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  1. 100
    All told, this is a great debut for the Prince of Persia series on the PS3 and Xbox 360. [Jan 2009, p.74]
  2. A wonderful and nearly magical game. It's not very long but it's long enough, as it will entail around 10-14 hours of continuous platforming and fighting, even if you don't try to pick up the 1001 Seeds of Light. The flow and excitement of the gameplay as well as the dramatic visual style will get you hooked for hours to come. I doubt there will be many people who don't like it, as it's equally engaging for players and viewers sitting next to you.
  3. 94
    Ubisoft has delivered an incredibly polished, tremendously enjoyable and utterly lovable experience here. It takes all the best elements of previous franchise entries then expands and refines them to create an absolutely unforgettable adventure. It’s magical in every sense of the word.
  4. 93
    It has its shortcomings, but I already sense that Prince of Persia will be one of the few games from this generation that I carry with me for the next decade.
  5. 92
    Its innovative visuals and its daring and well-made gameplay features make it not only a great action-adventure game but also a genre refreshing title. Only certain moments which cut the pace, and some problems in the fights which can become frustrating, blur one of the masterpieces of the year.
  6. Prince of Persia is a game that tends to the casual audience while keeping the masochistic at bay. There are some hiccups that could have been fixed, but with a beautifully unique art direction that is unparalleled to anything previously done, dynamic and perpetually new environments with seamless acrobatic platforming, much can easily be forgiven.
  7. Prince of Persia has pulled away from its previous trappings to become its own true game.
  8. If you are looking for a challenging platformer that will test your gamepad skill to its fullest – Prince of Persia isn’t that game. Still, despite its lack of overt difficulty, this game remains special, and while it didn’t take terribly long to finish, and replay value isn’t too high unless you get obsessed with seed collecting, it was definitely nine to ten hours well spent and is an adventure you should not miss.
  9. A really pure gaming experience that will undoubtedly split gamers on the issue. Some will hate the controls, others will love them. Some will be bored with the game’s repetition, others will be enthralled by it. Some will love the voice acting, others will be on the right side of that issue. No matter. Prince of Persia is a gorgeous piece of work that may just pull more people into gaming by being as fun and easy as it is beautiful.
  10. With a fantastic soundtrack and a unique and superb look, Prince of Persia is a platformer that you shouldn't miss. Granted, it's not the hardcore platformer that fans of the series yearned for, but if you're looking for a rich story in an even richer setting, then Prince of Persia is for you.
  11. Prince of Persia is an odyssey that manages to transmit the undeniable magic of its proposal. Ubisoft achieves the best adventure game of the year.
  12. Prince of Persia does away with one of the most fundamental game design rules and is all the better for it.
  13. The adventure ends sooner than expected (10-12 hours), but it's worth every breathtaking moment. This is one of 2008's best.
  14. 90
    The new title combines strong platforming fundamentals, Assassin's Creed's open-world structure, and some of Okami's wonderful aesthetic flourishes. What it introduces to action games is something truly wonderful. Since the Prince can't die, the pace and rhythm of gameplay is never lost, yet it still offers a challenge even for hardcore gamers.
  15. Featuring the most seamless climbing, swinging and platform-hopping controls of any game, Prince of Persia is an outstanding sequel.
  16. 90
    Elika is awesome, as you may have picked up by now in this review. Sadly though, the same cannot be said for the hero of the story.
  17. 90
    However, so much of my enjoyment was based on admittedly subjective design choices that I can't give it an unconditional endorsement. As such, this is probably the highest score I will ever give alongside a strong recommendation to rent first.
  18. While it may not be the game of the year, it arrives just in time to at least contend for it. Who would’ve thought a fresh start on a new console was what this series needed?
  19. While this one doesn't quite reach some of the stylistic and gameplay-oriented heights of Sands of Time a few years back, this re-imagined Prince of Persia delivers great thrills and plenty of accessibility inside a very pretty package.
  20. This is a highly polished hit that deserves to be checked out.
  21. 89
    It isn't full of guns, aliens or even tons of gore and it certainly doesn't have the marketing muscle of some of the other games currently occupying store shelves, but it does have one thing most of them lack: character. The relationship between Elika and the Prince is easily the best duo found in a game yet and the developers have done an outstanding job of forcing you to care for Elika more than even yourself.
  22. However, if you’re not a fan of video game storylines or don’t really care about video games as a medium, Prince of Persia is still a great game. There’s plenty of fun to be had with the platforming.
  23. While the virtues of the control mechanics and gameplay are up for debate, the value of the presentation and production are not. A stirring orchestral score is the perfect accompaniment to the breathtaking environmental backdrops. Stop nearly anywhere in the game, and it looks like you’re staring at a still painting.
  24. 87
    As much as we enjoyed our time as Prince and even gave into the somewhat forced love story, we came away wishing for a little more to do. Still it's by far better to do a few things really well than to try your hand at everything and succeed at nothing. Prince of Persia is arguably the best classic adventure game of 2008 – with a little room to improve.
  25. Prince of Persia may not be for everyone due to it’s repetitive nature, however anyone who does buy it will certainly not be disappointed.
  26. It’s a really fun game to play, with good characters, controls, locations, and objectives, and is truly an evolution of the series.
  27. The Prince returns, and does so with a fresh new style, a phenomenal game world, and in stunning visual detail. The addition of Elika is a nice touch, but takes away some of the initial challenge in the game. The fact that you can’t die is a real shame, but the choreographical fighting mechanics keep the gameplay interesting and fun, and turn Prince of Persia into a small masterpiece.
  28. I’m afraid that Prince of Persia fits right in that group of games like Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space where they’re really good games whose only shortcomings are that they’re moderate length single player games.
  29. Pelit (Finland)
    Prince of Persia looks simply amazing and plays almost as good. Prince’s compation Elika gets sometimes annoyingly in the way of free jumping and the combat relies too much on heavy God of War style button smashing. Otherwise it’s great fun. [Jan 2009]
  30. It’s a short game, clocking in at 14 hours tops for most gamers the first time through, with at least a quarter of that time padded with “light seed” collection tasks that require you to re-explore levels after defeating bosses.
  31. 85
    As quick on its feet as you'd expect and glorious to behold, but not quite the earth-shaking return to form we were hoping for after the disappointments of Warrior Within and Two Thrones.
  32. Prince of Persia is fun. It isn't really challenging, and it isn't really lengthy, but when you play it, you're going to have fun.
  33. It’s got all the right ingredients to make it well worth playing and remembering once the game disc is placed fondly back into its case after completion.
  34. Ubisoft Montréal took an enormous risk by taking a whole new direction with this new Prince of Persia. Although the final product could have included greater difficulty and more emphasis on combat for the non-casual crowd; we can safely say that the risk was indeed worth it.
  35. 85
    Prince of Persia makes some bold design decisions that manage to come off well and they provide a great new start for the evergreen franchise.
  36. 83
    Prince of Persia delivers well-crafted gameplay that borrows elements from its predecessors (and plenty of other titles) but makes great strides in developing a new identity for a series -- and a character that isn't as completely annoying as you might think from the first few lines of dialogue -- that seemingly lost its focus over the past few years. Of course, some issues here and there disrupt its goal in surpassing The Sands of Time, but it's an incredibly enjoyable journey nonetheless.
  37. Gamer 2.0
    Unless you’re a hardcore fan of the Prince of Persia games, you can beat the game in about 14 hours or so in a rental to get all you need out of it during the holiday season.
  38. The Prince’s debut on the PS3 and 360 may be impressive, but changes in the formula mean that it’s not going to appeal to everyone.
  39. While Prince of Persia is definitely flawed and can even become tedious at points, it creates a dreamlike world that keeps you interested. It is an interactive extension of what good fiction tries to be, and while it's not for everyone, it can often leave you with a desire to come back for more.
  40. 80
    Prince of Persia turns out to be a worthy justification for once again restarting the franchise. It brings the series back to its essential roots, stripping away the superfluous muck that had gathered during the last few outings and at the same time having enough new appeal, charm and content to make it worth trying.
  41. It’s immediately tangible, even from the title screen, that Prince of Persia is a labor of love, meant to bridge luxurious aesthetic and spitshine polish with emotional investment. And despite its overly repetitive structure, we found ourselves compelled to fight our way through to see how it all ends — donkey or not.
  42. Prince of Persia may not be a world-changing nine, but it is a fantastic eight. The look, the feel of the game, is one one that turns back time and makes what was once the waning memory of an ailing genre fresh once more. [Christmas 2008, p.58]
  43. While its lack of challenge may lull fans, its ease of use will delight newcomers and draw in anyone who appreciates a touch of magic.
  44. Once Again, Ubisoft Montreal takes us to Persia, this time an arid desert where we will face great dangers. With its cell-shading graphics and the incredible platforming areas, the Prince is better than ever; also, this time he has a great companion, Elika. A huge adventure, beautiful and great, but with some technical issues, extremely easy and very straightforward.
  45. 80
    Prince of Persia's stunning delivery yields quite a few breathtaking moments. Flaws aside, credit this prince for breaking many of the rules his ancestor set forth some two decades ago. He's just not quite ready to wear the crown.
  46. Once you understand enemy attack patterns and the game’s slightly slower than you’d expect timing, the level of challenge decreases dramatically. This, combined with the fact that Elika literally won’t let you die, could make things feel too easy and auto-piloted for some die-hard hardcore players.
  47. Big, dumb, and loads of fun. Enjoyable throughout, but even though it’s never quite intelligent enough to push the genre very far forward, it’s still worth your money.
  48. Marred by some inconsistent pacing and less-than-engaging action, PoP still manages to deliver a wondrous and open world through which players fight and fly to the game's exciting conclusion.
  49. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    It's still quite a good game--I just wonder why it feels like a step back from the previous trology. [Jan 2009, p.69]
  50. games(TM)
    Our dissatisfaction comes in the finding that the Princes adventurous new gameplay elements simply don’t play to his strengths, resulting in an experience that often wavers between intense highs and irritating lows. [Jan 2009, p.94]
  51. Elika and the Persian prince are like Lady Di and Prince Charles – the love dies abruptly. About a year ago we criticized Ubisoft Montreal for a lack of diversity. Back then it was about Assassin’s Creed, but the criticism is all the same.
  52. All in all, the next-gen version of Prince of Persia is fun and even relaxing at times, but overall it's a little disappointing. And that statement is coming from one of the development team's biggest fans.
  53. In the end, Prince of Persia is nothing more than a beautifully animated and brilliantly directed ride through impressively designed environments. The problem strictly resides in its watered down gameplay mechanics, which, although well-executed, did not exactly meet our expectations, let alone provide a decent challenge.
  54. Even if there’s no particular reason for it, Prince of Persia is a fun romp through a desert temple. The parkour-heavy gameplay looks impressive and is satisfying without being too frustrating. So head on over to your local store and pick up a copy of Princess Elika and That Nameless Drifter Guy Looking For His Donkey.
  55. Prince of Persia for the Xbox 360 is a pretty game and features many enjoyable and death defying moments. However, the combat controls suffer, the story is uninspiring, and the game is far too repetitive for my liking.
  56. 75
    Despite cynically poking Prince of Persia in the ribs for a significant chunk of this review, there's little doubting that Ubisoft's latest offering is one of the year's most staggeringly beautiful releases.
  57. If you’re looking for a charming, fun and relaxing title to sink some hours into after a hard day, then Prince of Persia is the one for you. This is not a title that’s going to challenge or compel you to replay over and over.
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  1. Negative: 36 out of 225
  1. Mar 13, 2011
    This is an absolute horrible game. The story sucks. You run around doing the same thing over and over, climbing and sliding up and down rocksThis is an absolute horrible game. The story sucks. You run around doing the same thing over and over, climbing and sliding up and down rocks and mountains. Then you finally get to an enemy and it's the same one as the last and it takes 30 seconds to beat him, (EASY) and then you're back to another 15 minutes of climbing and sliding again. The moves are pretty cool but that's the only thing I liked about this game, well, besides the cool sort of artsy graphics. This game is made by the same people that made Assassin's Creed and you could call this an Assassin's Creed without the depth, maps and action. HORRIBLE. Full Review »
  2. Aug 18, 2011
    I am a huge fan of the original Prince of Persia trilogy, and when I heard about this game I was a little worried that they would change toI am a huge fan of the original Prince of Persia trilogy, and when I heard about this game I was a little worried that they would change to much of what made the original games great, and I was right, the gameplay has been completely destroyed, platforming is awkward do to too may actions being mapped to the same buttons, combat is tedious and unenjoyable, it's EXTREMELY repetitive, having to search around for light seeds just to advance the plot is stupid, and do to the fact that you can't really die the whole game just feels like trial and error, and the new Prince character is completely unlikeable, while they messed up most of the game it's got some good things going for it, the voice acting is solid, the graphics are beautiful, and the ending does have interested in seeing where the story goes from here, but I'm not sure if I want to pick up the next game they come out with, this was a huge disappointment and isn't worthy to bear the Prince of Persia name. Full Review »
  3. Nov 18, 2010
    Nowhere near as good as the Trilogy, SO REPETITVE, its nothing like the older games and it well really shouldnt be named Price of PersiaNowhere near as good as the Trilogy, SO REPETITVE, its nothing like the older games and it well really shouldnt be named Price of Persia should be called Prince of RAGE quit..
    so many times has he jumped in the wrong direction or jumps when i didnt even press the button.. so frustration and its WAYYY too easy
    Full Review »