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  1. May 27, 2013
    All in all I found myself really impressed by what Call of Juarez: Gunslinger brought to the table. It took a series name fouled by a recent entry and essentially turned it into a respectable property once again, without completely abandoning the setting or tone found in earlier titles.
  2. Jun 17, 2013
    If you have a hankering for a Western Video Game or need something a little different than the classic Red Dead Redemption than Call of Juarez Gunslinger is for you that successfully manages to refine this genre and include a few tricks up its sleeve. Add in the great price and there's very little to complain about.
  3. CD-Action
    Jun 4, 2013
    I didn’t care much for the series after CoJ: The Cartel, so I was very surprised by the fact that the modest digitally distributed effort to return to the Wild West turned out to be the best Call of Juarez ever. It has brilliant storytelling, looks great and offers pure, unadulterated fun. At this price it’s a steal. [CD-Action 07/2013, p.66]
  4. It feels like the developers at Techland did a little soul searching on this new game trying to come up with ways to creatively tell players are story, not cover up a poor narrative with swearing and racial stereotypes.
  5. Pelit (Finland)
    Oct 7, 2013
    After an über-boring trip to the present, Call of Juarez has finally realized what makes it special. Code word is a pulp thrill ride, but this is what Techland does best. It ain't a milestone in gaming history, but it is a nice shooter with a pretty good narrative. [Aug 2013]
  6. Hyper Magazine
    Jul 21, 2013
    A few rough spots do little to tarnish this energetic and purely fun and unpretentious FPS. [Aug 2013, p.78]
  7. Jun 30, 2013
    Gunslinger is the best game in the Call of Juarez series and a gargantuan improvement over The Cartel. I thought that game might have killed this series, but thanks to a few smart moves on Techland’s part, I think they’ve cleaned this brand up a bit. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is definitely worth your time.
  8. Jun 19, 2013
    Although short, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is a fun, exciting, and story-driven game. The way in which Silas recants his tales, the rewarding leveling system, the variety of locations and situations you play through, and the superb voice acting make the game memorable and worthwhile.
  9. Jun 18, 2013
    It may lack the sprawling epic world of Red Dead Redemption, but this is your next best choice for a Western fix that satisfies.
  10. Jun 6, 2013
    Call of Juarez: Gunslinger lifts the franchise after the failure that was The Cartel. When you find yourself in a duel with sheriff Pat Garrett, you’ll forget everything about Battlefield and Modern Warfare. At least for a while.
  11. May 30, 2013
    Possibly the best thing about Gunslinger, though, is how little it costs. At just $15, it’s one of the best bang-for-the-buck games I’ve seen so far this year, and has a slickness and confidence that belies its budget price.
  12. May 30, 2013
    Gunslinger is a dynamic first person shooter, characterized by a charming setting and an engaging narrative plot.
  13. May 30, 2013
    Call of Juarez: Gunslinger may be the most genuine take on an interactive Western yet, and that's including a certain color of dead redemption.
  14. May 25, 2013
    It is a great game no matter the price, but for about $15 it feels even better. A must-have for shooter and/or western lovers.
  15. May 23, 2013
    Gunslinger offers a bunch of enemies to shoot, and an interesting kill with skill gameplay.
  16. May 23, 2013
    Gunslinger is one of the best downloadable shooters on consoles and easily the best entry in the series.
  17. May 22, 2013
    I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Gunslinger's shootouts. The game certainly doesn't turn any FPS conventions on their ears, but it still presents tense and entertaining shootouts frequently.
  18. 80
    What is surprising, however, is that content of this quantity and quality costs just $15. With its meaty eight- to ten-hour campaign and near AAA-caliber execution (plus an endlessly replayable arcade mode), this game could have easily been a full-priced offering just two or three years ago.
  19. May 20, 2013
    There's so much stupid satisfaction to be had from Gunslinger's bloody headshots and from nailing sweet combos that its flaws quickly disappear in a flurry of gunpowder and shotgun shells. It doesn't look half-bad either, with a semi-cel-shaded design and some nicely detailed environments that drive the Wild West theme home.
  20. May 25, 2013
    This Gunslinger isn't fancy or high tech. It excels where it matters most, with satisfying gunplay in a colorful old west setting that’s satisfying enough to have you forget or overlook the game's faults. If you're looking for a shooter that lets you spit fire into the hearts of your enemies, strap on the spurs and become a Gunslinger yourself.
  21. Jun 7, 2013
    Call of Juarez: Gunslinger offers little challenge for experienced players, although its fun level design and high replay value make the experience worthwhile.
  22. Jun 3, 2013
    Techland managed to put the CoJ series back on track, delivering an entertaining and humorous FPS even if a little bit unpolished. If you like western films and games, this is a sure bet.
  23. May 24, 2013
    After the disgraceful neo-western The Cartel, Techland goes back to its Call of Juarez-roots with Gunslinger. And while the arcade mechanics rarely go beyond average, the imaginative narrative and the visual style draw you deep into the alternative history of Billy the Kid, Jesse James and Silas Greaves.
  24. Games Master UK
    Jun 26, 2013
    Fast, fun and stupidly simple, Gunslinger's easy to pick up...and easy to put down. [Aug 2013, p.67]
  25. Jun 5, 2013
    Gunslinger is a solid return to form for Techland, anchoring their colourful arcade take on the Old West in a story told with a great deal of heart and good humour. If only other parts of the game showed such originality.
  26. May 23, 2013
    Call of Juarez takes us straight to the middle of the O.K. Corral with its straightforward arcade gameplay. Unfortunately a dull AI almost ruins the breathtaking firefights, making the game much too similar to a shooting gallery.
  27. May 27, 2013
    Playing the game is a blast, as the whole "desperado" feeling comes through in spades. Story is a fun play through, and could be done in one sitting. But the Duel and Arcade modes offer a good amount of re-playability.
  28. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Jul 2, 2013
    There's a laser-like focus on gunplay here that strips away much of the fluff. [Issue#99, p.81]
  29. games(TM)
    Jun 28, 2013
    There are worse ways to spend a weekend than playing through your own trashy western novel. [Issue#136, p.119]
  30. Jun 4, 2013
    For less than 15 euros, Techland gives us an honest game which can stand the comparison with blockbusters. The developers took great care in making a nice environment through the use of cel-shading for graphics, music, and the voice that makes the game entertaining. But Call of Juarez Gunslinger ain't faultless. The game is quite short, the AI and the dullness of the gameplay are serious faults. Gunslinger is an arcade title that you should play like an arcade game: intensively and quickly!
  31. 70
    If all you want is to gun down wave after wave of enemies set to the pleasant Southern drawl of its narrator, hang up your spurs and have at it. If however, you demand a little innovation with your arcade shooters, then much like Silas himself, tales of Gunslinger's greatness may be greatly exaggerated.
  32. May 24, 2013
    Gunslinger wipes away the disappointment of the previous Call of Juarez. The affordable price of this shooter makes up for its short adventure and its shortcomings: mainly a poor AI and the lack of multiplayer. Its overall good storytelling, and the fitting cel shading of its visuals make up for those as well.
  33. May 21, 2013
    Despite its successes and mild inventions, Gunslinger can't quite manage to struggle free of the general sense of ennui surrounding the corridor shooter in 2013.
  34. May 20, 2013
    Gunslinger offers an entertaining romp through a stylized Western world. The famous name dropping doesn't add much spice to Silas' revenge story and their gameplay implementation is even less memorable. But where Gunslinger falters with the legends of the West, it succeeds in creating a score-based shooter with an interesting, constantly morphing environment and charming narration.
  35. May 31, 2013
    Call of Juarez: Gunslinger has some good ideas, especially the playful storytelling and how it directly affects the gameplay. And it's only $15 as a digital title. However, it gets bogged down with its on-rails confinement, its slow, overly precise aiming, and its tedious dueling system.
  36. May 20, 2013
    No-one seems to have quite figured out how to do these correctly, but Gunslinger's combo of using the sticks to position the draw hand and focus your target – as well as waiting for the right time to shoot – is pretty good. Much like the game as a whole then.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 210 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 14 out of 210
  1. May 23, 2013
    After the disappointing mess that was "Call of Juarez: The Cartel", the series managed to return to the old Western roots while still makingAfter the disappointing mess that was "Call of Juarez: The Cartel", the series managed to return to the old Western roots while still making it refreshing and enjoyable. The story telling and voice acting is, in my opinion of course, the best of the series, creating its most lovable and memorable character yet, Silas Greaves. The way the story is told beautifully connects to the flawless FPS controls. The game looks gorgeous, from its Borderlands-styled graphics in the environment to the blood gushing from the enemie's face after pulling of a satisfying headshot in Concentration Mode, making you feel like a real Western bad ass. The only very minor flaws are the frame rate and the low FOV, but since the FOV almost never gets in the way of shooting some in the knee cap, it's very forgivable, combined with all the amusing content "Gunslinger" has to offer.

    As a fifteen dollar arcade game, "Call of Juarez: Gunslinger" offers more fun than most of today's fifty dollar games even manage to get close to.

    Gorgeous, classic, amusing: everything a great and enjoyable game has to be. 10/10.
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  2. May 22, 2013
    Amazing, Call of juarez it´s back and it will win a lot of new fans. Perfect sound, more than decent graphics, plenty action, nice narrative,Amazing, Call of juarez it´s back and it will win a lot of new fans. Perfect sound, more than decent graphics, plenty action, nice narrative, no multiplayer(becose this way the game it´s longer), and it is more than amazing, one of the best games i had ever played in a long time. Don´t wait more and make your self with a copy.

    !The wild west is back!
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  3. May 25, 2013
    First i have to say i registred on metacritic, just to write this review. What an amazing game, witch is well worth the money!

    Here's a few
    First i have to say i registred on metacritic, just to write this review. What an amazing game, witch is well worth the money!

    Here's a few reason the game is so fantastic, and me explaining the contents of the game;

    - Amazing Single player story mode, which has great voice-acting and an intresting story. Makes me really eager to play one more mission, just to see what happends further on, simply fabulous! In the story mode there is also a pretty deep skill tree, consisting of 3 different categories- Long distance combat (Rifleman), a dual wielding tree, and a close quarter shotgun skill tree. I don't wanna spoil anything, but you will not only obtain "skills" but after you have put lets say around 5 skill points in one tree, you'll recieve something cool. There is also so called obtainable "secrets", witch is spread across the diffrent levels.

    - Insane Arcade mode! This mode has extreme replayability, and action. Never have i seen so many varied and crazy fun filled levels in one mode! Firstly this mode is all about keeping the so called "score multiper" high, as this mode is all about the points you end up with after you've come to the end. To do this you have to neutralize one enemy after another withing around 5 seconds, to keep the multipler going, or it will end. This mode also has a separate skill tree from the campaign, in witch you unlock skills by aquiring this and that many points in each of the 3 very different classes.

    - Also there is a duel mode aswell, however i didn't try this one yet. From what i know, you will face many diffrent duelists, in which the goal is to take as many as you can down, within 5 lives, and it becomes more and more difficult per duel.

    Also, the game has fantastic visuals, and AWESOME sounds! Really nice feel to the diffrent revolvers, shotguns and rifles!

    Thats my review, and i recommend everyone to pick this one up right now! 10 of 10- Well done Techland! :-)

    Written on an Ipad, so thats why there may be spelling errors my main language is not English.
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