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  2. Negative: 25 out of 35
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  1. While I know there are plenty of other games out there worse than this, I at least wanted a compelling reason to play it. Unfortunately, there isn’t one. And, to top it off, the $60 price tag was just an insulting kick in the gut.
  2. Iron Man 2 bungles its improvements and neuters its thrills, taking all the fun out of being a high-tech superhero.
  3. The game somehow manages to get everything wrong yet even as a failure, Iron Man 2 is still far from grand.
  4. Iron Man should be the ultimate mech, the battle suit that tantalizes, and fires the imaginations of gamers. Iron Man 2, though, is more blech than mech, and it stumbles along delivering a gaming experience that is unrewarding.
  5. If you want more Iron Man 2 this summer, you're better off just seeing the movie twice.
  6. Iron Man 2 is the typical movie game. The game has dated visuals, repetitive gameplay and unsatisfying controls. Even fans of the comic or the movie won’t have fun with this sequel.
  7. Only the smallest of improvements on the original game and still a shameful waste of the license.
  8. Iron Man 2 suffers from the same lack of energy as the first game, and despite a few interesting ideas, comes up short. Save your cash and go see the movie instead.
  9. It's a game that failed to seize the license of the movie.
  10. Sadly, Iron Man 2 is easily one of the most disappointing games of 2010 thus far, no doubt though there will be something else down the line that will reluctantly take this throne.
  11. To make matters worse, Iron Man 2 can be shockingly ugly at times, especially in the cut-scenes, which spotlight terrible effects, fuzzy and slow-loading textures, and choppy animations.
  12. The score is deceptive. There are worse superhero games you could be playing. In the end, though, there aren't any secrets that don't apply to gamplay so there's not much reason to revisit this.
  13. A mediocre game in every aspect: even if you're a great Iron Man fan, prepare to be disappointed by this shoddy tie-in.
  14. X-ONE Magazine UK
    A typical videogame tie-in that will last no longer in the public's memory than the film. Play it if you must, but don't say we didn't tell you so. [Issue#60, p.99]
  15. Iron Man 2 is an unfinished game released to coincide with the flick's debut. There aren't many redeeming values here and you'll get a lot more entertainment value from simply watching the movie.
  16. Official Xbox Magazine
    A poor-quality marketing tie-in. [July 2010, p.81]
  17. Controlling the main character(s) is where Iron Man 2 really shines and by "really shines" I mean "doesn't completely suck when compared to the rest of the game."
  18. It really is just another slice of the Iron Man pie chart, another means for a massive corporation to squeeze more money out of the general public. To Hollywood, ladies and gentlemen, that appears to be all that matters.
  19. One of the worst games this year so far - a soulless movie tie-in with a broken control scheme, crappy graphics, repetitive missions and a terrible story. Just stay away from this heap of rusty scrap metal and go see the movie instead.
  20. Rome wasn't built in a day, but Iron Man 2 might have been. The game had potential, but a rushed production and poor craftsmanship diminishes the joy of controlling Iron Man.
  21. A rushed, short and appalling game on every level. Even die-hard Iron Man fans should steer well clear of this rubbish.
  22. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A car crash of a game, and yet another howler to add to the execrable Hollywood tie-in bin. [Aug 2010, p.27]
  23. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Nothing but a cynical movie cash-grab. [July 2010, p.99]
  24. 16
    Sega Studios San Francisco's final game, Iron Man 2, based on this summer's movie, combines the worst pitfalls of both genres, leaving me with one simple conclusion: Iron Man 2 the videogame is not for anybody.
  25. This could possibly be the worst hero game since Superman 64.
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  2. Negative: 18 out of 55
  1. Jul 7, 2011
    Beware, I can almost promise you you'd be better off burning your money. A game with such a cliched gameplay it's annoying, so you have a BADBeware, I can almost promise you you'd be better off burning your money. A game with such a cliched gameplay it's annoying, so you have a BAD time playing it, so yes, you would actually be better off burning your money, in a pit of fire. The controls are terrible, while the graphics are pretty good, but not appealing enough to average out this mess. Full Review »
  2. Dec 1, 2015
    Iron Man 2
    about what you would expect.
    Iron Man 2 is an action shooter game where you can play as either iron man or war machine, some
    Iron Man 2
    about what you would expect.
    Iron Man 2 is an action shooter game where you can play as either iron man or war machine, some missions you even switch between the 2,
    This is your standard budget tie in game, the voice acting is bad, the story is just background noise, controls feel too floaty, and its insanely repetitive.
    Iron Man 2 is fun though in spots, this is a very short game, only 8 missions, the entire game won’t last you longer than 5 hours.
    Each mission has a new objective and setting so the levels do feel fresh, you won’t get bored.
    But the gameplay doesn’t switch up at all, it’s a back and forth between defend allies and get to each checkpoint activate the thing and kill everything in your way.
    The game would have been much better without the defending sections, they drag on way too long, and if you get ahead of the slow moving allies you automatically have to restart from the last checkpoint, it’s annoying... you can freely fly or land on the ground in iron man 2 in any and all moments, but flying can be a little too fast so by time you’re warned you’re too far ahead, it’s too late to stop yourself.
    Combat though is fun, you’re given a variety of weapons that take just a tad too long to reload without the option to manually’re given freedom on the weapons you use, and hold up to 4 at a time, but this slow reload time, and only being able to carry 1 to a couple shots in a clip handcuffs you into using quicker weapons with less damage in one of your slots
    Iron Man is also given a bonus chest blast attack, but both war machine and iron man have a special fury move that either brings out a gun that does insane damage, or makes you invincible, I honestly never really used this because the game does a poor job of explaining it, you’re told it’s there, but there’s no explanation of when you can use it, or some sort of indicator that sticks out to tell you your meter is full… there is an indicator, but it matches the color of your health, which leads you to having to actively look for it if you’re curious….poor design for a game where taking your eye off an enemy can lead to your death
    At the end of every mission you’re awarded points to spend on weapons and upgrades, you’re also awarded new suits of iron man’s past that you can freely wear in game.
    Iron man 2 is fun at times, completing the objectives, finding what I’m looking for in buildings, blasting at enemies while I explore the land... it has its moments... it’s just a shame that these moments only make up about 30% of the game.. The rest of it is a boring drag
    With there being nothing here but a mind numbing time... no good story, no real level design... there’s no reason to ever play this game
    Well, maybe trophies.
    For what it is
    Action Game:
    Over All:
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  3. Jul 17, 2013
    ok this is something so bad you would be better off just throwing your money into the fireplace to use as firewood. when that is a better useok this is something so bad you would be better off just throwing your money into the fireplace to use as firewood. when that is a better use of money then buying this game you know something is awful
    pros: well it is 1000 times better then the first iron man game which had nothing good
    cons: really short, bad gameplay, single player WTF, gamecube graphics, terrible CGI, war machine had more useful stuff for me so playing as IRON MAN was pointless, bland voice acting, story
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