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  • Summary: The highest rated* annual sports title of this console generation returns with NBA 2K18, featuring unparalleled authenticity and improvements on the court.

    *According to 2008 - 2016
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NBA 2K18 - All-Time Teams Trailer
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. Sep 20, 2017
    Visual Concepts managed to improve an already perfect game, adding a new captivating free roaming mode and further improving animations, players character and gameplay. A must-have not just for NBA fans, but for any sports games lover.
  2. Sep 22, 2017
    NBA 2K18 returns to be the star of the sports games. The effort of Visual Concepts continues to surpass year after year is evident in this release to recreate the entire NBA perfectly, with The Neighborhood as a great novelty and a lot of content and game modes with which you will have endless hours of entertainment. All this with a spectacular graphical aspect.
  3. Sep 19, 2017
    NBA 2K18 is the best basketball game ever, with many possibilities for all NBA fans. This year the game includes huge changes with My Career and My GM modes, and you can spend plenty of hours playing these two modes. Of course, we see changes on the gameplay front, and new options like the All Time Teams.
  4. Oct 18, 2017
    There is some hits and misses in NBA 2K18 with some amazing graphics, stellar controls and a decent online experience that holds the core of the game together. However, there needs to be some work done in the custom experiences along with some coaching for the sportscasters to sound a lot more realistic and sincere rather than reading from a script. In the end though the core gameplay experience is superb and I can see why this series has been the go-to basketball game for quite sometime. NBA 2K18 will no doubt entertain and delight basketball fans and sports fans alike.
  5. Nov 9, 2017
    NBA 2K18 succeeds in delivering truly addictive gameplay that is pretty easy to pick up for newcomers, while long-time players will enjoy mastering the advanced techniques.
  6. 80
    More than any sports video game before it, this title makes you ponder a sport as you’re playing the game, makes your mind kick into overdrive as you debate slices of basketball.
  7. Sep 19, 2017
    Maybe NBA 2K18 has been the king of the court for too long and now it’s getting bored. Instead of improving gameplay, it’s figuring out more ways to make money through MyCareer and MyTeam. It’s new Neighborhood functions as a metaphor for the entire game itself, in that it seems like a big addition to the game but you quickly realize it’s pretty much just an empty shopping mall and a distraction from the actual game.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 53
  2. Negative: 44 out of 53
  1. Sep 27, 2017
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. 2K did another great game. Stunning visuals, fluid gameplay and perfect feeling of a real match going on your tv. It is a real improvement of its previous game Expand
  2. Sep 30, 2017
    What’s Hot
    + Decent Graphics
    + Good SoundTrack + Same 2K Controls we grew to enjoy over the last few years + Decent voice acting +
    What’s Hot
    + Decent Graphics
    + Good SoundTrack
    + Same 2K Controls we grew to enjoy over the last few years
    + Decent voice acting
    + Presentation
    + Facial Scan via Android or iOS phone or tablet

    What’s Not
    - Painful load times…
    - Microtransactions is cancer and this game is riddled with it.
    - Game lag during online play
    - Can’t see what who your opponent is choosing during online play (Play Now).
    - Can’t skip meaningless cut-scenes during in MyCareer.
    - Significant editing of the soundtrack

    Why 2K, Why?
    * Did you make the MyCareer mode so tough this year? Serious don’t expect to score more
    than 8 points a game until you rating is over 70.
    * Why does the MyCareer look like it came out last gen systems. I purchased the Xbox One version because I wanted to enjoy a basketball game looking its best (and play against my friends online). Now I’m regretting not getting the Nintendo Switch version… The Xbox One, and PS4 versions don’t look that much better.

    Honestly speaking, I am not impressed here. It is actually kinda sad being that 2K is known for having the best looking games. Don’t get me wrong if you mostly play Online or in the Play Now mode this game looks great. Presentation also is top-notch like you would expect form 2k. The game just turns ugly when you play in the MyCareer Mode. Seriously everything look like it came right out of 2013 on last gen consoles. I wish they took more time to develop the My Career modes visuals, that's where you will be spending much of your time.

    Your usual NBA2K stuff here, though the kicked up the difficulty or should I say frustration meter way up in MyCareer mode. Putting everything behind a paywall kinda hamper the gameplay a bit to. While VC points aren’t difficult to obtain but I hate having to spend them on Hair cuts i have already purchased… Playing online is a bit annoying as well. I’m not sure What 2K was thinking but I would like to see what team my opponent is picking so I don’t choose the same one. There is nothing worse than playing against the same team i chose 4 times in a row… Load times are almost unbearable in MyCareer mode. You load to get into the hub over-world, you load to get into the practice gym, and you load to get out of it. You load to get into game, You load for the locker room, and you load after the game. Then you load again to go back to the hub over-world. It's all pretty awful, especially knowing that you have to do this for every f’n game. This much loading in a 2017 game that has a 45GB+ install footprint is ridiculous. Oh and you can’t skip cut-scenes… Even the ones that don’t require your decisions.

    2K normally gets this right yearly so there are no surprises here. You get a decent mix of today’s and yesteryears Hip Hop with a few other hype tracks. Voice acting is good and the announcers are pretty much spot on.

    I’m sorry by this game especially in its current condition is no way worth the price of admission. “Save your money folks (in Donald Trump Voice)” the game will drop in price in the next few months. I can almost guarantee you can buy this for $40 or $50 around black Friday. I feel sorry for the people who brought the legend's edition for $150.

    Around The Web:
    First off I’m gonna say it is bizarre how Gaming Journalist and Consumer are on the opposite sides of the richter scale when it comes to this game. On MetaCritic the game is getting an 8.5 or 85 from professionals but only a 1.6 or 16 from consumers. Also, on Amazon the Game currently has a 2.1 or a 42. This tell us a few things. One gaming news outlets need to start being more transparent. If they are being strong armed to produce positive reviews they need to stop doing them and misleading consumer for a dollar. Two 2K needs to revamp their NBA 2K team because i can see consumers looking elsewhere next year if this keeps up.

    Realtalk, i am so disappointed. I was looking forward to jumping back into the sports game genre with the latest and greatest basketball game being that basketball is my favorite sport. And then i ended up with this… An unpolished basketball sim with issues i find hard to look past. I feel this game is best used for playing locally with friends until some bugs and annoyances are addressed. Don’t get me wrong, the game isn’t bad it just isn’t what i was hoping for. 2K Sports let their greed take control this time and it shows. You shouldn’t have to pay extra to enjoy a game and, that's what 2K wants you to do here. It also doesn't do much for their character being it appears they corrupted the media into giving out good scores.

    Just wait for a price drop. This game as is, isn’t worth the price of admission.
  3. Sep 13, 2018
    NBA 2k18 is a good game, it has a lot of amazing features that were not in the previous games. Unfortunately, it still has some things thatNBA 2k18 is a good game, it has a lot of amazing features that were not in the previous games. Unfortunately, it still has some things that need to be fixed like the gameplay, servers are not the good, and it’s a multipurchase game.
    The good thing about this game is the new features and animations they added in the game. The main thing they added to this game was the neighborhood. I personally think it was a cool addition it was smooth and throughout the neighborhood there was minigames you can play with your friends. In the neighborhood you could go to the barbershop for your character, you can go get tattoos, and change your clothes in the NBA shop. It also had this thing you can go to in the neighborhood called park. The park it has 8 courts 6 3v3 courts and 2 2v2 courts. This is where you and your friends can compete with other people that are playing the game at the time.
    Now there was a lot of things that needed to be fixed in this game. For example, when u buy the game you can make your own player and you can play My career mode, but it takes to long for you to be able to upgrade your player. They do this so u can spend money on vc (what you use to upgrade your player) and it costs a lot of real-life money to get more of it. For example, I have a friend that bought the game for $60 but 1 day later spent $100 just on vc because there isn’t enough time to grind on your player to upgrade him. The creators of the game do this, so you must spend more money than you already did on the game.
    The gameplay is not up to par it has some good days and some terrible days. The good days happen rarely this is when the game has great servers and it is running smoothly but it is also when people rarely play the game because of the experience they had before. On its bad days the servers are slow, and you can’t really play with anyone. The bad days is when you have these players where they get these glitches that came out a while ago before they were fixed but, the people that discovered them uses them and you can’t stop what they are doing. They were animation glitches that boosted your handles and dunks/layups.
    In conclusion I’m neutral about the game to be honest because it has good, but it also has a lot of bad. The graphics of the game are fantastic but sometimes the gameplay can be glitchy. For what the game is worth I do not approve the price should be lowered just because you have to spend more money on vc than your do on the actual game.
  4. Oct 1, 2018
    Jogo apresenta um conceito e uma mecânica muito interessante, principalmente para quem já praticou o esporte. Porem falha na execução desseJogo apresenta um conceito e uma mecânica muito interessante, principalmente para quem já praticou o esporte. Porem falha na execução desse ideal.

    Em relação à mecânica o jogo se perde, pois existe uma grande dessincronizarão com os dribles e o caminhar dos jogadores, quando estamos marcados, driblamos para um lado e tentamos correr para o mesmo lado do drible, mesmo com o caminho livre é possível sentir um bloqueio, talvez da própria animação impedindo o seu avanço. Isso piora ainda mais quando jogamos on line.

    Um ponto importante é a defesa do seu time ou personagem quando se esta controlando, ela parece simplesmente não existir, a 2K parece um time q se importa apenas com o ataque dos jogadores, o q já percebemos q não fazem muito bem, do que com as defesas algo não torna menos brilhando outras franquias de simulação do esporte q se importam com essa mecânica.

    O sistema de arremesso, parece ainda ser uma indecisão enorme para a 2K , pois a cada ano o jogo muda o padrão de mecânica, apresentando uma barra q se preenche conforme o tempo q se pressiona o botão tento q se chegar ao um determinado limite para ter 100% de acerto do seu arremesso, porem este limite parece ser o principal problema pois a cada ano ele esta em uma determinada altura da barra ora ele fica no meio ora no fim. Mesmo assim indiferente da sua familiaridade com o conceito de arremesso ele nem sempre representa a porcentagem de acerto do personagem, pois muitas vezes mesmo estando cheio o jogador erra o arremesso isso tudo se agrava ainda mais quando falamos de jogo on line, pois apresenta um delay infinito no medidor do arremesso em qualquer velocidade de conexão ou modo de jogo online.

    Um dos diferenciais da serie é a possibilidade de colocar seu rosto no jogador do modo carreira, com a opção face scan, algo muito interessante que também se perde no caminho, sendo extremamente difícil realizar um escaneamento próximo dos traços do seu rosto. Mesmo quando vc consegue, em momentos da historia do jogo (no modo carreira) é possível ver bugs no seu rosto com pálpebras fora do lugar ou sua boca mexendo de forma estranha.

    O modo carreira é algo q talvez salve o jogo, pois apresenta uma historia um tanto quanto interessante, criando uma curva de aprendizado interessante, além de dois quarteirões de exploração bairro onde alguns eventos acontecem e novas perspectivas vão sendo observadas, mesmo q maçante, pois a repetição é o faz vc crescer dentro do jogo isso se vc não quiser recorrer as microtransações. Ainda nesse modo a 2K optou por excluir a dificuldade Rookie o q ajudava os mais novos na mecânica do jogo a se familiarizar com a franquia, isso torna o jogo cada vez mais frustrante, pois a demora para evoluir o personagem é muito grande e é muito difícil se para se acostumar com a jogabilidade.

    As microtransações são um caso a parte, pois como disse a repetição é o que faz vc crescer, ou seja, quanto mais jogos vc jogar mais VC (moeda do jogo), vai ganhar algo q muda pouco mesmo com os contratos q vc assina no jogo, porem para se ganhar habilidades e desenvolve-las precisa-se de um tempo de partida maior, ou seja, vc tem q escolher entre habilidade ou dinheiro, mas pode-se evoluir mais rápido se vc comprar VC, algo absurdo neste jogo, pois tudo é cobrado, desde roupas, tênis, acessórios e até o corte de cabelo do seu personagem custa muito caro.

    Ainda no modo carreira o jogo te obriga a jogar on line para atingir os 100% do seu personagem, esse processo se torna massante quanto temos q esperar muito tempo para jogar, com uma mecanica cheia de lag e delay, alem disso a 2k prioriza apenas os jogadores q formam panelinhas dentro das quadras o q torna dificil um jogador mediano evoluir ou persistir no modo ou no titulo.

    Os outros modos de jogo seguem o mesmo padrão sendo tudo bem caro em modas do jogo ou denotando muito tempo para se alcançar um simples objetivo.

    Os grafico são bons dentro do padrão q a 2k vem apresentando.
  5. Sep 12, 2018
    Don't play this game! It's the absolute worst game in the NBA 2K series! This game has so much VC purchases in MyCareer and MyTeam that itDon't play this game! It's the absolute worst game in the NBA 2K series! This game has so much VC purchases in MyCareer and MyTeam that it makes the game unplayable without paying real world money. Also, it doesn't help because you literally have to pay for EVERYTHING in the MyCareer mode including shoes, clothes, haircuts, tattoos, etc. However, the game forcing you to pay expensive VC prices for stats is the worst as there is artificially high level players throughout the entire mode. This game was a rushed out, poorly designed disaster of an NBA 2K game! Please play previous NBA 2K titles and never touch this terrible game! Expand
  6. Oct 5, 2017
    Just terrible. The need to spend money to play is at an all time high. 2k has found a way to make MyTeam even worse this year then the lastJust terrible. The need to spend money to play is at an all time high. 2k has found a way to make MyTeam even worse this year then the last two installments! Pack and Playoffs are terrible. Not to mention plenty of glitches to go with it. Save yourself the $60 you'd have to pay to play this and want to rip your hair out after. Terrible product 2k, listen to your COMMUNITY! Expand
  7. Sep 18, 2017
    The game is broken. I bought the legend edition which comes with 100k vc and other in game items. After playing the mycareer for a littleThe game is broken. I bought the legend edition which comes with 100k vc and other in game items. After playing the mycareer for a little while they deleted my player and all of the vc was lost. This is in game currency in which I spent my money on, and now is wasted. It's bad enough that 2K is immensely greedy with these micro transactions, but now you cant even use what you paid for without the servers causing issues. This is unacceptable and we should not let these companies get away with these terrible business practices. Expand

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