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  • Summary: Absolver puts players behind the mask of a Prospect, who has taken a sacred vow and chosen to join the Absolvers, an elite corps of combatants fighting to maintain stability in the world.


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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 7
  2. Negative: 1 out of 7
  1. Jan 17, 2019
    While the singleplayer experience is forgettable and the open world is small, the meat of Absolver lies within its deep gameplay and engaging combat. I recommend picking Absolver up if you're a fan of fighting games with nuanced mechanics. The martial arts theme is also fairly unique for this type of fighting game, so if you're simply looking to try something new, Absolver is a great choice.
  2. Jan 29, 2019
    I would say that if you have a subscription to Xbox Game Pass then it’s an instant download, if not then it may well be best to hold off for the price to go down a little. Whatever though, if you fancy something different and are a fan of hand to hand combat then get into the world of Absolver for a good old punch up.
  3. Jan 16, 2019
    Albeit improved, this masked martial arts adventure still is too short and too barebones.
  4. Jan 13, 2019
    Technical issues aside, Absolver’s deep and innovative combat system, together with its seamlessly integrated social elements, easily stand as the game’s greatest achievements. Unfortunately, the game’s gorgeously ruined world is merely superficial beauty, being that outside of necessary acquisition, there’s little else to enjoy. This lack of overall depth is surely going to have a negative impact on its player count before too long.
  5. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Mar 9, 2019
    A challenging fighting system is only the bare bones of what could be a better game. [Issue#225, p.84]
  6. Jan 22, 2019
    With no proper explanation of how things work, you find yourself fighting the game’s menu system more than actual opponents. Matches can take a long time to find, especially if it involves more than a 1v1. I believe if the experience was gained at double or even triple the rate, Absolver would be able to maintain interest from players. Having the same gear for hours and being done with the main playthrough becomes so repetitive that you lose enjoyment. While the combat is superb and the foundation of gear is quite strong, it is not at all implemented correctly. I did very much enjoy my time with Absolver, however, I quickly reached the ceiling on the time I wanted to spend with it.
  7. Jan 16, 2019
    Absolver had a chance to be something new and fresh. Its combat system is unlike anything else and comes packed with plenty of depth and skill that could get fighting fans pretty excited. The problem is the rest of the game. RPG elements have no place in a competitive action game yet here they’re front and center, granted with muted effect which makes it clear the developers were aware they were hurting their competitive balance and did it anyway. Perhaps worse for those of you who’re looking to play alone, the single-player adventure is dreadfully dull and plays like a short and mediocre Dark Souls. There’s promise in a sequel and I’d happily look forward to it, but this first attempt is better left defeated.
Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 2
  1. Jan 11, 2019
    The presentation side of the game provides a mix of enjoyment for me and the visuals and sound design brought the game experience alive in aThe presentation side of the game provides a mix of enjoyment for me and the visuals and sound design brought the game experience alive in a number of ways. I really enjoyed the combat elements that were present in the game and I must admit that I didn’t expect the combat to have as much depth as it had. It mixes together a number of different genre’s and for the most part these different genre’s combine together extremely well. There’s a decent variety of cards you can use when swapping and changing your deck and this keeps things fresh and interesting for longer than one might expect. The game suffers with a few technical issues every now as do most games at times along the way. Not much offered in the way of a tutorial and the lack of depth here does cause a few learning curves along the way. The difficulty curve to be a problem at times because out of nowhere it can become unforgiving which could cause frustration for those looking for a more laid back experience. I’ve been waiting for Absolver to make its way to the Xbox One. That’s mainly because I love game’s that mesh different genre’s mashed together. Thankfully the different genre’s mesh together really well and this does create an enjoyable experience within the game, however the game is far from perfect. Unfortunately the game does suffer with a few technical issues every now and then and while none of these are major they can have an overall impact at times. The difficulty curve in the game can also be a problem as well but I advise that you look past this because when in full flow you realise quite quickly that the combat elements in the game have a lot of depth within them. Another aspect where the gameplay has depth is in regards to the deck building mechanics and without a doubt trying each card is fun and definitely makes things stay fresh and interesting for longer. I just wish certain aspects were explained a little more though because it can be confusing at times. At the end of the day then whilst Absolver definitely gets more right than it gets wrong and the uniqueness that’s present in certain areas does keep you coming back for more time and time again which means it does more than enough to get a recommendation from me. Thumbs up! Expand
  2. Jan 9, 2019
    The game is enjoyable but has many issues. I've played on Xbox One X and the frame rate is quite terrible. The combat isn't perfect,The game is enjoyable but has many issues. I've played on Xbox One X and the frame rate is quite terrible. The combat isn't perfect, especially with more enemies at once, the camera gets mad at times., and the difficulty isn't well balanced. The campaign lasts 4/5 hours... I recommend it only if you already have game pass, otherwise, you can easily avoid buying it. I gave it a 6 because there aren't many similar games with customizable moves (besides that masterpiece of God Hand) Expand