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  1. Halo: Reach is without doubt Bungie's finest Halo game, and best of all it has the story and structure to the campaign to finally deliver the Halo experience that some of us have been waiting for since the original Halo: Combat Evolved launched on Xbox back in 2002.
  2. Halo Reach has the best campaign appearing in consoles for Elites, the upgraded coop mode, the excellent enemy IA , the new skills ... and has an infinite multiplayer. Reach is the definitive Halo and one of the most important games in recent years.
  3. Aside from some minor technical hurdles like occasional slowdown, it looks great, and plays like the best parts of all four Halo games up until now. If you were worrying that Bungie would phone it in for their swan song, worry no more. And that's not even getting into the multiplayer
  4. 100
    Halo: Reach, simply, is Bungie's masterwork, and if you own an Xbox 360, you'd be an idiot not to buy a copy – even if you're not a fan of first-person shooters, it will still make you marvel at just how good a game can look and feel.
  5. It's a fitting swansong for Bungie, setting a beautiful end that takes you right back to the very beginning.
  6. 100
    There is simply not a better, more complete shooter on the market, and with all this content, there isn't any way you can find something that you cannot sink your teeth into.
  7. Overall, Halo: Reach is an amazing title.
  8. 100
    The only thing missing from this impressive entry is a number "4" in the title, because for all intents and purposes, Reach feels like the next big thing in the Halo franchise.
  9. 100
    But after seeing the perfect last shot of the campaign (in fact, it's so spot-on, that Bungie community director Brian Jarrard confirms that, unlike previous titles, there's no additional cinematic or end-scene for finishing on Legendary difficulty -- everyone sees the same last scene), and playing round after round of multiplayer, I can say that while I admire and respect every previous Halo title, Reach is the Halo that I absolutely love.
  10. Reach is the most spectacularly euphoric hello and goodbye in gaming history.
  11. Halo: Reach is bar none the most developed, robust, and title in the franchise.
  12. 100
    Nine years in and on its fifth and final pass Bungie has created the definitive Halo experience, in which refinement is matched by the gentle revolutions of its new features.
  13. 100
    ODST could have been a clever little shimmy, but it came out a misstep. Reach brings us right back into the dance that hooked us nine years ago, introduces some cool new steps, and leaves us twirling in enchantment as Bungie graciously bows out. Just keep twirling, Spartan.
  14. Halo: Reach is everything a Halo fan has ever dreamed for. All that was lacking from previous Halo games is here and then some. This is Bungie's love letter to their fans and they've definitely gone out with a bang.
  15. While no game will ever be perfect, Halo: Reach is as close as Bungie is going to get with the series, and I think they knew that going in. So they did their damndest to make sure it lived up to its namesake, probably even more so than Halo 3 did.
  16. 100
    Halo is their story, and with Reach you feel they have just closed the book. It may not have the lasting impact of Combat Evolved, but as a refinement of the idea --the essence-- of Halo, it is their finest work yet.
  17. A beautiful magnum opus. A modern shooter with polish and a sense of detail that makes Halo: Reach the new reference title for first person shooters. An engaging single player experience and a brilliant multiplayer game. One of the best shooters ever.
  18. Halo: Reach is the final and definitive Halo game with more content and entertainment than any Halo fan ever could ask for.
  19. AceGamez
    Halo: Reach is undoubtedly one of the biggest games of this year, and although it's sad to know that there isn't going to be another one any time soon (well, not from Bungie anyway), it's also good to know that – over the eight years that Halo has been around – Bungie have managed to take every part of each game, and mix them together into one big recipe for success – for avid fans and newcomers alike, for years to come.
  20. If you felt you have moved on from Halo and that it is no longer relevant, than you are truly mistaken. Yes, Reach is another Halo, but Bungie refined and tweaked the formula to make it stand its ground and make it as addicting as it was in 2001.
  21. 100
    Suffice it to say that while it's not a perfect game, it's definitely the best Halo game yet and a fittingly epic goodbye to fans from Bungie, the developer that helped to launch a million Xboxes.
  22. The FPS epic comes full circle. Pure quality.
  23. Few are the areas where Halo : Reach doesn't benefit from Bungie's obvious intention to deliver a definitive farewell episode. Aside from french voices and music that are simply good (but not as fantastic as one would hope every single aspect to be), and new covenant weapons slightly off when used in the solo campaign, Reach delivers a brilliant solo experience. The story may not be surprising, but it's a well told one. Reach remains awe-inspiring for its implementation, scope, diversity and richness. Those who will have to carry on the flame have a high bar set there for them to surpass.
  24. I think it's more akin to the original Halo CE than any of the previous games, and while I totally enjoyed both Halo 3 and ODST a great deal, it's hard to deny that this is the best of Xbox 360 entries into the series.
  25. If you're a fan of the Halo series and were a little disappointed with ODST and a little apprehensive in purchasing this title, don't be. Bungie have redeemed themselves by not only creating an engaging and coercive story but have brought the game back to its roots and tweaked the gameplay, both offline and online to make this the definitive game of the series.
  26. Halo: Reach is the closest thing I've seen to a perfect shooter.
  27. Almost everything about Halo: Reach is perfect. The campaign feels great other than a few slow spots and stupid AI - and the multiplayer and matchmaking set a standard that all FPS games should be following. On top of that, the customization that Bungie has given players access to is second to none.
  28. 96
    Halo: Reach manages to out-deliver Halo 3 - which was itself one of the most over-delivered game's in history. The updated visuals and AI engine combine with the ever more nuanced and varied gameplay, not to mention online modes and other new gadgets, to make this a game not to be missed.
  29. Unfathomably deep, customizable, user-friendly, and straight-up engrossing multiplayer modes.
  30. 95
    Halo: Reach again sets the benchmark of how to make a combat game, be it first or third person. Its freedom to be played and approach any situation makes it a unique game. Its only flaw is the duration of the story, a bit shot, although many will feel compensated by its overwhelming multiplayer mode.
  31. Game Informer
    Any disappointment series fans felt after ODST should be completely washed away thanks to Reach. Make no mistake about it - this is the true follow-up to Halo 3. It's also a perfect way for Bungie to part with the series it turned into a phenomenon. [Oct 2010, p.92]
  32. Halo Reach feels like their goodbye love letter to Halo fans and it's apparent that they've put a lot of heart and soul into making this a memorable Halo title even without the Chief
  33. In conclusion Halo: Reach is one of the most feature rich packages available on the Xbox 360 to date. Bungie has taken the time to ensure that every included mode, option and feature has been polished to perfection.
  34. The end result is the best Halo title since Combat Evolved. Halo: Reach isn't about to convert any of the Halo haters out there, but it will keep fans of the franchise busy for months if not years to come.
  35. 95
    Even if you've grown tired of the Halo formula through the years, I'd still recommend this game to you. It's just that good.
  36. Though its deep roots may not win over those who haven't enjoyed previous games in the series, Halo: Reach is a towering achievement that delivers an enormous amount of engaging content that players will no doubt be enjoying for years to come.
  37. Halo: Reach is the Bungie's last goodbye to a saga that mostly made what Xbox 360 and Xbox Live are right now. And it's a lot of the things every Halo fan could have hoped for. It won't be easy for the new team to pick up Master Chief from where Bungie left him.
  38. 95
    Halo: Reach, more than any other game in the series, truly belongs in this generation; It's everything fans want it to be and more.
  39. Did I thoroughly enjoy Halo: Reach? Yes, very much so. Will I ever watch a cut scene from this game ever again? No. Will this game continue to remain in high play rotation on my Xbox? Very yes.
  40. Games Master UK
    Dec 25, 2010
    Almost achieves the impossible and fulfills the hype. Among the best shooters ever created. [Issue#231, p.82]
  41. The single player is superior and more epic than anything that's been achieved on a console before, and its multiplayer cooperative and competitive will be enjoyed for thousands of gamers for months. Reach is the last Halo game from Bungie, and they just have raised the level of what to expect in the series for years to come.
  42. The closer you get to the end, the more "nostalgic" it gets, if you want to call it that. There's really no question about this one. Just get it.
  43. Bungie wanted to go out with a bang, but instead, they've gone out with a nuclear explosion that not even a Spartan could survive. It's the end of an era, that's for sure, but the beginning of a new one. Step up 343, you have some big boots to fill.
  44. Halo: Reach finds its strength in a varied and balanced gameplay, a deep and dramatic story and gorgeous environments, aside from the many multiplayer modes with virtually infinite customization possibilities. We're only left with a little bit of delusion for the lack of really surprising and memorable moments during the story, like the ones the series accustomed us to. Notwithstanding, Bungie closes its run on Halo with a great game that both fans and newcomers will find highly satisfying.
  45. A worthy sign off from Bungie who create another masterpiece to end its tenure with the Halo series.
  46. Although Halo: Reach is not perfect, it does come pretty darn close to being one of the best first person shooters ever.
  47. Now four games into the series there's no denying that the campaign is starting to lose some of its moxie, yet there's just enough revelation here for fans to cling to. But let's be honest. You're going to decide to buy based on its multiplayer component and this is where it delivers in spades.
  48. The Single Player is far away from perfection. It lacks drama, and the pace isn't that high. But, as usual, Bungie delivers a complete multiplayer experience. Thanks to FireFight and to the new game modes, Reach is one of the best online FPS, and it will last for years.
  49. As the multiplayer king that it is, it is safe to say that the machine has, again, risen. All I can say, in the end, is kudos Bungie and thanks for the memories; I have loved Halo.
  50. In closing, Halo Reach is a must have title for any fan of the series (which by now, you should know if you are or not) and even if you aren't a fan of the previous titles you may find that the lengths Bungie have gone to refine their formula will now win you over.
  51. A beautiful, astoundingly deep - yet very familiar - Halo package. Thanks for the memories, Bungie.
  52. It won't court the anti-Haloites back into the fold, but it will more than satisfy the fans and will create plenty of news ones in the process. For Bungie's final stab at the Halo universe (for the foreseeable future), Reach is the swan song legacy that every developer strives for.
  53. Dec 15, 2010
    Halo: Reach is the ultimate Halo game.
  54. As much as Bungie wanted to sell Halo: Reach as a story-driven first person shooter rife with the familiar golden gameplay methods fans have come to expect from a Halo title, Halo: Reach doesn't answer to this standard. The game ultimately shines in its ridiculously fun and addictive gameplay that sees its mastery in the various multiplayer modes available.
  55. 90
    I do have some complaints; namely a short campaign (seven hours), cowardly AI Spartans, an undercooked plot, and it's obviously disappointing that Bungie is no longer at the bleeding edge of graphics technology (as it was with Halo and Halo 2) but at the end of the day we've got an absolute treasure trove of gameplay for shooter die-hards.
  56. While the torch has been passed to fledgling studio 343 Productions for future Halo content and games, Bungie's final effort in this universe still stands as a fantastic final chapter to a gaming dynasty that's lasted most of a decade.
  57. Reach couldn't be expected to replicate the impact of Combat Evolved, but it's superior in just about every other way. Mission accomplished.
  58. Halo: Reach is a well-designed and intricate shooter experience; one of the best on the gaming scene today.
  59. Reach is dramatic, emotional, engaging, cinematic and we are satisfied with the hardness thrown in heroic difficulty.
  60. Reach is a fine conclusion to Bungie's stewardship of the series, but that's what stops it from being anything more. Halo felt like the future. Reach is merely a brilliantly engineered present.
  61. 90
    Bungie has listened to the fans and brings them the good old Halo formula with a brand new twist. Halo: Reach will keep gamers locked in their rooms for months to come thanks to a ton of new game modes and options.
  62. It's not the perfect shooter by any stretch, if indeed such a thing could exist, but as a multiplayer effort there's every reason to expect the game to reach far into the coming year and beyond.
  63. Halo: Reach will inevitably become one of the biggest games of the year, if not in gaming history and as Bungie's last Halo it is something of a fitting tribute to what has gone before. It may not deliver the same emotional attachment as playing as the chief, but it does provide an epic if somewhat somber experience that ends where it all began and becomes a must for any Halo fan.
  64. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A so-so campaign isn't the send-off that Halo deserved. Incredible online options are. [Dec 2010, p.71]
  65. All the experience Bungie earned with the Halo-series are used here to pull Reach to a higher plan. This game will never have the same impact as the original Halo, but that doesn't take away the fact that Reach is the best Halo-game. Ever.
  66. Reach captures what you love about Halo, refining it on the multiplayer side and preserving the fluid, dynamic, ever-surprising campaign action that makes most rivals look like clumsy shooting galleries.
  67. The robust and extensive suite of features make for a compelling overall package. It's an incredible campaign, and its less bombastic plot and clear-cut story stop it from getting bogged down in the sense of being overworked.
  68. Reach is the best Halo ever created by Bungie. Great graphics, excellent storyline and the usual perfect multiplayer, make this game a "must buy" not for every Halo fan, but also for everyone playing first person shooters. Unfortunately, a 5-hour single-player campaign prevents the game from gaining that perfect score that it would have otherwise deserved.
  69. This is Halo at its best. You might miss Master Chief, but all the other multiplayer modes will keep your mind on track.
  70. A good finale, maybe not the epic one everyone was waiting for. Halo Reach will make the fans rejoice, especially with its incredible multiplayer side. On the other hand, the single player experience is somehow flawed by a fragmentary plot, a short lifespan, some small bugs and the missing "team feeling". It's a great shooter, but it won't be remembered as the best of this generation as some believed.
  71. Everything has been enhanced and improved so much, that Bungie at least deserve kudos for all the effort they put in. This is definitely the most complete Halo game to date, and well worth the money. Hell, It may even live up to its own hype.
  72. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Epic beyond what we'd expect from a Halo game, typically well-polished and boasting impeccable shooter design. [Issue#64, p.80]
  73. 89
    So should you buy it? If you like Halo, it's a resounding yes - this is the best Halo ever (even if it is - by far - the hardest). If you like multiplayer first-person shooters, it's an "almost definitely" (fans of realistic shooters need not apply). If you want the world's most polished single player experience? A less enthusiastic response is appropriate.
  74. It maybe not be the perfect ending for the franchise because of its prequel flair, but in the gameplay and story-telling aspects it easily earns the crown of the series.
  75. Bungie's last Halo game is a great prequel to the Xbox 360's most important franchise. However the game is not as excellent as we had hoped it would be. While playing through the campaign we were missing those special moments we experienced during the first three games of the series. The multiplayer part of the game is - once again - awesome.
  76. Nearly everything about this game has been improved over its predecessors, and though the campaign won't take you too long to complete, the hours you'll spend with the multiplayer more than make up for it.
  77. As a Halo game it rivals the nostalgia Combat Evolved instilled in us nearly a decade ago due to fully realized online multiplayer components and customizability; as a shooter, however, it feels almost as dated in so much there's little separating the core experience from past iterations.
  78. Halo: Reach is 2010's multiplayer title of the year.
  79. If multiplayer is your thing, it's a must-have title. If you're a hardcore Halo fan looking to flesh out the story and really just want more of the same, then pick it up. If you're looking for an innovative FPS that pushes boundaries and helps define the genre, though, you may want to look elsewhere. Reach is fun, but it doesn't provide the same kick in the ass as your first time through the original Halo.
  80. Jan 18, 2011
    If you loved all the other Halo games, there's little I can say to dissuade you from purchasing Bungie's last creation in the Halo series.
  81. Its claim to being combat-evolved grows ever more tenuous, but Bungie's last Halo is still the most fully featured first person shooter ever.
  82. It's the arcade/arena/vehicle/sci-fi shooter of this generation, no doubt. Any Halo fan without Reach misses out on what's sure to be a great addition to their library. A game changer, however, it is not.
  83. With a good amount of variation, great controls and an excellent multiplayer mode, Halo: Reach goes a long way. Though it stutters in its cheesy story, dull characters and ugly textures, the multiplayer mode in combination with a decent story makes it a very pleasant game.
  84. Reach is clearly a tribute to ten years of a successful franchise and we expected Bungie to leave the Halo universe with a bang. The problem is that it's too multiplayer oriented, and the single player campaign lacks punch and is too short.
  85. Reach is a solid title, but Halo gameplay is getting stale. Fans should purchase, everyone else could make do with a rental.
  86. Halo: Reach is far from the classic that many would have you believe, it's all too easy to bask in the hype and become bludgeoned by the praise. Time will show that it falls short, but nevertheless online is Bungie's masterpiece.
  87. 80
    While it hardly represents the pinnacle of the genre, as a complete package and fan service, Halo: Reach is just about the pinnacle of the Halo series.
  88. Bungie says a fond farewell with Reach. The Single Players does nothing new as supposed to the previous games, but Reach is more defined by its excellent depth in multi player than anything else.
  89. You can (and should) basically ignore the singleplayer portion of Halo Reach. If you must 'experience' it make friends with a diehard Halo fan, let them deal with the litany of gameplay problems and enjoy the story with their guidance.
  90. It's a Halo game through and through, with the same style and pacing that you've come to expect, but with a new cast of characters that are worth paying attention to and a multiplayer mode that has more variety than it's ever had before. It's not going to change your mind about Halo, but this special delivery for fans of the franchise is a great send-off as Bungie ends its involvement with the franchise to go work on something new.
  91. Do you buy Halo mostly for the multiplayer? Then Reach is everything you'd want and expect from Bungie's final contribution to the franchise – perfectly polished familiarity with exactly the right amount of fresh features and bold risk-taking. If you're counting on an epic, sweeping and satisfying campaign story, however, you might want to keep waiting for Halo 4.
  92. 80
    Bungie tries. Kat, Noble 6's intelligence officer and estrogen-powered ass-kicker, is the most entertaining of your compatriots. But she and all the characters in Halo: Reach are one-note Johnnies, all swagger and no depth.
  93. The campaign attempts to wrap itself in the dramatic cloak of human tragedy but fails to deliver on that emotive promise.
  94. Jan 15, 2011
    Halo: Reach is not a breakthrough, yet it's a clear showcase of Bungie's creative growth. The game is hardly a "must buy" – its single-player campaign is way too short and uneven in quality, while multiplayer has very little room for expansion besides map packs and useless character decorations. But with that said, Reach is worthy of your attention for a couple of evenings.
  95. To get it straight, Halo Reach is just what Halo 3 should have been at its release, three years ago.
  96. In a game absolutely packed with embarrassing relics of the first Halo-silly Covenant vehicle design, the Spartans' ridiculous looking low-G jump existing alongside a modern physics engine, the return to one gun at a time-Bungie chose to fix only a multiplayer game mode.
  97. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Quite a good add-on to the HALO family comes with no extra news but its content would satisfy all fans. Shortened game length is for the better – you won't get bored over time. [Issue#196]
  98. That high-fiving, frat-house, epithet-spewing, tea-bagging culture has had the unfortunate side-effect of making the Halo universe increasingly less soulful, rendering the subtitle of the original game-"Combat evolved"-something of an oxymoron.
  99. Halo is still a superlative multiplayer game, and with a group of friends, there's nothing quite like a well-tuned game mode or a white-knuckle finish to a Firefight. It's a shame that Halo: Reach couldn't add $60 worth of improvements to it.
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  1. Sep 14, 2010
    This game delivered on every front. From the intense single player campaign stuffed with variety to the excellent voice acting, story andThis game delivered on every front. From the intense single player campaign stuffed with variety to the excellent voice acting, story and sound effects Halo:Reach is an absolute must buy for every Xbox360 owner. It is so rich in content that it can easily race for the top spot among the other heavy weapons in the genre. Although the graphics look quite good they are not on a Gears of War or Bad Company 2 level but they still look very convincing and that improvements are visible. I haven't really had time to dug into the multiplayer part of the game but seeing a lot of official review we can say that Halo: Reach is one of the most rich FPS when it comes to its content. All together if you are an Xbox owner, fond of FPS, have 60 bucks or a fan of the series pick this up! U won't regret it, because Bungie really kept its promise and finished the series with a BANG. Now its only up to Microsoft not to screw it up in the future. Full Review »
  2. Sep 14, 2010
    Okay, fail fail fail, I got it this time:

    This game is possibly the best in the Halo series, and as a huge fan of all the games (except Halo
    Okay, fail fail fail, I got it this time:

    This game is possibly the best in the Halo series, and as a huge fan of all the games (except Halo Wars, and of course that wasn't by Bungie) that is something I don't say lightly. People like duster15670 who don't recognize a good game when they see one are going to bash this game, mostly due to the mountain of crappy titles (modern warfare 2, anybody?) out there now that are so popular.
    Full Review »
  3. Oct 22, 2010
    Let me ask you this: what other first person shooter gives you a near infinite number of ways to enjoy the game? Not many that arent for PC.Let me ask you this: what other first person shooter gives you a near infinite number of ways to enjoy the game? Not many that arent for PC. Halo has always been full of content and Reach does not differ. Better graphics and pysics than previous halos what more can you ask for? The people who dixlike the game are COD fanboys or have never REALLY played the game. Those of you who don't want to be characterised as nerds and stay away from the game are just hypocrits because halo is actually much more realistic than COD because it is logical; shields and bioengineering explain why sometimes more than a few bullets will kill you, can COD explain this no its just instant nube tube kills and entire clips waisted into near invincible normal human beings. Reach is easily multiplayer game of the year so far. Full Review »