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  1. Jul 15, 2019
    Blazing Chrome is a nice tribute to Metal Slug, Contra, or Super Turrican. It depicts a post-apocalyptic world in the way Terminator saw it 30 years ago, giving it a true retro feel. But it suffers from some minor issues.
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  1. Jul 14, 2019
    Blazing Chrome is an epic throw-back to arcade adventure shooters. It shares aspects of game play with a few of the greats, Contra and MetalBlazing Chrome is an epic throw-back to arcade adventure shooters. It shares aspects of game play with a few of the greats, Contra and Metal Slug being the first to come to mind. The Sound is just as retro as the graphics. You feel the stage, and intensity, as the old school BGM ramps up. You're dropped into an Apocalyptic world where robots reign supreme, and given two characters to run the game with. There is a one hit kill system, that can be off-putting at first, but once you get the hang of game play, it becomes more of a nuisance than a problem. Once you've defeated the game, you're given 2 new characters to play, both Melee, changing the dynamic of the game entirely. The game isn't very long, with 4 stages you can play in any order, and a final stage afterwards, you can challenge in 3 difficulties giving you plenty of replay value. It also gives you Boss Rush and Mirror Mode, adding a bit more variety to your play. This game would have dominated it's genre had it come out along side of it's predecessors. If you enjoyed Contra, or Metal Slug, this game is a must, a great Arcade Shooter taken to the max! Full Review »
  2. Apr 2, 2020
    L'étron indé du jour est un étron qui fera éventuellement plaisir aux rétrons et autres nostalgiques des vieilles merdes du style "c'étaitL'étron indé du jour est un étron qui fera éventuellement plaisir aux rétrons et autres nostalgiques des vieilles merdes du style "c'était mieux avant en 16 couleurs" puisqu'il s'agit d'une copie de ce genre de vieille merde qu'on se tapait avant, très longtemps avant, notamment sur consoles Segaga et Nintengogol.

    On a donc à peu près 64 couleurs (ou peut-être un peu plus, allez savoir...) et des gros pixels gros comme le poing ou presque... c'est évidemment tout en deux dimensions (la troisième, c'est pour les lâches) et les "effets sonores" sont à l'avenant et faits entièrement avec un vieux Bontempi pourri...

    Bref, on l'a compris, c'est complètement immonde et repoussant à la fois et bien entendu, la jouabilité de ce sous-produit est également à l'avenant et comme un hommage dont on se serait passé aux vieux ersatz de sales jeux de merde qu'on démoulait à cette lointaine époque sur les consoles, notamment, de Segaga (c'est -presque- plus con que toi) et Nintengogol (les champignons magiques de Mariol le sale communiste qui te rendent complètement con) .

    En conséquence de quoi, on se hâte de tirer la chasse comme à chaque fois devant ce genre de déchet vidéo-pas-ludique.
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  3. Jan 24, 2020
    "Blazing Chrome"
    Reviewed By: Super Contra Carl
    Developer: JoyMasher Publisher: The Arcade Crew Release Date: 7/11/2019 Price: $15.29
    "Blazing Chrome"
    Reviewed By: Super Contra Carl
    Developer: JoyMasher
    Publisher: The Arcade Crew
    Release Date: 7/11/2019
    Price: $15.29 (Free on Game Pass)

    It is kind of obvious, my love for the "Contra" franchise so there was definite interest when I saw this Modern Retro clone. In Blazing Chrome there are very few humans left. They are on the brink of extermination, and the world has been taking over by machine. Mavra a resistance fighter and Doyle a insurgent robot are their last chance of stopping the Machine Overlords from complete domination. This is one of my favorite modern retro games i'd say ever. They do an amazing job at capturing everything that was great about the Contra Franchise. They pretty much cover every one of the titles strong points, and even add a splash of another timeless classic Metal Slug.
    First let's talk about how it looks. JoyMasher has mastered the SNES and NES look. Every one of their titles look and feel like they belonged in that era. If you didn't know the library you'd think it was from that time period. If it was around in that time period it would have been a massive hit. I know I would have spent many a evenings going back and forth with this and Contra 3: Alien Wars. If you was that type of player, that enjoyed playing Coop games like Contra, Jackal, Ikari Warriors, etc with your buds this is certainly for you. Call them up, and get them over because "Blazing Chrome" will put you right back there in that feeling again. The action, the look , the feel just everything really emulates those classic games.
    Only thing may be a little different is the difficulty. Blazing Chrome has a easy mode where you have 7 men, but even with that you might find yourself playing some levels over to complete them. That is okay though, because more than likely your going to be playing this game over and over anyways. The replay value is so there with this one. You can even unlock new characters you will want to try as well. Easy mode gives you 7 men . Normal gives you 5, and Hard Mode i think 3 that one I'm not 100% sure on I never played it on Hard yet. I know I will though.
    The music and sounds are just out standing as well. It really sounds like it looks and feels. The music is just so rad, adds such a level of dramatic action to the game play. The sounds of guns and explosions just pulls you in. Everything about Blazing Chrome is just so spot on. Very easy to say top 5 best modern retro games this Gen of gaming. I know I will be playing it years and years to come as well. JoyMasher has got me hooked. They have moved in there along side Merge Games and WayForward as my favorite Publisher/Developer of Modern retro games this Generation of gaming. I hope to see more from them next Gen as well. I still need to check out Odallus: The Dark Call and really excited to do so. We haven't got a review copy yet, but they said they'd try to get one our way soon. Really look forward to covering it as well, if we don't hear from them soon I'm sure I'll be grabbing it anyways, and sharing my love of it with you guys as well.
    So is it for you? The answer is Yes, I don't have to come up with reasons why you'll love it, and how it matches your style of playing. You are just gonna love it any ways. Ya you might love it more if you were a fan of 80's and 90's action coop gaming, but I think most will love it any ways because it's just an overall quality game. Don't just take my word for it see other reviews. It's sitting there in the 8.5 and 9.0 range for most reviewers. Their only negative is the difficulty. I don't think the game should have to pay score wise though for lack of player's skills. I think it's actually a positive. I think it adds more to the game in the points of replay value, and just overall learning and appreciating the things you'd notice from grinding it out that you'd miss if you blew through it. So for me it's Modern Retro perfection, and my first 10 overall of the new Decade.

    Looks, Sounds, and Feels like Retro Classic
    Music is electrifying
    Action Packed
    Replay Value
    Incredible Robots and Robot Bosses
    Challenging and Exciting

    Zero, Zip, Zilch, None to be found.

    Overall: 10
    You won't find another game that captures everything that Contra brought to the table in the 80s and 90s. You won't find another game that brings that exciting feeling you had exploding the Alien heart with a Buddy back in in 1987. Blazing Chrome delivers. JoyMasher delivers again as well.
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