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  • Summary: Welcome to a world where the rules are written in rocket fuel. Rockets control everything in Rocket Arena, an explosive 3v3 shooter where you’re never out of the action. Master your hero’s unique rockets and abilities to rule the arena and become a champion.
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Rocket Arena Gameplay Trailer | EA Play 2020
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 13
  2. Negative: 0 out of 13
  1. Jul 23, 2020
    The launch of Rocket Arena feels like season one of Fortnite in the sense that it feels like something huge but it just needs the community and celebrity support behind it. It’s easy to get stuck playing another match after completing one, which is a key hallmark of the battle royale genre. Once I pick up Rocket Arena in any given day, it’s hard to put it down until I absolutely need to. The gameplay is addicting even if the colourful visuals seem more directed towards kids. While Rocket Arena is a great game for adults to master, it’s the perfect game for a kid to enjoy due to the cartoon violence with a competitive edge.
  2. Jul 20, 2020
    It feels a little content deficient at launch, but Rocket Arena is a solid multiplayer shooter that is almost something great, and hopefully, the developers get the chance to help the game reach its full potential. In the meantime, those looking for a fun new multiplayer game can't go wrong with Rocket Arena.
  3. Jul 13, 2020
    Rocket Arena is a fun hero shooter, perfect for quick games with friends. It's not perfect, but it offers some interesting and weird game modes.
  4. Jul 20, 2020
    In the ever-shifting hero shooter genre, Rocket Arena makes a name for itself as the family-friendliest of the bunch without sacrificing its competitive spirit.
  5. Jul 25, 2020
    I’ve enjoyed my time with Rocket Arena on Xbox One, especially in terms of the short, sharp games that suit the game composition. My immediate concern though is just how busy the servers will be in a few months and whether or not those who are already dominating the scene will put off any newcomers.
  6. Jul 24, 2020
    Rocket Arena’s retro rocket romanticism aesthetics, playful music and cute and fun characters (super-freckled Rev being my favorite!) go a long way to make it easily approachable. However, despite the four main game modes, the nature of the gameplay feels limited. It’s easy to play and fun in short bursts, but that’s just it; in short bursts. Quite literally, too, as matches are over very quickly. I can’t imagine the game having the same lasting appeal as something like Overwatch with players devoting a long-term commitment to it. There’s a solid roadmap for the game with seasonal events, new free characters, and maps by each ranked season and cosmetics to be bought either with in-game currency or real money but I’m afraid it’s not enough. The game may grow outside but inside, the limited gameplay might prove too repetitive in the long run.
  7. Jul 21, 2020
    There’s a lot of combining and mixing things from other games that result in a fun and pretty fresh experience. The characters and their abilities are enjoyable and the shooting mechanics result in a fantastic feeling. Price-based, the game sits in the middle at basically half the price of Overwatch, but still utilizes cosmetics as a form of microtransactions. I’m fine with that, but the cosmetic options available right now are boring and fairly expensive for what you’re actually getting. Luckily, you’re allowed to use an in-game currency as well. Certain modes and one specific map are a real drag. It’s hard for me to really score this as it is in kind of a pre-season mode.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 6
  2. Negative: 0 out of 6
  1. Jul 27, 2020
    I enjoy this game very much, it’s very fun, and very enjoyable. -Chungus1 10/10
  2. Jan 5, 2022
    It is a good game! Its not free-to-play but its a really good game and i enjoyed every second. If you have Xbox GP Download it!
  3. Jul 27, 2020
    Rocket Arena is extremely fun and addictive. i believe that Rocket Arena is the new fortnite. If any of you parents have any kids /Rocket Arena is extremely fun and addictive. i believe that Rocket Arena is the new fortnite. If any of you parents have any kids / grandchildren please buy them this game now they will like this better than fortnite trust me the maps is so beautiful the characters is awesome and has different unique abilities you can use. This game has everything and did everything right and better than fortnite and most games i give this game a 10/10 recognition that it deserves Expand
  4. Aug 1, 2020
    специально зарегался чтобы отзыв написать. очень классная игрушка, спасибо ЕА за добавление в подписку. и почему ее все хэйтят ? динамичная испециально зарегался чтобы отзыв написать. очень классная игрушка, спасибо ЕА за добавление в подписку. и почему ее все хэйтят ? динамичная и веселеая. понравилась мне больше чем apex. Expand
  5. Jul 29, 2020
    Rocket Arena was developed by Final Strike Games and published by EA Games Rocket Arena. I really don't know how to start As it looks andRocket Arena was developed by Final Strike Games and published by EA Games Rocket Arena. I really don't know how to start As it looks and plays like so many games at same time such as Super Smash Bro's and Brawlhalla united then clashed with Overwatch. Summary is a TPS version of Super Smash Bro's but with much more you have artifacts in the game that will give you extra stats which can be a game changer. One of the things that amazed me was the game modes as there's almost too many game modes and maps for such a new game and they all look just perfect the graphics are smooth and gameplay is so easy to learn so hard to master. On the other hand, the things we heard from most of the players was the matchmaking little unbalanced plus after a little practice and some game time you'll getting used to it and you always know where to aim and where to shot and when. This creates a loop here that many games have, the same players keep playing until they have mastered every skill they need and when new players are joining they beat them like bag of dead fish than that players just stops playing then the game dies slowly. Well let's hope Final Strike won't let that happen and keep the matchmaking system fair and every player will get matched with ones that they can compete against in relationship to their skill or time with the game. There's still so much to say about Rocket Arena to be honest I've not played any better game in the genre last couple years it's a real masterpiece highly recommended for fans of the genre. Expand
  6. Jul 26, 2020
    I was cynical as all hell about Rocket Arena's existence - another in the long line of also-ran attempts at the Overwatch live service moneyI was cynical as all hell about Rocket Arena's existence - another in the long line of also-ran attempts at the Overwatch live service money machine wrapped in a layer of Fortnite fondant so inedibly saccharine your teeth hurt just looking at the trailer. "Pay $30-40? For this?", you ask? You wouldn't be the only one, and someone at either EA or developer Final Strike seems to have caught on, as nearly every storefront in the physical realm now prices this beauty at no more than 10 of your harder to earn dollars at the writing of this review. Worth an impulse buy if I ever saw it!

    At first glance, the third-person hero shooter looks no different than the other multiplayer misfits that have been chewed up and spat out in the age of Overwatch. Lawbreakers, Battleborne, Bleeding Edge, even OnRush have all taken their shot, with some forgotten and others meeting embarrassing public executions. Nothing Rocket Arena does outwardly suggests its fate would be any different.

    The reality is Rocket Arena is a very good and simple 3v3 multiplayer game with a lot of depth and mobility at your disposal. Even the tutorial they thrust you in upon booting up makes this clear, demonstrating your triple jump, rocket jump, a "wavedash"-like dodge and a death-defying wall jump mechanic.

    For the unaware, Rocket Arena is not a traditional shooter, but rather more in the vein of Smash Bros. The goal is to fling your opponents out of bounds, with increased damage resulting in longer hangtime and distance per attack. Players can employ a dodge (on a cooldown, as are all of the characters' abilities) that negates incoming hits when timed properly. You'll need it, too, as there's a damage threshold that once reached will ensure a KO the next time you're hit hard enough (called a Megablast in the game).

    Damage resets to 0 when out of combat long enough, but good luck finding a hiding spot. Enemies can come from absolutely anywhere, even across the arena. Keep your head on a swivel to not only avoid damage, but seek out those on the edge of being eliminated. There's very little you can do to directly benefit your teammates other than gang up on single enemies for classic ganking. The most original mechanic is the Mystery Gift, obtained from Mario Kart-style item boxes around the stage that will give a random item to teammates in range when used, like explosive tripmines, magnets that trap all enemy fire, and upgrades to speed or dodging that could either get you out of a fight, or a safer path into one.

    Online play is stable, but it has a nasty habit of inexplicably freezing any time your team is announced as halfway to the goal. Crossplay is in from the start, but I haven't seemed to run into anyone not on the same platform, probably with the playerbase getting a bump due to the clearance sale mentioned earlier. Games can be one sided, which is not helped by the alarming number of players obviously ragequitting. There are quirks with the physics as well, as one Megablast had me bouncing around the lower parts of a level for over 10 seconds, with absolutely no recourse but to watch my helpless avatar bounce until finally getting the right angle to reach the blast zone.

    Modes are broken up into Arena and Knockout. Arena features objective modes like the capture-point based Megarocket, and Treasure Hunt, which features alternating rounds of Oddball-esque keepaway and a unique coin-collecting challenge that asks you to know the maps well to be effective. There's also a promising sounding Rocketball mode that never popped up during my time playing. Knockout is a brute force first-to-20 mode where your entire focus is on eliminating the other team, and the more fun pool of the two. Rocket Arena also features a Ranked playlist that wont activate fully until July 28th.

    Where Rocket Arena fails hardest is the overall art design, particularly the characters. Simply put, they're abysmal. A menagerie of focus-tested, play-it-safe, boring, Dreamworks faced doofuses unworthy of POP Vinyls that wouldn't inspire the need for a second page on Rule 34. I can't name a single one of them without looking them up. You could tell me the menus were bought on a stock asset website and I'd believe you. Stages are least bad, each with a decent albeit overdone decor and distinct landmarks.

    Rocket Arena has more minor faults, like the addition of microtransactions in a premium product, the need for specialized currency, and the horrific modern trend of the rotating item store. There's also a Battlepass, which also hasn't yet activated, and should hopefully add at least some options to the utterly worthless line of alternate skins and cosmetic items present at launch.

    If you can find Rocket Arena cheap, and you can force yourself past the acrid stench of the cousins that Paladins doesn't talk to anymore, you might find yourself with a decent time waster that's just different enough to excuse all the ways it's painfully the same.