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  • Summary: In Lumini, players take control of a swarm of the titular creatures - an ancient race that has been missing for thousands of years - and grow, evolve and keep the swarm safe during their challenging and perilous journey.
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  1. Jan 30, 2020
    It seems so rare to come across a game that can truly achieve its objective, but with the combination of tranquil adaptive music, beautiful scenery and the mesmerising, flowing movements and colours, Lumini seems to genuinely allow the stress and worries of life to melt away.
  2. Jan 30, 2020
    Lumini on Xbox One is a fabulous game with a lovely and creative premise that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. You will find yourself partaking in a relaxing, almost zen-like experience over the two or so hours you will be playing this for.
  3. Feb 2, 2020
    Lumini lacks in variety, challenge and longevity, but it makes up for it with a relaxing and fascinating side-scrolling experience, with nice gameplay mechanics and pleasant sceneries.
  4. Jan 19, 2020
    There are many relaxing games out there and Lumini doesn't really offer much new but it is a beautiful game with superb audio to boot.
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  1. Jan 29, 2020
    Lumini is a Dynamic 2D Action-Adventure. You are a Lumini, a lost and ancient race, and you collect gems and bring radiance back to the world.Lumini is a Dynamic 2D Action-Adventure. You are a Lumini, a lost and ancient race, and you collect gems and bring radiance back to the world. The game is an intricate work of art, and each element by itself isn't much of anything special. The world design is spectacular, and every area paints a mood. The music is dynamic and shifts seamlessly from moment to moment, creating an ambiance over every moment. As you progress along you gain more Lumini, and the amount of them represents your "Health". As you gather them you will obtain Lumini of three different colors, Blue Lumini that moves faster, Red Lumini that are aggressive and can attack enemies, and Yellow that can obtain gems from a distance. I feel that the Yellow Lumini weren't given enough time to shine. they only felt useful later in the game, and only briefly. That didn't detract from how much awe I was in as the music would shift as I entered a new area, or came upon a danger. One mechanic I found fun and daunting was having to split my flock, to press multiple buttons, or to hold one down as I went to retrieve some gems. Combat felt unintuitive at first, but once I got a grip on moving and swooping in for a hit it made more sense, and I felt accomplished. This game stands in a field alone, emitting grace and beauty. Lumini is an experience I feel many gamers can enjoy, Zen and beauty, with a pinch of action. Expand