Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 41
  2. Negative: 4 out of 41
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  1. A fantastic action-strategy title that not only captures the essence of Star Trek, but delivers a diverse amount of content that spans 40 years of history and three eras of Trek lore. This is a must-own title for anyone who claims to be a Trekkie.
  2. Star Trek Legacy for the Xbox 360 captures the grandeur and feel of the epic starship battles in the famous television series.
  3. Official Xbox Magazine
    This game excels at staging space battles on an epic scale. [Jan. 2007, p.70]
  4. Although there are shortcomings, Legacy is an opportunity for Star Trek fans to experience ship battles from any of the Trek time periods. If you can look past the fact that you'll spend all of your time looking at the hulls of the ships, the battles can be fun.
  5. Soured by some nagging flaws, Legacy isn't a title that will appeal to everyone. However, its willingness to try something new deserves some healthy praise. [Jan 2007, p.92]
  6. Games Master UK
    A surprisingly rewarding and tactical combat sim that's not just for Trek fans, with an enjoyable enough story. [Feb 2007, p.68]
  7. 75
    Legacy is fun despite these nagging issues if only by virtue of giving you the ability to control a task force of slick-looking futuristic starships all over the galaxy. And with an interesting story that spans the entirety of the Star Trek timeline and a fairly robust multiplayer, there's plenty of incentive to play.
  8. Despite some noticeable flaws, the Xbox 360 version of Legacy manages to capture the epic feel of Star Trek combat like no other game to date.
  9. A few flaws prevent this game from becoming a sure-fire hit, but fans of the series will eat this game up.
  10. The voice acting, graphics, use of IP (Intellectual Property), and special effects are all very nice...its too bad other things in the game distract me from truly enjoying this title.
  11. Pelit (Finland)
    Pleasant to look at, but has very limited tactical depth. What is worse there is not really much else to do other than fire the phasers. Only a die-hard trekkie could enjoy this – and, sadly, probably will. [Feb 2007]
  12. Non-fans of the series will probably not enjoy this game. This game will most certainly appeal to some hardcore trek fans. It has moments that are great, but a wonderful soundtrack cannot overcome mediocre graphics and maddening game play.
  13. 70
    There are plenty of interesting achievements to unlock if you stick with it but the overall appeal of the game starts to wear thin after you're forced to replay a forty-minute mission just because your objectives weren't very clear.
  14. 70
    The multiplayer aspect may be a bit lame, to boot, but the single player campaign is amazing, with a story that will keep you biting your nails in anticipation of what's to come next.
  15. The control scheme works surprisingly well, with a fully rotatable camera and a map that allows you to view the entire battlefield and quickly warp to a specific location.
  16. AceGamez
    Star Trek: Legacy is a fun game and a very good effort for a Star Trek space title, but controls that you will inevitably be fumbling with make things hard to get into.
  17. All in all this is the best Star Trek game released so far, but that's not saying a lot. Still, Legacy is a decent effort and hovers somewhere between "good" and "average."
  18. Ultimately, Star Trek: Legacy is remindful of the story of the Enterprise herself — a pristine, well-manned, well-intentioned vessel that sets out to break new ground for gaming but ultimately encounters strange nebulae and forces that disable her systems from time to time.
  19. You don't have to have watched every episode of each series in order to get enjoyment out of Star Trek: Legacy. If you're looking for a more action oriented game, this isn't it.
  20. 65
    As a huge fan of Star Trek I absolutely loved this game, I recommend it to all the fans of the show. Unfortunately I don’t think anyone else will suffer through the endless space combat, and the storyline with characters that they have never heard of.
  21. Spotty AI results in way too much micromanagement, which is a true shame for any game, but especially for a strategic one bearing the Star Trek license.
  22. 65
    With improvements to the A.I. and presentation, Bethesda could be onto something with this simplified "squad-based" style to starship combat.
  23. X-ONE Magazine UK
    A simple way to describe complicated combat provides mild enjoyment, but that's contrasted by long engagements and a sense that you're flying detailed toys bought from a comic shop. [Issue 15, p.86]
  24. While it's nice to hear the voices of the various captains (especially Shatner and Stewart), it never feels like a Trek adventure. As an action game, it suffers from poor controls and awful fleet (read: wingman) commands that gum up the works.
  25. And so while it is certainly exciting getting to control a fleet of ships in the Star Trek universe, not seeing any of the characters we know and love and not being able to rip through ships like the way the future Enterprise-D did in episode 277 of Star Trek: The Next Generation makes this game tough to recommend as a purchase, even to Trekkers.
  26. 60
    If Mad Doc can fix the multiplayer somehow, there’s every reason to believe trekkers and even fussier trekkies could find something to desire here.
  27. Just like the empty vacuum that is outer space, Star Trek: Legacy pretty much just sucks. Set your phasers to “pass” on this one.
  28. In terms of variety there are deathmatch games, and a cooperative mode in which all players have to tough out waves of never-ending foes for as long as humanly possible… and then, that’s about that. The lack of any split-screen options is also a lamentable oversight.
  29. In Mad Doc’s defense, space flyers are hella-hard to pull of right, and sadly, I can’t say this one was pulled off right enough for me to recommend it to those that aren’t Trekkites.
  30. 55
    Once past the impressive introduction, it's a downward spiral into a mediocre experience.
  31. The controls of your spaceships just aren’t good enough. You rotate your ship in 3D. You rotate the camera in 3D. You fight in 3D – it’s all just too much 3D.
  32. 50
    There was great potential with Star Trek: Legacy, and the foundation has been laid for a truly stellar game. But the end result feels rushed and that potential still remains untapped.
  33. The game has some fun moments, but as a longtime 'Trek' fan, this isn't the breathtaking legacy I was hoping for.
  34. When a dozen Romulan ships attack, you would expect the medical ships to pause long enough for the warships to clear the way. Instead, they charge ahead to their doom. Multiplayer does not work unless a patch is downloaded and applied. "Star Trek" is a great franchise, but this is a flawed game.
  35. A lacklustre story, the complete focus on dull space combat and a lack of checkpoints makes Legacy a game that simply didn't live up to its potential.
  36. 50
    While this game was postponed many times, it still feels like it’s not finished yet and rushed to the market ASAP. The campaign is too short and should have included all 5 eras completely (and not just 2-4 missions from Deep Space Nine and Voyager).
  37. Trekkies praying for a half decent Star Trek game can look away now, as Bethesda releases a seriously dull simulation, filled with uneventful encounters and dire visuals.
  38. Legacy features tedious controls and frustrating missions. The multiplayer and skirmish modes do little to make these space battles better.
  39. The game is let down by a severe lack of atmosphere, repetitive missions and ships that are too weighty to control. [Issue 20, p.60]
  40. Unless you already have an emotional attachment to the Star Trek universe, and feel a cheeky little frisson down there at the prospect of pretending to be Kirk, there's no reason at all to put up with the unresponsive controls, shallow gameplay and absolutely infuriating inability to save during an hour-long mission.
  41. games(TM)
    The story isn’t interesting and you’ll often find yourself flying aimlessly through space, waiting for your next set of orders. It may be realistic in relation to the world of Star Trek, but that doesn’t mean it’s fun to play. [Feb 2007, p.107]
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 45 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 45
  2. Negative: 16 out of 45
  1. Dec 4, 2012
    I was torn about what to give this game I think from a sterile, objective standpoint it deserves a 6.5 but for a trekkie (which if you aren'tI was torn about what to give this game I think from a sterile, objective standpoint it deserves a 6.5 but for a trekkie (which if you aren't why the heck did you buy this game) I felt it was an 8, so I split the difference) The story takes you through most of the entire series. The controls can be tricky at first but I think the game does a good job tutoring you on system control through the first few forgiving levels. It is not a game you can hand your friend and expect them to do well with however (at least not right off the bat) In single player you feel like you are managing more aspects of the ship, things like tweeking the engines, scanning, transporting, transfering power. I liked to feel like I had more to do than just point the ship and fire away. In the online or skirmishing modes thats basically all you do transfer auxilliary power to weapons of shilelds (depending how you roll) and get into it. Single player felt a little more involved, while the story was nothing extraordinary is was engaging enough (sorry bad pun) to keep me interested. I spent most of my time in skirmish more ( I found it hard to find online matches) you can have up to 4 ships in your fleet at once and you can customize things like size of fleet, which era of ships or set a budget) There are several maps which include various planets, asteroids or nebulas ( all of which affect your ships in different way) To get around fast you use warp which can be finiky to use but usually gets you into or out of battles quickly. Phasers drain enemy shields while torpedoes will do heavy hull damage once shields are offline. These battles take place is a 3D plane so you can have ships above or below you as well as around you. smaller lightly armed ships are faster and more manuverable while capital ships can take and give a trememdous beating but don't exactly turn on a dime. I thought there was a lot of replayability here and enjoyed the battles. I think if you like video games and star trek this is a solid pick up for you. It won't be your favourite game but you will probably never sell it for those days when you feel like taking the helm and making playing XBOX even nerdier than usual. The downsides are weak multiplayer community (at least when I played), ho-hum single player and when a ships blows up it can look a bit blocky My bottom line is if your not into Star Trek probably pass, if you like or love Star Trek give it a try, it's worth the 15-20 $ it costs now. Full Review »
  2. Jun 18, 2012
    As a Trekkie, it was thrilling to be able to see all of the starships I had come to admire in such detail, and to be able to control them in aAs a Trekkie, it was thrilling to be able to see all of the starships I had come to admire in such detail, and to be able to control them in a fully 3-dimensional setting. The score is dramatic and certainly lives up the memory of all the Star Trek series, the graphics are impressive, and it was a great touch to hear all 5 of the real captain's voices. However, the game does have a few disappointing features which bring the score down. Chiefly, because of the generally low health of your ships, difficulty with controls and vagueness of the mission parameters, I found Legacy very diffilcult to play, and have only just reached the first Original Series mission through the help of a friend. The lack of offline multiplayer is also very disappointing. All in all, an impressive-looking game that probably appeals mostly to Trekkies (not that that's a hugely bad thing) and is let down by fiddly controls, high difficulty level and lack of offline multiplayer. Full Review »
  3. CommandoDude
    Jul 5, 2008
    It was a fun game at first. But there are a lot of features lacking that make this game annoying. I never figured out how to use split It was a fun game at first. But there are a lot of features lacking that make this game annoying. I never figured out how to use split screen, there is no mission select (for campaign) and there is little to no interaction with the rest of the map. There's no collision detect, so you can't just run into a planet, or better yet, sacrific a beat up ship to ram another. I don't know why they bothered to add a 'Self-Destruct' feature. The ships were all unbalanced, the credit system is basically worked so that you won't touch the scouts or lower class vessels because they AI will buy only the biggest and baddest. The game gets incredibly repetative, so I wouldn't reccomend buying, good for some time at home as a rent. Full Review »