath of fresh air, the failure of its novel control scheme to provide the sensitivity needed for continued growth and mastery ultimately sucks much of that air right back out.
  48. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    I like the concept behind this pack-in, but Wii Sports simply ends up being an overly publicized demo. [Jan. 2007, p.63]
  49. Despite control issues Wii Sports is probably one of the only launch titles that offers so much fun from such a small package.
  50. games(TM)
    In its 'free' state, Wii Sports is a triumph when presenting the abilities of your new console, but in reality, it's an extended victory for the console itself and not praise that should be bestowed upon the game. [Christmas 2006, p.106]
  51. It's free, so you're getting what you pay for. Yes, it can be fun, but it should have been a lot better.

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  1. Mar 6, 2015
    This is a great game but Resort is MUCH BETTER!! Golf had a little lag here, but fixed in Resort. Bowling is my favourite. The sports are fun,This is a great game but Resort is MUCH BETTER!! Golf had a little lag here, but fixed in Resort. Bowling is my favourite. The sports are fun, baseball is fun! I got Out of the Park twice in my life playing Wii Sports. The training mode is very fun and on the last round of "100 pin bowling" there is a trick on the final round. Find it out yourself. You'll be surprised. Full Review »
  2. Nov 9, 2011
    "Wii Sports" is decent at it's best. All of the sports might help you to understand basic knowledge of sports such as tennis or basketball,"Wii Sports" is decent at it's best. All of the sports might help you to understand basic knowledge of sports such as tennis or basketball, but that's how far this game can take you. Full Review »
  3. Jun 11, 2013
    Is good play WII sport games is help you to understand basic knowledge of sports such a tennis or bowling
    also you can play a golf games is
    Is good play WII sport games is help you to understand basic knowledge of sports such a tennis or bowling
    also you can play a golf games is also is exercise games.
    Full Review »