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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 22
  2. Negative: 1 out of 22
  1. Feb 24, 2016
    Full of heart, charm, atmosphere, and survival, it’s one river trip worth taking.
  2. Feb 24, 2016
    The Flame in the Flood has a beautiful aesthetic and a strong structure, welcoming a larger audience with its accessibility options. The trip down the river is a rocky, dangerous one, but there are rich treasures and exciting tales waiting to be discovered by those brave enough to take the journey.
  3. Feb 24, 2016
    A powerful, emotional survival adventure, The Flame in the Flood manages to stand out even in a swiftly-populating genre.
  4. Feb 24, 2016
    The Flame in the Flood is unique, beautiful and unpredictable. A great experience which proves that having your own personality is the key to stand out in the saturated indie scene.
  5. Feb 24, 2016
    Fans of the survival genre will find something refreshing in The Flame in the Flood. And although it can be a little rough around the edges at times, the themes and design of the game make for an interesting and enveloping game.
  6. May 25, 2016
    The Flame In The Flood punches far above its humble Kickstarter origins, bringing accessibility with its checkpointed story campaign and an unforgiving challenge in its roguelite Endless mode. The way The Flame In The Flood's crafting system interacts with its creatures and upgrades is wonderfully purposeful, creating emergent drama without the need for scripted cut-scenes. When combined with The Flame In The Flood's incredible ambience and wonderful sound track, your journey downriver will be unforgettable — and unique to you.
  7. Apr 10, 2016
    Hits the nail on the head with its crafty survival gameplay and inspired visual and audio design. At times, especially early on, nothing seems more dangerous than the river, but overall this might be game to get players into the roguelike genre. The technical side lags a bit behind the creative side, but not enough to capsize it.
  8. Mar 14, 2016
    The Flame in the Flood is not a game for everyone. Constantly moving, managing materials and resources, endlessly searching for food, and repairing your boat can become frustrating. It takes a couple of hours to begin to feel like you have a sense of control over your destiny within the game. Patience and perseverance are a requirement when approaching a game such as this.
  9. Feb 25, 2016
    It's a game that challenges your way of thinking, forcing you to live by each moment and ditch that hoarding habit you've been harbouring. So grab your raft, enjoy the views and just try to survive. It's harder than you think.
  10. Feb 24, 2016
    The survival system here, complete with all of the afflictions that are actively working against you, is the high point of the game, and is something that continually presents the player with a real challenge throughout their journey. It’s a constant battle of intense survival where planning for the present and future is always a necessity.
  11. Feb 24, 2016
    You get to have a different survival story every time, in a lovely setting, whilst discovering hints of civilisation in the emptiness – feral children who share arrows with you, the distant radio signal that is your first objective, fires that are lit before you arrived.
  12. Feb 25, 2016
    It's a rough-around-the-edges survival experience, so don't expect anything too polished or shiny. The setting is just right, and that's what can make the experience really interesting.
  13. Apr 10, 2016
    Despite some skinniness in the core mechanics, this is a strong game with a consistently charming aesthetic and challenging progression-based system: if you’re enduring enough to live through the first week or so, you’ll meet a slew of survivors, and you’ll uncover a glimpse of America that’s still celebrated.
  14. Mar 16, 2016
    If you are new to this sort of thing, it’s a good introduction but be prepared for a tough experience.
  15. Mar 6, 2016
    Visually and artistically, The Flame in the Flood is one of the most fascinating experiences in recent months, but it sports a rather predictable and unoriginal gameplay. It's basically a classical survival game with crafting and resource management, but everything turns out to be quite boring on the long term, due to an excessive grinding too. Absolutely not a bad game and survival games lovers could appreciate it, but gameplay-wise it could have been more refined.
  16. Feb 28, 2016
    Not the deepest wilderness survival game around in terms of gameplay, but certainly one of the most atmospheric and thought-provoking.
  17. Feb 26, 2016
    There are a lot of life lessons in The Flame in the Flood, and I wish that some of those weren't due to sheer luck with strategy being removed by the procedurally-generated gameplay.
  18. Feb 24, 2016
    Overall I really enjoyed my time with The Flame in the Flood. Sure the game looks beautiful, with pleasant music and cute characters, but the gameplay is tough, challenging and relentless.
  19. Edge Magazine
    Apr 10, 2016
    Surviving isn't supposed to be easy, of course. But there's a line between challenging players and screwing them over, and The Flame In The Flood regularly crosses it. [April 2016, p.106]
  20. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Mar 27, 2016
    The basics are just a little too basic to make the delightful presentation anything other than a distraction. [Apr 2016, p.85]
  21. Feb 25, 2016
    But even though The Flame in the Flood is somewhat of a disappointment, that doesn't mean there's not enough tinder to sustain the flame for at least a weekend outing. You just have to decide whether or not you want to risk dealing with the pesky bugs hiding in the foundation.
  22. Feb 24, 2016
    I love difficult games, but The Flame in the Flood didn’t test my resolve—it tested my patience. A stellar look and an awesome soundtrack made me want to love The Molasses Flood’s first release, but with so many technical setbacks, I could hardly even stomach my time with it. I won’t be returning to the flood.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 19 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 19
  2. Negative: 7 out of 19
  1. Jan 16, 2017
    The Flame in the Flood
    hurt by procedural generation
    Flame in the Flood is a rogue like survival game where you play as a woman named scout
    The Flame in the Flood
    hurt by procedural generation
    Flame in the Flood is a rogue like survival game where you play as a woman named scout who’s accompanies by a companion either asop or daisy
    There are 2 modes here, a campaign mode and an endless modes..
    Most of my issues with the game are exclusive to the campaign and are completely forgiven for endless mode…
    Mostly that in the campaign you’re at the mercy of procedural generation…
    you would think this would be a hand crafted and balanced journey down the river while endless mode would offer a randomized challenge… but no.. both are completely random…
    In this game you collect items to use as food, hydration, clothes to keep you warm, items to craft medical supplies and try to make your way down the river through the 10 different regions…
    The challenge is balance…
    Your nutrition drains by the second so you have to carefully choose when to stop at a location or when to keep going…
    Are you desperate for food? Stop at a farm
    sleep deprived or cold? Find a fire and shelter... raft taking too much damage?
    pray you’ve found bolts and wood to repair or upgrade it…
    The problem is this is less about strategy and planning and more of a desperate search for items you need in the moment…
    And again you’re at the mercy of procedural generation…
    There is no balance of supplies.. you aren’t guaranteed to get what you need from stopping at places that typically have those supplies…
    Especially medical supplies…
    MY first playthrough I had none, I had scratches and broken bones from running into enemies like boars and wolves and no way to fix them as I never ran into a drug store or was lucky enough to run into supplies to craft items while in my 2nd playthrough I was swimming in bandages alcohol and crutches…
    I feel this campaign would be miles better if it was more about managing than it was getting lucky…
    Instead the campaign only offers an end goal and a few npc characters to find…
    And if you do get lucky finding tons of food and other supplies it isn’t going to matter as the inventory is a joke…
    Slightly increased by the pack of your companion who also barks near items you can pick up or search as well as your raft…
    But it isn’t nearly enough to feel like you’re doing anything more than scrounging…
    All of this would’ve been fine in the endless mode as its own thing…
    But a campaign with no balance and just as luck based is a problem…
    Poor campaign mode but as a survival game its beautiful to look at and a pretty decent challenge…
    I give The Flame in the Flood
    a 7/10
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  2. May 3, 2019
    Atmospheric, unforgiving and great. The first hour of gameplay are excellent,
  3. Sep 12, 2018
    Qu'est-ce qu'on mange de pas bon aujourd'hui ?... "The flame in the flood", un indé torché par deux crevards qui n'ont aucune idée de ceQu'est-ce qu'on mange de pas bon aujourd'hui ?... "The flame in the flood", un indé torché par deux crevards qui n'ont aucune idée de ce qu'ils font ou étaient en train de faire : sans doute des Alzheimer précoces de la programmation et opportunistes avec ça, puisqu'il ne s'agit que d'un jeu de survie bidon comme il y en a des dizaines... avec balade foireuse sur la rivière.

    Et s'ils sont plus niombreux à avoir démoulé un cake pareil, ils devraient s'inquiéter parce que c'est vraiment inquiétant. Les bugs sont légion et la survie là-dedans est très aléatoire puisqu'on ne trouve la plupart du temps jamais ce dont on a besoin ; elle est aussi casse-pieds (pour rester courtois) avec son interface mal traduite et mal foutue.

    L'ensemble est évidemment répétitif mais surtout d'un mauvais goût effroyable en plus d'être laid à faire peur. La musique est insupportable mais on peut lui couper le sifflet. Un étron de plus donc à la longue liste des indés pas frais.
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