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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 74
  2. Negative: 0 out of 74
  1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a superb action game especially for fans of the character. This is the Wolverine game that fans have been waiting for. It’s not incredibly varied and a lesser game would have suffered because of this but Wolverine is just incredibly fun.
  2. While X-Men Origins: Wolverine does have a few nagging issues, there is a great deal to like here as well.
  3. Have you ever been rewarded for ripping 250 guys in half with your bare hands? You will be while playing this game, and if that's not reason enough to buy it, then I really don't know what is.
  4. For fans or even gamers just interested in action hack n' slash games a like, you can't do wrong to invest some time in Wolverine's latest gaming outing, for the most part it offers up a visceral ride of gory action.
  5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is that rare gem of a movie-companion game which manages to elevate itself above the source material.
  6. There's seldom a dull moment in this game, and when one arises it's intentional. Raven completely outdid themselves with this game, delivering one of the best Marvel games yet to ship.
  7. While X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not a perfect game, Raven can easily lay claim to having created the best game ever starring Wolverine.
  8. Everything is not perfect but as far as movie games go this is simply put one of the best out there. Any fan of the X-Men universe should give the game a chance, but those who have been waiting for a Mature version of Wolverine to come around should rush out and pick X-Men Origins: Wolverine as soon as mutantly possible.
  9. I'd say it's a perfect rental, considering the run time of about 6-8 hours, and definitely worth picking up once a price drop kicks in.
  10. 83
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not a game for everyone; you have to have a strong stomach, you have to like hack and slash games and you have to know the story of Wolverine to fully appreciate it.
  11. If this had been just a couple of hours longer and had the option to kill Gambit, I’d say this was a shoe-in for game of the year.
  12. While the game does stumble on a few fronts, X-Men Origins comes as close as ever to capturing the spirit of Wolverine.
  13. X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Uncaged Edition rises above the normal sanitized superhero games we typically expect from the genre.
  14. Mix together a comic book character with some God of War/Tomb Raider gameplay, then cook it with a high degree of passion and you'll have X-Men Origins: Wolverine. A violent, entertaining affair that looks as good as it plays and doesn't hold back for the squeamish.
  15. I was surprised at how much I liked this game. Hand it to Raven Software for building a movie-based game as a game first and then worrying about the tie-in later.
  16. Bottom line is, if you like super hero games then this one should really be a no brainer for you as its fun to just run around dismembering every single part of an enemy’s body.
  17. Rapidly pressing the same buttons to slaughter similar looking bad guys eventually grows repetitive, and the game chugs when the bigger monsters hit the screen, but overall, you'll enjoy carving evildoers like lunch meat and battling familiar foes from the comic books and this week's film.
  18. Like its central character it's a violent, ferocious beast which more than makes up for its lack of perfection by being brutally entertaining.
  19. It’s a savage game; the only thing more violent that the damage inflicted on Wolverine is the rapid and nonchalant dismemberment of everyone he comes into contact with. Mature’s one word for it: absurd and childish are other, more accurate words. But it’s a brilliant kind of ridiculous nonsense that’ll occasionally pull reluctant cheers out of your grown-up neck.
  20. 80
    This is a good example of how to bring a movie to consoles. In terms of gameplay, it's quite solid. Visually, it fulfills with honor. Raven Software has proven it can bring Marvel licenses to a good end.
  21. This tears your skin off! Fast gameplay, customisable upgrades and lots of style – despite the repetitive action, Wolverine definitely is the best game incarnation of our favorite super-hero.
  22. The game may lose steam as it goes, but the excellent combat still makes it worth the price of admission.
  23. Raven Software acts as the gamers super-hero by developing one of the best comic book gaming experiences in recent memory.
  24. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the real deal folks. It's a hard-hitting action game and a comic book movie tie-in all wrapped into one package that defies stereotypes.
  25. It’s obvious from the beginning that this game isn’t trying to do anything new or terribly innovative. Origins does action, and does it well.
  26. Origins is a fun game with great story and visuals, perfect for fans of Wolverine, hack and slash gameplay or a shirtless Hugh Jackman.
  27. In truth Wolverine could have scored higher simply due to more time being allowed for bug testing, and possibly having no association with the terrible film. But that doesn’t prevent it from being a good solid, and ultimately, fun game.
  28. It’s no must buy, but in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t a half bad slash ‘em up. People uninterested in the story should enjoy the maniacal combat, fans of Wolverine may find that they really enjoy it.
  29. 78
    The story is convoluted, the bosses are boring and the whole experience isn't that deep, but this game sure is fun.
  30. X-Men Origins: Wolverine for the Xbox 360 features solid visuals and does not hold back in the gore department.
  31. X-Men Origins: Wolverine delivers exceptionally on a very simple concept: an M Rated slice and dice adventure starring Wolverine that follows the plot of the movie. It never claims to be anything deeper than that, and in a way, that’s why it succeeds.
  32. If it wasn't for its few shortcomings, mainly the level design and the samey boss battles, Wolverine could have reached an even higher score. As it is, it's a well crafted game, that will surely please all time Logan's fans.
  33. Good news for the Hack and Slash lovers. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a fantastic brawler. On the graphic and audio side the videogame does nice work, but it's in the gameplay area where the new Raven effort shines above those hundreds of forgettable movie adaptations.
  34. 77
    Loads of blood and body parts are flying around from the beginning until the end of the game. Despite the errors, the game looks very decent and plays fine. Before you know it, you're playing for hours and don't want to stop. This game is a must have for every action gamer!
  35. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a decent movie-tie-in game, but that doesn’t make it the greatest game of all time. It’s certainly miles better than the other crap you can find on the market, but at the same time there are plenty of other better games you could also be playing.
  36. Overall, Raven Software did a very good job of sticking close to the movie plot while simultaneously delivering a rewarding experience.
  37. Although it fails to provide any real competition to the bigger action titles out there, Wolverine is fast, fun, and definitely angled at fans of the comics. It might not have the longevity required to be considered epic, but if you can ignore the repetitive nature of the combat you'll have a blast.
  38. A good game. A damn good game. For many it'll be a rent, but for fans of the character I would say there's enough incentive for a purchase, especially since there are some neat extras such as the ability to unlock classic comic book costumes for Wolverine to wear.
  39. 75
    It's not the deepest action title that you've played, but X-Men Origins: Wolverine does a fantastic job of recreating the conflicted beast that is one of Marvel Comics most enduring characters.
  40. All told, X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition is a very playable and satisfying action game.
  41. A short campaign and no multiplayer or much other content keeps this from being a game I would recommend paying full price for.
  42. Every remark, battle cry and slash looks, sounds, and feels authentic to these characters, especially Wolverine and Sabertooth. This game will definitely put you in the spandex of your favorite spandex slasher, which by the way is not the manliest of looks.
  43. X-Men Origins: Wolverine has been a real surprise: its high levels of violence, enjoyable gameplay and good longevity make it overcome the average movie tie-ins crowd. Too bad its buggy and unpolished graphics keep it from reaching a better score.
  44. A somewhat addictive action title that should please fans of the character and action gamers alike. The lack of replayability means you'll probably get your fill of the game in about a week, but it's definitely worth a playthrough.
  45. X-Men Origins Wolverine is a thrilling action game, and it delivers all the violence and the testosteronic action that Logan's fans were asking for. A great combat system is mixed with good level design; on the other side, the difficulty level is not challenging, and there's a lot of repetitiveness in the second half.
  46. While X-Men Origins: Wolverine is clearly undercooked, it's still genuinely fun, and most importantly, it delivers the kind of visceral, untamed experience that fans expect from the character. It's been a long time coming. Just like Logan, it's a beast on the outside, but it has a good heart within.
  47. 72
    The problem is it's a one trick pony. The shock of the violence and the speed of the gameplay initially grabs your attention, but it lacks the spectacle to keep itself feeling fresh and inventive, then before long a sense of banal repetition sets in. And you're not even a third of the way through the game. I can't deny that it gives you quite a lot of game for your money, but it also outstays its welcome.
  48. X-Men Origins is a really fun game to play despite it's flaws. Fans of Wolverine will lap this up.
  49. Forget the censored movies, this is the real Wolverine: gore, guts, blood and huge great sideburns.
  50. Wolverine is a great character, and he's the best there is at what he does even in videogames. This is a game full of action, blood and great visuals, with epic battles and unforgettable situations. It has its flaws, but overall, it's a good game for lovers of action-packed games.
  51. If you desperately want to know what being an unstoppable kick arse fighting machine is like then X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the Big Mac for which you have hungered. Sure it may not have the class and flavour of a $50 steak, but it tastes f..king awesome when you’re drunk.
  52. It's derivative and occasionally buggy, but solid action and over-the-top gore make X-Men Origins: Wolverine a cut above other movie tie-ins.
  53. An extremely competent hack 'n' slash that achieves exactly what developer Raven set out to do: deliver a real Wolverine experience. This isn't the feral X-Man as family-friendly super-hero, but a full-on blood thirsty killer.
  54. X-men Origins: Wolverine manages to rise above the low standards of licensed videogames by presenting spectacular fights without complex button combinations. The monotonousness and some small technical difficulties make Wolverine a game that can only be recommended to the fans of the anti-hero or anyone else who enjoys simple but enjoyable popcorn entertainment in a videogame.
  55. Undoubtedly the most enjoyable game to be based around Wolverine (but that's probably not saying much), X-Men Origins: Wolverine offers fast-paced, brutal, brainless action by the bucketload.
  56. Will never be in anyone’s top ten list but Wolverine offers a tremendous amount of fun while keeping the balance with depth and a decent challenge. Another surprise in 2009.
  57. Since X-Men Origins: Wolverine is all about combat it's fortunate that the combat is both fun and intuitive. Unfortunately there is an abundance in recycled content and there are a couple of areas in the game that needs polish. But at the end of the day this is still a fun action game well worth your attention.
  58. Wolverine looks great, and deserves recognition as a game that's far better than it had to be. It's not perfect, and it doesn't feel finished, but it's coherent enough to gloss over the cracks and forgive the glitches.
  59. A good action game, one of the best Tie-in of this year. A real funny and various gameplay with a fair graphics compartment.
  60. It has its flaws, and is by no means the perfect game, but it is the perfect Wolverine-simulator, at least for the time being.
  61. Chances are that if you liked the movie you will love the game, and if not, by all means rent the game for a week as it’s definitely worth it.
  62. Overall X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a fun game.
  63. There are a lot of holes that X-Men Origins: Wolverine would need to clean up in order to make this the top tier game it had the potential to be. With that being said fans of X-Men or of the movie should still check it out, this is a very competent action game that has enough variety that I think does warrant a sincere look.
  64. Sadly, this is another case of a game falling victim to the tie-in; cutting corners to meet a short deadline. If it were possible for more time to be spent fine-tuning everything this would be a much better game.
  65. 69
    If you're not fussy, like your button-mashy beat-em-ups and are addicted to either Wolverine or Hugh Jackman's tank-like physique, you'll get the most out of this. It's God of War with claws and an equally bloodthirsty attitude; flawed, fun and fairly brainless gaming.
  66. Upgrading the main character, using diverse skills and fighting abilities, coupled with a range of impressive execution moves, make for an exciting combat system.
  67. At the end of the day X-Men Origins: Wolverine offers a fun, albeit repetitive romp as one of comics' most savage characters.
  68. 60
    Its repetitive gameplay, mundane puzzle design and eye-twitching platforming segments really cuts into Origins' fun and yet, for fans of the franchise, it's a solid title that's worth playing through. It will even make the most jaded comic fan smirk every once in a while. However, if you're not a huge fan of Wolverine, I'd suggest you sink your claws into something else.
  69. Once the game stopped stunning me with new outrageous depictions of slaughter, the repetition of the combat started to set in, and I started noticing some of the game's other shortcomings, like the dodgy frame rate and buggy collision detection. These issues aside, if you've come to see Wolverine at his most brutal, this game does not disappoint.
  70. 60
    The plot jumps around too much to be coherent, most boss battles aren't captivating, and some stages drag on far too long. Origins sags with plenty of problems, but it's still a cut above most Hollywood-licensed pap.
  71. Although X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a game based on a film, it's made with the right intentions. The unfinished look, a total lack of any challenge whatsoever and tedious gameplay make Wolverine a little harder to digest. Perfect for filling in the gaps between busy hours. Not so perfect if you want to play all night long.
  72. AceGamez
    You may well find yourself enjoying Wolverine Uncaged but unsure as to why, so unless you're a troubled youth in need of constant digital violence or a Marvel comics completionist, this is one to rent.
  73. 58
    Origins isn't bad at what it does, but what it does isn't very ambitious.
  74. X-Men Origins: Wolverine may be one of the the best games based in the franchise, but the lack of impressive visuals, variation and a compelling story drags this game down. The game does nothing original and might as well be a worse version of God of War with sideburns.
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  1. Apr 26, 2013
    Saying that this is one of the best movie-licensed games is kind of tarnishing Xmen Origins with false praise. There is a overwhelming senseSaying that this is one of the best movie-licensed games is kind of tarnishing Xmen Origins with false praise. There is a overwhelming sense that this is just 'God of War Origins: Wolverine', however there is no denying the fun factor that Activision has brought to this game. If movie-licensed games keep this level of quality there may be hope for this sub-genre. Full Review »
  2. JimmyS
    Aug 3, 2009
    I don't know if the lunge feature will ever get old. At this stage in my life I don't want much of a relationship with my XBOX, I don't know if the lunge feature will ever get old. At this stage in my life I don't want much of a relationship with my XBOX, just some catharsis. This game offers that in spades. I compare this to The Force Unleashed - in both games we (finally) get to just be as bad-a** as we wanna be (and neither require a huge time commitment). Full Review »
  3. PacoP
    May 4, 2009
    This is a great game, offers FUN game play and also very cool levels. Visceral, bloody and just over the top action in spades. Also has great This is a great game, offers FUN game play and also very cool levels. Visceral, bloody and just over the top action in spades. Also has great replayability, with the achievements actually being worth getting. Full Review »