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  2. Negative: 13 out of 39
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  1. Despite finding quite a few things that proved substantially irritating at different moments, the battle-heavy action does indeed scratch an itch.
  2. If you're looking for some thumb-blistering battling at the hands of a barely-dressed female protagonist, you could do a lot worse (see Bikini Samurai Squad) than X-Blades.
  3. X-Blades is a solid title, and although it might not be as accomplished as some similar games in the genre, it certainly is a valiant effort.
  4. The camera problems and unavoidable monster grind prevent X-Blades from reaching its full potential. But if you're willing to endure its problems (or fit into the "clueless gamer" group described above), X-Blades is worth a try.
  5. 66
    The combat is satisfying and the mixture of magic keeps things fresh from beginning to end. The backtracking and repetitiveness cause the experience to drag out longer than it needs to be, but at least you feel like you got your moneys worth when all is said and done.
  6. X-Blades is a competent action game, but it lacks the fine touch that could have made it something special. It just cannot seem to make the most of its solid backbone.
  7. Despite its many defects, mainly the tricky controls and the bland story, X-Blades revealed to be somewhat enjoyable, and capable of keeping us interested until the end.
  8. 62
    When you're a hack 'n slash freak that doesn't get enough of button mashing, you will have a lot of fun playing X-Blades. The graphics are nice but the sound isn't. The gameplay is a little boring but when you're a fan, it will definitely not bother you. When you're not a fan, you should leave this game alone.
  9. 60
    Everything about X-Blades is mediocre. It works for what it is, and there’s some charm to the action and the characters, but the gameplay design is lacking in ingenuity; a notion that is perpetuated the longer you play.
  10. That X-Blades remains a decent title despite the lack of compelling missions and likeable characters is something of an accomplishment in itself, though not one we'd recommend advertising from the rooftops.
  11. Overall X-Blades isn’t a horrible game, it is just repetitive.
  12. Despite a lead character that isn't the most likeable we've come across and some pretty repetitive gameplay, X-Blades still manages to be decent fun.
  13. As it stands, X-Blades sports an underdeveloped story, uninspired arena-based level design, and little or no incentive to progress on through the hackneyed storyline.
  14. X-blades doesn’t succeed in delivering a rich offer. The gameplay is repetitive, and platforming doesn’t play out well. The long fights are usually boring, and the plethora of upgrades and different kinds of magic is not enough to make it fun. Add a terrible A.I., and what you get is a title that won’t be fun for anyone but hack’n’slash die-hard fans.
  15. While I don’t recommend it for most things in life, in this case, judging a book by its cover works just fine. X-Blades is exactly what you expected it to be; a mediocre fantasy action game with a heroine that appeals to the basest of men’s instincts.
  16. The game is repetitive. If you can get through that, then you might be able to fight your way throughout the entire game.
  17. This game is exceptionally derivative and remarkably sub-par. The real problem though is that it is just not that much fun – and that is a problem that no game can recover from.
  18. 55
    X-Blades is not a horrible game, it just feels incomplete.
  19. 55
    Summing up, it is possible that X-Blade: Postmortem won't be able to fit in the market because of its flaws. It will entertain those who are not familiar with this genre, but they will end finding it repetitive. The more seasoned in this sort of titles will find it directly boring. Nor the developers contribute with innovation neither the game achieves in creating an atmosphere which allows the player to get involved in the story.
  20. Unfortunately, the good parts like the unlockable skills are obscured by generic enemy designs, monotonous combat and the most tedious boss battles I’ve seen.
  21. X-Blades is a game that most people will be right to ignore. It offers nothing of substance, and the problems are so vast that a lot needs to be forgiven in order for any fun to be had. Hardcore action fans will definitely get a rental from what can be a decent experience, but those with short tempers, refined tastes or something important to do with their lives will want to steer clear.
  22. While it's certainly a pretty game, there's just nothing special to it. Throughout forty boring levels all you will get is wild button mashing which results not only in Ayumi’s death most of the time but probably that of some of your brain cells as well.
  23. Although the stages look decent, hideous camera angles make viewing the action a chore and with short levels taking a few minutes to get through, it's only made worse by repetitious hack n' slash gameplay. The unappealing story further hurts the game, and we had trouble liking the main character's annoying Paris Hilton-style.
  24. At the end of the day, X Blades is not a game that I would recommend for Xbox 360 gamers. For those looking for something with sex appeal or mindless button mashing, there are much better options available elsewhere.
  25. Some gamers might enjoy this for what it is: a simple hack and slash game, with some annoying design flaws, and frustrating boss fights that will test your patience.
  26. X-Blades has the elements to make a fun hack-and-slash with the pretty half-naked girl, nice variety of magical spells and flashy effects. But the lack of variety, dumb enemy AI, annoying gameplay choices and a truly dislikable main character makes this a rental at best.
  27. X-Blades doesn’t fail for lack of originality or innovation, because that would imply that it met some meager expectations. X-Blades fails because it’s an ill-conceived lovechild of poor taste and even poorer game design.
  28. X-Blades feels like an incomplete game.
  29. Official Xbox Magazine
    Ultra-repetitive, with very little sense of danger. [Apr 2009, p.78]
  30. X-Blades starts like a real great game. There’s a girl and she cuts everyone open with her sword. How much can you get? Not much! As a bonus, we get to see an almost naked girl, carrying way too heavy swords. But even this gets boring after a while. Fight after fight where you have to push one button isn’t fun. Even all the nakedness of the game doesn’t cover that fact up.
  31. In the end, X Blades is just downright terrible. It shouldn’t be played, it shouldn’t be rented and it shouldn’t even be looked at.
  32. Games Master UK
    A botched attempt to borrow ideas from the best has produced a shocker of a game. [May 2009, p.70]
  33. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Frustrating and clumsy, with one of the least appealing female characters ever. [May 2009, p.83]
  34. X-Blades is pretty much a game that has no intention of doing anything right. It's repetitive and has little to offer to keep you in front of the TV. Only the soul collection system seems to be a nice feature, everything else isn't worth your while.
  35. X-Blades fails to excite on any level and falls flat in everything it attempts. Probably best to ignore this and pretend it doesn’t exist.
  36. X-Blades is a whole load of bad ideas pushed together into one colossal mistake. It’s pretty and titillating, but just like a real prostitute, your money is better spent elsewhere.
  37. Less than mediocre should have been the title for this game. Only consider X-Blades as a purchase if you’ve played almost every other game on the system and you find a copy in a bargain bin.
  38. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    X-tremely poor in every respect. [May 2009, p.95]
  39. 16
    I can still hear the ba-thump ba-thump of the paused game behind me, begging me back for more abuse, and I'm caught in a spiral of disbelief. Nothing can be this awful, yet I find myself straining to look over my shoulder. I don't know how long I can hold out. I am lost, but you may yet save yourselves. Save yourselves from this game.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 19 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 7 out of 19
  1. Nov 2, 2015
    X Blades
    X blades is a hack and slash game where you play a blonde girl with a nice booty. The only redeeming quality this game has
    X Blades
    X blades is a hack and slash game where you play a blonde girl with a nice booty.
    The only redeeming quality this game has is that this booty isn’t hidden.
    This tomb raider runs around in a thong.
    Im just kidding, theres more to the game than a nice butt.
    X Blades is fun to play through
    you go from section to section just killing everything in your way, the sections are pretty cool and I didn’t regret spending time with this game,
    There are some alright boss battles sprinkled in this game and enemies are varied and do force you to change up your magic spells which can be spent only when your magic bar is filled, which is filled by either doing damage or taking damage.
    magic spells are obtained by purchasing them in menu with souls acquired by killing enemies.
    You can slash with blades, shoot enemies with your gun that thankfully never runs out of ammo or with magic attacks,
    However the execution of this game just ruins what otherwise would be a sure why not, in your backlog.. Instead it turns into a please don’t.
    Enemies are varied, but they look far too similar to enemies you face later on that wont die the way you’ve been used to through the first half of the game…
    In fact the game changes the rules on you a lot, it doesn’t even warn you that the rules have changed
    Theres a sudden increase in difficulty and you cant understand why
    Why aren’t these guys you’ve sliced through dying, why are these spiders teleporting away when you get close.
    Forcing you to have to trial and error your way through the 2nd half of the game or just go to the internet.
    This is never a good sign.
    You aren’t told that enemies are different now, you aren’t given a quick heads up when they need to be killed a different way than before.
    They’ll suddenly be indestructible, and youre left feeling frustrated.
    This is the furthest from all of xblades problems though
    You can lock onto enemies to shoot or do a magic attack on, but 99 times out of 100 the game will lock onto another target as soon as you release your attack.
    The game will lock onto frozen enemies in the background a thousand times before it will lock onto the enemy right in front of you, and I wish this was an exaggeration, but it isn’t.
    This game is broken and you see all there is to see about halfway through the game.
    The 2nd half is just fighting stronger enemies in the evening version of sections you just played through minus of course the final boss sections, which are new.
    I was hoping x blades would be one of those under rated gems that critics just didn’t appreciate back in the day,
    But its level of trash holds true even 6 years later
    This game has its moments of fun, but the story sucks, the voice acting is worse than duck dynasty, and the combat is broken
    For what it is.
    Hack and Slash Action Adventure Game 6/10
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  2. Aug 4, 2019
    The game is neat and pretty fun, has an arcade-y feel to the combat. While the combat isn't very deep or execution heavy, it does have a levelThe game is neat and pretty fun, has an arcade-y feel to the combat. While the combat isn't very deep or execution heavy, it does have a level of fun that can be found in old school hack-n-slash games. The bosses can be monotonous at times as they have 1 or 2 ways they can be hurt you need to repeat countless times on harder difficulties. The character design is good and the music might be the coolest part of the game. It is mindless sword swinging fun, but won't suit everyone that is looking for an execution heavy action game. Full Review »
  3. Feb 22, 2014
    If you're into hack and slashing video games, X-Blades will be one heck of a game, with its solid fighting mechanisms and frustratingly hardIf you're into hack and slashing video games, X-Blades will be one heck of a game, with its solid fighting mechanisms and frustratingly hard gameplay, but for people looking for a story or amazing graphics, this repetitive game with average graphics is an egregious mess with almost no fun in it at all. It seems that this game was just made for the purpose of decimating monstrously repugnant fantasy creatures with inscrutably macabre tendencies and great puns. Full Review »