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  1. Jun 17, 2020
    Overall, I’m really, really impressed by Desperados III. It went from being a game that wasn’t really on my radar, to definitely being one of the best games I’ve played all year. If you’re like me and haven’t played a single game in the series so far, this seems like an excellent place to start. I highly recommend checking it out, you won’t be disappointed.
  2. Jun 12, 2020
    Desperados III is the game I never knew I needed. A perfect blend of satisfying Wild West tropes, a surprisingly compelling story, and an endlessly-gratifying tactical layer that will make you feel like the architect of a bandit-murdering Rube Goldberg machine. With guns.
  3. Jun 15, 2020
    Coming from Mimimi Games, the developer of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Desperados III is an accomplished real-time tactical stealth game that is practically flawless outside of some minor technical issues. Those seeking a title that they can really sink their teeth into, learning the ins and outs of its world so that they can master it will find a hell of a lot to enjoy here, especially if they resonate with the Wild West theme. Players will need to accept that failure is a part of the process, however, as is dealing with occasionally fiddly controls.
  4. Jun 12, 2020
    From its effective narration to the depth of its gameplay, through its replayability and its challenges, Desperados III achieves almost flawlessness, and, if you are fans of the genre, we can only advise you to go for it.
  5. Jun 12, 2020
    Desperados III on Xbox One does something very brave. It takes the pre-existing structure set almost 20 years before it and throws it out the window. Whilst it does feel like its predecessors, it is not afraid to strike out on its own and it does so wonderfully. Its music and atmosphere is phenomenal, its narrative is great, and its gameplay is just so rewarding and addictive. It really does stand out in its own right. Whether or not you’ve played the original is irrelevant: Desperados III is absolutely worth your time.
  6. Jun 12, 2020
    Mimimi Productions successfully managed to revive Desperados' original charm, delivering us an old school tactical game but with accessible gameplay and modern production values. A game to play for every lover of real-time tactics.
  7. Jun 18, 2020
    If you're looking for a highly enjoyable experience that's undoubtedly something different, Desperados III will provide hours of gunslinging good times. Plus, those who enjoy perfecting their strategies as they take a trial and error approach will absolutely love it.
  8. Jun 20, 2020
    An experience of great rhythm and flow, maintaining the proposed intrigues until the last moment.
  9. 80
    Desperados III is definitely worth seeing through to the end, whether it be for the fun western tale it tells or the deep tactical stealth gameplay it offers.
  10. Jun 14, 2020
    Desperados 3 is a stellar game with tight mechanics and a healthy dose of variety. A strong cast of characters and a setting that feels foreign to stealth games make it a unique experience, even with some frustrating moments sprinkled within. Its challenging moments may be a barrier for some, but it ultimately succeeds as one of this generation's best stealth games.
  11. Jun 12, 2020
    Desperados 3 is a Western that’s as wily as it is wild, and well-suited to anyone after a serious stealth challenge.
  12. Jun 15, 2020
    Desperados III is a great prequel to the Desperado series. With great visuals, gameplay and a challenging story line you can be sure you will have a blast with this title. Gameplay is solid, and with memorable characters you can place your cards and know you have a winner.
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  2. Negative: 6 out of 30
  1. Jun 29, 2020
    Desperados III is a Story-Driven Top-Down Stealth Strategy Game. This game is a prequel to the original game Desperados: Wanted Dead or AliveDesperados III is a Story-Driven Top-Down Stealth Strategy Game. This game is a prequel to the original game Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive and explores John Coopers' story and how the first story came to be. From the start screen, you're assailed by an incredible piece of music that fills the air with the feel of the wild west, the game hadn't even started and I was ready to pop on the ten-gallon hat and strap that big iron to my hip. Along your journey, you are teamed up with a host of characters, each with their own personality and motives. The games' voices are decently portrayed and feel right with the setting. Each character has his or her own abilities, and weaponry, giving you plenty of options in combat, though it's sometimes obvious how the area is meant to be played out. There are plenty of opportunities to make your kills seem like accidents, and the NPCs respond to anything they can hear or see. The gameplay is deeply gratifying, with good sound effects to go with the kill animations. After each stage, you're rewarded with a very satisfying line path with icons showing you how you dealt with the level. I could re-watch this for quite some time and feel like I completed something. Overall the game is a treat to play and watch, and keeps your mind at work, watching patrols, and planning your next moves with your team. Desperados III is a must-have for fans of real-time strategy, whether you're new to the series or returning for more. Full Review »
  2. Jun 25, 2020
    Desperados III
    Guarded Fun
    Desperados 3 is a story driven real time tactical stealth game set in the wild west where you play as a variety
    Desperados III
    Guarded Fun
    Desperados 3 is a story driven real time tactical stealth game set in the wild west where you play as a variety of characters all with their own unique abilities to help you obtain a goal whether that’s gaining dynamite or killing targets…
    Desperados III in a way is a top down assassins creed meets hitman, youre set in one large open map per level, each map taking anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours to complete depending on your trial and error… so there is potential for easily 20 hours of gameplay here, especially if you set out to complete each mission challenges.
    At the beginning of each level youre given the goal and then the game lets you lose, figure it out… you have your characters, you have their abilities, use their abilities to accomplish the goal…
    At first desperados 3 feels overwhelming, constant tutorials, new mechanics to learn, but once I got the hang of it, I really started to enjoy this game.. im a huge fan of assassins creed so I love to dabble in stealth games from time to time.. distracting guards and setting up kills, hiding in bushes and executing ambushes.. quicksaving anytimei felt I made hefty progress or just incase I mess up a set up… and theres a new mechanic called showdown where you can pause the game and indivually input camands to your characters and with the press of a button execute the plan..
    Desperados 3 has everything going for it to be one of the best and most fun stealth games ever.. the variety of characters, all having great personalities, great level design and world building.. interactive items in the world like hitman that you wait for just the right moment to pull off… BUT
    Desperados 3 desperately tries to challenge you in an annoying way rather than an enjoyable way.. this is another instance of hard for the sake of being.. this is annoying hard not challenging hard
    My biggest gripe with desperados 3 is that it gives you so much to have fun with but it doesn’t want you having fun at all… it advertises itself as go in quiet or loud, good luck… the moment youre spotted youre swarmed like a piece of cake on an ant hill, being spotted is a sure death sentence on any difficulty…
    which is fine I respect force stealth.. if its fair.. the stealth in desperados 3 however is not fair.. its unrealistic and annoying.. every guard has 2 eyes on them and those 2 eyes have another 4 eyes on them and those 4 eyes have 6 eyes on them, its constant cones on all directions, making a game about picking bodies off one by one - about getting lucky, getting in a ranged kill and running and hiding until the heat is off.. its ridiculously unfair how many enemies are thrown at you on these maps, and to make it worse when guards are alarmed it isn’t enough for enemies from the map to come check things out, the game spawn even more onto the map for that area, I didn’t feel as though I was completing levels with skill, I felt I was getting through with luck… how is there a sniper watching a sniper… this is there simply because the player sees an opportunity to sneak to a sniper and use an environmental kill.. but you have a sniper watching the sniper just incase that sniper gets taken out? Hes just there to be annoying, no reason other than that.. and this is how the game feels from start to finish.. sneaking up behind someone to take them out, only for someone at a different angle to be warking towards you while the other 2 characters guarding that angle is leaving… again urning this into a game of luck rather than a bunch of dumb stealth fun…
    Desperados 3 has potential… it has so much good going for it.. but the insistence on challenging the player rather than creating an enjoyable puzzle to solve squanders that potential.
    I give Desperados 3
    a 7/10
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  3. Jun 21, 2020
    Desperados III is a heavy story-driven, tactical stealth game, set in the Wild West . It doesn't take long to realize you are in for a veryDesperados III is a heavy story-driven, tactical stealth game, set in the Wild West . It doesn't take long to realize you are in for a very special unforgettable adventure. It's a prequel to the classic Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive from 2001. As good as the original is this one is leaps and bounds better than the 2001 real time tactics title. You play as John Cooper and join forces with an amazing cast of characters. Runaway bride Kate, the shady hitman Doc McCoy, the giant trapper Hector, and Isabelle, a mysterious lady from New Orleans. You and each of the characters have a certain set of skills to aid in your missions. John has a Knife he can throw to silently take out enemies. You have to go and retrieve it to use it again. You also have a couple 6 shooters that can shoot up to two enemies at once. You have 8 shots to use on each mission unless you find ammo hidden through out the levels. Shots will give away your location so proceed with caution. He also has coins he can use to distract enemies. Hector carries a big bear trap. He can lure enemies over to it by whistling. He also carries a big Axe to take out larger enemies. Bounty hunter McCoy uses lures, gas, poison syringes and a long-range pistol. Kate fools men with outfits to blend in, and uses her hidden gun. And then there is this mysterious woman from New Orleans, Isabelle. Each mission has tons of different ways to complete.Stealth is always the best way , but if you choose to you can gun it out, or even you environmental traps through out the level like oil, church bells, and much much more. Every level is unique, and really well designed to be able to approach in many different ways. Each one you use different set of characters, and their skills as well. It never feels repetitive from start to finish, because you can approach it differently each and every time you play it.

    The story in Desperados 3 is just pure excellence. It pulls you in, and keeps you interested from start to finish. Each character's story is interesting and adds up to a truly epic journey. I put in about 20 hours, and loved every second of it. I couldn't wait to see how every character's story played out,and was beyond satisfied when I reached the stories end. I can say with ease the best real time tactics story I've experienced. I usually don't get into this genre, but I was hooked on this one. Not only was the story amazing, but so was the voice acting. I was really caught of guard by the quality of voice talent in this one. Every single character's dialogue was just spot on and so well written. If you love Western movies or games this one will really satisfy your appeal for the genre. Some people are going to think I'm crazy with this one, but I actually enjoyed this more than I did the Red Dead Redemption sequel. I hope that really shows how special I think Desperados 3. It just came out of no where to be considered as a legit Game of the Year candidate. It's certainly to be the best RTS this year. This is really a can't miss title for fans of the genre, but i think people like myself that aren't into RTS are going to love this one as well. It almost feels like you're playing a really high quality movie.

    It isn't just story though the game play is special as well. So much action, and so many ways to carry out your objectives. The levels are just loaded with a variety of different enemies and bosses. The levels have tons of different approach points as well to make it feel different every time you play it. Take out every one guns blazing , or take a non lethal approach by knocking them out or just sneaking right past them. My approach was usually to take them out and chunk them off the side of a mountain or hide them in a bush. Any way you approach it is satisfying , and just a ton of fun. Each character's abilities are a blast to use as well. Catching some one in a trap feels just as good as silently dropping them with a knife. It's just as entertaining to blow out a lantern , and just sneak by going completely undetected. How ever you decide to play the level out you are going to have a blast doing it. You can save your game at any moment, so if you mess up it's an easy fix. You can also use this feature to try different approaches as well.
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