Generally favorable reviews - based on 40 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 40
  2. Negative: 0 out of 40
  1. I always appreciate it when a game that touches on some cultural commentary, whether it's obvious or not. And given how entertaining it is to "play war" in the setting provided here (and believe me, it is) is proof that sometimes violence isn't as much about what is shown-in a game as much as anything else-but what isn't.
  2. I had tons of fun blowing up or burning down poor enemy troops, and if Toy Soldiers is any indication, the tower defense genre still has a little bit of life left in it and plenty of room for innovation.
  3. The interactive 3rd person feature and the well executed 'toy soldiers' setting really propels this title forward to the top spots of Xbox Live Arcade gaming.
  4. A true gem. One of the best downloadable games of 2010.
  5. 90
    An essential purchase for any Tower Defense fan or anyone who just likes good games. It has that "Crimson Skies" feel, eloquently executing a combination of presentation and gameplay that outweighs the sum of its parts.
  6. This XBLA game signals a shift into something more hardcore video gamers could get behind: an action game that requires an itchy trigger finger to complement an itchy brain. With some exciting shooter action, solid strategy gameplay and a uniquely satisfying art style for the overall presentation, Toy Soldiers is proof of what XBLA was meant to do: bring us casual games in a hardcore games package.
  7. Despite a few minor complaints, Toy Soldiers is a tower defense game well worth checking out, on Xbox LIVE Arcade right now.
  8. This beautifully presented WWI-themed tower defense game will have you coming back again and again.
  9. 85
    Renewing the old tower defense formula and adding first-person action, the game results in a very fun experience, both single-player and online.
  10. Toy Soldiers is a really recommended XBLA game, both for those who love action and strategic games. It has some technical issues, but it's overall worth the 1200 MP requested to buy.
  11. The breadth and depth of this title is outstanding. To have it offered as a 1200 point Xbox Live Arcade title is stellar.
  12. 83
    Toy Soldiers smartly sticks to its roots, paying homage to the genre that defines it. But it also manages to strike out on its own with clever ideas that other tower defense titles could learn a lesson from. The old-fashioned charm melded with action elements makes a unique experience worth the time of any strategic masters, action aficionados, or history buffs.
  13. It’s a great downloadable title, packed with hours of fun in a setting unlike anything else out there.
  14. In my mind, it seemed as though the tower defense genre rose, peaked and declined, all within a couple of short years. Then, along came Toy Soldiers.
  15. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Deliciously tactical and exciting, with a sombre mood akin to the ever-wonderful Blackadder Goes Forth. [Issue#58, p.104]
  16. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Not as smart as Defence Grid but more fun, this is brains, brawn and great big balls for ten pounds. [June 2010, p.121]
  17. 80
    Toy Soldiers is a unique game no matter what way it is sliced.
  18. 80
    Watching plastic enemy soldiers explode into bits and be launched hundreds of feet into the air as a result of your cannon fire is quite satisfying.
  19. Toy Soldiers is the best tower defense game on the Xbox Live Arcade.
  20. Toy Soldiers is a great tower defense game for fans of the genre, and a pretty solid experience even for those who normally don't like such titles. Well worth checking out and could easily provide a day's distraction at the very least, with potential to become addictive for those who just love watching plastic army men burn.
  21. 80
    Toy Soldiers is a nice introduction to the Block Party, and a game that should entice fans of the genre. If you are worn out on tower defense this game will certainly not pull you back in, but for those still digging it, this is one of the best on the service.
  22. The world may still be waiting for the perfect gritty World War 1 game, but Toy Soldiers is a rollickingly entertaining game, superbly produced and definitely one of the high points of the XBLA releases seen so far this year.
  23. After Plants Vs Zombie, Toy Soldier is one of the most intriguing Tower Defence of this generation.
  24. No doubt. It's the best tower defense game on XBLA.
  25. Overall, Toy Soldiers is a fantastic effort at making war games more appealing to the masses.
  26. The strategy is in depth, the shooting is solid, and the combined blend of the two is executed with charm and finesse.
  27. If not for the ability to man the gas guns or anti-air cannons yourself, Toy Soldiers would merely be another enjoyable, but just satisfactory, addition to a stagnating genre we admittedly can’t get enough of. Because of its innovation, however, and because it works as well as most shooters with similar ideas, Toy Soldiers easily earns its worth.
  28. Toy Soldiers is a must-have for every true Tower Defense fan and since it lets you steer the units yourself you’ll never get bored. Multiplayer and already announced downloadable content will hopefully keep us busy for quite a while.
  29. As with many great games, Toy Soldiers takes a minute to learn, and a lifetime to master. The intensity on the battlefield is really addictive.
  30. All in all, it feels like the beginning of what might be a fantastic franchise.
  31. Toy Soldiers is a great entry in the 'Tower Defense' genre.
  32. 80
    Toy Soldiers is a good start for Signal Studios. The game is accessible and looks good. If you have enough patience and a strategic view, then this is a must have for you!
  33. Another one of the game's strengths lies in its presentation. Everything looks good! And not just for an XBLA title, but by any standard.
  34. Overall this is a really fun game.
  35. World War I has never been so much fun in this successful mix of Tower Defence and shoot 'em-up action.
  36. But casual strategy fans will enjoy dispatching waves of cavalry, artillery, and airplanes in head-to-head online multiplayer matches. Just be prepared to take a few beatings while you find your footing.
  37. The mix of strategy and survival shooter works surprisingly well, some niggling flaws however stop this XBLA title living up to its full potential.
  38. With the game sporting high production values and an encouraging learning curve, it’s easy to recommend Toy Soldiers.
  39. 60
    Toy Soldiers just tries too hard to be different, in the end.
  40. A wonderful Tower Defense concept in a disappointing package. There's a lot of strategic potential here, but the levels often end when you are getting the grip on things.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 102 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 87 out of 102
  2. Negative: 6 out of 102
  1. Jul 25, 2011
    Intuitive , a different strategy game based on placing the artillery, soldiers etc . For instance it may sound hard, when I say that hordes ofIntuitive , a different strategy game based on placing the artillery, soldiers etc . For instance it may sound hard, when I say that hordes of Nazis or whatever aren't stopping in an specific place, they don't do that, they come directly to you , so you need to stop them before they sabotage or enter your Toy Box. Heck, there's a Cold War game right now. Full Review »
  2. Apr 14, 2018
    Rather than going for realism this tower defense game has World War I dioramas coming to life and battling it out. There's an impressive levelRather than going for realism this tower defense game has World War I dioramas coming to life and battling it out. There's an impressive level of detail such as moving gears in your wind up tanks and soldiers. The concept and time period give Toy Soldiers a unique personality. Although the theme of imaginary battles between figurines taking place never quite took off in all the ways I wanted it too. Sometimes I forgot that the locations were dioramas, as in the moment they feel as believable and grounded as any other game with a war setting.

    This doesn't detract from the excellent gameplay though. You're given numerous strategic options. Limited unit placements requires quick thinking from the player. There were times where I found myself switching out different defenses on the fly in between waves. The thing that sets Toy Soldiers apart from the plethora of other options out there is the ability to take direct control of your emplacements during battle. Being able to get directly involved like that is a nice change of pace from the usual sit back and watch approach this strategy game subgenre is known for. This is especially fun in certain stages that give you access to planes and tanks. It allows the game to have a more action-packed approach that allows the player to feel directly involved and is sometimes necessary to ensure victory. It's also perfect for those who would like to do a bit more micromanaging.

    Toy Soldiers is also very accessible to gamers of all skill levels thanks to a well thought out variety of difficulty levels. The only issues I found with gameplay were related to the camera which can sometimes obscure your view. As a result I found myself making use of the overhead view of the battlefield which is like that of a traditional RTS. There's a nice bit of content too thanks to the multiplayer, survival, and campaign+ options. The novelty of Toy Soldier's theme and core gameplay mechanic do a lot to inject a greater appeal into the overall package. Plus, how many other WWI games do you know of out there? Simply put, I think this should be your next tower defense game. On top of being very well made it is also unique. The originality Signal Studios put into this make it worth your purchase.
    Full Review »
  3. Jun 30, 2013
    Entertaining game, albeit somewhat short. A mixture of tower defense, strategy and vehicle action (you can't control any troops). I love theEntertaining game, albeit somewhat short. A mixture of tower defense, strategy and vehicle action (you can't control any troops). I love the World War 1 theme as it's hardly ever done in games. Fun game on easier difficulty, it gets very difficult as you ratchet up the degree of difficulty. Right now it is 400 points on XBOX live, great value. Full Review »