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  1. This eighth instalment in the hugely popular skateboarding series, and the first built specially for the Xbox 360, is the best and most realistic by far.
  2. The presentation is stellar, the focus on gameplay is appreciated, and the new gameplay features like the “nail the trick” mode make this easily the best Tony Hawk game to date.
  3. Neversoft has created the most realistic skate title ever made. The graphics, animation, sound, challenge system, and Live integration has created a game that will challenge the legendary "Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2" for its crown as the king of the series.
  4. Project 8 is going to thrash the Xbox 360 competition this holiday season and will easily be on track for sports game of the year. With a completely new physics and game engine, and totally remastered tricks and environments to meet the demands of this engine, a new era in skateboarding is born, and Tony Hawk's Project 8 is "next-gen gaming" in its truest definition to date.
  5. 90
    What Neversoft has built in Tony Hawk's Project 8 is, without a doubt, its masterpiece. The series has evolved into a sort of "evens are groundbreaking, and the odds are great" formula, but not only is this the greatest of the series, it's the best entry since "THPS4," which has long been the series' crowning achievement.
  6. 90
    Project 8 is ridiculously pretty. The overall graphics received a significant upgrade, but we were especially impressed with the character animations. The virtual skaters look and move just like their real-life counterparts... The best Tony Hawk game since "THPS2."
  7. The new Nail the Trick mode, which enables the player to control each foot’s movement with the analog sticks, adds yet another new move to Tony’s long list of techniques. I’m happy to report that it works well within the established arsenal of moves.
  8. While exaggerated and impossible, it's all executed properly. Every wobble, every turn, all motion-captured. The ragdoll on the bails is barking mad, even allowing you to augment its lunacy by extending the skeleton-destroying impacts, but that just makes the boring bit - falling off your skateboard - more fun.
  9. 90
    The first time you create your own sick flip trick is worth the price of admission. This game, despite all its faults rocks. It is indeed the best Hawk game to date. even over the coveted "THPS3."
  10. 90
    Getting rid of the Jackass cast and the forced punk image really did the series well and the new engine is just great. The game has an almost infinite replayability.
  11. I won’t sit here and tell you that the game is perfect. It’s close, but there are still holes. I thought the create-a-skater function that went with the Career/Story mode was painfully underdone.
  12. Games Master UK
    Old Man Hawk does it again, with an engrossing blend of ideas new and old. [Christmas 2006, p.92]
  13. The return of old-school goals instead of playing through a cheesy storyline was a very good decision. By far the best Tony Hawk title to date.
  14. The world is far greater in scope than it first appears and with skate lines that span the entire map, purists will be tearing it up for months just trying to plan the perfect combo.
  15. Put it this way, I must have clocked up around 30 hours of play so far and I'm still not tired of simply moseying about town, popping a few grinds and flip tricks, trying to get an astronomical high combo score to unlock an achievement. It just feels so right and ultimately therapeutic.
  16. A lot of the fluff that has plagued the series for the last couple years has been stripped away, revealing a game that fast, furious, and focused almost 100 percent on the play experience.
  17. 88
    Although Neversoft removed a couple creation options, and a few other little nitpicks there is definitely a lot of content packed in here.
  18. This is Tony Hawk and that means pulling off sick tricks and working your way up the rankings to show you are a top boarder. There is a lot of challenge here and some new features that should please fans of the series.
  19. If you’re a casual fan of the series or are interested in giving it a try for the first time, I think that you’ll find Project 8 as enjoyable as I did.
  20. Tony Hawk 8 is an incredible upgrade for the series but at the same time it lacks in some areas. Create-A-Park is gone, Create-A-Skate has been downplayed a lot, some things are a bit too easy, and finally the whole world feels a bit stale.
  21. Tony Hawk's Project 8 marks the best entry in the series in five years, when "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3" found the creative and cultural balance that made it the high point for the entire series.
  22. 85
    Being such a long time fan of the series I can honestly say this is the most fun I have had with a Tony Hawk game since the release of "THPS4."
  23. Tony Hawk is back to what maters, skating without all the extra annoyances Hawk games have started to become.
  24. Nail the Trick mode is a vastly enjoyed innovation and the Mo-Cap functionality added with the more mature story line and cut scenes are a great aspect to the title.
  25. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Finally, we've got a 360 Tony Hawk game that looks like a 360 game. [Jan. 2007, p.97]
  26. Along with a brand new engine (the first built specifically for next gen consoles), Project 8 looks great, presenting some beautiful neighbourhoods and characters.
  27. Tony Hawk might be contracted for skating games until he’s far too old to be tearing it up on small planks of wood with wheels on, but at least the developers can still keep him going while he’s requiring medical aid to go to the bathroom and complaining about things being better in his day.
  28. All in all, the work and innovation that was put in to this game really shows.
  29. The first truly "next-gen" Tony Hawk game looks and plays great.
  30. Project 8 doesn’t push very far beyond its previous boundaries. Most of the gameplay is very similar, and players familiar with the series will not find many surprises. However, the new coat of paint and the “Nail the Trick” mode help make the game seem at home on the next-gen consoles.
  31. Good game, but it's basically more of the same.
  32. Pelit (Finland)
    Does what a next gen skating game should do. It looks realistic, has a cool music track and very high street cred. As a game it is still an old dog with one new Nail the Trick. [Feb 2007]
  33. The visuals may be jumpy from time to time, and building a skater isn't so compelling an experience this time around, but past these negatives, skateboarders should buy this game immediately.
  34. And while you may ponder why the developers built a new engine and then mostly squandered the potential for originality, their staggering devotion to a piece of wood with four wheels will still daze you.
  35. If you want more of the same but shinier, and slightly more serious Tony Hawk action, this is the best skate game for some years.
  36. 80
    Tony Hawk's Project 8 is quite simply a good game. If you're looking for new levels to trick on and a new story mode to play through, it's money well spent. Nail the trick is the type of awesome addition this series desperately needed.
  37. Edge Magazine
    A revitalisation of the very spirit that made the franchise a success. Finally, it’s time to stop asking where next for the series, and to start savouring where Project 8 has taken it. [Christmas 2006, p.78]
  38. Wacky, fun, engaging and full of beans and perhaps not too dissimilar to "Amped 3" in design.
  39. The Nail the Trick mode is the evolution the game has been waiting for, and it alone is enough to recommend the game.
  40. 80
    Neversoft has reinvented the engine and put the focus firmly on the skating. Project 8 is easily the best skating game since "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4."
  41. An enjoyable experience. However, for all the time they have spent improving the graphics, physics, and new Create-A-Trick, I do wish they had devoted more time and effort into the level design.
  42. AceGamez
    A strong follow up to American Wasteland and the series has managed to stay fresh, even after all this time, with new additions to satisfy hardcore fans and enough changes to warrant old school skaters coming back, wanting to get the most out of this part-reinvented genre.
  43. Project 8 does a great job of improving the graphics and refocusing the series on what made it so fun to begin with. Unfortunately the game is marred by some questionable level designs and a complete lack of innovation.
  44. It has a much better sense of itself than previous entries, and instead of shoving touted features in your face, it simply presents them to the player and lets them loose.
  45. X-ONE Magazine UK
    If skateboard antics are your sort of thing, the refinements made will make this right up your alley. [Issue 14, p.92]
  46. games(TM)
    Project 8's career mode charts the ascension of your boarder from nobody-about-town to skateboarding royalty, but does it with minimal cut-scenes, plot or Steve-O. In Tony Hawk's Project 8, all that matters is skill. [Christmas 2006, p.132]
  47. 80
    Infinitely playable and any fan of the series will find it a greatly rewarding experience.
  48. Truth be told, I became bored with the game rather quickly, and being the fan of the series I am, this rather disappointed me.
  49. Technical hiccups side, Project 8 is as solid as it ever was, and Neversoft is slowly but surely improving the formula without diluting it.
  50. All in all, Project 8 looks good but lacks any real innovations in the controls, progression through the story or overall style of gameplay.
  51. The gameplay is as freeform and as technical as it's ever been, with some smart changes on that front that are enough to keep fans of the series interested, while a new tutorial is aimed at getting new players up to speed. Unfortunately, some technical glitches and unstable frame rates plague both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 version of the game.
  52. 78
    While the Nail the Trick feature is brilliant, it’s just one small addition to what is largely the same game. Yes, it is now one seamless world, but that doesn’t necessarily make for a better experience. In fact, the level design may have suffered because of it.
  53. Like watching skate videos themselves, Project 8 simply loses its charm after a while. Realistic graphics and Nail the Trick aside, Project 8 comes off as a title that’s so rooted in its own genre that true innovation may prove unlikely.
  54. 78
    With its great animation and the new nail a trick mode in tack, fans of the series will have no beef with Project 8.
  55. While a few purists may want to grumble over the new nail the trick feature, once you’ve tried and mastered it, you’ll never want to go back to the way things were.
  56. With an all-new graphical engine and a decent audio showing Project 8 rounds out to be a really nice game. If you can get over the repetitiveness of the level design and the insane difficulty of “sick” mode there are few things you will find to complain about in Project 8.
  57. Official Xbox Magazine
    So while the elder console looks like it's stuck with the 360's scraps, the series' next-gen evolution isn't complete either. Project 8 is a strong start and one worth playing, but it definitely feels immature--it's merely a beginning. [Jan. 2007, p.78]
  58. Project 8 hit at a time when I was really craving some Tony Hawk gameplay, and it felt a little more fresh to me. Still a good game, no matter how you slice it.
  59. Tony Hawk's Project 8 needed to be absolutely mind-blowing for me to catch skate fever once again, and sadly, it just isn’t that spectacular... yet.
  60. 70
    There's a lot of level grinding to get stats up, and while Neversoft has implemented challenges for all sorts of skill types, it's an experience that might prove too tedious for some. Also, the ergonomics of the 360 D-pad really work against this title.
  61. The streaming content is impressive, but no matter where you go, the rickety framerate comes with you. Still, this is a great big game that lands more tricks than it misses, and is worth a spin on your Xbox 360.
  62. There are more trick-based challenges than ever, but aside from the new slow-motion control, Tony Hawk is skating through the same old territory.
  63. 60
    Casual players may find the game entirely too complicated. It’s not an easy game to pick up if you haven’t been playing the series since day one.
  64. This is a challenging game to say the least, but it's the lack of a decent learning curve that really hurts it.
  65. Newbies will feel constantly overwhelmed and will dismiss this game in a heartbeat due to its high learning curve.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 43 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 3 out of 43
  1. Oct 28, 2018
    As a first attempt at a brand new engine, Tony Hawk's Project 8 delivers a pretty good game. The world in this game is very fun to skateAs a first attempt at a brand new engine, Tony Hawk's Project 8 delivers a pretty good game. The world in this game is very fun to skate around, the Nail the Trick mode adds to the game, the challenges are mostly fun with a large variety, and the career is great. It also starred Jason Lee who was later featured in Skate 3. Unfortunately, there are a few flaws with this game that does not make it my favorite in the series. First, the bail system is awful. The hospital bill has bad controls and its very frustrating. It's like a worse version of the Hall of Meat in the EA Skate series. Second, the Sick challenges are ridiculously difficult that I question if the developers tested the goals. Finally, this games takes out a lot of customization from previous installments including less features the Create-A-Skater, no Create-A-Park, and several other creation features are absent. Despite the flaws, Tony Hawk's Project 8 is still a pretty good Tony Hawk game. Full Review »
  2. Sep 20, 2017
    Coming here 10 years down the line, I have to say it for those in the back:
    Coming here 10 years down the line, I have to say it for those in the back:
    TONY HAWK'S PROJECT 8 IS NOT A BAD SKATING GAME, it's a bad Tony Hawk's Game.
    Now when I say 'bad' I don't mean it's a terrible game that doesn't work, I mean that it's extremely disappointing for a Tony Hawk Game game. For it's time Project 8 didn't really throw all that much new stuff into the mix compared to previous Tony titles, but I personally think (having gone back to it recently) that this game does a fantastic Job of just being the Xbox 360 version at least.

    The reason I say this is because the Xbox 360 (& PS3) versions had no loading screens between areas, making it an open-world skating game before SKATE. The world may have been on the small side compared to SKATE, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't and don't still enjoy just skating around the open world doing combos.

    This missions in this game ranged from extremely fun and satisfying to extremely unfair and rage-worthy, but I never felt like I HAD to complete every single mission to its best. Heck, the game basically ends once you reach rank 8. since all you unlock for reaching rank 1 is some extra skaters, tricks and a Pro Bails Video. So I'm pretty grateful for that, it meant I could just enjoy what was on offer and not be forced to do a mission I hated or just found really hard, I could just take my time.

    Project 8 isn't perfect, but it makes an effort, and I respect that.
    Full Review »
  3. Jan 16, 2014
    The Tony Hawk franchise reached it's peak very early on with the second game, which is a game I loved as a teen, and I bought this forThe Tony Hawk franchise reached it's peak very early on with the second game, which is a game I loved as a teen, and I bought this for nostalgic reasons and at least the graphics haven't changed much. There is fun to be had with this game when it first came out but the whole franchise just could not hang with the quality of the Skate games which blew this out of the water and improved skateboarding in games to a level that Tony Hawk games could not compete with. Overall this was good for a little thrash when it first came out but is worth nothing now, if you want a true Tony Hawk experience get the PlayStation out and replay Tony Hawk 2, if you want a fun and involving skateboarding experience then buy into the Skate franchise. Full Review »