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  • Summary: Use the power of your imagination to create Imaginator Skylanders to battle in the ultimate adventure alongside the almighty Senseis to save Skylands.
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Skylanders Imaginators - Official E3 2016 Crash Bandicoot Reveal
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  1. Jan 20, 2017
    Once again Kaos returns with his most cunning plan yet! Using the ancient technique known as Mind Magic Kaos is now able to createOnce again Kaos returns with his most cunning plan yet! Using the ancient technique known as Mind Magic Kaos is now able to create DOOMLANDERS! Now it’s up to you to create Skylanders of your own to defeat Kaos and save skylands!

    Skylanders Imaginators brings a more classic style of gameplay to the Toys to Life Genre and with its new creating your own skylanders feature, it’s something to get excited about. However, that would be selling it short.
    Skylanders Imaginators includes a huge variety of levels & bosses and an introduction to the new card game, Creation Clash! I found myself playing again, again and again. But I think I should get on to the game itself.
    The game itself includes some complex levels and includes some more simplistic puzzles even considering the target audience. Now this isn’t to say the game isn’t fun or the levels aren’t unique. It’s just as I had been playing it for a few hours and the game itself just gave you the same challenges, over and over again. Generally, it includes complex lock puzzles, grinding down vines, pushing obstacles around and escaping a maze. All of these are great yet there wasn’t the huge spark & variety that Superchargers and Trap Team did provide.

    I found the game alot quicker and smoother compared to the other games in series. It flowed correctly and didn't feel super slow like SuperChargers or Trap Team which neither I was able to complete because I got bored.

    The combat itself felt just right and it did feel like I was actually doing something instead of just hitting a bunch of buttons. This is not to say I wouldn’t more combat variety though. Most of the characters you’ve had for 5 years still won’t have new upgrades. The Skylanders created have similar controls and powers to the corresponding element of the creation crystal.

    This is not to say this isn’t a good game, it’s just to say I would’ve liked a bit more variety with powers.
    And of course, there are elemental worlds, Sensei Shines and battle gongs. I found myself having to play through the whole 1 hour level to get to a Sensei Shine, and I found it a bit annoying having to do this as for I think they should’ve provided more options to get SkyChi because not everyone has every Sensei at the start of the game and it’s a bit unfair to those who enjoy the game and considered buying another one of those Skylander Toys.

    With the introduction of Crash Bandicoot and Dr Neo Cortex, it definitely made the game shine as well!
    The story itself was, good but was extremely simple even considering the target audience. Although it was fun to see each of the characters making humorous clean jokes all the time!

    The gameplay was GOOD
    The story was OK
    The Objectives were OK
    The Uniqueness & Creativity was GOOD
    And the Graphics were GREAT

    To conclude this was another strong & entertaining game from Skylanders. It had me laughing and engaged for the entire 10 hour story campaign. Concluding it’s 7/10.

    That’s it from me.