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  1. Jul 20, 2021
    I was extremely impressed with Death’s Door from start to finish, and would absolutely implore you to check it out when it launches this week. Again, it’s just one of those games that was extremely hard to put down in order to write this review, and I’m already looking forward to going back and trying to suss out the additional secrets and puzzles I have yet to solve.
  2. Jul 20, 2021
    While Death's Door borrows a lot of elements from many other games, it mashes them all together and refines them into its own thing. Not one single element feels undercooked and the result is a mysterious world you'll instantly be lost within. Outside of the odd frame dip in certain situations, we absolutely loved Death's Door. It's a game filled with surprises, nods, humour, and moves at such a pace we could barely put the controller down. Games this well-crafted don't come along very often, but when they do, they're something to celebrate. Death's Door deserves all the attention it will most likely get, and is a contender for one of 2021's best games.
  3. Jul 23, 2021
    Though a short game, there has been so much thought put into Death’s Door. Even Crow’s smallest of movements are so cute and bird-like. I wish there was more because ten hours just isn’t enough! The humor is splendid, and the mysteries waiting to be uncovered are so tantalizing.
  4. Jul 20, 2021
    Death’s Door is more lighthearted than it looks, and that’s to its benefit. These amusing moments complement weightier themes about respecting the dead (no matter how terrible they were in life), the fear of death’s inevitability, and whether anything we accomplish truly matters when our time is limited. Death’s Door isn’t the most profoundly written story, but it handles these sensitive topics well. My favorite moments, outside of the moment-to-moment action and exploration, are when it reminds us that death isn’t something to be feared. Rather, it’s just a necessary step in the cycle of life; a cycle that cannot exist without it.
  5. Jul 21, 2021
    Death’s Door is a masterclass in level design. The interwoven areas encourage and reward exploration, whilst the simple yet challenging combat makes confrontations a thrill. With an alluring art style, sorrowful soundtrack, Acid Nerve has managed to create one of the greatest indie titles of 2021.
  6. Jul 30, 2021
    Happily, Death’s Door, the new action adventure game about a hard-working, soul-reaping crow is very much a love letter to the old Zelda games. Its mechanics are satisfying in a chip-off-the-old block way, its visuals are a delight and its story line is touched with assured, easygoing humor.
  7. Jul 20, 2021
    An inventive isometric slasher, Death’s Door feels like all the best bits of Souls-like structure and none of the bad. Its Zelda-inspired combat and systems are firmly at the challenging end of the spectrum, but are also pretty addictive, and mix well with a bleak yet unique story.
  8. Jul 24, 2021
    As a game reviewer, I assumed I was bad at games so how on earth did I find Death's Door to be an unchallenging and somewhat unsatisfying experience? Whatever the reason, it's still a good game and I enjoyed mercilessly slaughtering its unique bosses.
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  1. Aug 4, 2021
    Death’s Door
    Dark Crows
    Deaths Door is a legend of Zelda like dungeon crawler where you play as a crow, out to reap some souls… infact youre
    Death’s Door
    Dark Crows
    Deaths Door is a legend of Zelda like dungeon crawler where you play as a crow, out to reap some souls… infact youre given a target of 3 giant souls to go harvest, but getting to these 3 targets is no easy task…
    First youre equipped with a sword, you go through this door and youre off on your adventure..
    One that is highly skill based, this game is difficult, it will test you.. but it’s a fun difficult, it isn’t frustrating.. Deaths Door is highly beatable with patience.. you kill enemies, youl lfind keyholes that you can activate creating a door or a checkpoint, you can go through this door to regain your health as well as spend your collected souls on upgrading you character, making them stronger or faster, youll be going through what feels like convoluted mazes, again collecting souls, throwing switches, youll find seeds that you can plant in these pots to regain health as well, but if you die you restart at the last door you opened.. which thankfully isn’t too far away.. the game does a great job at spacing these doors out and allowing you to unlock shortcuts as you progress souls style.. and thankfully you do keep all of your souls even if you die, you don’t have to go recollect them.. but this game is great, its fast, its fluent, it demands patience, it demands learning enemies and their attack patterns.. never feeling cheap except for one enemy you fight a couple of times… that enemy is garbage and feels almost random.. but other than him, I loved deaths door, I loved climbing through these dungeons, collecting souls, freeing trapped souls, taking down bosses, getting to the games main targets, all of which are filled with such great charm, this is a really great world put together here.. my only gripe with deaths door however is just how in general “linear” has become a word of sin in the games industry and indie teams cant help themselves but make every level of every game feel like a giant overwhelming puzzle and maze.. and deaths door is no exception.. im fine with climbing ladders, figuring out routes, breaking walls, creating shortcuts, collecting keys, unlocking gates, backtrack and do what I have to do.. but when that’s the entire game, its exhausting, its tiring, it discourages me from wanting to press on… I need a break.. give me just one linear section now and then, please.. I have a tiny brain, I cant be doing puzzles and mazes for 10 hours straight, I nearly died myself.
    Jokes aside, Deaths Door is a really special game that deserves your attention, but be warned, there will be moments if youre anything like me, where the game will just throw up on your screen and overwhelm you with all there seems to do to be able to move on.. and a lack of any sort of map doesn’t help in this feeling..
    I give Deaths Door
    an 8/10
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  2. Jul 23, 2021
    one of the best inovative games ever realy cool and fun all around the challenge is well worth it
  3. Oct 13, 2021
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Hermoso juego y sonidos ,me encanto desde que lo vi en tráiler no me disecciono la compra recomendado Full Review »