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  1. An excellent game, fully capable of recreating the intense and engaging atmosphere of the World Cup, as well as improving on its predecessor in many ways. If you love football, and look forward to the ultimate gaming experience in that sense, this is surely the game for you.
  2. FIFA World Cup 2010 isn't a revolution but the developers managed to make it very interesting evolution on the already great FIFA 10, making it a must buy for every soccer lover.
  3. World Cup FIFA South Africa 2010 is a further step in front of FIFA 10. The team has tweaked the gameplay boosting reactivity of the players, normalizing the proportions between the field and the athletes and adjusting some CPU routines (like pressing). A game football fans cannot miss.
  4. 91
    2010 FIFA World Cup is one of the best sporting simulations I've ever played
  5. This is by far the most appealing football game this generation, as EA finally hit the nail on the head. Attack minded, dramatic, and a hell of a lot of fun, this title is the perfect warm-up for the summer's festival.
  6. Better than FIFA 10. World Cup manages to strike a balance between the substance of simulation and elaborate frenzies to appreciate with friends.
  7. This is not just a cash cow for Electronic Arts. 2010 FIFA World Cup adds some interesting ideas and its purchase just depends on how much you like this competition.
  8. There's something about World Cup's appeal, though, that works on psychological levels. We all feel compelled to play it not because of a game mode we can play, or improved graphics we can see, but because there's something very special about the World Cup, and playing the official World Cup game taps into it.
  9. The jump from FIFA 10 to EA 2010 FIFA World Cup might not be a big one, but the refinements presented makes the entire experience worthwhile.
  10. For some, 2010 FIFA World Cup might be viewed as nothing more than a stop-gap between the yearly series. In truth, there is a lot of enhanced content available here and at no-point will you feel like your being cheated out of your hard-earned cash.
  11. New home and away tactics ensure that underdog teams hold their own by playing defensively on the road and adjusting strategies to capitalize on a home field advantage.
  12. The true essence of the World Cup mixed with some interesting improvements in FIFA's gameplay. An amazing starter while waiting for FIFA 11.
  13. While it falls short of FIFA 10 in many respects, 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa rewards players with an accessible and ultimately rewarding game. There are plenty of elements to improve for Brazil 2014, but, as it stands, this title is a must-have for sports fans.
  14. 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is FIFA 2010 on steroids.
  15. 90
    With the inclusion of the two button gameplay for beginners, World Cup is a safe buy for soccer fans, casual and hardcore alike.
  16. I’m happy for you Pro Evo, and I’mma let you finish, but FIFA World Cup 2010 is the greatest Soccer-Simulation of all time. Excellent atmosphere and lots of improvements make FIFA the champion.
  17. By adjusting the control scheme and difficulty to suit your skill and experience FIFA World Cup South Africa is capable of simulating an extremely realistic and entertaining game of soccer.
  18. 88
    2010 FIFA World Cup is a brilliant football game and a perfect example of how to build a proper game around a one-off tournament. It's hands-down the best football game out there at the moment until FIFA 11 at least.
  19. 88
    A great buy for a football fan, provided he doesn't already own FIFA 10.
  20. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A purer football game than FIFA 10 and the perfect companion to this year's World Cup. [June 2010, p.86]
  21. 87
    This is a better game than FIFA 10 and while it'll inevitably be outstripped by FIFA 11 later this year it still stands as the best take on the sport that's currently available. It's also the perfect accompaniment to the summer of football that awaits.
  22. Games Master UK
    A great footy game perfect for half-time matches if you're excited by the World Cup. [June 2010, p.72]
  23. The game has a great control system and mimics the up and coming World Cup 2010 quite well. Some may see it as just an add-on for FIFA 2010 but why would you want to miss out on this frenzy, especially if you're a soccer fan?
  24. There are some great new additions to 2010 FIFA World Cup and, even though it doesn’t provide the same amount of depth or online options as FIFA 10, this is definitely a game worth having in your collection.
  25. 86
    It's the closest you can get to the action without a ticket and a trip to South Africa.
  26. It’s got the great gameplay innovations from FIFA 2010 and should keep rabid fans busy until FIFA Soccer 2011.
  27. The different online options and new penalty taking system are welcome, but aren't enough to let this title stand on its own two feet. [May 2010, p.98]
  28. There's certainly enough new stuff in 2010 FIFA World Cup to make a purchase worthwhile and if nothing else, the new modes and refinements make this a perfect companion to FIFA 10. Simply put, this will be the best football game money can buy... Until FIFA 11 turns up.
  29. This tournament-specific soccer game doesn't offer as much content as FIFA 10, but it does improve upon that game in a number of areas.
  30. 85
    2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is a great footie game. However it's more an update from the previous FIFA game than a whole new game.
  31. Best Game Moment: Smashing in a 30-yard screamer.
  32. 2010 FIFA World Cup is the confirmation of everything that was good in FIFA 10. The player likenesses are great, the atmosphere authentic and players move smoother than ever.
  33. FIFA World Cup is a good game, but extremely limited. Paying full price for a game that's really only going to be relevant for 2 months is a bit crazy.
  34. 83
    The advent of things like Two Button controls for all of our mothers and fathers to play with is cool for the casual players, but the lack of customization for hardcore soccer fans is a real disappointment.
  35. It’s unfair to criticize the game too much for being just a Souped Up World Cup version of FIFA 10. It’s really more than that. Yes, you can make the argument that dropping 120 bucks for two similar soccer games in a six month stretch is asking a tad much, but when the actual World Cup starts play in June and you want to get in on the act you’re going to want a copy of this game—and EA Sports knows it.
  36. If you love your football, and plan on having lots of people over for World Cup parties, then this could be a perfect addition to your library.
  37. If you don't have FIFA 10, this is a great buy! That's a big IF though.
  38. There's undeniable satisfaction in combining to undo a tough defence and seeing those points totals totting up, and in some respects this is the best mode in the game, because playing together towards a long-term goal heightens the fun and drama.
  39. A slightly cringe-worthy 'Two-Button Control' system will no doubt help to attract the uninitiated to 2010 FIFA World Cup, but this isn't just a game for 'prawn sandwich' footie fans (to quote the affable Roy Keane). It's a game that'll appeal just as much to hardened FIFA veterans who've just about squeezed everything they can out of FIFA 10 and need something to tide them over until FIFA 11.
  40. FIFA World Cup 2010 offers a better gameplay and a faster game than FIFA10. There are some improvements to be found in the gameplay itself, and its visuals and sound are great. Also, the game modes specially crafted for this competition are good. Despite having just a few teams and some issues with aerial play, this is the most realistic FIFA ever made.
  41. If you love soccer and can't wait to get your kicks in, 2010 FIFA World Cup will give you your money's worth. The online and offline competition, gameplay enhancements and presentation will make you feel like you're in an actual tournament, and Story of Qualifying will put your skills to the test.
  42. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Understandably minor changes to what we know to be an exceptional football formula add up to create the greatest World Cup videogame of all time. How very predictable. [Issue#58, p.92]
  43. The lack of a viable “Be A Pro”-esque mode is noticeable -- especially in light of the cheaper FIFA 10’s robust single-player -- but World Cup’s core game and online modes are top notch, a few missteps notwithstanding.
  44. Something close to a minimal effort, but with FIFA 10 powering the action it's still hard to resist.
  45. A must buy then, but only if the price is right.
  46. If you don't own FIFA than this is a very good football game to test your skills against, but FIFA 10 owners shouldn't instantly dismiss it as it features just enough tweaks to make it worth a look.
  47. It's by no means a cynical cash-in and casual gamers and rabid FIFA fans alike will probably find it decent value for money. For the rest, it's a worthwhile stop-gap between FIFA titles, provided you have the funds.
  48. 2010 FIFA World Cup brings the vibe of the World Cup in your living room.
  49. Recommending a game that doesn’t give gamers nearly as many options as a virtually identical game that came out less than eight months ago is tough, but people who missed out on EA’s yearly title, or those of you who only dabble in soccer titles every few years, will find plenty of charm and great gameplay in 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.
  50. Obviously 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is going to feel rather dated in just a couple of months, but this is by no means a cynical release by EA Sports. This evolution of EA's football gameplay engine is a most welcome one and deserves the chart success it is already enjoying.
  51. An excellent football game that even excels FIFA 10 in some ways. But in the end this is still a basic version of that game and together with a few rough edges it keeps the game from becoming truly fantastic.
  52. So while World Cup South Africa definitely has some improvements, FIFA 10 is the better game.
  53. 80
    2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is an excellent football game for the fans who only come out every four years, and it plays a good game of football in its own right as well.
  54. World Cup 2010 is an excellent way to get into football games for those who are curious about the amazing excitement World Cup football can generate, this game has a lot to offer players who don't already have a football game from this year. For anyone else, it might be best to just watch the tournament on TV and stick to FIFA 10.
  55. 2010 FIFA World Cup does very little new from the excellent FIFA 10, but it's still a solid soccer game with a natural focus on international teams. Guiding your own nation to the world's biggest tournament actually feels pretty good.
  56. With its polished gameplay and outstanding graphics, 2010 FIFA World Cup is truly brilliant […] but its price tag, 70€, is a bitter pill to swallow.
  57. A feeling of deja vu is constant in Electronic Arts World Cup title, but that doesn't make it a bad game. If you liked FIFA 10 you are going to like this, but it's hard to shake the feeling that this is the same game in a new package. The graphics are nice though, and the game engine is not seldom total brilliance.
  58. An excellent World Cup atmosphere with polished FIFA 10 gameplay - it's just a shame that 2010 FIFA World Cup is so shallow. It's got the looks, but not the longevity.
  59. Official Xbox Magazine
    It absolutely nails the atmosphere. [July 2010, p.81]
  60. games(TM)
    A smaller game than FIFA 10. [Issue#96, p.111]
  61. This game's weak. This is essentially the movie tie-in of sports titles; about as interesting and worthwhile as games fashioned after the Olympics or the X-Games. There is no reason why this shouldn't have been relegated to a premium add-on through the FIFA Store.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 67 Ratings

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  1. May 2, 2022
    Historia: 7/10
    Sonido: 10/10
    Jugabilidad: 8/10
    Graficos: 5/10
    Duración: 10/10
    Total: 8
  2. Dec 3, 2020
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  3. Jun 30, 2013
    2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is an amazing game; it gets a 10, one up from what I gave FIFA 10 because of the advancements EA Sports has2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is an amazing game; it gets a 10, one up from what I gave FIFA 10 because of the advancements EA Sports has done on the game over FIFA 10 which includes; better lighting and shadows graphically which makes the stadiums that you travel to and the pitches themselves look spectacular. In addition, the crowds have been given so much more life and finally been animated to make the epic games even more so. Overall, this is a great game and any soccer fan should definitely play this! Full Review »