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  1. Dec 4, 2019
    Between Push the Button, Joke Boat, Trivia Murder Party 2, and Role Models, The Jackbox Party Pack 6 is quite possibly the most well-rounded collection of mini-games that we've seen in a Jackbox Party Pack game.
  2. Nov 14, 2019
    I think this year’s addition to the Jackbox series is a good one and it comes with a great variety of games. It’s not overloaded with trivia or drawing games and I think it’s a great overall balance that all of your friends will enjoy playing even if they aren’t gamers. Most of these games are best when played with a larger group that know each other pretty well, as games like Push the Button and Role Models are really dependent on how well you know your friends. The things that make us come back to the Jackbox games are the humor and accessibility. Every game will make you laugh and they are super easy to get your group playing with their phones.
  3. Nov 7, 2019
    The Jackbox Party Pack 6 on Xbox One is another solid compilation of games guaranteed to make you laugh. You’ll struggle to enjoy the full extent of what this bundle has to offer without getting your mates round, however if you do you’ll struggle to find a more entertaining way to spend an evening.
  4. Oct 22, 2019
    As with all Jackbox games, Party Pack 6 is a great game to play with a bunch of mates. I have loved playing these games in the past, so naturally had high hopes for this pack. But I’m afraid it fell a little bit short. The games weren’t bad bad and I had great fun playing the 5 games on offer, but I just found this pack a little lacking. It feels as though the ideas may be running thin. Audio is always amazing and if you’re a Jackbox fan then add this to your collection. Push a Button is a must play, but lets face it, Fibbage is king and you always will go back to that.
  5. Oct 24, 2019
    Thankfully, the better titles alone are enough to warrant Jackbox Party Pack 6 being a worthwhile game to play with friends, but don’t expect it to be impressive on every front.
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  1. Oct 20, 2019
    The Jackbox Party Pack 6 follows the trend of a couple amazing games and a few really forgettable games. Overall the good games in this packThe Jackbox Party Pack 6 follows the trend of a couple amazing games and a few really forgettable games. Overall the good games in this pack are really- really good. Trivia Murder Party 2 is an overall improvement from the original which the original was quite a bundle of joy. The kill rooms are more unique, the questions are harder, and the race at the end was made just a tad more difficult. Is it better than the first? Yes, definitely what the 1st one was with sprinkles on top. Dictionarium is not that fun and II founder quite boring. It's a game about words, you make definitions, then you make new words based on the definitions. It's like a literature take on the game Telephone, but it just doesn't make it fun in the end. Joke Boat is a banger. It's like Mad Verse City mixed with a tiny bit of TKO and it's a blast every time. The captain, the prompts, the punchlines, it is all quite fun. It is dependent on how funny your participants are but even then this game had me laughing so hard my side was hurting. It's very simple but a sure is a fun time. Role Models is ok, it's unique but for my purpose, which is streaming to Twitch, it just wasn't that great for a streaming game. It's done best if you know the people you're playing with fairly well so if they're strangers- it'll just fall flat. I like some aspects of it and it got some conversation flowing but it's only ok not great. If there is one game to get this entire pack for, it's Push the Button. It's a take on Mafia, where there's a group of people and a handful of them are traitors. The traitors in this case are aliens on a spaceship, and the humans must find out who is actually an alien and send them out the airlock. It's rowdy, it's accusatory, and it's probably the most fun Jackbox game to ever exist. The captain changes each round and they decide which test some people he selects will do. You'll get simple drawing prompts like (A handshake), but the aliens will get a prompt that says (A fist bump). If one of the people clearly draws a fist bump instead of what the humans had to draw, then they're instantly suspicious. It's brought even more with the fact that the aliens can sabotage humans to get the wrong prompt. or even allow their co-aliens to get the correct prompt. Overall this pack is a blast in usual Jackbox form and a fine addition to the party pack line-up. If you like the others, don't even hesitate to get this one, it's a collection of amazing games especially if you are a live streamer. Full Review »