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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 30
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  1. Easily the best football game yet for the Xbox 360. Sporting a beautiful look and feel and more modes than you can shake a stick at, it’ll cure your football fever all season long.
  2. The band playing the classic school fight songs, the cheering of the crowd and realistically rendered stadiums combine with the smooth animations that the 60 frames-per second NCAA Football 08 delivers for a magnificent gaming experience, including a perfect balance of solid running and passing controls.
  3. A silky smooth 60 frames-per-second performance benchmark.
  4. NCAA 08 is more fleshed-out than its predecessor and by being so improves on the key complaint against that game.
  5. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Two necessary fixes, EA: 08 needs more online options, and let my QB get some air under the ball. Otherwise, this is brilliant. [Sept 2007, p.87]
  6. 85
    From the very first snap, you'll notice this game runs a whole lot faster and smoother than last year's edition, thanks to the necessary bump to 60 frames per second.
  7. While this year's iteration fell just a bit short of greatness, we'll just have to wait to see if the game strikes the Heisman in during its junior year.
  8. This year's game isn't drastically different from NCAA 07, but NCAA Football 08 is still a lot better than its predecessor. Added depth means you'll play a ton longer, and tightened up gameplay makes for a game that plays much better than before.
  9. For this year's version of NCAA Football 08, EA has included some features that they shouldn't have omitted from last year's version. The graphics haven't taken a great leap but it's been polished up a little more. The campus legend mode isn't to bad and I do enjoy that you can participate on only defense or offense if you so desire.
  10. NCAA Football 08 is a good step forward for next-gen, HD college football gaming, but there's still plenty of room for improvement
  11. I would recommend speeding the recruitment phase up a little, you can get lost in the moment and spend more time recruiting than actually playing.
  12. 83
    It's on the edge of greatness as well, particularly thanks to a deeper Dynasty mode and inclusion of Campus Legend mode that helps add to the replayability of the title. However, the game still features a number of technical and balancing issues that keep it from being a truly great football game.
  13. It's nice to see such a strong effort come forth from EA and I only hope they keep this kind of intensity in the future with their other franchises as well. NCAA Football 08 is a must buy for any fan of the grid iron.
  14. Online issues aside, EA has never released such a feature rich and incredibly polished college football game.
  15. EA has made some strides over last year’s college football game, and the main reason why is that they finally included all of the features from previous console generations game.
  16. NCAA Football 08 does for EA's vaunted franchise what Carson Palmer did for USC a few years ago -- it ushers in a return to glory.
  17. For all that it does right, perhaps it’s telling that this series has improved its presentation off of the field, while still lacking some of it on the field. It’s these kind of intangibles (and those above) that need to be addressed to unify all of NCAA’s elements – as well as some of them are done – to create the ultimate college football experience.
  18. The in-game presentation doesn't have much of a college football feel to it, and the amount of turnovers will likely frustrate many hardcore fans. But even with these issues, NCAA Football 08 is a great game and another step in the right direction for the franchise.
  19. Official Xbox Magazine
    Feels slighly unfinished: the load times are long, the camera hiccups and stutters on occasion, and some of the onfield play should be tighter... but the game's bright spots are so good that we're still enthusiastically playing. [Sept 2007, p.82]
  20. The gameplay could have been enhanced a bit more, but the same great football game you have come to enjoy over the years is still the best any fan can hope for.
  21. The addition of Campus Legend adds a lot of value to the title, despite the still-lacking online portion.
  22. The game's still not perfect, but the end result is a college football title with the depth to appease fans of the sport yet simple enough to attract newcomers. Hardcore fans might be disappointed with the presentation, which doesn't always feel like college football, but there's no denying that the gameplay has been tuned to perfection.
  23. A very good football game. It's not without it minor flaws, such as some clipping in animations, weird AI issues from time to time, and some awkward looking hits and collisions. None of these tend to affect the gameplay at all, however.
  24. It’s the best football game available on the Xbox 360 and a solid improvement over last year’s maiden Next Gen voyage.
  25. It has done a great job of moving in the right direction in this game, but you still feel it could have been much more in the future. However if you're a fan of the series and need your college football fix for the year, this game is a great option for you.
  26. An example of misappropriated resources. The things that weren't broken have been changed, and lingering issues have gone untouched. With that said, there's plenty of game here.
  27. I gave this game a 7.8 more because it is better than last year’s version, but not a lot better. In my gut I don’t think it deserves that high a score, but the fact is it has improved graphics and gameplay, it’s just lacking in everything else.
  28. Buggier than Missouri in July, and I don’t want to see you go bat crazy again like you did when I tried to change the save settings or save highlight film at the end of the game. By and large, these bugs are probably just growing pains, but you better work those issues out with the team therapist before I catch you organizing dog fights.
  29. Playing in a multi-player Dynasty is A Grade fun despite the flaws, Campus Legend is certainly worth investigating and online play remains a bright spot. So even though the game is peppered with major and minor annoyances, there is definitely fun to be had. It just all depends on your perspective.
  30. I just wish that it looked a little nicer, and there was more depth of gameplay added to the Campus Legend mode.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 46 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 46
  2. Negative: 8 out of 46
  1. neilhinkle
    Aug 22, 2007
    Ok, how do I start? 1.) It's 2007, and they can't get the teams endzones in the bowl games?2.) It's 2007, and they can'tOk, how do I start? 1.) It's 2007, and they can't get the teams endzones in the bowl games?2.) It's 2007, and they can't fact check? Look at the name of the stadium for the big 12 champ game, and the alamo bowl. It says alamo DOME, last time I checked a dome is not open! How bad is that? Then they can't even get all the bowl games stadiums done right? Just the same stadium done over,and over. LAZY EA!! Very sad to see this once great game get trashed like it is, RIP ncaa. Full Review »
  2. ajjay
    Aug 18, 2007
    Like any other EA game, it's chock full of bugs, but thankfully most of them aren't show stoppers. It's quite a bit better Like any other EA game, it's chock full of bugs, but thankfully most of them aren't show stoppers. It's quite a bit better than last years model, and probably not as good as next years. In general though, it's a good amount of fun. Full Review »
  3. Jaguar
    Aug 4, 2007
    NCAA 08 is a let down. There are many little bugs. EA doesn't even try. I've only played through one season and so far I've NCAA 08 is a let down. There are many little bugs. EA doesn't even try. I've only played through one season and so far I've noticed my defense lining up backwards and throws straight up into the air. Is it really that hard to keep players from bumping into each other and walking through each other? Why do my players stand around and look confused so much? Then there are the rediculous amount of interceptions and turn overs. Like others said, defense doesn't matter much, you can pick anything really. The game also recommends the wrong players a lot, it's very annoying. It only displays in 720p? That's how they met the frame rate target, by dropping the resolution. Overall a pathetic game from EA. I feel ripped off. Full Review »