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  • Summary: Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends is a driving experience for fans of the Ferrari brand.
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Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Official Trailer
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 21
  2. Negative: 1 out of 21
  1. Jun 22, 2012
    Ferrari Racing Legends is an entertaining racing game for everybody who loves Italian sports cars and realistic driving. The new Test Drive on one hand offers a lot of cars and (historic) racing tracks, it looks fair and sounds great but on the other hand the career mode especially in the first hours lacks variety and the game's difficulty isn't balanced very well.
  2. Even with EA's Need For Speed-branded gloss stripped away and replaced by rudimentary menus, there's still a satisfying, if bare-bones, driving game beneath.
  3. Jul 24, 2012
    Ferrari Racing Legends is more of a game for the true hardcore fan of Ferrari cars rather than a player looking for a good driving simulator.
  4. Jul 17, 2012
    Ferrari Racing Legends is without balance. The way you have to unlock things, doesn't work and that's a shame. Ferrari deserves a better game than this one, because the cars are basically the only good part of the game.
  5. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Aug 18, 2012
    Without the Ferrari license, Test Drive's latest does the bare minimum that a racing game should do, but it still gives you access to some stunning cars and fun races. [Issue#88, p.79]
  6. Jul 31, 2012
    If judged only by the variety of available cars and circuits, this could be one of the best racing games around. Too bad it's dragged down by a frustrating gameplay made of odd design choices and awkward driving model.
  7. Jul 6, 2012
    Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends is a bad game. From every point of view. It cannot even entertain fans of Ferrari or Racing maniacs.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 3
  2. Negative: 1 out of 3
  1. Jul 9, 2012
    I love racing games. However, I'll be honest: I'm not the biggest Ferrari fan. (I root AGAINST them in Formula 1, and I prefer Lamborghinis,I love racing games. However, I'll be honest: I'm not the biggest Ferrari fan. (I root AGAINST them in Formula 1, and I prefer Lamborghinis, Lotuses, and American muscle.)

    Therefore, I thought for a while before purchasing this game, as it's exclusively focused on putting historic and modern Ferraris through their paces on racing tracks. Plus, I prefer open-world racing games, or at least those that FEEL like open-world (Need for Speed: The Run).

    Now that I've been playing this game for five days, I am very glad I did decide to get it. The cars are rendered beautifully, which, if you love Ferraris, will mean even more to you than it does to me. And I LOVE the way they handle. When you're driving an old GT car or historic single-seater, they feel exactly as I'd expect them to feel. You're going to have to deal with some bumps throwing the car off balance, and other realistic quirks. As you proceed to modern cars, such as the turbocharged F1-87 Formula 1 car, you'll feel a complete difference. You can absolutely experience the evolution of transmissions, brakes, and suspensions in this game! I'd say that's a big accomplishment.

    You know how some people call certain sports cars "driver's cars?" That's what this game feels like: a driver's game that's a lot of fun if you want not TOO much of a challenge, but not an arcade racer that would bore the simulator folks.

    As to the missions in the campaign mode, this is an extremely structured, linear game. That being said, I really have enjoyed the missions. You'll do things that just "feel" like accurate real-life challenges, such as playing "follow the leader" with the Ferrari team's number 1 Grand Prix driver while you're learning. Or making sure to win a race while also making sure that your teammate finishes 2nd, for a nice 1-2 photo finish.

    If you love Ferraris, I'm almost positive you'll enjoy this game. If you love any racing game that's a challenge, AND isn't completely unrealistic in terms of handling, then you'll appreciate this game even if you aren't a Ferrari nut.

  2. Jul 6, 2012
    "Test Drive Ferrari Legends" is the newest game in the Test Drive franchise, being produced by Slightly Mad Studios (NFS: Shift 2), being more"Test Drive Ferrari Legends" is the newest game in the Test Drive franchise, being produced by Slightly Mad Studios (NFS: Shift 2), being more oriented to simulation, on a closed track. The game has 2.14 GB of data, not having too much content.

    The graphics are excellent in the cars aspect, and we observe the details richly preserved, both on the outside and inside, with a vision of the instrument panels among other things: but the tone is somewhat artificial and colors too bright, and we notice some jagged edges.

    One disappointment: despite having car damage, such as broken glass and crushed sides, they just go to a certain extent, and ultimately does not affect control (ie the car does not break). You can participate in day, morning and evening races, and in clear and cloudy skies but there is no rain or night option. The lighting effects on the 3D models of cars is pretty cool, and perfect, but missed a details sheet and the presence of Zoom or Free Roam to see their details.

    The racing environments are nicely detailed, especially in nearby elements, but in the more distant, as the backdrop, and in the audience, we see much less realistic and squared graphics, recalling the "The Sims" - not to mention that the same applies to the driver. We see people moving and shifting, with perspective camera animations but they are harsh and mechanical (the audience front row is ok, all others are static).

    The menus have a more simplistic presentation, with a animation in the background of a parked car and simple menus, black and white. I also felt the lack of content in the form of videos or photos of the cars and eras, which could have been incorporated, for fans of cars and ultimately, this would be better to make this a "better" game.

    Audio: the game has a music track accoarding to the Ferrari theme, many of the tracks being orchestrated, with classical music and opera voices, beside some songs in the style of action games (also orchestrated). During races, there is no background music.

    The narrator has a general narrative with a heavy English accent, and his voice is monotonous and does not convey emotion, while maintaining the same tone for all the dialogue he radio you at the races, or in the menus. The sounds of the engines is perfect, but if you miss life in the absence of other elements that could exist on the track to give a better sense of reality.

    The gameplay style is oriented to simulation, feeling a somewhat strong presence of elements of NFS: Shift 2 as in various elements of gameplay such as the direction and control (but drive here is a painful experience), and as you evolve, and like the games Test Drive Unlimited, it returns to pass on a closed track.

    Overall the AI presents some challenge, despite not having very human reactions to dodge cars, etc. - on the curves we observe aid in the form of an online track, from green to red (velocity) as in games of the Shift series. The missions are divided around the three eras of Ferrari: Gold, Silver and Bronze, following more or less the story of her development, and that you are the same pilot in these 3 eras - for each course and there is a competition, a car fitting the season that goes on.

    As stated, all circuits are closed, and real ones, and the game has put a total of 35 races, with a primary and a secondary goal, and both count towards XP points which in turn count towards your ranking throught Amateur to Pro. The gameplay has 3 difficulties, and is a little challenging, even on Easy, as a slipping or an exit from the track can cost you the race.

    Summary: just being a average racing game, especially for fans of cars, by the presence of various models of Ferraris in it, but nevertheless, has regular to good graphics and presentation; the game did not have much depth and is somewhat monotonous and dry in the menus and gameplay that does not excite much.

    Therefore only I recommend it to who is a fan of Ferraris and the oldest Test Drive franchise, noting that in this game, the atmosphere of the races in the older games (Test Drives) is no longer present, the NFS: Shift 2 is much better, and this game ends up being more a average "showcase" of Ferrari cars.
  3. Apr 17, 2017
    De la part des gens qui ont fait les NFS Shift, on pouvait s'attendre à mieux, nettement mieux que ce Test Drive qui ne fait vraiment pasDe la part des gens qui ont fait les NFS Shift, on pouvait s'attendre à mieux, nettement mieux que ce Test Drive qui ne fait vraiment pas honneur à la marque Ferrari. Il y a un problème dans ce jeu, un putain de gros problème : la conduite est imprécise et totalement à l'ouest, la faute à une direction mal calibrée pour ne pas dire faussée dès le départ.

    Le temps de réponse, le lag -et le fait de régler la zone neutre à zéro n'y remédie en rien- le lag donc au point milieu : lorsqu'on induit de très légers angles de braquages en ligne droite, la voiture ne réagit pas et lorsqu'on insiste, elle réagit très lentement, puis quand on donne un angle plus important, elle réagit alors brutalement avec des conséquences indésirables sur la trajectoire voulue. Ce comportement est déjà déplaisant en ligne droite, alors imaginez en virage... C'est par ailleurs incohérent puisqu'à vitesse élevée la direction devrait être plus sensible et c'est le contraire qui se produit ici. Slightly Mad Studios a réussi le tour de force de proposer la conduite la plus floue possible avec le pad le plus précis à ce jour : le pad Xbox 360 !

    On a beau régler la sensibilité dans le jeu, rien n'y fait: soit ça devient encore plus brusque et désordonné, soit la voiture refuse carrément de tourner. Dommage, car le comportement simu-arcade n'est pas désagréable, la musique des moteurs est brillamment restituée (un régal) et la carrière bien qu'un peu répétitive est intéressante. Ce qui nous amène au second gros problème de ce Test Drive FRL : sa difficulté. Exiger des chronos irréalisables même en "facile", c'est du foutage de gueule. Même les permis des Gran Turismo ne sont pas aussi mal étalonnés à cet égard.

    Si on ajoute des graphismes moyens, une IA assez conne et des collisions qui donnent l'impression de jouer avec des Matchbox, le bilan est sans appel : c'est mauvais !!