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  1. Sep 9, 2017
    We were expecting a lot from Redout, maybe too much because this game is far from taking the crown off WipEout's head because of a crappy AI and a poor feeling in the steering.
  2. Sep 18, 2017
    I for one would love to see the return of anti-gravity racers to the market once more, but Redout simply doesn’t provide the same magic seen in previous titles in the genre, and with a hefty price tag to accompany it, this is probably one headache we can all do without.
  3. Nov 15, 2017
    Of course, for PS4 owners, at least, there is the little matter of the aforementioned Wipeout Omega Collection, which does the futuristic racer thing better than Redout could ever dream. There’s something ironic about a game from the past capturing the vibe of the future better than a game that came out this year, but when the alternative is as forgettable as this, the choice is pretty clear.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 27 Ratings

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  1. Sep 4, 2017
    Possibly the greatest futuristic racing game of all time; Redout is an absolutely essential purchase for anyone who’s grown up playingPossibly the greatest futuristic racing game of all time; Redout is an absolutely essential purchase for anyone who’s grown up playing classics like F-Zero, Wipeout and Extreme-G. This game does so many things right on so many levels it’s astounding, from the stunning visuals & sound design to the humongous variety of incredible race tracks.

    Make no mistake about it, Redout is FAST. Certainly its most divisive element, then, is just how floaty the vehicle handling is relative to both how winding the tracks are as well as their relative visual similarity in each location. This is a blessing in disguise, however, because Redout mandates track memorization and precise driving lines in a way I’ve rarely seen in similar racers. The learning curve is steep, but taking the time to race the tracks over and over to learn their intricacies is utterly addictive.

    The track design itself is brilliant, constantly temping players with wide straightaways to boost faster and faster through before throwing them into harrowing hairpins, loops and corkscrews. Later courses completely throw reality out the window, serving up some of the wildest tracks seen this side of F-Zero GX, with massive jumps, zero-g segments and only the smallest of margins for error.

    Redout’s single player campaign was for me worth the price of admission alone- over 120 career mode events cover a wide variety of game modes like time trials, tournament races, survival events and more. It’s sure to take quite a few hours to finish off and does a great job of introducing the player to the game’s mechanics in the slower speed classes before letting them loose with the faster class 3 & 4 ships and the most difficult circuits.

    Redout’s multiplayer component currently consists of online racing and local split-screen support for up to two players. The online multiplayer works flawlessly and I’ve had a blast in online races, though it’s worth noting that during most hours of the day the online community seems quite dry (certainly not a fault of the game itself). The game also includes online time-trial leaderboards, which is sure to create fun competition amongst the community.
    I only have two small critiques of Redout at this time- first, while the game’s AI is competitive and certainly challenging for new players learning the game, they tend to be quite easy for advanced players and could use some added difficulty. Secondly, the console versions currently have some framerate issues preventing them from reaching the target 60 fps. The developers have stated they’re working on releasing some optimization fixes for those versions so hopefully this will be rectified soon.

    I honestly cannot recommend Redout enough. I’ve waited literally over a decade for a racer of this magnitude to be released and am absolutely blown away by what 34BigThings has been able to accomplish, from a small independent studio no less. Hope to see you all on the racetrack!
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  2. Aug 31, 2017
    Gorgeous game, dull gameplay
    Redout is an anti-gravity racing game that reminded me most of wipeout, and just having played wipeout
    Gorgeous game, dull gameplay
    Redout is an anti-gravity racing game that reminded me most of wipeout, and just having played wipeout omega collection 2 months ago, I couldn’t help but compare the 2 the whole time…
    There is a lot here in redout, but there is a lot missing from redout as well…
    This game features a career mode, quick race, split screen, and online..
    The career mode is where you’ll be unlocking all the things for the other modes...
    you start out choosing your vehicle for your preferred playstyle...
    and there’s a robot voice that gives you a rundown on what each vehicles stats mean before you choose it as your free ride..
    You aren’t stuck with it... but you’ll have to save up money for the others...
    The career is a bunch of money saving, buying new vehicles and buying active and passive abilities for them and then upgrading those abilities... you can even take on sponsor challenges for bonus cash...
    but after you pick your new ride your off to do races and time trials…
    The game technically has 11 different modes but when it comes down to it, it’s basically just a game of racing opponents or the clock, with the occasional extremely annoying instadeath tracks…
    I had decently high expectations for this game and at first it met those expectations, the music was great, the driving felt perfect, the game was fast.. but a tiny bit slower than wipeout, so first person racing is more of a realistic option here…
    and the tracks are gorgeous…
    these are some of the best looking tracks I’ve seen in a racing game
    however after only 30 minutes of playing the game just started to feel numbing..
    Its tracks just have no life to them, they’re shiny and pretty... but they’re just there…
    there are no shortcuts for example which is something that can really help a track become memorable...
    because of a lack of tiny things like no shortcuts or branching routes every track starts to feel the same, you’re just going forward strafing and breaking so you don’t hit the walls, or pitching up to stop your ride from scratching the bottom..
    as there is a damage system here and a few game over races thrown in there making it extremely important to be cautious of walls, and especially jumps as you can fly off of a track in some modes and its instantly game over instead of respawning like a normal race…
    This dullness isn’t helped by the fact that while sure there are 35 tracks total in all of the modes,
    there are only 14 different race tracks and unlocking them all will take you very deep into this games campaign
    as tracks are basically split by racing class, with the first 8 being constantly repeated until you earn enough xp from racing the tracks in modes that feel the same to get to level level 15 and then again 22 to purchase better vehicles for the tougher challenges to unlock the final 6 race tracks
    It only takes 3 hours of playtime to get to this halfway mark…
    but the racing becomes so dull that the 3 hours feels like 6
    Online though is essentially a ghost town..
    This is a smaller publisher and a smaller releases so this is expected...
    id view it as a possibility more than a promise...
    don’t buy this game hoping for some online racing

    do I think Redout is a bad game?
    I don’t...
    It’s no wipeout, but it’s still a decently fun racing game, it just loses its charm way too fast...
    I give Redout
    a 6.0/10
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