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  1. Feb 16, 2017
    I wholeheartedly urge you to check out Halo Wars 2, whether it’s with the release of the Ultimate Edition this week or the standard release next Tuesday. It’s packed with content on both the multiplayer and single-player side, all of which is fun to play. It also has a pretty fantastic story attached to it, incredible cutscenes, and an amazing soundtrack to boot. Ideally we won’t have to wait another 9 years for a Halo Wars 3.
  2. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is an absolute masterstroke, taking console RTS limitations and somehow not only bypassing them, but making them unmissable features. This is one of the most well-made and cleverly designed games I have played in a long time. I hope it sets a precedent for other games to follow.
  3. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 delivers a superb story that ends with a million possibilities on what could happen in future games.
  4. 90
    Halo Wars 2 is the best RTS you can play on consoles today. Whether you're a Halo lore junky looking to toy around with the campaign or a competitive RTS player looking for intense multiplayer matches, you can't do much better than this. Creative Assembly definitely stuck the landing with Halo Wars 2, pleasing fans of the original, bringing new players into the fold, and delivering a worthy successor to Ensemble's 2009 cult classic.
  5. Feb 17, 2017
    Blitz mode may not be for everyone, but it’s a game changer for the genre regardless if you agree with its addition or not, at least they’re offering a different experience, something that inexperienced RTS players, like myself, have always wanted to enjoy, but wasn’t able to for whatever reason.
  6. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is an excellent game for Halo fns and for the fans of RTS games with little to no flaws.
  7. Feb 16, 2017
    One thing is for certain, though. Between Multiplayer, Blitz Mode, and Halo Wars 2's stellar 2-player co-op campaign, there's truly something for everyone in this wonderfully polished package. This is the best RTS on Xbox One today, by far. And it's a stunning entry in the Halo pantheon.
  8. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 brings back the RTS genre for the console players. Featuring a very direct and not complex action, this game is accessible for everybody who wants to try this kind of game.
  9. Feb 16, 2017
    While some challenges are simple and involve exploring every corner of the surprisingly large maps, others like keeping certain units alive are much harder. Only those who truly understand Halo Wars 2 will be able to accomplish this. Not only does this enhance replayability aside from the fantastic multiplayer offerings, it also gives you a reason to go back to the campaign.
  10. Feb 16, 2017
    I know I’ve mentioned Starcraft II a couple of times in this review, but it’s certainly the yardstick by which most RTS games are measured and this one is no different. There are obvious comparisons to be drawn between both games and Creative Assembly certainly wears its influences proudly, but Halo Wars 2 never strays into clone territory. It stands well on its own, creating an experience that combines cinematic storytelling with varied and interesting strategic gameplay, as well as throwing in a few explosions for which Halo is often known. And best of all, it manages to be accessible enough that even a blunt object like myself can finish the campaign.
  11. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 does a fantastic job building on the foundation laid out by the original game. New modes and new characters highlight what is a fun return to the Halo universe, even if the campaign is shorter than I’d prefer.
  12. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 has an epic campaign, a complete multiplayer and amazing cinematic moments. Meet a new and fearsome enemy Atriox that endangers the entire galaxy and the UNSC must stop it by all means. It improves all aspects and adds new things like the addictive Blitz mode. Play alone or in company and enjoy one of the best experiences.
  13. 90
    Halo Wars 2 isn't afraid to mess with the standard RTS formula, and it's a better game because of it. Simply put, this is one of the best reasons to own an Xbox One.
  14. Feb 16, 2017
    Bigger, faster and... better. Halo Wars 2 is a great sequel. Visuals are great, the Xbox One's controller works fine and the sound is a masterpiece. However, the best part of the game is Blitz Firefight, a new card-mode which is really fun. If you enjoyed the first Halo Wars, this sequel is perfect for you.
  15. Feb 22, 2017
    The most accessible yet demanding real time strategy game for consoles, Halo Wars 2 lives up to expectations while celebrating 20 years of RTS tradition at the same time. Fans of the franchise will love it, but veterans and newcomers to the RTS genre will be satisfied as well.
  16. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 isn’t trying to redefine real-time strategy games, but rather give fans of the genre an option on their Xbox One consoles. It’s leaning on Microsoft’s most cherished franchise and using it well.
  17. Feb 17, 2017
    This is one of the most interesting games on Xbox we've played this year, a great sequel and a game that both fans of Halo and/or strategy should try.
  18. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is not a perfect game, but is the best RTS on console and a great sequel!
  19. Feb 22, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is a great sequel, and being a fan of both the genre and the original game, I am extremely happy with how it turned out. Sure there is a clear microtransaction-heavy mode thrust into the mix, but when it is this fun I don’t mind. Besides, I don’t get competitive enough to get hooked on buying the cards. Add in co-op and the ability to play against solid AI and the package feels complete. Those craving that real-time strategy feeling that has been almost non-existent on consoles for a long time are in for a treat with Halo Wars 2.
  20. Feb 21, 2017
    Quotation forthcoming.
  21. Feb 20, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 builds on the first game mechanics adding a new epic campaign with stunning cinematics and a compelling multiplayer, especially in the new Blitz mode. The somewhat underwhelming visuals ans some bugs bring it a little bit down, but lovers of Halo and RTS games will be fully satisfied.
  22. Feb 17, 2017
    It's quite an entertaining game as it comes with vast yet satisfying content. We highly recommend it for strategy fans.
  23. Feb 17, 2017
    A really great job by 343 Industries and The Creative Assembly. Halo Wars 2 has a perfectly adapted control system for its proposal, a good technical work and a variety of game modes with hours of fun, including the Blitz mode, a new and original mode with lots of action and cards as focus.
  24. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is a ballroom blitz with dangerously addictive levels of fun. It may be lacking in the length department when it comes to its tragically short campaign, but it’s a shining second chance example at proving that strategy games can work on console.
  25. Feb 16, 2017
    This is a solid, Creative Assembly-driven RTS, well-suited for those who love the genre and also for those who are into science fiction; if you’re a fan of both, even better. Simple to understand, fun to play and challenging on higher difficulties, it’s hard to go wrong with Halo Wars 2.
  26. Feb 16, 2017
    A solid effort in the RTS genre. It may not be revolutionary, but delivers in transmitting the epic battles of the main series.
  27. Games Master UK
    May 19, 2017
    Nothing revolutionary, but worthy of any strategy fan's attention, and a must for Halo devotees. [Apr 2017, p.72]
  28. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Apr 2, 2017
    Simple, slick and satisfying, Halo Wars 2 is the undisputed chief of the console RTS. [April 2017, p.79]
  29. Feb 28, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is a fun and enjoyable real-time strategy game that showcases the biggest reasons we don’t see many RTS styled games on consoles. The lack of precise controls make for a clumsy and ineffective experience. The game’s spectacular sound design helps bring the world to life, and the Ark and the various units of each faction are well-designed and placed within the world. Halo Wars 2 isn’t the best RTS game out there, but as far as things go, it’s not a bad place to start, and could easily soak up your evenings if given the chance.
  30. Feb 25, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 has once again proved that the RTS genre can work on consoles, and although you can never compare it with even mediocre RTS titles on PC, it still raises the bar on consoles. The single-player campaign is short and not deep enough, but the multi-player and blitz modes will certainly entertain; especially if you are a fan of Halo universe.
  31. Feb 24, 2017
    Creative Assembly has taken the groundwork set out by Ensemble’s Halo Wars and improved on some of the areas that were lacking in the original, all while still keeping the game accessible and easily playable using a controller. It feels as if the campaign has been released in an unfinished state, but it still offers a decent amount of action and a compelling story. The relatively low number of missions, the unsatisfying conclusion and the fact that 343 Industries and Creative Assembly have already announced that campaign DLC will be coming in the near future can't help but leave a bitter taste in the mouth. The new Blitz mode adds a different approach to the RTS combat to which we have become accustomed, and the shorter, more action-oriented, matches give newcomers and veterans alike something into which to sink their teeth.
  32. Feb 22, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is a very accessible RTS that's easy to pick up and play, but becomes increasingly complex as you get to grips with its more advanced commands. Assuming you're willing to invest the time and effort to truly master its intricate controls, the game offers plenty to get your teeth into. The campaign is a little short, but the multiplayer components are varied and robust - even if the really entertaining Blitz mode is soured somewhat by its microtransactional focus.
  33. Feb 21, 2017
    Even though there are two new companies in charge of Halo Wars 2, this strategy game is an excellent sequel without any big revolutions. It might be a bit dull that way, but fans of the series will still enjoy this a lot.
  34. Feb 21, 2017
    Don’t expect great new features compared to Halo Wars or some kind of strategic depth, but the Blitz mode and online multiplayer will entertain you in the long run.
  35. Feb 21, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 embodies some of the best aspects of real time strategy while redefining it through its new Blitz mode. That being said, it would have been nice if the campaign would have offered more variety, as opposed to sticking to a safe and well-tested format a little too closely.
  36. Feb 20, 2017
    Technical issues and the lack of content in Blitz aside, Halo Wars 2 is a fun game that is the best bet for RTS fans looking for something to play on Xbox One. The campaign is engrossing from start to finish, the multiplayer matches are consistently exciting, and thanks to its status as an Xbox Play Anywhere game, Halo Wars 2 offers fans plenty of bang for the buck. If 343 and Creative Assembly are able to patch the game’s technical issues and add more areas to Blitz mode soon, then Halo Wars 2 will be a no-brainer for fans of the real-time strategy genre and the Halo franchise in general.
  37. Feb 20, 2017
    A great, light RTS experience. If you like campaigns in this genre, you should check it out, but if you are looking for a hardcore competitive experience, you won't find it here. Blitz is OK, but the microtransactions system does not work well.
  38. Feb 20, 2017
    Like with the original Halo Wars, what we have is an experience that can appeal to fans of both the Halo franchise and those who would enjoy your typical RTS experience. But, appealing to everyone can have its detriments, with some of the RTS elements in Halo Wars 2 feeling like they could have been fleshed out just a bit more, and some of the more action-oriented scenes feeling like they would have benefited from a perspective that wasn’t so far removed from the ground. But even so, it’s still an often-thrilling experience, and a great entry in the Halo franchise. And, a friendly reminder that there’s always room in the market for a good RTS game.
  39. Feb 20, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is a very pleasant, fast and dynamic RTS that does everything very well. What's really important it the fact that 343 Industries' game works great as a console RTS. It's less complicated than its PC counterparts but represents the genre with pride and has no competition on Xbox One.
  40. Feb 17, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is a better game thanks to the improvements of the ideas that were established by the first title. Better camera/cursor speed and the addition of custom groupings makes it feel closer to a PC RTS title while still maintaining the ease of control that console players want. The campaign and standard multiplayer modes are solid, while Blitz is a great addition for those looking for quicker RTS matches. While the game is undoubtedly better on a PC, the gameplay and presentation do well on a console — if you can overlook some of the issues mentioned earlier. Halo Wars 2 may be the only RTS game on the platform thus far, but it is a good one that's worth checking out.
  41. Feb 17, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 offers fans of the franchise a whole new swathe of lore and is a damn fine real time strategy to boot - all playable from the comfort of your sofa.
  42. Feb 17, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is an excellent and long overdue return for the console RTS, doing everything that can be expected of a sequel. Bigger, better and fresher, the Blitz mode is a welcome addition to an already solid package, and while fans of the mainline Halo games may find the transition too hard to bear, this is a worthy addition to any Xbox One owner’s collection.
  43. Feb 17, 2017
    Those that fall into the thin sliver of hardcore Xbox and hardcore RTS fan on the video gaming Venn diagram, this should probably be your next purchase.
  44. Feb 16, 2017
    The mechanics aren’t dumbed down - rather, they’re streamlined into something understandable and accessible without losing the depth that makes RTS games so damn satisfying to play.
  45. Feb 16, 2017
    Though the campaign might feel a bit short to RTS die-hards, it's a strong and enjoyable effort for the console audience. The clear paths to victory make it more manageable in short bursts too. The multiplayer offerings give Halo Wars 2 plenty of replayability, but Blitz mode needs more maps soon to make more of a lasting impression.
  46. Feb 16, 2017
    This is a game that can sit proudly in the Halo canon and also call itself a true, albeit hybrid, RTS. It’s instinctive to play, exciting to watch and packs in some genuinely new ideas that deserve exploring. And if you still can’t get past the inevitable compromises and unfamiliar UI, there’s always the PC version.
  47. There is, in other words, a lot more to this seemingly casual console RTS than meets the eye. Legions of Halo fans are likely to drive its initial popularity. They won’t have any trouble figuring out the basics and giving the Banished a good pounding. And a few months from now many of them may still be playing Blitz. But I won’t be surprised if Halo Wars 2 also develops a strong and faithful following of serious RTS fans who regularly wage epic multiplayer matches well into the wee hours.
  48. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is a great example of how to make a great console RTS: the 343 Industries & Creative Assembly title is improved over its predecessor in terms of its interesting gameplay features, great calibration, good rhythm and Blitz as an excellent new mode. Unfortunately the campaign doesn't always look brilliant overall. However Halo Wars 2 stands as an absolutely recommended purchase for Halo lovers and has great appeal for RTS genre newcomers.
  49. Feb 16, 2017
    At the end of the day, however, it’s the multiplayer and gameplay that make or break an RTS game, and Halo Wars 2 checks those boxes. If you’ve ever had the itch to command an army of UNSC soldiers, Halo Wars 2 will easily scratch it.
  50. Feb 16, 2017
    Quotation forthcoming.
  51. Feb 16, 2017
    In terms of a console RTS, Halo Wars 2 stands just about at the top. It’s easy for newcomers of the genre to pick up and play, but still has a enough meat and complexity for veterans to be satisfied. Because of how the campaign wraps things up, I truly hope it gets a sequel. But until then, Halo Wars 2 is definitely a quality exclusive to add to your Xbox One lineup.
  52. Feb 16, 2017
    Easily the best real-time strategy on a console, and a fast-paced, accessible wargame that every Xbox owner should try and experience.
  53. Feb 16, 2017
    Even without playing the new 3 on 3 multiplayer, I feel I can easily recommend Halo Wars 2 to both Halo fans and those hankering for an RTS on console. The controls are tight, the cutscenes are to die for, and there is a new cute AI that I want to be best friends with. If you aren't sold on the whole RTS thing, or it just isn't a genre you're interested in, then at the very least watch these cutscenes somewhere online, because they are damn impressive.
  54. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is hands-down the best RTS available on console, and a game that rightfully deserves a place in any thinking Xbox One owner’s library.
  55. Feb 21, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 fills the niche for a console-accessible real-time strategy game admirably. With a simultaneous Windows 10 release, PC gamers who loath console controls can also enjoy 343 Industries and Creative Assembly’s tactical take on Halo with keyboard and mouse, catering to both types of Microsoft’s RTS fanbase. With an interesting main narrative, fun competitive multiplayer modes and the general Halo spirit intact, Halo Wars 2 is an unexpected but very welcome sequel to Halo Wars worth a try for fans of the franchise and RTS games in general.
  56. Mar 1, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is an ambitious game that delivers easily understandable RTS gameplay in an immersive way. Genre enthusiasts may be disappointed but there's no denying the amount of fun to be had strategically taking on Atriox forces.
  57. Feb 22, 2017
    I enjoyed my time with the first Halo Wars, so I’m glad that Microsoft took a chance with a sequel. Unfortunately, aside from Blitz, I don’t feel like Creative Assembly pushed the envelope. Simplified base building, smaller maps, and outdated level design keep Halo Wars 2 for achieving great heights. However, if you loved the first Halo Wars, this entry delivers more of the same.
  58. Feb 20, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is still a highly recommendable title — in fact, likely one of the best RTS games that can be found on the current generation. However, accessibility on consoles came with a price to both controls and gameplay in both campaign and multiplayer modes.
  59. Feb 20, 2017
    Halo Wars is a pretty good RTS which clearly targets the newbie player by offering plenty of modes that don't require to manage the economy. While the Halo side will appeal to the fans of the IP, the game is pretty much the only RTS available on consoles today. We doubt PC players will go for it as there are many better alternatives.
  60. Feb 20, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is a decent sequel and one of the best RTS games on a console ever made. However, the story lacks any depth and the missions are easy and repetitive. Only buy Halo Wars 2 if you are an online player, otherwise you will be disappointed.
  61. Feb 27, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 doesn't break any new ground, and won't soon overtake the leaders of the genre, but it offers plenty for gamers who seek a refined console-focused RTS and another joyous trip into the Halo universe.
  62. Feb 24, 2017
    The presentation of battles and especially cut scenes is extraordinary. Unfortunately the tactical options are rather shallow, while there is not enough content to satisfy in the long run.
  63. Edge Magazine
    Apr 16, 2017
    Sacrificing a degree of nuance at the altar of spectacle is a trade-off most Halo fans will be happy to make. Yet, at times it feels like you're just smashing toys together and watching the carnage unfold. But what wonderful toys they are. [May 2017, p.114]
  64. Apr 14, 2017
    At its heart, HW2 is a console RTS that does what it needs to fit the broader appeal of the modern console generation. On PC its approach to game design will keep it off most GOTY lists, but on Xbox One its seamless gamepad control scheme and hefty selection modes make it a must for Halo devotees. Look past the shortcuts and you’ll find the best effort yet to light the real-time strategy fire on console.
  65. Apr 7, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is not without its flaws. It doesn't have the depth of other RTS's, but it does control surprisingly well and multiplayer options are abundant. There may not be much lasting appeal for hardcore players, but it is certainly fun in the moment, especially for console players that aren't too familiar with the genre.
  66. Mar 22, 2017
    343 and Creative Assembly build the new chapter of the Halo Wars Saga on a stable basis and the multiplayer is enjoyable. However the short main campaign and the confined scope of the story don't let the game breath.
  67. Feb 24, 2017
    Halo Wars didn't rewrite the RTS playbook, and Halo Wars 2 is unlikely to bring on many converts who weren't convinced by the first attempt. In many ways this is an iterative sequel, with new units and balance, and a handful of additions. The campaign is well-made and the multiplayer shines thanks largely to Blitz Mode. It's a streamlined take on a genre that has faded even more in recent years, but in its own way, Halo Wars 2 is still carrying the flame.
  68. Feb 23, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 both illustrates the problems traditional RTS titles have on console, and demonstrates how to overcome them with its excellent Blitz mode.
  69. Feb 21, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 will scratch a real-time strategy itch and give you a dose of Halo-Universe flavor with a decent story, but it won’t go much deeper than that. A run-of-the-mill campaign, controls that hamper micromanagement, conspicuous bugs, and multiplayer that relies on luck limit its long-term appeal, but its fast and flashy action makes it fun for a while.
  70. Feb 20, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 irons out any issues that the original game had, and provides more of the same, but with a bit more polish. Whilst fans of the series will be glad to play this sequel, newcomers to the RTS scene might have a harder time.
  71. 70
    Creative Assembly has deftly crafted an excellent RTS that sits somewhere between the worlds of consoles and PC, but it's clear that both worlds have to stretch a little to accommodate.
  72. 70
    The campaign tells a safe narrative that is made more impressive by the intimacy of the gameplay. The multiplayer Blitz mode may not be for everyone, but between it, and the rest of the multiplayer, there's enough there to keep people going for quite some time.
  73. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 might be a bit shallow compared to Starcraft 2, but as a strategy game on console it works really well. The controls are easy to understand, it’s action packed and the world is fantastic. For console players looking for a strategy game, Halo Wars 2 is an easy choice.
  74. Feb 16, 2017
    If you're craving an RTS on a console, or perhaps aren't particularly well-versed in the genre, Halo Wars 2 has you covered. It doesn't offer much that other games in the same space have given us over the past 10 years, but it's polished and fun to play.
  75. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 suffers a little from its console limitations, but it’s a solid RTS with a strong campaign and a good overall feel for the Halo universe. After a slow start the mission design grows much more interesting and while there’s little here you won’t have seen in a StarCraft, it’s all handled with variety, pace and drama. There’s potential too in the multiplayer modes, particularly Blitz with its unique hybrid style. It might not be the Halo sequel that you asked for, but it’s a fine one to be getting on with.
  76. Feb 23, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 retains itself as serviceable fun, if only by being unbearably approachable, and enjoyably Halo.
  77. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 carries forth enough of the series' beloved elements to make any fan of Halo feel right at home at first, but not in the long run. It’s palatable for those used to the FPS games, taking inspiration from favorite missions and putting a strategic spin on them; but just when things become more challenging and actually interesting, it runs out of steam.
  78. Feb 16, 2017
    Boasting high production value and the minor intrigue of what a new villain might mean for the greater series, Halo Wars 2 is fantastic for casual RTS gamers, but probably not for anyone else. Its relatively flat story, short campaign, and strategically shallow mechanics hold it back from greatness, instead relegating it to being yet another example of why RTS games don’t mix well with consoles.
  79. Feb 16, 2017
    Blitz mode aside, Halo Wars 2 sticks with a tried, tested and slightly tired RTS formula that's competent, but lacking in depth and originality.
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  1. Feb 16, 2017
    Halo Wars 2's campaign is an exciting enough ride with a very plain final drop. Thankfully, there will be plenty of multiplayer modes to run with what the campaign teaches. Try it.
  2. Mar 7, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 does an incredible job of ensuring console players can enjoy the RTS genre and there's certainly a lot of content here, but it's difficult to get really excited about any of it. The campaign doesn't push any boundaries and the game's most exciting multiplayer mode, Blitz, is hampered by the feeling that players who spend more money are given an unfair advantage over their opponents. It's exciting to see another high-profile RTS game released, but this one doesn't do quite enough to move things forward.
  3. Feb 24, 2017
    I am, however, a Halo devotee going back to the Combat Evolved era, and can say with certainty that this is an accessible and worthy installment in that enduring saga. After a couple dozen hours spent playing, I'm already eager to revisit the campaign on a higher difficulty – and Blitz remains sheer, unabashed fun. Even 15 years later, Halo's still got tricks up its sleeve.
  4. Feb 20, 2017
    If you want to play a Halo game with the simpler story, backs-to-the-wall tone and cinematic flair of Bungie’s good ol’ days go right ahead and play Halo Wars 2. Just don’t expect the quality of the game to match that of the cutscenes.
  5. Feb 16, 2017
    I couldn't tell you why, from a business perspective, Halo Wars 2 exists. It doesn’t seem like the kind of project that will yield blockbuster returns for anyone involved. It doesn’t move the RTS genre forward. But it does make for an accessible RTS that doesn’t feel stupid in the process, and it serves as a reminder of how well Halo’s world and fiction lends itself to spaces outside of the first person shooter, even if it can’t quite shake its franchise avoidance of meaningful denouement. [Provisional Score = 80]
  6. Mar 7, 2017
    RTS developers often talk about silhouettes — the unique visual profile of a unit or building — being important. Good silhouettes allow players to identify and assess the threat of an incoming force in just a few seconds, but the examples in Halo Wars 2 are difficult to read at that kind of pace.
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  1. Feb 17, 2017
    Halo Wars 2 is an excellent and long overdue return for the console RTS, doing everything that can be expected of a sequel. Bigger, better andHalo Wars 2 is an excellent and long overdue return for the console RTS, doing everything that can be expected of a sequel. Bigger, better and fresher, the Blitz mode is a welcome addition to an already solid package, and while fans of the mainline Halo games may find the transition too hard to bear, this is a worthy addition to any Xbox One owner’s collection. Full Review »
  2. Feb 17, 2017
    Clean, functional, understandable, yet a bit basic.

    If you're a veteran Strategy player, you'll find Halo War 2 to be a little simpler than
    Clean, functional, understandable, yet a bit basic.

    If you're a veteran Strategy player, you'll find Halo War 2 to be a little simpler than the average Strategy game, but it has found a way to work on the Xbox One.

    The game might wear me down a bit after a few more hours, but I'm enjoying it for the time being.
    Full Review »
  3. Feb 17, 2017
    Halo wars 2 is the proberbial "baby's first RTS" with hand holding mechanics and infruiating tutorials during the story (even if you said noHalo wars 2 is the proberbial "baby's first RTS" with hand holding mechanics and infruiating tutorials during the story (even if you said no to the tutotorial) that treat you as though you are too mentally challenged to actually be able to play the game. Now were the involvement of crystal dynamics from the first game gave people the impresion that this was going to be on par if not similar to the first halo wars game, make no mistake in understanding that this is a 343 industries game through and though with a plot that never really esculates, filled generic gameplay and plagued with bugs that become quite evident early in the game.

    From first installing Halo Wars 2 onto my console i was first hit up with a 6.8gb day one patch, which upon completion and pressing play i was once again hit with another 2.8gb patch taking rougly 3 hours to download completely despite the modest size of the game. Finally upon completion i loaded up the game and started the first mission, greated by a beautiful blur rendered cutscene of the spirit of fire as they awake from cyrostasis and choose to land upon the ark. After this cutscene however we are then introduced to the games visuals which in turn share a cartoonish vibe present spartan strike and assualt, and being a person who's not all too concerned about graphics, the game does end up looking rather cheap with in game unit models looking like they were pulled from a game made 15 years ago.

    Gameplay, in particular, the campaign features some of the most easy and exploitable maps/enemies imaginable with the ai controlled enemy spouting out the same enemy units time and time again until the game ends in which case it desides it wants to spawn an f u boss that serves no other purpose then to extend the length of the games reletively short and forgettable missions. The campaign is also furstating to the degree in which it will purposely drag out its own length with scripted events and a lock n certain units that make zerg rushing the only relable strategy. Skirimish and Blitz arent much better either with the only main difference being that the enemy can upgrade its units and that it can't pull some scripted event out of its own butt to stretch the match.

    Story on the other hand is better than Halo 5 and i dare say Halo 4 and personally that isnt saying much considering that the plot really has no defining moments and barely esculates at all with Atriox being hyped as the most intimidating villian in Halo history to ending up as a really forgettable character. The significant change in apperance and sound of the spirit of fire crew is also noticable with characters feeling foriegn to what they were in the original and sure there are moments where it seems like there one and the same again but ultimately differences in personality make them all too different.

    Ultimately Halo wars 2 isnt amazing or grand and represents the basic nature of RTS and plot telling structure in a paint by numbers game only redeemed by the inclusion of the original game in the ultimate edition.
    Full Review »