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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 13
  2. Negative: 0 out of 13
  1. Aug 20, 2019
    I have spent nigh-on 20 hours with the game, and my goodness, I cant wait to get back into it. There are a few small niggles, but the mix of difficulty with easy replayability and easy access makes this game worth trying out for anyone that enjoys some fun and a challenge.
  2. Sep 16, 2019
    If you’re after a new RPG adventure, there are few titles besides a Dark Souls adventure that will keep you engaged quite like Remnant: From the Ashes.
  3. Sep 3, 2019
    It's a big surprise inside a tiny package that gets the best idea of games like Resident Evil and Dark Souls and mix it up with expertise with a coat of AA game paint.
  4. Aug 25, 2019
    I don't think I've ever played a game like this before where I've actively communicated about strategies because everything is so diverse from player to player.
  5. Sep 30, 2019
    If you take the time to learn its mechanics and grind for some gear, once it ‘clicks’, Remnant changes from a simple Souls-like game to a completely unique experience that I could hardly put down. It’s a shame that it released in the busy window that it did alongside some massive AAA games, as I’m sure it’ll get overlooked, but if you’re a Souldborne fan and want an entertaining co-op adventure with some friends, Remnant: From the Ashes should seriously be looked at. While I was almost ready to give up at one point, it’s a fantastic game once you learn its intricacies.
  6. Sep 10, 2019
    Fans of shooters and challenging games will have a lot of fun here. Sure, the boss fights can get a bit annoying with the minions, the randomly generated areas can get repetitive, and the co-op, while it works well, isn’t perfect, but the world, the action, and the feel of Remnant is really what makes it a great playing game and one I think everyone should give a shot, especially at the price point it is at.
  7. Sep 3, 2019
    Remnant: From the Ashes is a great surprise for fans of the Souls-Like genre; it simplifies the experience to focus on the player's skills and the intensity of the fight.
  8. Aug 21, 2019
    Remnant: From the Ashes sometimes struggles to present a cohesive, balanced vision for the kind of game it’s trying to be, but nestled within that chaotic swirl of ideas is a strong core that’s supported by equally strong gameplay. As long as you don’t mind enduring highly difficult bosses and a lack of ambient polish, Remnant is the perfect sort of game for players who appreciate both the Souls-like and tactical third-person shooting genres.
  9. Aug 25, 2019
    Remnant: From the Ashes is a very unique game that aims to bring the Souls formula a little further with a cooperative shooter approach that doesn't work in single player mode. On the other hand, in cooperative, the game makes sense. A spectacular soundtrack and innovative design make this game -along with its devilish difficulty- a title to be taken into account. Too bad it has quite a few bugs and its gameplay isn't very smooth.
  10. Apr 2, 2020
    Remnant: From the Ashes is one of the better ARPGs released in recent years so if you enjoy Souls-like campaigns or third-person shooters in general then I'm sure you'll have an enjoyable time mowing down the monsters that lurk in its post-apocalyptic world.
  11. Sep 15, 2019
    Remnant is a cool co-cop TPS experience that is difficult for newcommers but really immersive, while offering great bossfights and an adaptative skill-system.
  12. Dec 9, 2019
    Remnant: From the Ashes is doing well at mixing Dark Souls-like gameplay and TPS action games. It also has a great universe, but the procedural features of the levels are a bit annoying.
  13. Aug 21, 2019
    There's a lot to like about Remnant: From the Ashes. Its character and world design is mostly excellent, and it's really atmospheric when played alone. Its core mechanics work well, too. But additional polish and tweaks are needed to really make it great.
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  1. Positive: 79 out of 120
  2. Negative: 21 out of 120
  1. Aug 21, 2019
    Remnant: From the Ashes is a Third-Person action shooter, survival game inspired by Dark Souls. In a post-apocalyptic future, overrun withRemnant: From the Ashes is a Third-Person action shooter, survival game inspired by Dark Souls. In a post-apocalyptic future, overrun with deadly monstrosities, mankind has been nearly wiped out. You are one of the last remaining humans, set out to carve a foothold through the countless droves of enemies, and clear the way to rebuild. With randomly generated maps, and a random boss progression, every play-through is a new adventure. The games overall aesthetic is amazing, with rich detailed environments, and a soundtrack that holds you in the feeling. Remnant holds true to it's design concept of Dark Souls focused heavily on ranged combat. It's tough, enjoyably so, but tough, with randomly designated spawns, and random extra spawning designated as you progress. The game is wholly unpredictable, granting an new challenge around every corner or randomly cranking the fight up to 11 with a new wave of monsters in an already heated battle! The combat system is fantastically designed meticulous combat, with a near seamless ability to switch weapons or dodge, as your fighting off waves of tiny nuisances or towering abominations. The only place where the game seem to be lacking is in the story's drive and depth, but it accomplishes what it needs to. If you enjoy the feel of heavy precise combat, in an unforgiving setting, and nearly endless replay value from its randomized worlds and progression, then Remnant: From the Ashes is the game for you! Full Review »
  2. Aug 23, 2019
    Remnant From The Ashes could be making a cheeky statement about the current dumpster fire state of the video game industry based on titleRemnant From The Ashes could be making a cheeky statement about the current dumpster fire state of the video game industry based on title alone, but probably not. What you do have is a budget title easily worthy of AAA price and status. I won't sit here telling you it's perfect as it has its share of issues, much of which I hope will be fixed with a day one patch. One often game breaking issue is the 1-5 frames per second you get after playing for a few hours and using a fast firing weapon like smg. This may just be a Xbox issue though. This frame rate issue has caused my game to crash and my co op buddy's Xbox to crash. Again, this will be fixed as Gunfire acknowledged the problem during the VIP weekend (patched). They also know about an issue where quest items like keys are lost when the host is dead when the keys drop thus halting your progression in the game. One common complaint revolves around how the majority of boss fights rely heavily on spawning ads in order to increase difficulty (and drop ammo) instead of bosses with mechanics designed to make their demise difficult. It's rarely a huge issues on Normal with some co op partners but it does seem cheap and annoying at times.

    Enough of the negativity, what does Remnant do right? Pretty much everything else. The graphics are pretty impressive, the world design is interesting, the enemies are varied in their appearance, the shooting is satisfying in both feel and sound, and the loot system is fair. Ever play a game like Anthem or Destiny with a couple friends, they keep getting good drops and you get squat for hours on end? You won't have that problem here. Whatever loot a co op partner picks up goes to the entire group. Your bad luck will not curse you here. Now this isn't your typical Division looter shooter. You won't be picking up incrementally better garbage left and right, spending half your time playing an inventory management game. You may find a few amulets, rings, or weapons while exploring your different realms but you are guaranteed something like a mod or weapon when you kill a boss for the first time. Kill him a second time in a different way and you might get something else. Speaking of which, once you beat the campaign you will want to re-roll your world and do everything over again as your realms will potentially be different layouts with different loot, dungeons, bosses etc. Perhaps you will want to ramp up the difficulty a notch or two. Definitely something to consider as you will have a substantial amount of gear score and upgraded traits on your subsequent play through. Depending on skill level and how you made your character, you probably won't feel OP ever and the game will try to punish you often. Happy hunting.
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  3. Aug 20, 2019
    Do yourself a favor and don’t pass on this game! In a world where 90% of releases are targeting people’s wallets, and only care aboutDo yourself a favor and don’t pass on this game! In a world where 90% of releases are targeting people’s wallets, and only care about monetization while making a serviceable game in the process with basically no heart and soul, this game is such a breath of fresh air. It has a crazy amount of content for only 40$ with no micro transactions in sight. It has a dark souls feel to it what with the check point system and respawning enemies, but calling it a souls like feels like under selling what it is. It’s truly unique with the ability to Reroll your world layout and have new bosses, side stories, weapons, and maps. Not to mention how much FUN the combat is. This is how replay-ability should be done and it’s just a really addicting and great time. We need more support for studios like this. Full Review »