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  1. Sep 22, 2019
    I have no hesitation in naming Gears 5 on Xbox One as a triumph. The story is amazing, the multiplayer works perfectly, and Horde and Escape are the cherries on the cake.
  2. Sep 18, 2019
    It makes for a relentlessly entertaining and often heart-thumpingly thrilling campaign that would be easy enough to recommend on its own.
  3. Sep 9, 2019
    Though a tad slow to get going, Gears 5 has reinvented itself in ways many of us didn't dare dream was possible, blending what we loved about the franchise with a fresh story, personable protagonists, and some of the best visuals and shooting mechanics we've seen.
  4. Sep 4, 2019
    After the slightly disappointing Gears of War 4, Gears 5 shows that the series is back with a vengeance, with what is the best Gears of War game yet.
  5. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 is the best Gears of War to date, with a proposal that has been supported by 5 equally treated game modes with lots of content. The campaign is spectacular, emotional and fun to play while each multiplayer mode (cooperative or versus) has its own nuances and provides a different proposal. This is one of the best games of 2019.
  6. Sep 4, 2019
    If you didn’t think you needed another Gears of War, you were wrong. Gears 5 is a barnstorming success, and a triumphant return for the series. This is the essential first party game the Xbox One desperately needed.
  7. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 is perfect as a new Gears and one of the best action titles of this generation. You can't ask for more quality content in one game.
  8. Sep 19, 2019
    It’s been a long time since I’ve had Gears on the brain, and now that Gears 5 has been extremely addictive and taking a large chunk of my time lately, I’m glad to say that not only is Gears back, but better than ever with a slew of additions, changes and improvements. Kudos to The Coalition for taking the risks they did. I’m no longer worried that one of my most beloved franchises are in safe hands going forward.
  9. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 takes a step forward in all aspects, with a campaign with open levels, but still very intense. Audiovisually it's a delight and the multiplayer expands with new more approachable modes and a renewed horde mode with hero shooter features. The best Microsoft Studios game in recent years.
  10. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 has become the biggest reference in Xbox One: The Coalition has managed to understand the roots of the franchise in order to create an excellent game that perfectly represents the IP and everything it stands for. We start saying goodbye to the current generation with an incredible game thanks to all of the new options added to both the story mode and the multiplayer.
  11. Sep 4, 2019
    With its greatly improved Campaign, many multiplayer modes and customization options, Gears 5 is the most varied, complete and deep experience ever for the franchise. The Coalition managed to improve the game adding many new ingredients, yet keeping it faithful to its origins, and with an astounding technical implementation. A game every Xbox owner should definitely play.
  12. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 is incredible, a true renaissance for the series. The changes made to campaign are exactly what I wanted the series to be. The multiplayer suite has something for everyone. This is just an incredible package that deserves its praises.
  13. Oct 1, 2019
    I can say with absolute certainty that Gears 5 is an astonishingly fun video game. The excellent flow of combat established in prior entries has been implemented here almost flawlessly, the audio/visual feedback is intense, and there’s even a compelling, touching narrative in there to boot. The open world areas let the pace down a bit, and some difficulty spikes can frustrate, but overall if you’re after an action experience, you cannot go wrong here.
  14. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears couldn’t age any better. This fifth main entry polishes its gameplay to perfection and delivers a great campaign and a fantastic multiplayer full of content. It also takes more risks than its predecessor, and even if sometimes the result has some room for improvement, overall it’s a game that has surpassed our expectations.
  15. Sep 13, 2019
    An outstanding game that offers more and better in every aspect of it, making Gears 5 one of the biggest first party games ever released on an Xbox console.
  16. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 brings the series to new heights, thanks to a well-directed campaign with an open world approach, some interesting new gameplay mechanics and many multiplayer modes that combine old and fresh elements.
  17. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 is the natural evolution of the Gears series: a more daring game, in every possible way. The Campaign took us by surprise, not only with its narration, but also with its bold design choices. The single-player experience prepares the player for a second round, with the gargantuan multiplayer section, where we find the glorious old modes and an Escape mode that punished and seduced us.
  18. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Oct 11, 2019
    Gears 5 is definitely a success story... it’s just not quite on the same Xbox tier of insta-classic territory as the original Gears Of War. Though combat is satisfying, there’s the nagging doubt it hasn’t evolved enough over the past 13 years – a point hammered home if you play Remedy’s recent Control. Still, despite some overly safe online modes, that refreshed, never-bolder campaign makes Kait’s story a tour of duty you should definitely sign up for. [Issue#183, p.69]
  19. 90
    With gratifying combat, practically unmatched visual grandeur, a new focus on exploration and some of the most interesting locations and characters at the high-budget end of modern gaming, Gears 5 is an incredible leap forward for the original cover-based third-person shooter series.
  20. Sep 16, 2019
    With Gears of War 4, The Coalition demonstrated the essence of Gears, but with Gears 5 the developer finally dares to take steps forward. It's the impactful campaign that makes Gears 5 a strong game.
  21. Sep 13, 2019
    The gameplay while familiar has been tweaked and the level design is easily one of the best created worlds on a console, especially seeing it on 4K on the Xbox One X.
  22. Sep 13, 2019
    What was unexpected is just how effectively it doubles down on story with a character-focused, consequence-filled tale that plays to one of the franchise’s most underappreciated strengths and backs it up with fun, welcome additions to both its gameplay formula and flow. And that’s just the campaign: add in a heavy-hitting multiplayer lineup of Versus, Versus Arcade, Horde, and Escape and it makes Gears 5 one of the best and most versatile action-game packages in recent memory.
  23. Sep 10, 2019
    Gears 5 is perhaps the best entry in the long-running shooter series and stands as one of the best games of the Xbox One era.
  24. Sep 10, 2019
    It's time to give a verdict, and Gears 5 is not simply one of the best titles of this generation. It's also one of the best chapters of the series. It fully captures the spirit of the brand and expands its formula, bringing it to its maximum expression. Rod Fergusson, TheCoalition, congratulations, you did it.
  25. Sep 9, 2019
    I can’t imagine anyone walking away from Gears 5 disappointed. This is a complete package, tied together with some of the most consistently engaging gameplay you could ask for. The storytelling on display proves that the franchise has yet to peak, and it lays the foundation to continue improving with whatever comes next.
  26. Sep 9, 2019
    After many doubts - which at this point seem ridiculous and unjustified - Gears 5 shows why Gears of War is one of the most beloved franchises in the industry. It is a fantastic game that dared to change so that the franchise reaches the heights it deserves.
  27. Sep 8, 2019
    Gears 5 gives a lot of content for players to chew on. The campaign is by far the best part of this meal because of the deep character-driven story and the bombshell decision made near the end of the game. Multiplayer fans will not be disappointed with the updated versions of Horde and Versus. On the other hand, Escape feels out of place, but still brings fun and intuitive map building.
  28. Sep 4, 2019
    One of the most technically impressive games available on any consoles, Gears 5 tries new stuff and does it so well. Definitly one of the best Xbox One games ever, period.
  29. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 is The Coalition's best Gears of War game so far, and it's because it's a brave and bold iteration of one of the biggest franchises in the shooter genre.
  30. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears of War 4 saw The Coalition faithfully tracing from the established Gears of War formula. Gears 5, on the other hand, shows the studio is ready to draw. A more engaging and emotional campaign introduces features we hope to see in all subsequent games, and the addition of Escape gives more aggressive players more reasons to keep coming back. Though Horde mode’s different upgrades can get a little unwieldy and we could do without the microtransactions, this is the best version of Gears of War we’ve played in years.
  31. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 has a solid single-player campaign which is full of interesting ideas and a brand new PVE mode. It might be a breakthrough for the franchise if it keeps providing high-quality multiplayer content in the future.
  32. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 has a lot to offer, with multiplayer, co-op modes, and a single-player campaign with wide range of emotions, from humor and laughter to despair and tragedy. It leaves the fans with a bit of a cliffhanger ending, but that just means that fans will want Gears 6 to come soon.
  33. 90
    Once again, The Coalition proves itself as Gears of War's ideal custodian. Gears 5 is one of the best entries in the series yet, delivering an unrivalled package that still boasts the best headshots in the business.
  34. 90
    Gears 5 is a big, loud blockbuster that brings so much to the table, it’s easy to under-appreciate it. By building on the stories set in motion by its predecessor, Gears 5’s narrative journey is a benchmark for the series so far with well-rounded characters that are far easier to love when compared to the original trilogy’s gruff, motley crew. Once you throw a polished, brutally competitive online facet, Horde’s best iteration and the promising Escape into the mix, Gears 5 becomes a package too hard to refuse considering the clear value on offer. The story’s driving force might be “bound by blood” but Gears 5 is bound for greatness.
  35. Sep 4, 2019
    Campaign was sold as an open-world vehicle for Kait and that takes a bit of time to actually be upheld; trust me though: it's worth the wait.
  36. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 is a brilliant experience which can be enjoyed alone or with friends in equal measure. It keeps much of the series' core gameplay and feel, but also takes it in some new directions. It's great to see Gears evolving, opening the door for even more positive changes in the future.
  37. Sep 4, 2019
    With Gears 5, The Coalition took some risks, and it makes for one of the best entries in the series yet.
  38. Sep 4, 2019
    The fact that Gears 5 manages to jam a truly "AAA" 12-18 hour campaign, several multiplayer modes, a map editor, and the promise of post-launch support represents one of the best deals in gaming right now. It's an even better value when you factor in Xbox Game Pass. The future of Gears of War has never been so bright — and sure, there's room for improvement, but this is the evolution that the franchise desperately needed.
  39. Sep 4, 2019
    There are missteps, especially with the open worlds feeling lifeless, but Gears 5 is a more confident turn from a developer that no longer has to prove it’s capable of making a faithful Gears of War sequel. Bigger, better and more beautiful – and a bold step in the right direction for the series. The action is superlative, the writing hits humorous and emotional notes, and the number of multiplayer modes is extensive. If ever there was a reason to subscribe to Xbox's Game Pass service, this is it.
  40. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 is an impressive evolution in the Gears of War series with a campaign that feels like a huge leap forward and a dizzying amount of excellent multiplayer modes. The story isn’t without its issues, especially the final act which I’m sure will draw controversy, but that does little to hold back this awesome next chapter in the Gears saga.
  41. Sep 5, 2019
    Gears 5 is the best Gears of War game so far as it features one thrilling campaign and plenty of exciting online multiplayer modes. In fact, it's so much fun that I highly recommend playing it if you're not already a Gears fan so you can see what the series is capable of.
  42. Sep 11, 2019
    It’s unfortunate that Gears 5 continues the trend of ‘games that were clearly shipped before they were ready’ since its diverse offering of different gameplay experiences is virtually unmatched by any other shooter game or franchise. Once The Coalition has ironed out the campaign performance issues and multiplayer network problems, this latest Gears of War game has a very bright future and is a must-play for any fans of the shooter genre no matter their individual tastes.
  43. Sep 11, 2019
    Gears is finally back with its fifth major game. The Coalition did a wonderful job making the Gears game all the fans deserve.
  44. Sep 10, 2019
    Gears 5 is still the same game it has always been, but in Katie it finds a fresh, new character with a more intriguing story.
  45. Sep 9, 2019
    Gears 5 is a very solid chapter of one of the cornerstones of gaming in Xbox format: an episode that proudly reaffirms the vigorous soul of Lancer's armed fighters and the talent of a studio like The Coalition, stopping just a step away from absolute excellence.
  46. Sep 5, 2019
    Gears 5 proves the value of a talented team such as The Coalition. Almost every experience through the game feels that they chose the right decision in terms of gameplay, but fails in the purpose of open world. Here we can find a multiplayer and coop experience, with horde and escape, created to be played over the long term.
  47. Sep 4, 2019
    On the whole, Gears 5 is one of the most content-packed titles around. If you’re somebody, you’re probably going to find something up your alley here. Revolutionary? No. The structure is very familiar, and there are bugs here and there, but this is an ambitious package that’s polished in almost every way. No matter what your experience level is with these familiar faces, Gears 5 is the most accessible title in the line, and is ultimately successful in trying to be something for everyone.
  48. Sep 24, 2019
    For the first time in forever, Gears 5 is successfully performing a new trick. Thanks to the light rpg elements, fights are a lot more diverse and fun, while the story and the characters bring out a previously hidden human side.
  49. Sep 9, 2019
    Gears 5, like almost all its predecessors, is an absolutely great action game that has not only technical class, but the The familiar Gears mechanism is so finely honed that I've had so much fun at the cover-up ball games as I've rarely done before.
  50. Oct 7, 2019
    As a multiplayer experience, Gears 5 offers up a wide variety of options, and something is sure to please almost every type of player. There are some rough edges, especially with the way character upgrades are handled, but the core gameplay is solid and satisfying. Combined with the campaign, Microsoft and the Coalition have given players an amazing value, especially if you are getting the title via Game Pass. It may not be perfect, but it'll provide hours of fun, and that's what matters.
  51. Sep 12, 2019
    Gears 5 is simply a very good game, tailored for the fans of the series. The new installment works great regardless of whether you play alone, or in coop, as well as during multiplayer battles. Sure, maybe it's not very inventive and rather similar to previous GoWs, but in this case, it's a great recommendation.
  52. Sep 6, 2019
    Gears 5 adds some welcome additions to the formula and presents a compelling story that teases an epic climax, although its high time that we see a new Gears formula with the next instalment.
  53. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 is exactly what it needs to be. This old war vet still packs a punch. The open-world exploration has issues, but that isn’t enough to steal away the thunder The Coalition expertly deploys on the battlefield. The campaign is a fun ride that concludes with a shocker moment and a hell of a setup for a sequel. I’m already looking forward to that follow-up.
  54. Sep 17, 2019
    The Gears 5 singleplayer is better than any in the Gears of War series has ever been, with a stunningly beautiful, spectacular and (emotionally) satisfying campaign. Too bad the multiplayer part of the game hasn't been improved as much, making it only a slight disappointment. But on a whole this is a seriously fun and complete rated M for Mature shooter package.
  55. Sep 11, 2019
    Gears 5 delivers an entertaining campaign with surprisingly open areas, excellent visuals and a bunch of fun (and sometimes fresh) multiplayer modes. But it also suffers from technical glitches and bugs.
  56. Mar 16, 2020
    Gears 5 is an odd thing; it's neither a grand leap forwards, nor a complete rehash of what came before, and therefore sits somewhere in the middle of the two. On the whole, the improvements do outweigh the negatives (the non-linear approach to campaign levels and the small changes to horde mode being some of the most notable), and while The Coalition still has some work to do to really make the series its own, this is a far bolder and more varied approach the relatively safe Gears 4. If you love shooters and you want a good place to jump back into the series, this is perfect place to work the rust out of your lancer.
  57. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Feb 28, 2020
    Gears 5 offers a solid portion of brutal action with several refreshing new things. If you have intentionally avoided games from this series, the fifth sequel probably won´t change your mind, but if you are looking for a quality action game and you are still a fan of multiplayer, try it. [Issue#298]
  58. Jan 29, 2020
    Gears 5 proposes a breathtaking solo campaign and a generous array of multiplayer modes. Even if the recipe remains classic, we really want to go through with it. The characters are rather well written, the environments are often spectacular, and Jack the robot adds some salt to the gameplay. A visual feast and glorious action game that perfectly demonstrate Xbox One X's true power.
  59. Oct 23, 2019
    The game looks really great and has a deliberately brighter and more varied color palette than most of the previous games. While I think the open-world stuff is flat and could have been way better, there are moments out there in the nothingness that just look straight-up incredible, including a late-game weather sequence that, despite not being great gameplay, was worth seeing a couple of times just for the visuals alone.
  60. Sep 19, 2019
    Gears 5 is a return to form for the venerable series, and though some new ideas and better writing aren’t quite executed to perfection, they bring a welcome sense of freshness to a series where the fundamentals are as strong as ever.
  61. Sep 18, 2019
    It’s a strong campaign, then, and one made better when you play with friends – as is always the way – and the suite of features that accompany it will likely keep you busy for some time.
  62. Sep 15, 2019
    Gears 5 tries to bombard players with tons of content and offers many days of entertainment as it aims to introduce itself as a true AAA+ game. The result is a very entertaining game, but is that enough to justify Microsoft's flagship? Not sure. Maybe the only aspect that Gears 5 really shines in is visuals, and while everything else is also okay, we expect a lot more than that from a title like Gears of War.
  63. Sep 15, 2019
    Gears has had its ups and its downs, and thankfully, Gears 5 does a good job of lifting the series back up. Its improved focus on characters and more open areas really helps to strengthen the campaign, and the multiplayer offers the same over-the-top action you've come to expect. It won’t likely bring in many new converts, but if you’re a fan who’s felt alienated by more recent entries, Gears 5 is a great place to jump back in.
  64. Sep 15, 2019
    With great graphics, a surprisingly decent story and meaty battles with an extra tactical layer thanks to Jack the flying robot, Gears 5 surprises us a whole lot. We were skeptical at first, but The Coalition has managed to outshine Epic’s Gears of War titles in most ways. Just beware of all the bugs.
  65. Sep 13, 2019
    Despite dropping “of War” from its title, Gears 5 is the first time the series has made the brutality of its combat feel not only bloody and cathartic, but also captivating and disturbingly intimate on a human level.
  66. Sep 12, 2019
    The Coalition has achieved a lot with Gears 5. The writing and action often rivals the best moments in the series, even surpassing its predecessors at times. The overall package is the most robust Gears has ever seen. But, the big structural alteration feels like an unequivocal misstep. Gears 5 is a rousing success, but it could've done without the needless change.
  67. Sep 10, 2019
    Gears 5 offers up an amazing campaign that isn't afraid to take risks, while staying true to its core. The new Escape mode is great, just like the additions to the iconic Horde mode. It's a shame the game suffers from many technical problems.
  68. Sep 10, 2019
    Gears 5 is a beautiful balancing act of new and old, and it manages to offer the franchise’s trademark action and gore while telling a compelling story that sets up the future of the series in a big way.
  69. Sep 7, 2019
    The Coalition has slightly fiddled with the formula, and whilst some adjustments need to be refined for future entries, Gears 5 is ultimately the gorgeous third-person shooter you want it to be.
  70. The resounding theme of Gears 5 seems to be marrying old with new. There’s never any mistaking it for something other than a Gears game, thanks to its polished cover-based combat mechanics, gleefully gory action, and 4K, HDR-enhanced graphics that raise the bar of what we can expect from an Xbox One game. But it’s also trying to grow the Gears experience by focusing on new characters, altering the flow of the campaign, and adding daring new multiplayer modes.
  71. 80
    Gears 5 is a sequel that delivers on everything I was hoping Gears of War 4 would be. It’s the same tried and true gameplay loop, but with more console power juicing it up and a few new gadgets, weapons and tools to play around with. The open world stuff is sort of boring, but it’s at least nice to look at, and the co-op experience being so well integrated makes up for it (minus the dreadful, illegible UI). There’s much more ambition and creativity in its storytelling and more competent writing from a mechanical standpoint. Combined with a clean, user-friendly multiplayer suite that even finds time to add brand new ways to play, Gears 5 is a standout even among its own series. It’s rough around the edges, but in a good way.
  72. Sep 6, 2019
    By the time we skipped the credits, both of us agreed that Microsoft’s internal studio had created a knock-out experience that stands in flattering contrast to many of today’s big budget shooters.
  73. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 is both a very generous and welcoming game. Building on what made the Gears franchise a power house, The Coalition changed the campaign's structure, added useful features to Horde mode, created a fun new coop mode and made the game more accessible for people with disabilities and new players. And it doesn't hurt that the game is really pretty (especially on the Xbox One X) Gears 5 is only being dragged down a bit by a couple technical issues that shouldn't be seen in AAA first party games.
  74. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 is the series' most ambitious entry to date, bringing with it an endless wave of revolutionary ideas that the franchise has been in desperate need of for years. The Coalition's mark has finally been made, and it's one that focuses on narrative importance alongside bright, energetic mechanics that show that Gears 5 can happily stand alongside this generation's other blockbusters without fear.
  75. Sep 4, 2019
    By most metrics — polish, graphics, writing, acting and engaging game play mechanics — Gears 5 is an impressive product for both solo players and competitive or cooperative shooter fans. But moving forward, the series desperately needs to venture into new ways of telling its stories and pacing its encounters. The tentative toe-dip into open world design is a great start, but not enough. Gears 5’s campaign is robust and almost always fun and its focus on the female protagonist Kait is a welcome tonal and dramatic shift, though it doesn’t much impact the gameplay. I’m always ready to dive into a new Gears game but I’m hoping next time, The Coalition will take some bold chances, make some tough choices and steer the series in a really new direction.
  76. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it changes enough to keep its signature style of cover-based shooting from feeling monotonous. Going into this review, I was convinced Gears of War needed to change drastically or risk obsolescence. But the Coalition has found a different way forward, using new mechanics to polish the old, making the whole game shine.
  77. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 is a return to form for Microsoft’s hardcore series, delivering fans the roadie-running, head-bursting, visceral joy that made the franchise such a success in the first place. A few odd design choices can’t dull the sheen of what is a well-produced, well-optimised and truly beautiful piece of brutal, bloody good fun. Gears 5 is well worth a play for anyone that owns Xbox Games Pass, and absolutely worth consideration for anyone that wants to own one of the best Xbox One exclusives of a generation.
  78. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 makes major strides in the series’ approach to storytelling. This is the most heartfelt Delta Squad has ever been, and The Coalition backs up that emotion with genuine improvements to gameplay. While its new co-op mode, Escape, is generally underwhelming, Arcade mixes up the competitive meta enough to keep things interesting. All told, Gears 5 is more Gears, but it’s also a bold statement for why this series is still relevant.
  79. Sep 4, 2019
    Combat remains exquisitely satisfying, the sound and visual departments have upped their game, the multiplayer is once more highly addicting and the lore of the world has never been so compelling. Gears 5 doesn’t quite reinvent the genre, but instead acts as a stepping stone for a better future.
  80. 80
    Gears 5 once again feels like a safe bet by The Coalition. You can start to see the developer thinking about new ideas and potential directions that the series can go, but Gears 5 feels largely familiar. The additions of some new features and a new mode added to the fan-favorites that return make for a robust package though.
  81. Sep 4, 2019
    I played the first Gears of War, and right now, Gears 5 has barely changed the flavour of the original. And while the original might have been a revelation, Gears 5 presents as a detriment.
  82. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 offers a familiar action experience that should satisfy fans who gravitate towards its expanded multiplayer options. And yet, the uneven campaign and lack of significant gameplay innovations mean this latest chapter does little to draw in the uninitiated.
  83. Sep 30, 2019
    The campaign is certainly better than in Gears 4 and the core gameplay is fun, but Gears 5 is way behind the original trilogy in almost all other aspects - especially due to the incessant, and boring, lulls in the action.
  84. Sep 11, 2019
    Gears 5 is very much a return of those best elements of Gears of War, but with a focus on making the game feel somewhat more adaptive to your particular ways of playing. Whether you want campaign or co-op, Competitive or Quickplay, there's an option for you in Gears 5, and plenty of stuff to reward you for time spent and skill gained. Gears 5 might suffer from some of the same storytelling missteps as its predecessors, and it might not venture far out of the past, but the new ideas it brings to the series are all good reasons for fans to return.
  85. Sep 11, 2019
    Gears 5 has the worst single player campaign in the series so far. However, the multiplayer is still excellent.
  86. 70
    The attempts to innovate in terms of storytelling and structure feel superficial and ineffective, leaving Gears 5 to survive purely on its increasingly overfamiliar action.
  87. Edge Magazine
    Oct 10, 2019
    There's a lot going on here, much of it captivating, some of it just for appearances and some of it annoying. [Issue#338, p.92]
  88. Sep 23, 2019
    The developer has done an admirable job of maintaining the core of Epic Games' legacy, yet they have been unable to truly improve upon it. It is still the same cover-shooting action it has always been. Still satisfying and very crunchy.
  89. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 survives on its solid cover shooting gameplay and a campaign that isn't afraid to pose difficult questions about problematic topics. But the largely stagnant Horde mode and general mess of an Escape mode really pull the sequel back from being a bold step forward.
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  1. Sep 11, 2019
    It’s just sort of fine. Gears looks, sounds and clearly wants so desperately to be what we hoped it would be. But it also never finds a narrative focus to pin everything onto, and it feels very much like every Gears game that has come before it. After thirteen years of the series, it's a bit of a let down, especially for anyone expecting a revolutionary leap.
  2. Sep 5, 2019
    Between breathtaking cinematics, slow-paced exploration and blood-soaked gunfights, Gears 5 manages to scratch several gaming itches all at once, without becoming tedious and raw on the skin.
  3. Sep 11, 2019
    Mixed multiplayer and a depressing grind can't dim the light of a superb new Gears campaign. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  4. Sep 4, 2019
    The creative team for this series has changed a lot since its beginnings. The world around Gears has changed, too. Gears 5 seems like a reflection of those changes. It’s a game that further complicates its world and stars a more complex hero. It’s still a game with a chainsaw gun, but now, those chainsaw guns can have a grenade launcher attached. Sometimes, change is good.
  5. Sep 6, 2019
    At the end of Gears 4, Kait receives her grandmother's necklace from her dying mother. On that necklace is a Locust Horde symbol, and clearly there's some sort of strange connection between Kait and the Locust Horde. The way Gears 5 explores this is brilliant. It's inventive, it's surprising, and the method of delivery is wrapped up in a scary and enticing series of events that is delightfully gripping.
  6. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 is personal, like its predecessor, and insistent in focusing on its characters. It’s thoughtful, and unafraid to stop the action in favor of slower story beats and sections focused on exploration. And those are the parts that I enjoyed the most. There’s often a little dab of fighting, followed by a light dusting of exploration.
  7. Sep 6, 2019
    Gears 5 is pretty damn good, huh? A campaign that dares to revitalize the series' formula, backed up by some classic multiplayer, Horde Mode, and all that nonsense. It's real good. It's gorgeous to boot, with great lighting, meaty effects, and an icy new environment with all the snowy fun it entails. I'm tired. I was up all night playing Gears 5. So tired.
  8. Sep 4, 2019
    Gears 5 is unexpectedly phenomenal.
  9. Sep 4, 2019
    Another terrific cover shooter, but sadly let down by the tired open world elements that are shoehorned into it.
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  1. Sep 6, 2019
    The game is absolutely incredible. The graphics are amazing and next level.
  2. Sep 6, 2019
    Gran juego, una calidad visual increíble y el apartado sonoro muy bueno, me encanta, es un gran juego y uno de los mejores Gears, a mi meGran juego, una calidad visual increíble y el apartado sonoro muy bueno, me encanta, es un gran juego y uno de los mejores Gears, a mi me encanta. Se le da un aire fresco Full Review »
  3. Sep 14, 2019
    GEARS 5 is a 3rd person Action Shooter and the 6th installation to the Award Winning Gears of War Franchise. Planet Sera is on the edge ofGEARS 5 is a 3rd person Action Shooter and the 6th installation to the Award Winning Gears of War Franchise. Planet Sera is on the edge of devastation, War after War has scarred it's face. The enemy is turning the humans dependency on technology into their downfall, and all the secrets of the past are being brought to the surface. GEARS 5 has united everything that is great about the series into a honed work of art. With jaw-dropping graphics and a perfectly blended soundtrack, the atmosphere of the world is uncannily captured. The character progression throughout the series is one of the most gripping parts of the story, and watching the history of the world unfold before you has given us the best entry the franchise could ask for. The physics are clean and precise, granting gratifying game play. The multiplayer never fails to deliver intense high paced cover based shooting, and seriously brutal action. Horde is even more refined, granting players even more freedom in their strategies and roles on the battlefield. Escape is different than anything I've experienced before. Willingly you go into the depths of the swarm hives and plant a poison emitter and escape from them and the growing cloud of poison starting with no more than a pistol. GEARS 5 is a must have addition for every fan of the series, and will bring new fans from almost anyone that experiences it. Rod Fergusson and The Coalition, have made the best Gears game to date, in ways the fans couldn't have ever imagined! Full Review »