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  1. Feb 19, 2019
    Even after watching the 5 part video recap I found most of this game to be confusing and not knowing what was going on (Only played KH 1 & 2). That wasn't my main problem with KH3 though. My biggest complaint was of the 50 hours I put into it, I felt as if 50% of that was spent watching cutscenes. I would go from a cutscene, fight a wave of enemies, take 25 steps and boom, cutscene. WhenEven after watching the 5 part video recap I found most of this game to be confusing and not knowing what was going on (Only played KH 1 & 2). That wasn't my main problem with KH3 though. My biggest complaint was of the 50 hours I put into it, I felt as if 50% of that was spent watching cutscenes. I would go from a cutscene, fight a wave of enemies, take 25 steps and boom, cutscene. When you are actually able to play the game between the neverending spew of cutscenes it was a pretty fun button masher. The most fun I had was after I beat the game and was going back through all the world's trying to 100% the achievement list. I wasn't bombarded by cutscenes and was actually able to just play the game at my own pace. All in all it is a solid game though I felt a little let down after waiting all these years for KH3. It did fulfill my cravings for a good button mashing game. The visuals were great as was the combat system. The background music could grow increasingly annoying and I found myself lowering the volume or outright muting my tv at times when I would spend extended time in a world listening to the same tune over and over. Overall I put 50 hours into 100%ing KH3 and while there was many times of frustration, overall it is playable and has its enjoyable moments. Expand
  2. Feb 23, 2019
    The gameplay is fantastic. The music in the game sounds beautiful. The combat can be repetitive and enemies do not change that much. The dialogue can be really cringey. Overall you will have fun with it and will want to wrap up the story
  3. Apr 7, 2020
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Haber jugado KINGDOM HEARTS 3 ha sido una sensación agridulce.
    Disfrute el juego pero es que en la mayoría de sus apartados es un paso atrás respecto a sus antecesores.

    para empezar la jugabilidad, el juego es demasiado fácil en la dificultad normal, es como dar un paseo, se supone que la dificultad normal es un equilibrio entre fácil y proud, pero se parece a la dificultad fácil de los anteriores juegos
    te dan muchas facilidades, en cada momento la pantalla te spawnea ataques conjuntos y las atracciones que te ayudan bastante, como si no bastara con lo fácil que es hacerle daño a los enemigos, a pesar de eso es divertido, hacer los combos y rellenar la barra de tino para hacer unos movimientos impresionantes es de lo mejor de la jugabilidad y que aparte si lanzas un mismo hechizo un par de veces te aparece un comando para lanzar ese mismo hechizo pero más potente

    Kingdom Hearts es un juego muy hermoso artísticamente, el motor grafico de epic games hace un gran trabajo con este juego, de verdad llegas a creer que el juego es la película o incluso en algunos casos se ve hasta mejor que la película, los efectos de partículas y agua son muy impresionantes al igual que la iluminación

    Esto quizás sea uno de los apartados que más me decepciono del juego, estoy consciente que la historia de kingdom hearts nunca ha sido muy profunda o seria, pero esto fue una gran oportunidad desperdiciada, se pudo haber profundizado más en la relación que llevaban kairi y axel cuando estaban entrenando para ser maestros o la búsqueda de riku y mickey para encontrar a aqua en la que podrían haber visitado varios mundos en los que ella estuvo, HASTA ESA MISMA IDEA SE PLANTEO EN EL JUEGO!, la parte final de juego es de lo peor, sora evangeliza cual naruto a la mayoría de antagonistas del juego, la verdad en definitiva un paso atrás con respecto a los anteriores, en juego pasados si se llegaba a profundizar más las relaciones de los personajes y sus sentimientos, que llegabas a sentirte un poco mal por lo que estaban pasando y aquí eso es mínimo o nulo.

    Kingdom hearts 3 a pesar de tener muchas carencias que no tenían sus entregas anteriores, es un juego muy divertido con una historia regular tirando más a buena.
    si recomiendo su compra y mi calificación seria un 7.8/10
  4. May 17, 2020
    The game is visually beautiful, but the writing in this game is very dumbed down quite a bit which becomes a distraction, the ending was great but not fully satisfied as you need to purchase DLC to finish the ending which isn't ideal. Combat, pace, music, free roam, and graphics are all but fantastic!
  5. Jun 22, 2020
    This game has an acceptable number of levels but with long duration that it becomes tedious to play.
    If you are a new player you will NOT understand the story well
    It has more cinematics than decent gameplay
  6. Mar 25, 2019
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Although the game has a more polished gameplay than its predecessors and an interesting system of key evolution (which seems more an excuse for not doing more keys than a mechanical one) I consider that it has many negative points that make it end with a 6 (And it would be a 7 if it were not because they already said that in the future DLC is going to develop more the plot, thing that at first was not thus).

    The worlds are much better elaborated and visually are superior to those of any previous delivery (Although in general the game could have been much better in terms of graphics is concerned, that simplicity in the textures seems horrible), but, removing the want to get the secret endings, does not invite you to explore them since the chests only give you materials, potions or MINIJUEGOS MALDITOS OF CLASSIC KINGDOM, and little else you find in them, especially because the extra mini-games practically throw them in your face (That's another , this KH has too many Minigames), you travel the world from A to B and already, unless you want 100%, that then you have to spend two hours looking for symbols of the noses, which are sometimes searched or original and others are. .. well, look Arendelle.

    Pooh's world is quite complete, they could have saved it, I do not understand what it looks like or what grace it has. They give you a key and you have three minigames that are the same but with four changes (And for me they are the worst of KH3), you can do them all at once and when you finish you do not have to do anything there again.

    About the mini-games, as I said a moment ago, there are too many, I do not understand why but it seems that they have been more concerned with the Classic Kingdom system (remember that you can play in KHUX) than by giving a plot sense to the plot . You have the mini-games of the flans, almost 1 per world, the gazillion minigames of Classic Kingdom, the slide with the shield in Olympus and Arendelle, the Rattatoui (Which by the way, did not need that every time you go through any ingredient, Goofy or Donald have a voice command, it's horrible) and the Pooh minigame.

    The combat is cool, especially with this new system in which the keys get transformations (Although a little ugly that recycle with Starlight) but this mechanics is precisely the one that loads all the others (Except attractions that end up being more of a nuisance ) since you will not use magic or Tino if you have something more comfortable and without penalty or cost (In fact I will have used Tino once or twice throughout the game, sincerely it is the combat skill that happens the most unnoticed).

    The difficulty system is absurd, and as they said nothing in an interview is why they wanted to attract what is casuals, and I think it's cool, more people can play them, but for that there is the CHOICE OF DIFFICULTY, if I want pass the game fast and easy or I'm new in the saga I get EASY or NORMAL, not DIFFICULT, it seems to me the most absurd excuse in the world Why do you give me to choose if all are easy, what happens with experienced players, and those that are not as good as for a Master mode? I know how to play KH but I do not want to play a Master mode, I want a mode of difficulty that is a moderate challenge, not a walk or a torture, I spent the game without spending extra potions of those because they were not needed.

    On the Gumi ships, I love 3D mode, I do not understand why the fights are still in 2D, and that I do not let you choose inverted control for 3D and normal for 2D, it touched my nose a lot, I had to change it every time I was in combat, but that's more personal.

    About the story, and possibly what people are most upset about: It's chaos. I play UX and that's why I surely understand many references (In fact I go out in the game in a certain scene thanks to that) but there are too many points that develop as Nomura likes, with mystery about mystery and shot because it touches me. Not only does it not clarify many of the things that are taught in KHUX but it is adding more for the new saga (Two new UX carriers, the super "mysterious" end of those who loves to do Nomura, Scale, the end of Daybreak, etc). The part of Disney is pure filler, I had never felt so stuffed as before, in fact there is a world where literally does not affect the plot at all. The final part, which is where you are supposed to tell everything (I already say no) is a run-over succession of combats (quite entertaining, it has to be said) that, due to its speed at the moment of telling you the things, you can not just empathize with the moment, there are even things that come out so forced that Nomura has already had to clarify that they will be counted in the future DLC (EjemXionejem). Honestly in that aspect I think I could have taken better advantage of the succession of events throughout the game to do something more stable.

    It is usually a game that you can enjoy playing, but it is not as good as expected.
  7. Dec 27, 2019
    Basically everything about this game is top level. Combat system is simple but fun; Music is wonderful and fits perfectly into that setting; Graphics are great; But it is far away from perfect in my opinion. It has way to many cut scenes. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.... if the story wasn't kind of boring... And the worst thing about this game - which made it the worst gamingBasically everything about this game is top level. Combat system is simple but fun; Music is wonderful and fits perfectly into that setting; Graphics are great; But it is far away from perfect in my opinion. It has way to many cut scenes. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.... if the story wasn't kind of boring... And the worst thing about this game - which made it the worst gaming experience I've had in a really long time - are the dialogues and the writing in general.... Oh my god... I never played a game that's story is so badly written.... It feels like a 10 year old kid wrote the script for this game. So bad... SO BAD.
    Suggestion: If you're considering to play Kingdom Hearts III, skip the freaking cut scenes. They are dumb as hell, they make no flippin' sense and they are way too long...
  8. Oct 31, 2019
    Not a very good game i'm afraid. There's more cutscenes than actual gameplay, the controls are just as clunky as the original game and the story is completely ridiculous. The graphics are nice though.
  9. May 17, 2019
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Kingdom Hearts 3 was the most anticipated title in the series, promising to give us a satisfying ending as well as tying up any loose ends with a brand new combat system and emphasis on world building. While the game's soundtrack and worlds are definitely the highlight of the series, the game left far too much to be desired for a so called "Grand Finale". The two greatest problems with this game are the overall pacing of the story and it's new combat system. Combat is incredibly easy, a veteran can expect a maximum of 8 - 10 hours with this title while a newcomer/returning fan can expect a maximum of 20. Combat is super floaty, the fact that Sora gains even more air combos as he levels up is actually mind numbing. While this may feel incredibly rewarding and fun the first 15 times, being able to perfect a boss simply because of air combos should reveal this as a problem. Even at the highest difficulty, the final boss could easily be countered by simply blocking his first attack and then launching him into the air to air combo him. The story is definitely the worst part of this title, it should leave a sour taste in your mouth by simply how unrewarding, random and down right lazy the writing is. While the game does a better job than the others at explaining the events leading up to this title (It has 5 episodes explaining the other games), characters will start reviving and dying completely randomly with absolutely no build up at all. For example, the worst example of this is the return of fan favorite (And my personal favorite as well) Roxas himself. We are at the FINAL BATTLE when he is introduced. THE FINAL BATTLE. One should expect that our characters would want to be able to have human emotions and reactions upon seeing the return of THEIR DEAD FRIENDS. In the same fight, Xion is revived with no explaination other than "Xemnas had clones of everyone because obviously having a replica of the two organization members that were trying to dismantle your work and stop you from attaining your goal should be CLONED JUST IN CASE". In this boss fight, we witness both Xion's return, Roxas' return, the "almost-death" of Axel, we see Kairi fighting for the first time, we see the 358 trio reunite, we see Kairi being kidnapped again and we also see Axel being gay with the moon guy. WHAT IS THIS GAME.

    Not to mention the fact that the main villains of the story are doing **** during the first 80% of the game. In previous titles, you would have encounters with the main villains while doing **** in Disney worlds and have fights or dialogue that would help move the story. Instead this game assassinates the characters in order to hype up and foreshadow the events of Kingdom Hearts IV.

    I have no **** idea what they were thinking with their world building. There is seemingly useless levels of depth and effort put into making these worlds. Pirates of the Carribbean has multiple large islands hidden with **** crabs that you would use to upgrade your ship. The problem is that there is no **** point into upgrading the ship because no one wants to look for 3000 **** crabs, and the boss battles that include the ship battles are made so easy that a child can do them by simply mashing the prompts. Big Hero 6 has multiple large cities filled with detailed diverse buildings. Many of these buildings even have some interiors. The problem is that the city is completely **** empty with nothing to do but run up a skyscraper and jumping off in the hopes that it **** kills you.

    The soundtrack is still amazing, and there are a few moments in the game were I was genuinely having fun. The presentation of the game is amazing, the amount of freedom you have with flow motion and gliding is great, and returning to some Disney worlds with original stories (Such as Monsters Inc) was a pleasant surprise.

    In closing, this was a genuinely disappointing experience especially because of the multiple delays, the long ass **** development time and all they hype they kept promising. With the story being so rushed and being as far as possible from any Kingdom Hearts magic, it seemed as if they deleted the entire story on accident and rewrote it in a few days. Either that or they completely mismanaged their time and effort into making this game seem pretty instead of actually giving us a proper ending.
  10. May 9, 2020
    Combat is the only saving grace of this game but other than that it is a mess. If you want to just poorly rehash some Disney movies than this is the game for you.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. May 29, 2019
    It doesn’t quite reach the level of quality found in Kingdom Hearts II (which I don’t particularly think is fair because I don’t like to compare a sequel to its predecessor when said predecessor was one of the best games ever made), but I find it hard to believe that any fan of this series would walk away from Kingdom Hearts III unsatisfied.
  2. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Mar 9, 2019
    Inconsistent but entertaining, packed with likeable, iconic characters. [Issue#225, p.72]
  3. Feb 20, 2019
    Kingdom Hearts III is a fitting conclusion to this Dark Seeker saga; and by fitting, I mean a hodge-podge of ideas and sub-plots that don’t always seem to work but still manage to muster something pretty decent.