Description: X-Men sticks close to the standard fighting game formula, and as a result, it manages to be fun for a short period of time.


  • Nintendo 64
  • PlayStation
Initial Release Date: Jul 11, 2000
  • Paradox Development
Publisher: Activision


Todd Jefferson
Written By
Jack Kirby
Written By: based on Marvel's "X-Men" comics by
Stan Lee
Written By: based on Marvel's "X-Men" comics by
Belinda Van Sickle
Written By: manual
Ray Landry
Cast: Cyclops,Scott Summers
Lawrence Bayne
Cast: Professor Charles Xavier
Tim Harrison
Cast: Toad,Mortimer Toynbee
Jennifer Dale
Cast: Mystique,Raven Darkholme
Catherine Disher
Cast: Phoenix,Jean Grey
Don Francks
Cast: Sabretooth,Victor Creed
David Hemblen
Cast: Magneto,Erik Magnus Lehnsherr
George Buza
Cast: Beast,Dr. Hank McCoy
Alison Sealy-Smith
Cast: Storm,Ororo Munroe
Tony Daniels
Cast: Wolverine,Logan,Gambit,Remy LeBeau
Gene Bahng
Produced By: associate producer
Jay Halderman
Produced By: producer
Anton Petrov
Produced By: executive producer
Daniel Prousline
Produced By: executive producer
Aaron Calta
Sound: sound coordinator
Gregory Hainer
Sound: sound mixer,sound supervisor
Martin Lopez
Sound: sound designer,sound mixer
Adam Rakunas
Sound: sound programmer
Paul Shubat
Sound: sound recording engineer
Susan Hart
Casting Director
Chris George
Visual Effects: modeler
James Guintu
Visual Effects: effects programmer
Jun Caliva
Art Department: assistant designer
Cory Barlog
Animation: animator
Susan Hart
voice director
Peter Jefferies
lead programmer
Todd Jefferson
Yong Li
frontend programmer