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Summary: Deadfall Adventures takes the classic adventure genre and combines it with fast paced action associated with First Person Shooters. Set in exotic locations such as ancient Mayan ruins, forbiden cities, frozen wastelands and lush, tropical jungles - Deadfall Adventures takes the player on a whirlwind adventure set in the late 1930's
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Rating: M
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Developer: The Farm 51
Genre(s): Action, Shooter, Shooter, First-Person, Fantasy, Fantasy, Arcade
Cast Credit
Lani Minella Voice Over Directort (English)
Marc Biagi Voice Talent (English)
Maciej Jurewicz Story
Jacek Komuda Story
Max McGill Voice Talent (English)
Tsuyoshi Watanabe Voice Talent (Japanese)
Gordon Rennie Script Editor
Kamil Bilczynski Creative Director (Art Division)
Wojciech Pazdur Project Lead
Wojciech Knopf Lead Programmer
Katarzyna Pazdur Senior Environment Artist
Shigeki Takeuchi Executive Producer (Intergrow Inc.)
Yuusuke Sasaki Voice Talent (Japanese)
Frank Behnke Voice Talent (English)
Frank Behnke Voice Talent (German)
Reinhard Pollice Executive Producer (Nordic Games GmbH)
Reinhard Pollice Voice Talent (German)
Reinhard Pollice Voice Talent (German)
Artur Falkowski Producer
Kai Taschner Voice Talent (German)
Martin Kreuch Produce (Nordic Games GmbH)
Martin Kreuch Voice Talent (German)
Martin Kreuch Voice Talent (German)
Martin Kreuch Voice Talent (German)
Martin Kreuch Voice Talent (German)
Martin Kreuch Voice Talent (German)
Martin Kreuch Voice Talent (German)
Ernst Satzinger Lead Graphic Artist (Nordic Games GmbH)
Jaroslaw Julik Technical Director
Tomasz Widenka Senior Multiplayer Programmer
Piotr Bak Senior Tech Programmer
Maciej Pryc Multiplayer Programmer
Lukasz Zamyslowski AI And Gameplay Programmer
Damian Grocholski Gameplay And UI Programmer
Leszek Godlewski Generalist Programmer
Marzena Jaworska AI And Gameplay Programmer
Alan Kwiatkowski Gameplay Programmer
Witold Wasowicz Gameplay Programmer
Damian Bijas Junior Gameplay Programmer
Krzysztof Kowalczyk Junior Gameplay Programmer
Kacper Zaber Additional Programming
Przemyslaw Pomorski Cutscenes And Story Director
Przemyslaw Pomorski Lead Gameplay Designer
Blazej Szaflik Lead Gameplay Designer
Malgorzata Platek Gameplay Designer
Arkadiusz Filip Gameplay Designer
Lukasz Przeliorz Gameplay Designer
Jakub Stychno Gameplay Designer
Cyprian Listowski Gameplay Designer
Cyprian Listowski Level And Lighting Artist
Marcin Kazmierczak Lead FX Artist
Sebastian Tworek Lead Environment Artist
Bartosz Miha Lead Level And Lighting Artist
Pawel Turalski Environment Artist
Pawel Turalski Level And Lighting Artist
Pawel Chrapka Level And Lighting Artist
Michal Gryglicki Level Artist
Marek Kozlowski Environment Artist
Sebastian Gola Environment Artist
Michal Kubas Texture Artsit
Tomasz Knopik Senior Environment Artist
Michal Moska Senior Level Artist
Kacper Niepokolczycki Environment Artist
Tomasz Schneider Environment Artist
Tomasz Wrobel Junior Technical Artist
Jan Siomin Character Artist
Jan Siomin Environment Artist
Karolina Koszuta Junior 2d Artist
Karolina Koszuta Junior Environment Artist
Dawid Gomola Junior Environment Artist
Pawel Urbanski Weapon Artist
Adam Jarosz Junior Environment Artist
Mariusz Klat Senior Character Artist
Andrzej Marszalek Senior Character Designer / Artist
Lukasz Ziolkowski Character Artist
Mateusz Baran Character Artist
Przemyslaw Cieplicki Character Artist
Tomasz Kwiecinski Character Artist
Aleksander Caban 2d Artist
Piotr Krezelewski Additional Concept Art
Tomasz Krzeslwoski 2d Artist
Grzegorz Rutkowski Concept Artist
Marek Madej Concept Artist
Przemyslaw Krystaszek Concept Artist
Bartosz Guder Additional Art And Animation
Piotr Niedzielski Sound Artist
Pawel Cincio Music Composer
Pawel Cincio Sound Artist
Arkadiusz Reikowski Music Composer
Jakub Gawlina Music Composer
Bartlomeij Potoczny Associate Cutscenes Director
Jaroslaw Zielinski Lead Animator
Kamil Boczkowski Senior Animator
Jerzy Sieron Animator
Piotr Ciezak Junior Animator
Michal Molawka Junior Animator
Marek Hucz Motion Capture Performer
Alicja Karluk Motion Capture Performer
Jan Jurkowski Motion Capture Performer
Kamila Kuboth Motion Capture Performer
Magdalena Tabaka Motion Capture Engineer
Dawid Pisko Motion Capture Engineer
Konrad Waszkiewicz Motion Capture Engineer
Tobias Grimus Asset Assistant (Nordic Games GmbH)
Niki Kernow Voice Talent (English)
Bruce Miles Voice Talent (English)
Kent Clark Voice Talent (English)
Walter von Hauf Voice Talent (English)
P. Ivaschenko Voice Talent (English)
P. Ivaschenko Voice Talent (German)
Miguel Alonso Voice Talent (English)
Claus Peter Dammitz Voice Talent (English)
Claus Peter Dammitz Voice Talent (German)
Gerhard Acktun Voice Talent (English)
Gerhard Acktun Voice Talent (German)
Philipp Brock Voice Talent (English)
Philipp Brock Voice Talent (German)
Anton Seicarescu Voice Talent (English)
Anton Seicarescu Voice Talent (German)
Gennaro Giani Postproduction (English)
Gennaro Giani Voice Over Director (German)
Gennaro Giani Voice Over Director (German)
Oliver Mink Voice Talent (German)
Alek Mink Voice Talent (German)
Thomas Rauscher Voice Talent (German)
Claus Brockmeyer Voice Talent (German)
James Nicholas Localization Director (Intergrow Inc.)
James Nicholas Producer (Intergrow Inc.)
Masayuki Yamamoto Localization Director (Intergrow Inc.)
Masayuki Yamamoto Producer (Intergrow Inc.)
Ai Kataoka Localization Director (Intergrow Inc.)
Minoru Yamaki Localization Director (Intergrow Inc.)
Marie Itou Game Production Team (Intergrow Inc.)
Kazunori Watabe Game Production Team (Intergrow Inc.)
Francesco Cioffi Voice Recording Coordinator (Japanese) (Active Gaming Media)
Takeo Higashino Voice Recording Coordinator (Japanese) (Active Gaming Media)
Daisuke Nakashima Voice Recording Assistant (Japanese) (Active Gaming Media)
Yousuke Iwazaki Voice Talent (Japanese)
Akiko Ikeda Voice Talent (Japanese)
Naofumi Ichihashi Voice Talent (Japanese)
Shinjirou Gouda Voice Talent (Japanese)
Toshiyuki Andou Voice Talent (Japanese)
Kikutarou Voice Talent (Japanese)
Yoshikazu Nakadai Voice Talent (Japanese)
Asuka Itou Voice Talent (Japanese)
Tadashi Hirbayashi Voice Talent (Japanese)
Keisuke Irikura Voice Talent (Japanese)
Shinji Konta Voice Talent (Japanese)
Takeshi Kimura Voice Talent (Japanese)
Kyousuke Aizawa Voice Talent (Japanese)
Ryuuzou Kimura Voice Talent (Japanese)
Yoshito Okada Voice Talent (Japanese)
Masashi Ogawa Voice Talent (Japanese)
Syouta Watanabe Voice Talent (Japanese)
Keita Arai Voice Talent (Japanese)
Tatsunori Fukusato Voice Talent (Japanese)
Reon Voice Talent (Japanese)
Shin Fukuyama Voice Talent (Japanese)
Masafumi Tomita Voice Talent (Japanese)
Naohiro Ogura Voice Talent (Japanese)
Keisuke Tsukamoto Voice Talent (Japanese)
Yasuhiro Kikuchi Voice Talent (Japanese)
Ryouhei Imamoto Voice Talent (Japanese)
Atsuhiro Kameyama Voice Talent (Japanese)
Hayato Koube Voice Talent (Japanese)
Soun Yu Voice Talent (Japanese)
Frank Behnke Voice Talent (English)
Frank Behnke Voice Talent (German)
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