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  1. A great game. There are so many elements to this title that will knock your socks off. It is not the true NFL simulator that is Madden, but it is an awesome football game that plays better than the competition in many regards.
  2. Hopefully next time APF will be a fully functional game, so we can focus our complaints on the important issues, like how in the world Bubby Brister made anyone's list of 'legends.'
  3. Even with some missing features that longtime sport gamers have become accustomed to and some notable flaws in the gameplay balance on the field, nothing stops the pure fun factor of playing All Pro Football 2K8 from shining through. Here’s hoping we see the continuation of this series.
  4. With no franchise mode, Crib, or many amenities apart from nice stadiums, it’s the lack of connection with the league itself, not the fact that the NFL is missing, that is a letdown. Bolster this aspect and make some gameplay tweaks, and All-Pro Football will threaten Madden’s NFL more than the XFL ever did.
  5. All Pro Football 2K8 doesn't quite reach championship status, what with its lack of modes and other small items. However, it turns out to be an excellent start for 2K Sports' newest football legacy. Can't wait to see what comes around next year.
  6. Official Xbox Magazine
    Overall, gameplay is great - passing is tight, running moves are fluid, and the playbook is decent-sized, although officials occasionally miss big calls while throwing seemingly random flags. [Sept 2007, p.81]
  7. 80
    If you care about playing with Colts and Payton Manning, or you just have to have real teams and stadiums then Madden is your option. But if you want to play a good football game with the players of yesteryear then pick up All-Pro Football 2K8.
  8. 80
    The game does a surprisingly good job of going up against Madden '08. It isn't going to unseat the king of all video football games this season but that's the beauty of sports: there's always next year.
  9. 76
    There are definitely some good things to build and grow on for next year, but the overall package is too sparse. While much of the gameplay is great, the AI needs a tune-up. If you're looking for a football game expressly for multiplayer, give All-Pro Football 2K8 a chance. But if you're the type that wants a deep single-player experience, you'll want to pass up All-Pro.
  10. 76
    Overall, All-Pro Football 2K8 is a solid first entry from 2K Sports, but it comes a year too late as the Madden series is already plowing away at full stride on the 360 and PS3.
  11. 2K football returns with solid gameplay and a new focus on classic players, though the roster isn't the only aspect of the game that feels old.
  12. It's nice to see that Madden has competition again, but this just isn't the year where All-Pro challenges seriously.
  13. A lot of fun. It’s just that there’s not much here to keep the fun going unless you head online for the leagues or tournaments. While for the latest installments in an established series, it’s a bit of a disappointment. For the first installment of a promising, new series, it’s a pretty good start.
  14. Technically there's nothing wrong with the game -- had it released in 2006. While it's great to have Visual Concepts back, they definitely left room for improvement for All-Pro Football 2K9, and improvement is certainly what's needed for this next generation of football games.
  15. If you’re looking for a deep single-player experience with a lot of modes and cutting edge presentation, leave All-Pro Football 2K8 on the bench. But if you’re simply looking for straight-up solid football to play online or with friends, All-Pro Football 2K8 answers the call.
  16. 70
    The game shipped with passable production values, dated graphics, and a minimal number of play modes, so it's hard to consider this a good value at the $59.99 price point. On the other hand, if you're a die-hard football fan and want to once again experience 2K's style of play, then this is your only option.
  17. Even if it's not quite everything we hoped, we're pumped that 2K football is back in action. Let the competition begin - again.
  18. In a nutshell...if you like playing online, and like 2K football, you can't go wrong with All-Pro Football 2K8. If you're primarily an offline gamer, it's questionable at best.
  19. The novelty of getting to play again with your childhood heroes and players old enough to be mythological legends fails to make up for graphics that would be unacceptable on the original Xbox and a bare-bones set of game modes.
  20. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    It's a real shame, though, that the developers thought that simply putting the name of a Hall of Famer on the jersey was enough. [Sept 2007, p.86]
  21. 65
    This is a solid game overall -- and without a doubt, All-Pro Football should continue building on this foundation. But if you were expecting 2K euphoria after two years on the sidelines, you'll be disappointed, as this one's got rust in many of the wrong places.
  22. The more you know about football then the more you'll get out of this game. There are some superb play-calling aspects on offer, like the ability to change routes on the fly for your receivers, but again, this is something only the hardcore will make use of.
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  1. JobAdkins
    Jan 1, 2009
    Lets get real,Madden is overrated and not good football.It was good back in 2004,2005 but it is terrible on the next generation consoles.TheLets get real,Madden is overrated and not good football.It was good back in 2004,2005 but it is terrible on the next generation consoles.The 2K series has always had the best football but madden was close for a while.That is the reason,of course,that they snatched the license so 2K couldn't make anymore football titles.Here it is though and it is great!The game play is untouchable and that is what really counts.I'm just knocking some points off because of the lack of features that they left out of this title.I'm writing this review way after this title came out and I've played madden 06,07,08,09 they suck and i don't think they will ever get it together on the next-gen consoles.Blitz the league I and II are better then the madden series,so take my word,play this and the other 2K football titles from the past and wait for the next installment.Don't waist your time with madden just because there the only football game out there,thats being a sell out.NFL 2K2,2K3,2K4,2K5 are incredible games.I give this title a 9.1 Full Review »
  2. Feb 17, 2021
    The 5 people in the negative reviews section are pathetic. The game is good and no need to hate it. If you do hate it, you're an idiot.
  3. Feb 4, 2021
    Don't believe all the hipsters in here who say this game is so much better than Madden. Yes it is better but that is only because Madden hasDon't believe all the hipsters in here who say this game is so much better than Madden. Yes it is better but that is only because Madden has become a steaming pile of dog crap that has been drenched in kerosene, placed in a dumpster and lit on fire. I got this game about 3 to 4 weeks ago. After hearing all the chatter about how it is such a marvelous game, I bought this game off eBay. Let me tell you it is far from perfect. I'll give you an example. When you throw a deep ball pass to a receiver, the rest of your receivers stop running their routes and just freeze while the ball is in midair. This is especially annoying when you are running a last second Hail Mary and you throw it to one of your receivers only for him to be impeded by you guessed it, his own frozen teammate. Meanwhile, all of the opposing team's players who are in protecting against the pass, all move in the direction the ball is going. Another glitch is when your quarterback pump fakes it, the ball will spin in his hand. And I don't mean like a spiral, but like a kickoff. Yes it is 2021 and this game was made in 2007, but this review is made somewhat to balance out all the good, hype reviews this game has received from people who use Madden as their comparison. It is still an entertaining and well done game in its own way, but because of the glitches I experienced in gameplay, The hype for this game should not be as big as some people make it to be. I did already know that this game lacked multiple features before I bought it - such as only having a single season mode for its franchise mode and no NFL teams thanks to EA. But for somebody who is thinking about buying this game, just know while it is better than Madden, don't just listen to the people who praise this game as the second coming of NFL 2K5, because the game itself is not as perfect as some say it is. Full Review »