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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 76 out of 79
  2. Negative: 0 out of 79
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  1. 100
    It's easily the best survival horror game since the masterful "Resident Evil 4" and it sets the bar high for graphics, sound, and scares in its respective genre. Dead Space is an artistic nightmare clearly designed for survival horror fans by a passionate and dedicated team of like-minded gamers. Just be sure to play it with the lights on.
  2. 100
    Dead Space is a solid realization of several of our favorite gameplay mechanics in a way that we've only seen in blockbusters like BioShock, Half-Life and Resident Evil 4. Its quality is undeniable and we have no reservation in recommending its potent mix of panic-inducing plotline, furious action and deep customization.
  3. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    Gruesome. Visceral. Engrossing. Stunning. There are just so many words you can use to describe Dead Space and not one would be negative. EA has excelled itself on both technical and mechanical levels, pushing Dead Space up from ‘one to watch’ to ‘one of the best games of the year, nay generation’. Just go ahead and try not to be impressed by it. We dare you.
  4. This is a game you really need to play on a big high-def TV with a good, bass-heavy sound system. It's an audiovisual tour de force, with some of the moodiest and most impressive lighting effects on this generation of consoles.
  5. 100
    Dead Space continues the charge for the new EA and in the process has turned out to be one of the most surprising titles of the year.
  6. Dead Space is a must own title for anyone who loves science fiction, horror, or any combination of the two. When you combine those elements with such amazing gameplay and stylish design you easily have the makings of a Game of the Year contender. It’s got my vote.
  7. It's always uncomfortably close to the real, and in the real world it's so much worse to be this horribly intimate with something so nasty. If I had to complain about something I'd say the game was a little too long for me, but everything has to take 15 bloody hours these days, and bloody hours they are.
  8. 96
    Dead Space is the type of game that people will talk about five years from now about just how good it really was.
  9. In a season relying so heavily on sequels and spin-offs to deliver its hits, EA earns kudos for taking a chance on an original IP that'll no doubt be remembered when it comes time to hand out game-of-the-year awards.
  10. There are no downsides to Dead Space, the story is intense, the graphics are great, sound is perfect, action sequences are intense and the list goes on.
  11. 95
    Dead Space is a potent combination of visceral glee and intense terror.
  12. Buy it. Do not think about it, just buy it. The game is simply amazing, the best survival horror game in years and maybe ever. This again proves how great games can be when done by competent developers who have a clear vision and understand how to give gamers the best experience possible.
  13. A fantastic addition to the Survival Horror Genre with its fantastic graphics, immense sound, and amazingly detailed story, Dead Space isn’t being blown out of orbit just yet and with talks of Dead Space 2, the only way from here, is Outer Space!
  14. There are plenty of other touches at work in this game that make it something special in the worlds of survival horror and shooter games.
  15. A masterful title that is sure to scare the crap out of you. Plus, there are three modes of difficulty, so this is an experience that casual and hardcore gamers alike simply cannot miss. This is a highly polished and well-crafted title that transcends standard video gaming. Simply put, it is one of the best games I've ever played.
  16. Dead Space is a scary, intense, engrossing, and invigorating adventure into the heart of deep space.
  17. If horror is your forte, dim the lights, crank up the surround sound, and take the deepest breath you ever have. I think you’ll agree, no game has ever been this frightening.
  18. Dead Space shows the beginnings of a very strong franchise.
  19. Dead Space is essentially your opportunity to play through a sci-fi horror flick; which is just about every gamer’s fantasy. It is a near-perfect package for those looking for to get their survival horror fix.
  20. The great combat system is paired up with tight controls, while superb graphics, audio, and storytelling will keep players rapt from beginning to end. Horror fans will have a blast with this game.
  21. If you are a fan of spooky sci-fi horrors and have previously enjoyed games such as Bioshock, Doom or Resident Evil, then Dead Space for the Xbox 360 should be right up your alley.
  22. A spectacular game which shows vividly that "Resident Evil" is not the king of survival horrors anymore.
  23. A truly scary space horror survival from EA. Very enjoyable and not to be played in the dark or on your own.
  24. Games Master UK
    A brilliantly contructed horror experience - the only game to come close to matching "Resi". [Dec 2008, p.59]
  25. The very fact that we wish Dead Space included more of its original features and less content pulled from the last generation's greatest game speaks volumes for the quality on show. [Issue # 71]
  26. Dead Space bursts into the holiday season with the pulpy cracking sound of someone being torn limb from limb. Its visual presentation, unique gameplay features, and emphasis on exploration show that this title’s coming into the ring swinging hard and will be a tough contender to beat.
  27. This is the most fun I've had being scared in a video game since I first encountered the 'dog scene' in Resident Evil. The game is very pretty, draws you in with it's sound, atmosphere, and story, plays wonderfully, and is diverse enough from chapter to chapter where you feel like you are not playing similar missions (like Assassin's Creed). I can't recommend Dead Space enough; it is already up for my GOTY vote, and with a crowded line up of games coming soon, that is a bold statement.
  28. Overall, Dead Space is an extraordinary game with tons of shock value and action to whet any fan's appetite for some time, and with a campaign that lasts a steady 10-12 hours, that’s plenty of time to get lost aboard the Ishimura.
  29. Dead Space is most frightening when you’re backed into a corner and fighting for your life in the darkness, and absolutely awe-inspiring during the quiet moments of solitude. From major elements like the HUD-less display and the believably intricate machinery to the simplicity of a forgotten magazine, the attention to detail is absolutely staggering.
  30. The AI, unlike many recent releases, works very well and is extremely persistent in tearing Isaac's body to shreds before letting him to escape. It's solid a challenge altogether, throwing a few interesting boss fights into the mix as well.
  31. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    Technically impressive, Dead Space can be described as a mix of "Resident Evil 4" with films like "Event Horizon" and "Aliens". If you have the age and the stomach to get trhough it’s violent and morbid content, you’ll enjoy one of the best horror games available. [Oct 2008]
  32. This is a highly recommended game for science fiction and survival horror fans, with its claustrophobic atmosphere and horrible creatures.
  33. Gorgeous and horrifying visuals, combined with spine-tingling audio, immerse you in an interstellar nightmare of blood and bone. While it leaves a lot of unanswered questions, an obvious ploy to get you to read the enjoyable comics and watch the animated film, Dead Space is still a terrifying game, whether you're bathed in darkness or playing in sunlight.
  34. An incredibly atmospheric and disturbingly gruesome deep-space adventure that will haunt your dreams and leave you begging for more.
  35. Thanks to Dead Space, the horror/survival genre is brimming with excitement. Dead Space’s release also marks the first time the RE series has looked vulnerable within its genre. Hmmm, maybe the term “extinction” is more than just some movie’s subtitle.
  36. It might not be adding much to the Resi formula, but it's hugely enjoyable despite this. Roll on the inevitable and much-deserved sequel.
  37. Dead Space is genuinely frightening, and should keep most gamers on the edge of their seat for at least eight to ten hours of gameplay time. After completing the game, a New Game + option is unlocked, allowing players to restart the game with all of their upgrades and equipment. This feature could be extremely fun, but the option to change the difficulty setting is absent, which makes it a little too easy, and misses the point of New Game +.
  38. It may not have the most gripping story but it positively shines from a gameplay perspective.
  39. Dead Space is a pearler of a horror ride. For fans that love gory adventure and classic flicks like the Alien series, Predator, or any other marriage of gore and suspense, this must be played. Just be sure to book in a recuperating massage for when it’s over.
  40. Dead Space is one of best Survival Horror releases in years. Tense, violent and incredibly aggressive; playing it at night with a loud 5.1 sound system can provide you the most spectacular scare moments of your life.
  41. There’s very little to denounce Dead Space with. It captures you completely with chilling suspense and leaves you feeling thoroughly thrilled. What can we say? Bring on a sequel!
  42. If you’re a fan of science fiction or horror, you owe it to yourself to have Dead Space in your collection.
  43. While you’ll be afraid for the majority of the time, the save game and checkpoint system is quite generous so that you’ll never be too frustrated at a death and having to replay large portions of the game, though this takes away none of the fear.
  44. Whether borrowed, reworked or completely original, all the elements have been expertly crafted and put together.
  45. Dead Space is a pleasant surprise, it takes the best elements of classic terror sci-fi films and combines them with some of the most notorious ideas of games like Bioshock, Condemned, Resident Evil 4 or Doom 3. Instead of an improved but unoriginal copycat, the team managed to give this mix a distinctive personality, making it a great experience on its own.
  46. Playing Dead Space is an experience which shouldn't be missed, and one which won't soon be forgotten.
  47. A fantastic horror experience from beginning to end, leaving you no time to catch your breath.
  48. Despite being a new and untested property from a publisher most known for iterative and licensed games, Dead Space has surprised us by emerging a fully formed title with refined mechanics, enjoyable gameplay, and outstanding presentation.
  49. 90
    Dead Space is easily the most atmospherically intense, genuinely scary and well-built survival horror experience of this current generation.
  50. Aside from a few minor quirks, Dead Space is easily one of the best games of 2008, thus far.
  51. Entertaining and scary elements make up a game that is familiar in its theme and within its genre, but it's also a title that has destructive weaponry, a necessity for skilled gunplay, and zero-G believability.
  52. The horror genre has a new king: Dead Space excels in all disciplines - whether it’s playability, atmosphere, tension or presentation. An absolute must-have for all horror- and action-fans.
  53. 88
    You can finish it in less than 15 hours and then there’s not much else to do other than play it again - but it’s so bloody good you probably will! Intelligently written, beautiful to look at and actually genuinely scary - not to mention gory beyond belief, Dead Space is a stunning survival horror/action title and well worth a gander.
  54. Dead Space introduces some much-needed new blood into the survival-horror genre, and it does it with style. There are a few minor annoyances and ridiculously hard sequences, but other than that, EA's new franchise is rock solid.
  55. The atmosphere is Metroid Prime, and the structure is Resident Evil, but everything else is all its own. The strategic dismemberment, mixture of weapons and supernatural abilities, and relentless intensity make for a game that you’ll be scared to keep playing, but won’t want to stop.
  56. 87
    Call it science fiction survival horror, but Dead Space does the genre proud with an engaging story; action that's tense, fast-paced and extremely violent; as well as atmospheric qualities that will get under your skin and make you jump.
  57. It’s scary at first, but once you get a bigger gun it becomes a Horror Action game, with no real threat present. That being said, Dead Space is an excellent game that’s worth checking out, even if you don’t like horror games.
  58. Dead Space is a fairly linear affair that will take most gamers a little over ten hours to complete. However, it is one hell of a ride.
  59. Dead Space was definitely a risk for EA and it's great to see they were willing to run with it, because it is a fantastic game. It looks and sounds great, is a lot of fun to play and oozes atmosphere.
  60. As much as Dead Space should be a big mess for mixing genres and borrowing so many ideas and gameplay mechanics from other games, it manages to stand on its own as an extremely good game, especially for a new IP.
  61. 83
    Dead Space ultimately feels like an incredibly polished and varied 6-hour game stretched out to make it twice that long. While I felt like I was repeating the same objectives a few too many times, the combat held up so well that I didn't even mind...too much.
  62. The combat is fast and frantic, the interface excellent, the controls responsive, and it provides an overall satisfying experience. While it's fun, though, there isn't much that's memorable about Dead Space. It feels like patchwork that's been slapped together from other franchises, and it lacks a spirit of its own to make it stand out from the pack.
  63. But Dead Space is a reminder that influence and convention, sharply focused, can become terrifically creepy.
  64. It's not without a few flaws, but those who go exploring around Dead Space will find it to be a fascinating survival horror game with an amazing presentation.
  65. At the end of the day, Dead Space is an exciting new entry into the word of survival horror.
  66. The boss fights are distinctly underwhelming - presenting yet another great big thing to kill when you might have hoped for something more subtle, intelligent, and perhaps disturbing, to tackle.
  67. 80
    "Resident Evil 4 in space" doesn't cut it - Dead Space is neither as ambitious nor as engrossing as the Gamecube Goliath. But it's still an expertly realised, slickly implemented survival horror experience.
  68. 80
    Despite lacking some tweaks that could have made the most horror-jaded gamers wet themselves, Dead Space delivers scares, gore and a truly disturbing gem of a game.
  69. Generally speaking Dead Space is a fantastic experience.
  70. Too much repetition and the occasional dip into unoriginality does make it a grind in places, but the story did just enough to pull us through.
  71. Dead Space has enough new elements to make a memorable experience out of it. The lack of a HUD, the use of telekenetic powers and the original weapons all contribute to that. Even the setting, a spaceship, is done so well that there is enough variety in the environments. The controls could have been a bit more direct, but Dead Space is still a perfect way to have a few scary nights.
  72. Dead Space will play with your mind and keep your heart racing. While the horror element eventually gave way to action and thrills, I couldn't help but feel alert and ready for more the entire way through.
  73. Immersion is one of Dead Space’s top specialities and the sound follows suit. Exploring the Ishimura is a pleasure to the ears in a sort of freaky way.
  74. games(TM)
    Like Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, its influences are too obvious for it to transcend the medium, but they are so tastefully and skilfully referenced that it feels like rediscovering an overlooked gem. [Dec 2008, p.98]
  75. Dead Space is completely competent action/horror.
  76. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    It's a fun, beautiful, and intense alien-zombie game wrapped around a mediocre sci-fi horror center. [Dec 2008, p.70]
  77. None of these criticisms will detract from your enjoyment, provided all you want from a game is the opportunity to repeatedly turn evil monsters into red mush in gorgeous HD detail. Dead Space easily delivers on that promise, but fails to turn its polished production values into something truly memorable over the long haul.
  78. 70
    Dead Space's atmosphere is brilliant, evoking nerve-wracking paranoia, but the gameplay is the same as many other previous games.
  79. A few standard scare tactics (dramatic music, flickering lights) and gory battles may satisfy hardened fans of horror, but loot-hunting and taxi missions will likely haunt your dreams more than the given monstrosities of death.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 979 Ratings

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  1. Sep 15, 2010
    I think that the atmosphere in this game does it all. The sound effects are simply amazing and the enemies never stop to surprise me when II think that the atmosphere in this game does it all. The sound effects are simply amazing and the enemies never stop to surprise me when I am playing. The graphics are really well done and I often found myself completly "in character" because of this. Everything is top notch! I cannot wait for the sequel. Full Review »
  2. PaulD
    Aug 20, 2009
    This game has tremendous entertainment value. The level designs are creative and visually engaging, especially when you consider that most This game has tremendous entertainment value. The level designs are creative and visually engaging, especially when you consider that most occur on a big spaceship. The 'baddies' are grotesque and frightening at times, but the real fun lies in tearing them to pieces with an array of upgradable weapons. Full Review »
  3. JamieG.
    Oct 24, 2008
    a brilliant, terrifying experience. It may have borrowed most of it's ideas from others, but I borrowed from the best, and may be the a brilliant, terrifying experience. It may have borrowed most of it's ideas from others, but I borrowed from the best, and may be the most complete horror experience on any format. Full Review »