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  1. The power of the 360 brings the world of Shrek right into my living room with lush graphics, rich sound, and challenging, entertaining gameplay that makes this title a perfect complement to what will easily be the blockbuster box-office event of the year.
  2. It won’t keep mature gamers’ attention for very long, but kids will love it.
  3. Shrek the Third is probably one of the best platformers on the Xbox 360. Too bad there aren’t more to compare it to.
  4. Shrek the Third doesn’t take a lot of chances with its license or gameplay. It is essentially a beat-em-up platformer that provides an extension of the movie with a very light amount of challenge.
  5. Based on my time with the game I would venture to say that younger audiences and fans of the Shrek movies will enjoy playing as the green Ogre and all his friends more so then your average mature gamer.
  6. Shrek the Third doesn’t feature a lot of surprises in its linear beat ‘em up romp, though there are a couple of occasions to bust out the catapults to break down castle walls, which can be fun, especially if you’re playing against a friend in one of the separate multiplayer modes.
  7. The game follows the platforming genre precisely and doesn’t stray too far from it, which is not necessarily a bad thing, especially since this game is aimed for younger players. What is really annoying about this game is the fixed camera; it really becomes a hindrance during certain parts of the game, especially during combat.
  8. Shrek the Third is best left to diehard Shrek fans or 360 gamers looking to pad their Gamer Scores.
  9. 66
    Shrek the Third isn’t an altogether bad game, but is certainly a sloppy one.
  10. If you’re a fan of the Shrek movies, there is some fun to be had here. Granted, it’s forgettable and uninspired fun that fades pretty quickly, but it’s still fun for that short while.
  11. While it may have ruined the film-to-game consistency, Shrek The Third could have been a much better experience with some multi-player over Live.
  12. Pelit (Finland)
    Shrek the Third doesn't even try to be passable. It's a children's game, but that's not an excuse to make the game repetetive, too easy and just damn boring. There's enough basic platformers in this world even without the new Shrek game. [Oct 2007]
  13. 60
    The game captures the feel of the franchise, but seriously lacks any sort of depth or attention to detail, as the game is ridden with buggy areas, odd animation glitches, and an entirely linear design.
  14. Shrek the Third will be a fun game for younger gamers, and slightly entertaining for everyone else. Rent this game, but don't go wasting $50 on it.
  15. Shrek The Third is a decent all encompassing adventure action game which features puzzling , platform and fighting elements. It’s certainly an entertaining game but somewhat on the simple side.
  16. Official Xbox Magazine
    Fifty bucks. That's a lot to pay for what's basically a movie-licensed action-platformer aimed at a younger audience, but color us surprised that this ogre-cat-donkey sim earnestly plays to the rafters with a multi-tiered carnival of goofy fun. [Aug 2007, p.73]
  17. There is really not much else that can be said about Shrek the Third, other than it is disappointing to constantly see games that could be enjoyable but fall into the stereotype of bad games based-on movies.
  18. Fair's fair, Shrek the Third is a long way from being all out terrible; the game just occasionally feels unpolished and unloved. Still, young kids will love controlling all the leading characters from the film and collecting all the bonus unlockables. It’s just a shame there wasn’t a little bit more to see and do in far, far away.
  19. The gameplay is old, tired, redundant, buggy, unimaginative, and frankly, boring. Not even new Achievement points were able to will me through to the end.
  20. There are several attempts at greatness, like the mini-games that can be enjoyed with your friends. Yet, the mini-games are more of a distraction than anything else.
  21. 58
    Shrek the Third isn't fundamentally broken or inescapably unplayable, but its sheer middle-of-the-road laziness in every contributing aspect makes it all-but impossible to recommend to anyone accept blinkered Shrek / Dreamworks fanatics and those with a bizarre penchant for shoehorned Hollywood dross.
  22. Shrek the Third isn't a terrible game, but it's not a terribly fun — or long — one, either. It suffers from boring, repetitive combat with extremely frustrating platform jumping, and while the story and dialogue are hilarious, the voice actors providing poor impersonations tend to detract more than enhance from the entire experience.
  23. If you love Shrek, and you need your Ogre fix, pick this up as a rental, otherwise I'd skip Shrek the Third the game, and head to the theater instead.
  24. With levels that redefine “linear,” there is no need to collect objects in a game like this, but that’s mostly what you end up doing.
  25. While there are certainly worse movie-license games out there, Shrek the Third still feels slapdash and thoughtless, plus its function to entertain is overwhelmed by its function to make money.
  26. Shrek the Third disappoints in every single category.
  27. The core of the game is the undoubtedly the combat, and while there are a few wrinkles thrown in here and there, it’s still a perfect example of button-mashing gone wrong.
  28. If I was forced to choose a version out of these three I'd go with the Xbox 360 version simply because it looks better and nearly matches the level of visual quality found in the film.
  29. Yet another middle of the road film license that survives by dint of being as average as they come.
  30. AceGamez
    It's a decent game that's poorly implemented in places and unfortunately suffers from the condition that nearly all movie-based games suffer from. The symptoms usually consist of average graphics (unless you own a previous-gen console), no new storyline (everything's from the film) and an awkward camera control system (because the game's been rushed to be released at the same time as the movie). It is due to these shortcomings that I'd say it's better to leave this game Far Far Away!
  31. StT is as weak as licensed kiddie games get. It's a boring, shallow experience that features none of the whimsy and hilarity of the films.
  32. Continuing the Shrek saga, The Third is a pretty bad game…but any gamer could probably assume that just by looking at the title on the cover of the packaging.
  33. Maybe it’ll hold a smaller child’s attention but that doesn't mean it's a good game. Barney the dinosaur can also enteratain a child, and that's awful. Shrek the Third quickly becomes a chore for even the mildly experienced gamer.
  34. Shrek the Third's main problem is its complete lack of spark.
  35. 35
    Shrek the Third is a typically generic movie tie-in. Children won't be fooled by the thin gameplay and been-there-done-that feel to the game.
  36. 30
    Even without the technical issues, Shrek would have been average at best. But when an already mediocre game comes complete with the types of problems plaguing this product, it's impossible to recommend it at all.
  37. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Shrek the turd, more like. [Sept 2007, p.106]
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  1. Mar 2, 2012
    Shrek the Third for the Xbox 360 is a blast compared to a lot of movie games. Great graphics, great sound, character variety, and great levelShrek the Third for the Xbox 360 is a blast compared to a lot of movie games. Great graphics, great sound, character variety, and great level design. Surprisingly it can get pretty addicting due to such a large amount of content. Full Review »
  2. JobA.
    Oct 14, 2009
    This is such a great game!The reviews for this game are so wrong.I'm 36 years old and my wife and I are having a blast playing through This is such a great game!The reviews for this game are so wrong.I'm 36 years old and my wife and I are having a blast playing through this game.I give it a 8.5 Full Review »