• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Oct 23, 2007

Generally favorable reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 57 out of 59
  2. Negative: 0 out of 59
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  1. As such, Zack and Wiki stands as one of the best games I've played in a long time, with my only (aforementioned) complaint being the ridiculously steep hill that the rather odd name puts between it and consumers.
  2. This is the kind of game we were promised when the Wii was in development, and it is nice to see someone other than Nintendo deliver on those promises. Capcom has a real gem here, but you have to play it to understand.
  3. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Never have we been so amused, challenged and impressed by a game all at the same time. [Christmas 2007, p.68]
  4. It’s a classic adventure game at heart.
  5. With so many publishers looking to cash in on the Wii’s success, it’s always nice to see a game appear that is nothing but quality from top to bottom—the fact that this game is ten bucks cheaper than other Wii offerings makes it an even sweeter deal.
  6. Pelit (Finland)
    An excellent puzzler in the vein of old-school point'n'click-adventures. You need both brains and braw to complete this one. [Feb 2008]
  7. One of the best games made for the Wii so far. It combines the puzzle-solving adventure of Twilight Princess with the varied environments of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, but still incorporates originality in the point-and-click gameplay and seemingly endless fun activities.
  8. 91
    Zack & Wiki is very much what happens when talented Japanese game designers decide to revisit classic point-and-click adventure gameplay, and proceed to inject it with their own aesthetics and sensibilities, all with a modern coat of paint.
  9. 90
    One of those welcomed surprises – an unpredictably top-quality undertaking whose winning marriage of sometimes-genius environmental puzzles and beautiful graphics will suck you in. It also perfectly encapsulates what I always hope for but seldom see from third parties: an original Wii project that really makes the most of the console.
  10. Nintendo Power
    The point-and-click adventure has gone the way of the dodo in recent years, so when one as engaging as Capcom's Zack & Wiki comes along, it's cause for celebration. [Dec 2007, p.86]
  11. The puzzle design is fantastic, though it leans a bit on trial-and-error. The graphics are vibrant, even if the heroes don't have a memorable spark. The game has long-term replayability too, with a neat little co-op game and hidden treasures to uncover. No Wii owner should miss this.
  12. 90
    Between its extraordinary collection of cerebral trials, its comprehensive menagerie of shape-shifting animal-tools, and its skilled use of almost instinctual motion control, Zack & Wiki reveals itself as an unexpected, must-own treasure.
  13. 90
    When we first started playing Zack & Wiki, we found ourselves instantly liking the adventure. There's something undeniably fun and enthralling about this point-and-click adventure.
  14. 90
    It's a huge world of wonderful puzzles to solve, with creative approaches to even the most mundane solutions; it's also a big game, and it goes on far longer than even the story would imply (though some people may never beat the last couple stages without assistance).
  15. To put it bluntly, Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure is one of the best games out for the Wii, and any gamers who own Nintendo's new system owe it to themselves to at least give this title a try, if not a buy.
  16. Hardcore Gamer
    Zack & Wiki is a brilliant use of the Wii's strengths, and easily one of the best games available for the console. [Dec 2007, p.66]
  17. AceGamez
    The title may be convoluted, but the gameplay and presentation are anything but. What could have fizzled into a case of undeserving hype is one of 2007's top games - and considering the competition, that is quite a lofty (but nevertheless justified) statement.
  18. The thrill of the eureka moment is Zack And Wiki's currency. Combine this with a control scheme that puts even first-party efforts to shame, and you've got the easiest Zack And Wiki conundrum to solve: should you buy it? The score's a hint.
  19. An absolute blast. Through a combination of normal puzzles -- though admittedly, "normal" is a bit of a misnomer in a game where you use your flying, magical monkey friend to transform deadly enemies into useful items -- and incredibly rewarding motion control scenarios, Zack and Wiki feels like something totally familiar, yet incredibly new and original.
  20. n-Revolution Magazine UK
    Masterful puzzling plus exemplary Remote use equals a near-classic adventure. Frustrating in places, though. [Issue#17, p.66]
  21. Games Master UK
    A terrific metal workout. [Feb 2008, p.62]
  22. With wonderfully varied levels, colourful, cel-shaded graphics and mind-bending puzzles that'll have you working those little grey cells into the ground, Zack & Wiki triumphantly makes its debut on Nintendo's Wii, the only console it could have appeared on.
  23. Hello Nintendo!! Finally a good game on the Nintendo Wii and you don't give it any attention. Zack & Wiki rocks and we want more!
  24. I can’t stress enough the great uses of the Wii’s motion controls in this game. Whether it’s something as simple as shaking the controller in time to a song to using the controller to simulate turning a lock, this game gets all the movements right.
  25. Its unique if sometimes Japanese-infused presentation sports a snappy visual design and an excellent musical score, but the real hook is the superb puzzle design.
  26. 90
    It's a genuinely exciting brand new IP, its Wii exclusive, it has a flawless understanding of how best to use the console's motion sensing controls and it proves there's a use for the adventure game genre in this current generation.
  27. A word of caution however, don’t get fooled by the kiddy visuals presented in Zack & Wiki because some of the puzzles contained within require a fair degree of lateral thinking to beat. With that in mind, older gamers seeking an enjoyable challenge should definitely pick this up.
  28. 90
    While some may find retrying certain sections repeatedly due to some of the puzzles being genuinely challenging a little bit annoying, the entire game is so compelling that you'll more than likely just be more inspired to give it another go when you happen to make a mistake.
  29. Zack & Wiki is a must have in any gamers’ collection and a beacon of hope for quality 3rd party games.
  30. 90
    By testing your brain rather than your brawn, it stands out against the too-common controller-wagglers.
  31. If you are the type of person that enjoys a game that challenges your thinking capacity instead, then Zack and Wiki should be on your wish list.
  32. I can't state this enough; so far, this is one of the best Wii games of the year. With its complex gameplay, beautiful graphics, interesting controls, great sense of humor, and user-friendly approach, this is truly a game that will appeal to virtually any gamer.
  33. The point-and-click system may not attract all gamers, but in all seriousness, I fell in love with the controls. As of right now, the gameplay stands out above everything else on the Wii.
  34. Zack & Wiki is easily the best original Wii game on the system right now, though whether it strikes a chord with the Wii's audience is another discussion all together.
  35. 88
    With any luck, with your purchase of Zack & Wiki we can show Capcom and the rest of the gaming industry that gamers are ready to be challenged, that gamers are open to something new, and that we would welcome a sequel, or something similar – the Wii needs it.
  36. Zack & Wiki is a delightful blend of the Wii's motion-sensing technology and challenging yet approachable puzzle design.
  37. 85
    What seems like the perfect game for kids is actually a challenging game for adults. Who knew? Still, Zack & Wiki is a terrific game that will stick with you for a long time.
  38. In short, Zack and Wiki made me love these adventuring, puzzle-solving games all over again. Here’s hoping for a sequel and even more innovation.
  39. It gives a brand-new feeling to exploration an puzzle-solving.
  40. A great title that deserves your time and patience, so long as you have the intellect to match.
  41. Adventure games are often compelling but hinge upon primitive, boring gameplay. Capcom shows how all future adventure games should be designed: with engrossing gameplay that both intuitively and innovatively solves puzzles.
  42. Zack & Wiki is a catchy and funny adventure, stuffed full of challenges...It’s not perfect, and can become quite frustrating. However, if there was a next-gen Myst, this is the way we would like to see it.
  43. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    A great offering from Capcom. Even in a genre that’s not common on consoles, it manages to work perfectly on the Nintendo Wii. If you don’t mind spending a few brain cells and tearing your hair when you fail an objective, you just have to buy this game. [Feb 2008]
  44. Zack and Wiki is colorful, inventive, and just plain fun. It never manages to transcend the trail-and-error aesthetic endemic to the genre, but for most players, the unique experience and thrill of discovery will be more than worth a little bit of frustration.
  45. Very close to being a near-essential addition to any Wii owner’s collection which we dearly hope will get a sequel.
  46. In the Wii's expansivve gutter of shoddy third-party ports and minigame garbage, Capcom is showing that it's possible to make something original and fun. [Nov 2007, p.148]
  47. Play Magazine
    And only on the Wii could a game like Zack and Wiki make any sense at all, because it's the motion-sensing controls that ultimately make the experience fly. [Nov 2007, p.53]
  48. The best part of the game is figuring out how to manipulate the tools you're given by utilizing the remote.
  49. One of the best single player experiences on Wii to this point. The basic gameplay is so strong that it easily overcomes a bland story and sometimes frustrating gestures. This game is just begging for a sequel, full of the same point-and-click animal changing fun.
  50. Edge Magazine
    From simple lever cranks to rotational unscrewing, Zack & Wiki finally puts to use the myriad Remote possibilities touched on in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. [Christmas 2007, p.93]
  51. 80
    It's really fun to pull back from the level and look at it as a whole; in fact, it kind of makes me wish that I could have physical playsets of each of these levels.
  52. Far and away the best original IP on the Wii, Zack & Wiki is a compelling reason to own this console. Its superb puzzle design and ingenious mix of humour, cleverness and the occasional bout of trial-and-error recall the best adventure games in history, and yet its gorgeous cartoonish looks and innovative control make it refreshingly modern.
  53. games(TM)
    A joyous Wii game that’s sure to be a jewel in the console’s crown for years to come. [Jan 2008, p.114]
  54. 80
    Zack & Wiki definitely has the potential to be a rip-roaringly fun series on Wii if Capcom next time chooses to flesh out the story more and refine the control system even more.
  55. Overall, this is a very fun and slightly quirky game, with a definite challenge to it.
  56. If Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure leaves any lasting legacy once the dust has well and truly settled, it’s that there is a need for something different. That simplicity and charm go a very long way in this industry clouded by games boasting hyperrealism.
  57. Capcom really focused on what makes the Wii special and built a game from the ground up to take advantage of its capabilities. The graphics and sound both hold a high standard, and the gameplay is both fun and rewarding.
  58. netjak
    At times, the play control can be a bit wonky, but overall Zack & Wiki is a solid addition to the point and click adventure genre.
  59. While not spectacular as a game in and of itself, the gameplay innovations it presents to the adventure genre might make it worth a try.

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#12 Most Discussed Wii Game of 2007
#17 Most Shared Wii Game of 2007
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 125 Ratings

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  1. Jul 19, 2016
    Zack & Wiki didn't sell very well and it's fairly unlikely that there'll ever be a sequel and that's a shame because it's a great game.Zack & Wiki didn't sell very well and it's fairly unlikely that there'll ever be a sequel and that's a shame because it's a great game.

    First the game looks great for a 2007 Wii game with a very nice cartoon art style and animations, sure it's helped by the genre with small levels but it still took some nice developing skills at the time, specially given the fact that the game runs smoothly.

    But the most important thing is the gameplay and here it's really sweet with well thought puzzles, but always logical (you don't need to click on everything to find out the solution by luck), there's also a very good, natural and varied use of the motion controls. Point and click never seemed so active.

    Finally the story is very predictable, with very few dialogs and it's probably the worst part of the game, it will take something around 15 hours to finish game, far from the lying cover that guarantees 40 hours (a shame, specially that 15 hours is very honest for the genre).

    So in conclusion Zack and Wiki is a very good game if you want to put your brain to the test, the only better option I see is the Portal games (for the incredibly funny dialogs) and they're not available on Wii, so if you want a puzzle game and own this console go for it, just don't believe the cover, it's a big lie.
    Full Review »
  2. Aug 19, 2010
    The puzzles are truly fun and make the game worthy of much of its praise but I think most reviewers are ignoring all the incredibly annoyingThe puzzles are truly fun and make the game worthy of much of its praise but I think most reviewers are ignoring all the incredibly annoying garbage between puzzles. This game also has the longest and most useless intro to any game I've played on the Wii. I also think the puzzles go from too easy to too hard a little too quickly. Full Review »
  3. RobG.
    Mar 14, 2008
    Innovative, brilliant, addictive. There is nothing else out there like this.