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  • Summary: 10 Second Ninja X is a hardcore sidescroller. You’re a ninja, there are robots, you’ve got ten seconds to destroy them all. Get three star ratings, climb leaderboards, discover secrets, and stop Captain Greatbeard.
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  1. Jul 21, 2016
    10 Second Ninja X is a near perfect execution of a challenging platformer. While it's certainly never easy, it is accessible and rewarding to players of any skill level. Its short levels make it endlessly addicting, especially when you're only a few milliseconds off from that three-star victory.
  2. Jul 22, 2016
    Proving that a simple concept can be a highly enjoyable one, especially when the element of competition is added into the mix, it’s a game more than worthy of being added to your growing library.
  3. Aug 3, 2016
    This is a fast-paced action game not to be missed as it was fantastic and is definitely refreshing to play. The game is well suited to be a go between to other games you’re playing as it’s so different.
  4. Sep 3, 2016
    Overall, 10 Second Ninja X has found a harmonic balance between making the levels JUST difficult enough that it’s nearly impossible to get 3 stars, but only requiring 2 stars per level will keep you from feeling the need to rage quit and throw your console out the window like so many of it’s predecessors do. Give this game a shot; it’s well worth it.
  5. 80
    10 Second Ninja was already a very fun and enjoyable game in its initial release on PC, but now coming out as the more content heavy 10 Second Ninja X, console owners get to join in on the action with the best version of the game so far.
  6. Jul 22, 2016
    Ultimately, this is one of those rare games that really is exactly what it looks like. It's an indie platformer with plenty of heart and a challenge worth staying for.
  7. Jul 19, 2016
    The infuriating do-over nature of 10 Second Ninja X greatly sours the experience and takes away from what otherwise could’ve been a decent game.

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