Mixed or average reviews - based on 50 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 50
  2. Negative: 15 out of 50
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  1. Get it, but only if you're really into the show and don't mind some casual adventuring.
  2. It had the incredibly difficult job of creating a new character in the Lost world with an interesting enough side-story, able to exist without disrupting the timeline or feeling like an aberration, and able to expose fans to at least a handful of things with which they would be satisfied, even eager, to tinker. There's no question it achieves that.
  3. Overall it's a decent effort but disappointingly there are only six missions/episodes in the game which can feel like it's all over just as you're just getting into it.
  4. Excellent for fans of the series. Everybody else: Do not take a look at this gameplay-lacking game.
  5. This game expands the show’s fiction and reveals a few mind-blowing twists, including one that has completely altered all of my theories about the show. As of the time of this writing, it is one of the biggest reveals yet.
  6. Overall, the game does not really stand out as a fabulous must own title, but if you like puzzle solving quest based games then this one should be right up your alley.
  7. The game is not without its many shortcomings, however, and those easily frustrated by lousy checkpointing or undercooked and simplistic gameplay elements should steer clear.
  8. A great story ties together all things Lost, and the flashbacks are unique, but essentially it’s nothing that we haven’t played before.
  9. This short adventure game nails the feel of both the show and the island on which it's set, but struggles with some of the characters.
  10. 65
    The real draw to Via Domus is the sheer amount of fan service poured into this disc. From the subtle nuances to the show to the proverbial flashback in each episode the game does a lot to appease its fanbase. Unfortunately that won't be enough to warrant a sixty dollar price tag for a game that can be completed in roughly 5-6 hours.
  11. If you have the choice, check that you're really a huge fan of the show by reciting Hurley's winning lottery numbers, and then either play Via Domus on a PC or rent it.
  12. If you are a fan of the show, this is an add-on you do not want to miss.
  13. Despite the fairly clunky gameplay mechanics, the so-so acting and the new character, you're still wandering around an island that you've spent hours watching on TV, doing things that you've seen characters do, which makes up for many of these problems.
  14. Not exactly a mess of plane wreck proportions, but it is nonetheless thoroughly unremarkable and only worth the interest to see what happens.
  15. 60
    While the story is certainly entertaining, the gameplay is too linear to be taken seriously. The game can be completed in an evening, but it's undoubtedly cool being able to explore the island and its characters first hand if you watch the show.
  16. Via Domus is really light on any actual action; as Elliott, you’ll mostly be solving puzzles and trying (and failing) not to get lost and frustrated while wandering around the jungle, in between conversing with other plane crash survivors and trying to figure out who you are and what’s going on.
  17. Despite the solid visuals and the slick flashback sequences there is just not enough content to give a solid recommendation to purchase a copy of Lost: Via Domus as the gameplay has far too many annoyances.
  18. X-ONE Magazine UK
    It conveys the atmosphere and mystery of the show and gives you plenty to think about. [Issue#31, p.91]
  19. AceGamez
    While the atmosphere and character of the island and its locales are faithfully represented, sadly, the characters lack the same recognisable identity.
  20. Not the step forward for TV-to-game titles that we'd hoped. Only really dedicated fans of the show need apply.
  21. The game is incredibly short, clocking in at five to six hours, and focuses too much on the things fans of the series do not want to do (random puzzles and hating your favorite characters) rather than the things they want, like exploring the island or being rewarded an answer or two.
  22. Games Master UK
    This tip-toes around the TV series rather than turning out a quality gaming experience. [Apr 2008, p.56]
  23. Ubisoft captured the visual spirit of the show, but the actual gameplay in the first LOST game is not worth the three-season wait.
  24. 55
    At least it only takes five hours to reach the conclusion.
  25. I can’t deny that it captures the look of the show but it certainly doesn’t inspire me to go out and watch it.
  26. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    There’s a lot of detail on the scenery and the characters really look like the actors. And it follows the same structure as the show, mixing sections from the island with some flashbacks. But the gameplay is comprised of out of date mechanics and it doesn’t have what is basically the essence of Lost – a plot that really catches your attention. It doesn’t even tie well with the events of the show. [Apr 2008]
  27. As a Lost fan, I enjoyed exploring the island and interacting with survivors from the Oceanic Flight 815; as a videogames player, Via Domus feels like a wasted opportunity.
  28. Lost Via Domus will be tempting to fans obsessed with the show, but the story—as good as it is--has no bearing whatsoever on the overall canon. It’s short, much of the gameplay amounts to a hurdle to get to the next cutscene, and at just over five hours long, under no circumstances can we recommend it for a purchase.
  29. While it successfully captures the atmosphere of the series thanks to its episodic nature, excellent environmental visuals and use of the show's soundtrack, it suffers from spotty voice acting, repetitive and bland puzzles, a bad ending and being painfully short.
  30. If you’re not a fan of Lost in any way, there is just no way I can possibly recommended this game to you.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 66 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 66
  2. Negative: 17 out of 66
  1. Apr 24, 2011
    As an avid Lost fan, I got this game as a rental to see if it was any good or revealed anything about the TV series. I was more thanAs an avid Lost fan, I got this game as a rental to see if it was any good or revealed anything about the TV series. I was more than disappointed. This is a game that is an embarrassment to me as a fan of the Lost TV series. It's clunky, poorly designed and although it looks quite good, the island is so 1-dimensional that you can rarely go off a set path. The characters were not voiced by their TV counterparts and you play as a nobody. You go around taking photos of the island and in the end it's just totally boring. This is one of the few games I cannot recommend anyone play, Lost fan or not. 1/5, just plain bad. Full Review »
  2. Feb 5, 2021
    I'm actually shocked to see that low critic scores for this classic. As i was hardcore fan of the show and also hardcore gamer in 2008, thisI'm actually shocked to see that low critic scores for this classic. As i was hardcore fan of the show and also hardcore gamer in 2008, this was one of my most anticipated video games of 2008. It wasn't perfect and had some annoying stuff, but it also had tons of good stuff. Graphics were really good for 2008 game, specially on pc. It had all the major locations from the tv show and most characters. It wasn't 90/100 but it wasn't 50/100 either. Full Review »
  3. Sep 10, 2017
    No es un gran juego pero tampoco es horrible, es simple y no tiene una gran duración pero si te gusta la serie vas a disfrutarlo, en algunasNo es un gran juego pero tampoco es horrible, es simple y no tiene una gran duración pero si te gusta la serie vas a disfrutarlo, en algunas partes puede frustrar al jugador pero no por la dificultad del juego (ya que hay muy pocos combates en el juego) si no por no saber como avanzar.
    En fin si te gusta la serie te lo recomiendo si no mejor gastate la plata en otra cosa.
    Full Review »