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  1. Aug 26, 2020
    The story is an absolute blast and the dialogue is interesting to read. The only time I was not enjoying myself was while grinding out the last collectibles because the map could use a few features. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t planned to be this way, as some people do like discovering everything without hints. But yes, basically if you’re a Metroidvania platforming fan, you cannot go wrong with any of the Shantae games.
  2. Jun 19, 2020
    The art design is beautiful as always, the cutscenes would make fans of the original truly astonished and the voice acting compliments it all in an adventure that kids and adults can both enjoy. While I would recommend Shantae and the Seven Sirens to any metroidvania and platforming fan, I’d particularly recommend it to new fans of those genres and it’s a great title to get a kid into the genres as well.
  3. Jun 16, 2020
    Shantae and the Seven Sirens is a great addition to the series and a return to its more Metroidvania roots. I loved it a lot more than the last iteration and continue to look forward to each new chapter. While the series is not as well-known as other games, I feel like it should be. The quality is there and each version just seems to add enough new to keep it fresh. This is a title that should not be overlooked, and it is available on absolutely everything, so there is no excuse not to give it a go.
  4. Jun 4, 2020
    Shantae and The Sevens Sirens brings back what people really enjoy about metroidvania. Despite not being the best entry of the series, its characters, gameplay and colorful and beautiful artistic style makes it a really good choice for gamers.
  5. Jun 1, 2020
    Shantae and the Seven Sirens on the Xbox One is the best in the series yet. Despite some truly obscure pacing issues and some irritating map design, the base adventure remains extremely enjoyable, with rewarding exploration and a constant sense of progression. While the formula may need more quality of life improvements to really stand out in the genre, Shantae and the Seven Sirens is a step in the right direction and places the series on the right track for success.
  6. Jun 8, 2020
    Shantae and the Seven Sirens is an acceptable entry in a series that is known for consistency. However, as the genre continues to evolve, it feels like the simple pleasures of the franchise are becoming less enjoyable. Whenever the titular heroine returns, hopefully she has some new tricks to unleash.
  7. 60
    A competent Metroidvania but although Shantae and her friends are as charming as ever the franchise is beginning to seem aimless and overly repetitive.
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  1. Jun 5, 2020
    Shantae and the Seven Sirens is a 2D Metroidvania Platformer Adventure. The newest addition to the Shantae Half-Genie series. The first thingShantae and the Seven Sirens is a 2D Metroidvania Platformer Adventure. The newest addition to the Shantae Half-Genie series. The first thing that caught my attention was the new art and animations, Seven Sirens takes its world to an awesome place with it's all 2D aesthetic and mixes it with a blend of music that feels retro and new at the same time. Now the game has beautifully animated cutscenes to add to the already great feel of the game. Shantae is now on a journey to save a few of the new Half-Genies and sets off on a classic Metroidvania quest. The world before you is a large interconnected map, and like and great game from this genre you will acquire transformations that will allow you to access new areas, where you will find even more abilities. This time around Shantae's' transformations is fast, nearly seamless with the press of a single button, instead of having to activate a dance every time you need to dig or climb a wall. This small change, in my opinion, has added an incredible feel to the game, and don't worry the dances are still here. Taking just a little more than 11 hours of wandering, and fighting enemies, the game found it's ending. Some may feel that's a bit short for a game like this, but it's 100% quality interaction beginning to end. With snarky dialogue and a fun and simple story, Shantae and the Seven Sirens is a must-have for fans of the series and Metroidvania. Full Review »
  2. Jun 12, 2020
    I consider Wayforward to be one of the best publisher/Development teams as well. Every thing they release I seem to love. They just have thatI consider Wayforward to be one of the best publisher/Development teams as well. Every thing they release I seem to love. They just have that classic feeling you got from the 8bit and 16bit generations down. Every single game feels like it could have been a hit on the retro consoles we all know and loved. These are games I may get a review copy of, but still grab the physical collections when they become available. So you probably already know where this review is headed so let's switch lanes real quick. Let me go completely off topic and talk about something different for a second.

    As soon as you see the fifth installment loading intro you instantly appreciate the animation. It's just really well put together. Shantae deserves her own animated adventure rather it's in the form of a few movies, or even a series. Shantae is a treasure, and so is the supporting cast. I would buy or watch this day one. The talent to do this is already there. The animation in this title is just top notch, and it feels like it should already be in the works as you watch the watch the beautiful cut scenes. Please make this happen. You are already in the merchandise game with figures and plush characters. Get the movie or show going. I have no doubt it has a strong enough fan base to do really well. I also know with the quality of animation I've seen in this game a new fan base would join right in as well. I hope it happens. Shantae deserves to be even more popular than she already is.

    So let's talk about the fifth installment of the game. It's awesome saved you some time if you don't feel like reading on. Everything you know and love from the originals is still there. Special skills, weapons, healing tubs, hidden heart upgrades, the amazing cast of characters, puzzles, traps, exploding white screens, and so much more. They even added fusion magic so that you can change into different animals to make your way into areas you couldn't before. Think "Monster Boy" it has that same type feeling, and way of getting to new areas in locations you've been to before. I love when a game does that. You can see spots on the map you can't reach, and you know you will have to find something and learn a new skill to get there. it really makes it interesting, and makes you go back after you completed the game or before you go fight the final boss.It really adds to the length of the game, and gives it replay value if you forgot something.

    There is more than one new addition though. This time monsters will drop monster cards. You collect them, and if you get enough of a certain type they will give you additional boosts to skills. You can equip three at a time. Things like finding more coins, attracting jewels so you don't have to chase them, breaking pots just by walking into them, moving faster swimming or crawling there is so, so many. It is really fun going back looking for cards as well. It is another great addition to encourage replay or longer play times.

    The areas in Shantae are just so beautiful, and so is the music. One song really gave me a "My Prerogative" Bobby Brown feel. I didn't ask about it even though I'd like to know. I'm sure they are to busy with the launch of the game, but if any one knows if it was inspiration let me know. Not only are the areas, music, and animations beautiful, but so is the bosses and level designs. Every area has spots you will have to revisit, and every boss has really awesome attack patterns. You will have to learn the way they move, and master it for harder skill level play. The first time through it's a breeze though which is good because most of your time will be admiring the beauty in the game. Everything just looks and feels flawless and perfect. It's just a modern retro masterpiece and the best Platform game I've played this year no question about it. I've sit here and talked about everything , but the story of the game. So let's dive into that.

    You play as Shantae which I'm sure every one already knew. You are on vacation with your friends at Paradise Island when you are asked by the town mayor to take part in a festival. The festival is celebrating the half genies like Shantae. Suddenly the rest of them are kidnapped, and Shantae must battle her way through the sunken city defeating the Seven Sirens to get them back. As she rescues each one they combine powers to make you stronger. You will get things like lightening dance for electricity, a earthquake dance to shift platforms, a seeing eye dance to find hidden objects and more. It is such a quality adventure with all your favorite characters like Rottytops, Bolo, Squid Baron, and even your nemesis Risky Boots. I couldn't step away from this game. I played 70% of it probably in one sitting. I think most will be hooked like this as well. It's just such great development quality i have little doubt people and reviewers will all love it.
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